1993-09-13-Partnership With Father

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Topic: Partnership with Father

Group: At Large


Teacher: Mantutia, Alista

TR: Unknown




Mantutia: I AM a member of the Melchizedek order of being, I am here tonight with a message of love and trust for those of you courageous enough to begin this new phase of seeking the Father's will and following it wherever it may lead.

We are most excited this evening by your making that next step towards the Father. We most enjoyed your prayers, your meditation, your worship and by so doing you have indeed opened the door to more advanced lessons for like the Father we offer only what can be absorbed, teach only what can be learned and await always your dedication to taking the next step, and there are many, many yet before you towards the Father on your Infinite Journey in search of eternal meanings and spiritual fulfillment.

Welcome to the next level, continue to seek and develop, hone your skills, your use of the Spirit of Truth, the Father's personality circuit and the other spiritual tools which are available to those with enhanced knowledge of spiritual realities.

I must now take leave my children and bid you adieu. There are others here that wish to speak with you so I now say farewell and know that the Father sees your efforts and counts them towards righteousness.


Alista: Greetings truth seekers, this is Alista. I am your teacher for tonight and I too wish to praise your efforts, aligning yourselves on mindal, material and spiritual levels alike ever more closely to the will of the Father; who has after all provided each of us the plan of the perfect use of those bits of the emerging Supreme which we all possess in helping the emergence of this God of experiential nature. Tiny bits [of] which reside in every moral human being.


Tonight I would like to speak with you about your roles as teachers, as revelators of truth, as messengers for the kingdom. In your deliberations over the last several weeks you have pondered much in what form the presentation of spiritual realities vouchsafed by you and how they should be disseminated to thirsty mortals throughout your world.

There's been much concern, needless concern, over the nature of the presentation and your fears [of] those who reject the teaching or misinterpret it and that somehow this will affect the success of your part of the mission. I say to you fear not.

Your best presentation will be the spiritual fragrance that will emanate from you each and every time you attempt to give to others the beautiful messages that you yourselves have pulled out of the Urantia book, that you have all studied so diligently over the past years. It is your spiritual selves that become the best argument for the validity of what you will say, your natures will be felt by anyone with any inkling of the spiritual reality of God's universe.

It is well to plan to husband your resources, to make the best use of the time and energy that your group possesses in the way that you decide to carry out these goals. But do not fear a mistake or misstep remember knowledge is useless without the adjunct of experience, this collaboration of these two concepts provides for the emergence of wisdom. Remember there are truly an infinite number of paths inwards to the first Source and Center.

[Member] needs to be aware of feelings of animalistic jealousy and suspicion over other avenues which we are exploring that will help enlighten your darkened world, even they owe aught to the Urantia book or the people who studied them, there are truly many paths and rest assured that the Thought Adjusters within each mortal do much to improve the nature of even the most troublesome.

You are in reality forming a partnership with the Mystery Monitors in each and every person, which draws near to hear your words, sonship with God and brotherhood with men and women. We are pleased with your progress but feel it would be beneficial if you were a touch more lighthearted about the affair and proceeded a little less concerned with making it a perfect exercise right off the bat. As I've said experience coupled with knowledge formed by planning allows wisdom to emerge.

Continue to make your plans. It has taken us so long for you to take these first steps, we could hardly begrudge you the time you spend tempting to make your efforts as efficient as possible.

You have such good news thirsty mortals, do not deny yourself the joy in the message. Remember again, it is your spiritual nature as much as the mindal concepts which will insure the success of this material program.

There are many whom you will attempt to reach that you know would benefit from what you have to say but you know are suffering more than isolation from God, a simple matter but one with infinite purport. You must not be disappointed by those who fall by the wayside, keep present in front of your mind the concept of sowing seeds.


The master himself journeyed throughout the civilized world speaking with people whom he never saw again, whom never gave back the validation of his attempts. But then, when the time was right, gave much to inaugurate the emergence of what became the Christian religion. The Christian religion, as distorted as it is, [is] still the single greatest factor in the development of spiritual truth on your planet.

As blind, as stumbling as it seems to mortals such as yourself who have an increased awareness of spiritual truth, still look upon it and wonder at the impact that this religion on the peoples of Urantia and hidden within, behind the rituals, behind the politics, behind the materialistic strivings for power, are buried the truths that Jesus spoke so clearly to his brethren almost two thousand years ago.

You too will make mistakes, you too will be subject to the same unavoidable urges to stop developing, to coagulate, [calcify] beliefs which would be better left unfettered to continue developing.

Be now wary of the pitfalls of well meaning mortals who come in personal experience with God. [The] tendency is great to band together, to set limits, to agree on principles which in reality limits your future development.