1993-11-23-Mind Exercise With Same Message

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Topic: Mind Exercise With Same Message

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Betty



The presence of God ever enfolds you. Wherever you are He is with you, and by your side to guide you and comfort you.



I am so pleased to be with you this evening. It is such a joy to be in your presence. To know that you have come from your busy lives together once again, to be of service to the Father. To listen. To learn. To open your hearts with a desire to grow, and a passion for the spiritual life. Today we are reminded of the many who are hungry for the Father's love. They have been wandering, as in a wilderness with no place to rest their head. No place to comfort their weary feet, their aching limbs. They are dying from thirst. They have not found the deep waters and yet they continue on the path. You are so loved, so blessed. You are to be imparted the fresh truth. There is much knowledge to be gained. There is much preparation at hand and waiting. You ask, for what do they wait? What will be my part? Where will I be sent? I say to you, the Father knows your part. There is nothing He would ask you to do that you are not prepared for. With all the knowledge in your heart you know that you are prepared to do what He will bring to you to do. Is this clear?


Violet: Yes JarEl,, we will know when something happens. We will know it almost automatically.


JarEl: This is true. There are doubts. But I tell you fear not. Go graciously on. Remember that the Fathers kingdom is in your heart. In your spirit. We all struggle with the temporal problems of this world. But these choices, these efforts, are not of the kingdom. They only present choices. Opportunities for action. The struggles are necessary in order to gain strength and courage to tackle larger problems. When one has exerted much effort over a long period of time, their energies are depleted and rest is required. Be ever mindful that rest is required. The form of the rest is not always understood because it is not the temporal body that requires the rest. It is the integration of the knowledge and consciousness of the spirit that is assimilating, that is necessary. This reservoir of knowledge is ever present. This is the elixir that you will learn to draw from to quench your thirst. To rest your spirit as it prepares itself for the next onslaught of discovery.

(The telephone rings several times)

Joe: Out apologies JarEl, these primitive means of communications can be annoying.

JarEl: (Doralee as T/R) Your mode of communication that you call the telephone, is just as strange to us at times. You mortals must see, and hence think that our modes of communication are strange also. Betty was doing very well at trying to keep her train of thought. She has followed my directions with practical communications excellently. She is doing well. Do not let this discourage you. Relax.


JarEl: (Betty as T/R) Each drop of water has a purpose, a destiny. Each drop flows as a current traveling miles and miles to the lake and to the sea. Each drop is important to fill the lake, and yet individually the drops evaporate. Such is the current of this mission. Each one is important to the whole. Each one constitutes the whole, and individually each must be aware of the whole. We bring to you knowledge that you are part and parcel of the whole. You will be required to fill the ocean yourself. You will be an integral part of the whole. Do you see? Each one is necessary.

Just as Jesus told His disciples. The Kingdom is not of this world. Years and years of tradition prevented the comprehending of the true messages. There are glimpses of truth which at times we will understand, and yet at other times will evaporate in the confusion. It is important that the nucleus of this group stay together. It is impossible to fill any spot alone. It is impossible to be alone and isolated on a planet and populate the planet. So I say to you , Relax, allow your life to flow. This gift is God within you. He administers to you whether you are aware of it or not. This sublime joy and comfort comes from being aware of this divine guidance and care, and feeds upon the joy of your existence. Eventually you will be as one with your thoughts as you strive to be perfect. We are guided by this light. By this love of the Father, His gift to each. The world is but a passing thing and a comfort to the Father.

Each one of you is impressed with this message of love. Speak as you are impressed. Relax and allow the expansion to be embraced. .

Joe: This is the first time I really relate to the words "expanding of this love". In my person it begins at the very core. It feels like waves as it expands. I have been given to understand that this is the exact same way that this love is to be expressed with this group and all humanity. It begins at the very core. It will be allowed to reverberate outward. We are all brothers and sisters of love. . .

(Note: There were three other persons who expressed their impressions, but the tape did not pick this up)

JarEl: So you see my dear ones, how the Father's love expands and vibrates to your being. The lights are flashing in this ones heart. Are there questions I can answer at this time?

Urantia, Isolation

Joe: A very elementary question. Even though reading into the text I have not found an answer as to why in this particular world,we are cut off completely from having further knowledge of what our following life will be for us as human beings? I know that part of it is because of the rebellion.

JarEl: Your question is what will our lives be like on other planets?

Joe: The question is, I guess, is what is the reason we have not been privy to information about future lives? I guess, why the separation of this life from future lives? I hope I have made myself clear.

JarEl: The isolation required by the rulers of this planet is the direct result of the quarantine that has been put on Urantia. Phenomenal wonders have plagued mankind ever since. The significance given to this phenomenon has been that man tends to worship objects of awe. The message is that the true path is to the Father. The wonders of survival were not demonstrated until Jesus walked this earth, as man. Much was gained during this time. But as you have seen mankind has a tendency towards worship of the man rather than the message. We are in reverence of the wisdom of the Father, so this isolation has a purpose. This knowledge of the afterlife will be earned. The text whets your appetite with wonders to come. Would you readily understand one who came back to this earth? Would he be an object of worship? Greater wisdom is exercised to insure that our paths are open for centuries.


Doralee: One Sunday transmission you said that Douglas already had the questions in his mind. Are you aware of Betty's questions? How often she has said her curiosity questions, like questioning the crop circles? Are you aware of these questions of Betty's? She often brings it up.

JarEl: Yes. The beauty of this one is rather strange. Her faith. Her obedience. She sets aside her curiosity and examines things through books and conversation. She has taken to heart my admonishment to seek only divine knowledge for spiritual growth. She mumbles to herself the questions she asks. She struggles to put herself aside when I use her as a vehicle for transmission. She has not learned to flow as Douglas has, or talk back and forth as you Doralee. Each one brings his own nature to the transmission. I noticed you too have restrained yourself for your curiosity questions.

Doralee: Most certainly. I noticed the focus is on the teaching mission, and these questions do not further our spiritual growth.


JarEl: I would say we are most pleased with your efforts in writing. We are most pleased at your dedication to this mission despite your many other obligations. You are most diligent in performing your duties to this group. It is beautiful, your restraint, your control.

Doralee: As I am writing I take my health in hand, and go with the flow, as Hal says, and set myself aside and not worry. And I feel my duty to the grow is part of fulfilling the Father's will. Some small part that I can do for the Father.

JarEl: Yes Dear one, It is just amazing. You are cared for and loved by all.

Violet: I was wondering if you could help me to be able to have the strength of character to put myself aside, so that I can give in a spiritual manner? And also to be able to control my health better in my diet? I feel so much more energetic and purposeful when in good health. Not that I am sick. I do have a hard time putting my consciousness aside. So I would ask for your prayers to help me to put my mind aside when I go into the stillness.

JarEl: May I suggest that you invite Rayson and Verona in to administer to your health. To educate you in the ways of maintaining the energy level you desire. You will be conscious of their presence, and then it is your part to invite them to impart their knowledge to you. This should greatly improve your health needs, you health awareness, and your dedication to maintaining healthful habits. I would encourage you to saturate your body with fluids in an effort to flush the system in a purification attempt.

As for you consciously setting yourself aside, your hour has not yet come. Soon you will realize the contributions that you have to offer. Your task is much more academic in nature. Your preparation has been much more extensive. Your spirituality is dedicated to clarity. Each step for you must be as a rock that can be weighed on your shoulders. This is known to you. This is often a source of isolation. Do not judge yourself. You do not have the knowledge or the ability to judge yourself. You are doing the best as can be expected of yourself for now. You are ever aware of the needs of others. The emotional self has healing from intimate relation with others. This system of knowledge exchange is cumbersome at this time. Yet it is necessary for your development. Words are heavy in this message and you alone know that you are loved. and this love will become as a rock in time. So relax and know that you are guided and given great knowledge. Is this clear?


Violet: I think so. When I read your words again I will look for more understanding. Another area that I have a hard time reconciling is in the study of the text. There are many others that know the book better than I do. Yet I keep hearing that it is difficult for many people. Yet I understand it. I don't understand why others have problems understanding it when I don't. Yet I am not an intellectual. I think this confuses me. Can you help me know myself better in this?

JarEl: Your efforts at understanding the text has come because of your great concentration and effort. This effort has served you well. These questions that you have asked will be contemplated by your teachers and you will receive impressions along these lines for concentration and consideration.

Dear Ones, my heart is full of love for each of you. The time is thanksgiving. Each has much to thank the Father for this day.

If you will look back at the holiday of yesteryear you will see the growth you have made. Let us thank our Father together, and ask that His love be readmitted into our being; And that the more we speak of His love, the more it permeates our beings. Be ever aware that He provides all, and that we live and dwell as His beings. Let us remember to give thanks for this opportunity to be in this service. To bring forth the abundance of spiritual nourishment to those hereabout this season. Let us remember, the water flows to the stream, to the pond, to the river, and to the ocean. Let us envision our life dedicated to the Father's will.


Dear Ones, I will leave you now. It gladdens my heart to be with you, and I will be with you at our regular meeting Sunday. Farewell, I love you all.

Group: We love you too. Farewell, JarEl!