1993-11-30-Wanting To Hear The TA

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Topic: Wanting To Hear

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Betty



JarEl: The Power of God Protects us. The Presence of God enfolds us. Wherever we are He is with us to guide us and protect us and show us the way to the kingdom.

Good Evening. I am your teacher, JarEl. Tonight I am pleased to be in your presence. Each one is dear to my heart. Each face I behold and gaze upon with love. We are visited tonight by teachers who have not yet been assigned to duty, but have asked to be present to observe the process of transmission. We are pleased to have this one and our brother Joseph with us. We had the privilege of being with them along the coast and enjoyed the merriment of Joseph in the bowels of the cauldron.



It is good. These reprieves, these rests and conversations ever bringing the spiritual nature into bloom and light and examination. Much growth is accomplished when one has the privilege and time to retreat, of contemplating the world without distraction, with having the ability to look within and examine where you are what your ideas are about where you are, illuminated by the lack of distraction. This can be a tremendous advantage and one that was employed by Jesus. So let us gather up our courage, our commitment, our love of The Father, our guidance from Christ Michael of Nebadon. Let us remember He loves us beyond all imagination. Let us remember there are no accidents in the universe. That the kingdom of God is within and things material are not of a spiritual nature. Let us not forget that we have ingrained within us this identity of our physicalness and that fear and regression is such a prevalent part of our history. Let us look upon the lights which shine upon us, the birds that sing, the wind that blows, the rain that falls. Remember that we are without and within. The Father fragment forever guides us even when we are not aware. Let us remember to give homage to each spirit within our midst and respect all choices that are made. The blossoms are deep within the root. Just because they have not come forth is not evidence that they are not present. One must wait and be patient and have faith that with the right frame of reference, with the diligence that comes with practice, the blossoms will appear.

Inner Life

The light will dim at times and the growth will be slow, but fear not. All is well. The gathering of the strength in the root is important. Let us look into our hearts and find the Father fragment that He has bestowed upon us. Let us connect fragment to fragment in a loving circle. Feel the energy as it travels through you, throughout you. The warmth and the joy. This is the peace that is available at all times if you are troubled you must go to the Father and seek this inner counsel. He will never fail you. He will always illuminate your minds. You are all impressed. You have the answers to all of your questions. The sincere knock at the door is always answered. Bring your fears and your hopes and your desires to the Father. Lay them at His feet and ask for guidance. You will be amazed. You will be uplifted, all sincere inquiries will be answered. Remember each of us comes upon situations where we know not where to turn. We have done all that we can do. We are without resources. We have exhausted our own intellect. There is nowhere else to turn, so we fall upon our knees and kneel before the Father with tears in our eyes and aches in our hearts and ask for guidance, for mercy , for understanding and for wisdom. I tell you none will be turned away. None will be left wanting.Your desires will be given to you. Your minds will be illuminated. Your brow will be bathed in the waters of life.Your thirst will disappear. So few have the ability to call upon the father in this manner. To humble ourselves in this way. It is difficult. But I tell you this is the way, this is the way to the kingdom. And now dear ones you are loved, you are cared for. The Father knows what is in your hearts. All that is needed is for you to open your mouth and speak. I will at this time answer questions if they are on your mind. Come greet your teacher.


Distraction, Communication

Lucille: Hi Jarel. I've tried so hard to listen to the teachers. Those physical plans keep popping back into my mind. How can I cast them out?

JarEl: Intention and dedication. And practice. Layers and layers of resistance must be peeled away. I tell you if you continue you will have success. You must experiment as you have done in the past with finding the right time the right place and then rushing to this place to commune with your Father with this thought in mind; that this is your time to be with your teacher, with; your Father, with your thought adjuster, with Jesus. Seek them. Invite them in. Speak to them as you would to your mate. With the same intimacy. With the same love and caring. They are your brother, Your Father, Your guide. Does this help?

Lucille: Yes. I so desire to hear from my thought adjuster. I pray and beg for it. Communication.

JarEl: Dear One., fear not. All is well. You are cared for You are ministered to beyond your wildest dreams. The struggles that you have will dissipate with your continued faith and practice. You have come far and there is further yet to go. Do not be discouraged. The Father knows all within your heart. You will be cared for. Relax and let go.

Hal: Greetings JarEl! We are so pleased to have you with us again>

JarEl: Greetings dear one.

Hal: We are all, I am sure you know, deep within our hearts striving to do the Father's will. I imagine from your perspective it's interesting to watch our struggles. We strive. Get disgusted and discouraged. Yet to you it probably seems so simple. Yet I guess we have to make our own decisions. But we do need help. You commented about talking to our teachers as we talk to our mate. We don't necessarily need to go into the deep stillness to do this then. I find during the day I tend to talk to my teachers, talk to you sometimes. I assume this is a contact we are making, I hope. I find that much easier that trying to keep my mind at rest during the quiet time, that is . Is that in order? Is that a way to go to relate to the spiritual world, your world with our daily world?

Thought Adjusters, Guidance

JarEl: Dear one, I am but one step away. I, too, am on my path. Seeking the counsel of your teachers requires that you establish a relationship with them. A relationship that will be unique to each of you, much as your relationships are unique with individuals in your life. So too will this relationship with our teacher be. However, the Father is always present, always within your being. Close as breath. And the respect and reverence for the surviving element of your being which really is the identity of self, requires a more introspective communication and intimate relationship. Do you see this as being different?

Hal: Yes. As being different. I am not sure that I understand it too clearly, though. Striving to relate this as Jesus did to where He was completely aware of his spiritual nature at the time of his baptism. His mind, His complete control of his mind, as it says in the text. This to me is what I'm striving for.

JarEl: The God self within strives to impress upon you not the ideas or direction of your life. However, the God self works with the thoughts you are having and presents to you the higher spiritual idea of these thoughts. You may choose not to agree or follow or listen. There are many, many occasions where these thoughts are impressed upon you and your rational self decides not.

Hal: We do not willfully exclude them?

JarEl: There is an element of intuitive recognition. This intuitive recognition, once it is captured, is more easily identified whence it occurs.

Hal: How can I capture this?

JarEl: Listen. This is the task. The Cross. When these ideas are accepted as your ideas then the Father's will is being enacted.

Hal: Then they..I assume. I was hoping while in class this morning in the men's fellowship group , I was asking so much for Olin my teacher's assistance and guidance and impression. I hope he was present. I hope it was effective. Was I on the right track? Is this a way to go with spreading the Father's word, The Father's love.

JarEl: Dear one, these are the circumstances of your life. These are the choices made as to whereto spend your time; to participated in the fellowship of these beings. Wherever we find ourselves it is the right place, it is the right thing. There are no wrong places.

Hal: No wrong places? That's Interesting.

JarEl: You have all developed spiritually to the point where you do not seek to be amongst people situations that are not, in the very core of them, God-Conscious. There are no wrong places to be if your intention is to do the Father's will. The circumstances of your life is your raw material. What you do with this raw material is your creative nature. Your creativity of the Father allows for these circumstances to yield the fruit of your labor. I tell you wherever you are, your being radiates the love of the Father. You are called upon for counsel. You are called upon for your wisdom. You are called upon to listen to the burdens of others. This is the raw material of which your life consist. How could it be otherwise? Do you see?

Teacher Contact

Hal: Yes. To make best use of what you have and where you are.

JarEl: Exactly, and ask for the guidance of the Father and assistance of your teachers.

Hal: Yes. Is my teacher Olin here? I was wondering was he with me on call on my request this morning?

JarEl: When you call for Olin he comes. He comes when he is not called. He is with you. Your teacher has been assigned. He will not leave unless you send him away or disintegration occurs and you are no longer committed to seeking this efforts.

Hal: He must be with me because I often come up with ideas and I have no idea where they came from. I assume they are impressions from him.

JarEl: This is wonderful that you experience his guidance. This relationship with your teacher is budding. Do you not see this?

Hal: Yes. Yes, It is getting better and better with practice. I like to have the contact form an everyday material viewpoint rather than having to go into the quiet time into the stillness so that I can relate my everyday life to his guidance, to the Father's spiritual world. Not separate them.

JarEl: This is good.

Hal: Thank you. This helps a great deal.

JarEl: You're welcome.

Joseph: JarEl, this is Joe. Good evening to you.

JarEl: Good evening Joseph

Joseph: I was glad to hear that you were with us on our trip over the weekend up north. I have a question regarding our teachers. I've been neglectful of my quiet time. However, a couple of weeks ago I did receive a message or name. I saw the word Elijah but I seem to know that is not the pronunciation, but rather Elleeah and I intend to seek my teacher intently this week. Is this my assigned personal teacher and is she present here?

JarEl: Your teacher will make herself known to you. It is a supreme joy to connect with one's teacher. It is a delight for the soul to find a companion ever present that dependably will accompany you through your days. I am pleased that you are committed to making contact with this teacher who has chosen you, for our teachers are assigned to us by a process of complimentary characteristics and you will be uplifted and joyful at this connection. Joseph, you are a beautiful soul. You must not reprimand yourself for the actions that you have no knowledge of. The wind blows here and there but if a day passes with no wind you can be assured tomorrow it will blow.

Joseph: I love that. Is it possible that one teacher will be assigned to more than one of us, or are we assured that we get our own individual teacher?

JarEl: There are occasions where teachers will be assigned to a group and each person within the group will be drawn to the teacher and the connection is strong but the demands of the student may necessitate that this become the personal guide of the student. Then more teachers are assigned such as Aflana helped establish this group and readied for my assignment. Often teachers ready the students until they are ready for a permanent assignment. Is this clear?

Joseph: Not quite. I understand Aflana was assigned to this particular group to get us started and she covered the whole group until your assignment. We have all been under you and now individual teachers are being assigned and I guess I am not clear as to whether once a teacher has been assigned to an individual, could this teacher have yet other students under his umbrella or is the assignment strictly to that one individual. I don't know if I am coming across.

JarEl: The ability of the teacher to communicate with you is sometimes difficult. For whatever reason if this is true then another teacher will make an effort. Believe me you will not be left without a teacher. Listen in your twilight sleep. Upon awakening close your eyes and ask for the name of you teacher. Often as you awake His name will be upon your lips. Joseph you must be patient. You must be diligent, in your effort and you will have tremendous success. All is well. Do not fret. We are cared for by Christ Michael and Machiventa Melchizedek, himself a great master of the teaching universe, has you as his charge as he does all who participate in this effort. You will not be left alone. You will not be unassisted. You must have faith. You must pray and listen and go to the Father and ask for your heart's desire. You will be heard. Is this clear?

Joseph: Yes, very clear. Thank you teacher!


Hal: JarEl, I'd like to ask you a question. I mean no offense, but in love I would like to ask or could you comment. There seems to be quite a variance in our human trend of thinking to the trend of thinking of our teachers or the spiritual world. Oftentimes our questions are answered sort of evasively to our way of thinking. Is there merely a difference in our spiritual growth that causes this or are there reasons that the questions are not answered directly?

JarEl: It is not the mandate of this mission to tell you what to do, what steps to take, what attitude to have of the world, of worldly things or political things or material things. The spiritual nature of each is developed by the individual, by the freewill choices made by the individual.

Hal: Then we are to go ahead and make our own decisions as to how we will operate, how we will relate to people, how we will do things. The purpose of the mission and the teachers in the mission is then to inspire us to continue on, to inspire us to seek the Father's will.

JarEl: Yes, dear one. Remember that the lessons that are prepared for this group are prepared with your progress as the criteria. The progress of the group requires careful enlightenment. Each must be prepared to advance as a unit until all is cognizant of the lesson. You may envision this at times as repetition and yet I tell you this is all a plan. The lessons are prepared lovingly. As members come and go the progress at times slows down or as all are present and prepared new leaps can be accomplished. Do you understand?

Hal: Yes, I think, as far as my human intellect allows me to understand. It seems that Michael, when He was on earth as Jesus, left a very simple message of the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man and the love of all and in two thousand years we haven't been able to encompass that. I guess we are just extremely limited in our human capability of understanding. It leaves us frustrated. We wish we could know more.


JarEl: Dear ones, I have told you , you need not be in the dark. If you have questions prepare them in advance. ( Tape ends here and there is no continuation on reverse side. The practice session was close to ending.)