1993-07-11-Life Carriers & Healing

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Topic: Life Carriers & Healing

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Iruka

TR: Unknown




Iruka: The love of God surrounds you, the light of God enfolds you, the power of God protects you, wherever you are He is. Good afternoon I am Iruka, I am your friend and teacher. I am happy to be here today and to see this group again. When we have vacations and are apart I miss you. I enjoy being in your company. Even though I visit each one of you two or three times throughout the week, it is not the same for often you do not realize I am there, so it is not a give and take time for us. I am very happy to see you today. I enjoyed listening to you talk before the meeting and I wish to comment on the letter that you have been reading.

This is very distressful. You are being affected with fear and manipulation. I wish to state that the Father does not use fear, He does not use coercion, He does not use threats. The Father wishes to lead, He wishes to entice you with His love, He wishes that you make a decision with your will to follow Him and to love each other. Please do not let the words of this letter stir up fear inside of you. He wishes you love and peace and joy, not vague fears of the future. He wishes you a full, happy, a complete life, not one lived in cowering in fearful of going out from your house. He wishes you to live with authority and joy, so do not let these words scare you. Do not let them haunt you, for you know even if you do get into bad times, even if something terrible did happen, He is always with you and you are protected. I just wanted to reassure you so that you are not haunted by the words.



Today I had planned a lesson on joy and I think that it is very appropriate after this letter, that joy become a part of your being. Joy and love and peace are all a part of the Father's gifts to you. Joy has nothing to do with what is going on in your life. Even in the depths of despair you can experience joy. It has nothing to do with what is going on. It is a gift from the Father. It is knowing that He loves you, no matter what. That you always have His love, and His peace, and His joy in all of your experiences of life. If you can keep focused on this you can experience it always. So my assignment is to focus on joy this week, not a giddy, giggly attitude, but a confidence that you are loved and taken care of. Not something that depends on happenings, but something that is always there, you need only remember that you have it and focus on it, and your perception and your perspective will change. You will begin to see a bigger picture, so for this week I wish you joy. I will now accept questions.


Life Carriers, Healing, Urantia

G2: Hello Iruka, my question concerns Life Carriers. I was reading in the Urantia Book that they were dispatched to start the beginning of a planet, is that correct? [yes] And they are also given to each person that wishes the healing?

Iruka: Is that a question? [yes] They are assigned to whomever wishes and asks for them, to be able to heal. They have not been automatically assigned to everyone but as individual's consciousness become aware and they ask for this power to be able to help people, then they are assigned one.

G2: OK, what was their primary task before that. Was I mis- reading in the Urantia Book about starting up planets, and life on planets?

Iruka: No, not at all. The Urantia Book contains truth, but there is also truth not included in the book. When the book was written, was given, there had been either no or very few Life Carriers assigned as healers. It was not included in the book and this has just happened most recently. You see anything can happen with the Father, He can decide to do this or to do that and if something wasn't true in the past it can certainly be true if He changes it. So the list of their duties that is included in the Urantia Book is absolutely true, however, not every planet gets this assignment as Urantia has. It varies from place to place and the Father felt it was needed to help just as He felt it was needed that anyone who wishes, a teacher. That also was not included in the Urantia Book, but has been a new development. Does this help you.

Teacher Contact

G2: Yes it does, thank you. Another question. I was in a barber shop Saturday and I carried my Urantia Book in and..I was wondering first of all is my teacher present here right now? [yes] OK, was he present with me when I was in the barber shop? [yes] Would it be possible for you to talk to him about how I handled the situation, maybe get some feedback.

Iruka: He feels that you did well. If he has any personal comments that is between you and him. He does not feel it is appropriate in this group, at this time. [OK]

S1: Hello Iruka, it has been a very interesting couple of weeks. I also missed talking with you. A friend of mine called me, who I used to live with and I knew him through a Christian church and he was experiencing a very similar phenomenon to what I experience when I try to talk with Curtis. That is the tingling sensations, the voice, all the things that he described. In doing some more research I am finding that there is something called 'the anointing of God' in Christian circles. Is the anointing of God and this....because people describe it as that..is the anointing of God the same thing that we are experiencing. Has that been going on for awhile, on this planet.

Iruka: This is a much bigger picture than you are seeing. Christians have this term 'anointing of God' that is what they call it. But always has God tried to contact His children, and in many different ways. And when it was recognized, the Christians call it 'anointing of God'. It happens in other cultures, in other religions, and they have different names. So yes it has always gone on, they just have a different name and now it has become stronger. There are more attempts, more sustained attempts. It is true that if you seek you will find, and now if it is even stronger. If you seek, at any level, in any religion, that is responded to. Many times in the past, humans do not recognize the answer, they overlook it or they call it coincidence or totally miss it. But there has been a strong effort to get humans to become conscious and recognize what is happening to them. It is an awakening, so you are..not you..but people are naming this on a very specific happening but it is very general and everywhere. Does this help?

S1: Yes that is consistent with what I thought. Thank you. Quick question, does my friend T have in fact have a teacher?

Iruka: I am not familiar with this person. I think you give me to much credit for knowing everyone, and knowing everything. I really only know this small group and your close friends, perhaps your relatives. But it is entirely possible that he does for if he is seeking at all, he is being responded to. So it is entirely possible, and probable.

S1: OK, thank you very much, I'll try not to stretch you out to much on my questions.

W1: Good afternoon Iruka, I guess we could be..I would say responsible for asking questions about anything we feel you might know at all, but we will ask anyway and you just tell us when to stop. [understood] Just curious, is anything happening in my life, mine or my wife's, we are both asking for teachers. I haven't recognized anything yet though.

Iruka: You have been assigned a teacher and also your wife is still...it is still in the process, so no one has been assigned to her as of yet. There are still changes going on in your body to make it easier to communicate. This will go on for a while so be patient and practice in your quiet time being still and listening, active listening. The communication, I say listening, but the communication is not audible. It comes from inside as ideas and thoughts and at first it is difficult to tell the difference. You will have months of thinking was that me or was that my teacher. P still experiences that to a certain point, so it can be discouraging. You will think for awhile you are talking to yourself, but over time you will recognize it so do not become discouraged, but practice the silence. That is the best thing you can do and when the words and thoughts are there, then you will recognize them.

W1: Thank you. This is just a joke, so I don't have to do what G told me. He told me I had to eat more junk food, I didn't have the right chemicals in my brain. laughter

Iruka: That is a joke yes.


G3: Hello Iruka, I was wondering, I read something in the Urantia Book I believe it said that Urantia was chosen as an experimental planet. I was wondering what exactly does that mean in reference to experimental as I think of a Guinea Pig. I am wondering if this planet is like a joke. I don't know. When I read that I did not know how to take it and it set some questions off in my mind as to exactly how they experimented with us and is this going to be good, bad, or after the experiment is over what happens to us. So could you comment on the fact that we are an experimental planet and what that means.

Iruka: Yes of course. The experimental word, a planet, this is a decimal planet. Every tenth planet is biologically experimented. That means there are creatures here, animals, bacteria, plants, that are not existing on other life planets. It has to do with the evolution, with the DNA and RNA and how life has evolved. It has nothing to do with humans. You are not an experiment. You have evolved to where you are supposed to be. You are not undergoing experiments now, but there are bacteria which can attack a human or live in a human and perhaps cause disease, problems in the system, the body's systems. Because there are so many different..creatures is not a good word, this mainly is on the insect level on down, on the food chain, the tiny spores, mold, single celled animals, single celled plants, that type. There was a lot of experimentation on that end before things evolved to animals that walk around like cats and dogs and horses. Does this help explain?

G3: Yes, thanks, I did have the idea that we were directly being experimented on, the humans here on Urantia, but that clears up some of my concerns. So yes that helps. My second question was I wanted to tell you that G and I named our baby and he is kicking a lot and I just wanted to ask you how is he doing, if you knew how he was doing.

Iruka: From where I am, he looks fine. You know that I cannot see little things, I cannot see things on a cellular level, but for his size he seems to be growing just like he is supposed to be. Does this help?


G3: Yes, is it possible for me to transfer some of my wavelengths or some of my self to my baby by reading various things to him like...should I be reading some of the Urantia Book or some of the various positive things to him. Do you think or do you have any knowledge of how much information as a fetus he would be able to digest or pick up through his mother.

Iruka: He can definitely pick up feelings. So read uplifting, beautiful, inspiring words. The Urantia Book can sometimes be dry and complicated. I'm not sure that would inspire or give him good feelings. It may be confusing, if it confuses you that could be passed along. So read something like Psalms, the praise psalms that are beautiful and praising God. Positive, humorous, books, or poems, things like that. Does this help?

G3: Yes, I was reading to him yesterday some short stories, from a humorous book and it was rather comical some parts and he started kicking and I asked him 'did he like the story' and then he waited for a while, he like responded, kicked again and I said 'do you want me to keep reading' and then he kicked again. Seemed like he was kicking in response to say yes. So I kept reading it to him, it was kind of funny but you know, his kicks were right on time. So I think he was influenced by the comedy and the relaxing story that I was reading to him, so I understand what you are saying.

Iruka: Yes, he is not understanding the words, but he is picking up on the emotions and he picks up your amusement and your joy and your excitement. These are positive things and he responds to them, yes.

Adam and Eve

S1: Iruka, why were the material son and daughter materialized as eight foot tall beings, if I remember correctly from the Urantia Book. Why were they giants compared to the rest of the human race at that time.

Iruka: I'm sure there were many reasons for this, but I will give you one or two. One is that they were immediately recognized as not being human. They literally stood out, they were literally looked up to. This in a primitive society, culture, they were immediately recognized as out of the ordinary and having something to give to them, to the culture, to the people, immediate respect. So there was very little doubt that they were impostors or charlatans and since they were inspiring, awe inspiring, no one wished to harm them. In a primitive society and maybe even today if you see someone strange or out of the ordinary, primitive culture would want to destroy them, out of fear, lack of understanding. So this solved a couple of those problems. Does this help?

S1: Yes it does, but it brings up another question. So that Cain and Abel for example must have been eight foot tall as well since one of them was purebred from Adam and Eve and the other was a half-breed. Were they also like eight foot and whatever seven feet tall, or something like that.

Iruka: The children were rather intermediate, because...that is the best I can say right now.

S1: OK, in other words they did blend in with the rest of the human race at that time.

Iruka: No, not really, no. They were also recognizable.

W1: Iruka, S woke up a few past questions I may have had about a month or two ago. I was curious, from the Urantia Book, when they spoke of the different races for instance the violet race, and I know you may not have been here then but was the skin color actually violet?

Iruka: Yes it was violet, it was not bright violet as you think of violet. When you talk about other colors, when you say white the white people are not white. They are lighter, OK and you talk about black people, they are not black, black they are various shades. We talk about the indians as being red, well they are not red, red, they have some tones of red and a darker skin. Yellow, oriental people, are not yellow, they are..they have some tints, some tones. So we are talking tints, tones, shading here not...when you think of a violet balloon, not like that. Does this help?

W1: Yes, and I take it that would be true for the blue man, orange man also. They had hues of that color.

Iruka: Absolutely, like yellow, like red. Yes.

W1: Were the material son and daughter still active on your planet?

Iruka: On the planet that I came from? [yes] Were they active when I lived there? [yes] Yes.

W1: Is there much for them to do on a planet that has reached the status of yours.

Iruka: Yes, there is. My planet was not, had not come to light and life yet. It was close. There was a lot for them to do. It is hard to describe since your planet is so different and it has had so many problems. Even at that stage on my planet, you would consider it utopian because of your planet and what you are used to. And yet we were still not in light and life. Everyone knew about God, they knew that He loved them but they didn't...not everyone had turned towards Him, had made the decision to become aligned with Him. Does this answer?


W1: Yes it does and was your planet part of the rebellion also or affected by the rebellion.

Iruka: No, my planet is very far away and my experiences have been totally different. I experienced much surprise and amazement when I first came and I first learned about this planet and then visited the planet. And it was totally different. I have learned much here, there are things I have seen here I have never seen other places and things I have seen other places that are not here. This is truly a learning planet for many beings. You do not realize what unique and troubled place you have. Of course you know nothing else so this for you is normal. You understand the problems but to hear about another planet such as mine seems wonderful and in many ways it is. But there were still problems, there were still..they have a long way to go even yet and it is difficult to tell you what the jobs are for a material son and daughter. There is not a lot to relate..to be able to relate..to parallel and this is probably not a very satisfactory answer, but it is totally different worlds.

W1: Sometimes you amaze me Iruka, you give a great answer then you say this is not a good answer. That was good and I think I can imagine how it might be somewhere else, although I am here and recognize what is going on. It still amazes me..we do have a mess here and I'm just curious how long is it going to be before we can turn it around. Will everyone here have to eventually get a teacher, to actually start seeing the change, not here in this room, I mean on the planet.

Iruka: That has been provided for and if that is what is necessary, that is what will happen. It is discouraging if you look at the whole picture and that is why I encourage you to first turn around yourself, feel Father's love yourself, and then give it to those who you are in contact with. You can only change yourself, and you can only influence those around you and yes it does get discouraging. But I must tell you of the joy that I have in working with this group. You may not be able to see your own growth but I can. I have seen the faint flickering, the faint light that has grown stronger and stronger, even in six months time. You all have grown incredibly, you have all realized how much you are loved, wherever you were when we started, you have all taken giant leaps, higher, upstepping.

You have become aware, your consciousness has grown. You see things now that you did not see before. You are picking out sparks of life in people around you. You are detecting who you can share the Urantia Book with and who you can't. And even if you can't, I have seen all of you showing love to people that will never, maybe never, respond to you and yet you have done it anyway. And so even with what the bad things going on I have seen in this tiny little group, by comparison with the whole world, incredible changes and I am inspired, I am delighted, I am thrilled to be a part of your life. I don't think you have any idea of the excitement that I have being able to cause a change in your life. It is a thrill beyond anything else. If I can point the way to the Father, and have you see just a little bit of Him, and then you in turn, turn around to someone else and show that.

That is an incredible thrill for me and it must be an incredible thrill for the Father. I can't even imagine what He is feeling. I only know what I am feeling. And I know that you can't feel what I can feel, so there is hope. I have experienced it, I have experienced change in you, through you and I have grown, I have become more positive, and more excited. And I have upstepped my growth pattern. We all learn from each other and we are all growing higher and higher. So I know it is discouraging to listen to the six o:clock news, but I am so encouraged by this group, I am thrilled and excited. I may not communicate this to you very well. I may not communicate my love and affection to you, but it is there and I weep when you weep and I am disappointed in your disappointments and your sorrows. But I have such joy when you experience positive things and when you take one more step closer to the Father, I am elated, I am thrilled. There is an excitement that I cannot even express to you. There are not words in your language. I am 'high' is a good word, maybe, I am high from watching you. Does this help you, does this explain to you?

W1: Yes, I have never heard you give us a dissertation like that before. I am sure you realize that we think a lot of you too Iruka, because you have made a big change in my life, since you came and it was something missing in just doing reading alone for me. I learned allot, found out why things were the way they were, but then when you came it put things in perspective.

Iruka: Thank you and I can feel your love and affection. I do feel it and I am very aware of it too. So thank you for saying that.

Seven Psychic Circles, Guardian Angels

W1: Your welcome. I'll ask one more then I will pass it on. I'm hogging the mike today. As far as circle attainment, when they speak of circles in the Urantia Book, the..and also guardian angels...are we all here do we have personal guardian angels at this point or not yet. I'm speaking for everyone in the room if you could point it out.

Iruka: Yes, everyone in this room, in this group, and that includes people not in the room, do have their own guardian angels. You may not think that you have achieved this, but you have, absolutely, yes.

W1: Is there anyway that we can communicate or whatever with the guardian angels.

Iruka: Not really other than to say out loud 'thank you angel' if you feel that you wish to express your appreciation. They don't usually communicate but they know, they have great affection, and can work and do their jobs and don't need a thank you, but of course this would make them feel good and you can of course at any time say thank you to them. And call them by name, call them angel. There are many spirits around and if you wanted to be specific to them, that would be fine. Are you aware that in the Morontia world you will at some time or another be helping them?

W1: I knew I would be directly involved with them, but helping them, no I guess I missed that point.

Iruka: You will be partners. You are starting a relationship that will last for a long, long time.

Mansion Worlds

W1: Iruka, at say when P reaches Mansonia..Morontia Worlds, will you be there also at particular times to converse with her? Or would you remain here.

Iruka: I will greet her on the other side, whenever that happens. Whether I stay there or not I don't know, it could be that I would stay there for a while or be assigned to another human being on Urantia. I am not sure what will happen, but also I, and P, and you, the members of this group, we will greet each other on the other side and get to know each other in a different dimension. And be friends for eternity, but whether I get to stay there or not I don't know. That will be decided later when it happens, but we will be friends forever. Does this answer?


G2: Hello Iruka, when I was over at G's house I was holding his son and, this is more than a feeling, I started to lay hands on him and then he looked up at me and I felt that he didn't need my laying on of hands. Do our children that we have...are they somehow able to perceive more spiritual things, being that they are children of members of the group. Does this question make any sense.

Iruka: Of course it makes sense. I am not sure that they are more spiritual because they are your children. They of course are exposed to more spiritual ideas because they are heard in the house, in the households, but children, any children, are still free from whatever the culture teaches them. And so if a child has for instance an invisible friend, he will be told over and over again that is not real. And the child will stop talking about him and then soon stop thinking about him. So you see how a culture can tell a child he is wrong and a child believes the culture, believes his parents, and stops thinking about that. So children know things that a culture either reinforces or stops and drives away. Does this answer?

G2: Yes it does, thank you.

G3: Hello Iruka, G brought up an interesting point and..no you brought it up, I'm sorry, about children that have invisible friends. I was wondering if sometimes the children who claim they have invisible friends, I know sometimes, or many times, this is supposed to be their imagination but is it possible that these so-called invisible friends are actually spiritual beings talking to them, or some type of an angel or something that they can see that we as adults cannot see.

Iruka: Usually what happens is a child is aware that there are invisible beings and so he takes that and develops his own invisible friends. And maybe this invisible friend eats the cookies that he is not supposed to eat or the invisible friend breaks the lamp. He is in the child's mind, he becomes the excuse or he becomes...he is a fantasy person so he is not an invisible friend, he is not talking to a spirit as you...as I think the question that you are saying is. But he takes something he feels and he plays pretend. Does this answer? [yes]

Light, Auras

J1: Hi, I have a frivolous question. A session or so back, someone talked about light. He said that we apparently give off light and the question had to do with..as you become closer to your thought adjuster you give off a more obvious light. So the question is..as you work your way through some form of spiritual progression does your light change?

Iruka: Absolutely it changes, it becomes stronger, it becomes bigger. If you wish you can imagine it as a flame. I do not have a good parallel but if you wanted to think of it as a match light at first, very small, and then it grows larger and it can be like a torch , and then stronger like a bonfire. Those are fairly good analogies. So yes the light grows and it becomes more intense and of course it is visible to everyone on our side, but it is not something recognizable on your side yet. Sometimes people are described as having a glow about them. If the person has a lot of joy, or excitement about life and shows love freely you might be able to detect that, but definitely it is a light that increases in intensity and size as you grow towards the Father. Definitely yes.

W1: Iruka, is that light relative to the aura people talk about, that surrounds the body.

Iruka: Not really. The aura is more your body chemistry and the chemicals and the energy that is in your body. It doesn't really reflect the spiritual light that you have. They are not really related, no. Does this help?


S1: Iruka, just a quick question, when are we going to have a material representation of the Father's celestial government on this planet. In other words when is there going to be a material son or daughter or some visible personage as an official representative of the Father's government.

Iruka: This I cannot say. Things happen not according to clocks or dates, or calendars, but having to do with events, growth of the planet and the decision of the Father with Christ Michael and others in authority. So to speculate is futile. Whenever it is decided and when they feel the time is right, it will happen. That is the best I can answer.


If there are no more questions I will go for now. I enjoyed today immensely and I know you think some of your questions are not important or silly, but any question that you are wondering about, that you would like to know, is taken very seriously and I try to my best to answer them. Sometimes I can't, it is difficult. So don't feel like you can't ask a question, I will tell you if it cannot be answered or if you will have to wait and see.

Have a good week, experience as much joy as you can, recognize it wherever you can see it, because once you start searching for it you will find it. Good afternoon.

Group: Good afternoon.