1993-12-03-Concept of Gentleness

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Topic: Concept of Gentleness

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Rutha



Opening prayer

Daniel: "My friends, I am Daniel, your teacher and guide. I welcome all of you to this gathering and I am happy that you are all working as human beings with a growing expansion of your divine nature. Your daily prayers, quiet time, actions and your dealings with others are beginning to show more and more progress, in that you are beginning to take the higher roads with more enlightenment. This will become a solid and continual part of your life as you commit yourselves to the quiet, to the work with your Indwelling Spirit. Note that it is truly not possible to know that guidance unless there is faith and this understanding of the First Source and Center.


And so, my friends it is with great joy for your friends on this side to see that our brothers and sisters on this plane are grasping, growing, and are working through the struggles of material life. For through these struggles and through the unfoldings of life itself you have begun that long ascent in search of the divine nature inherent within. Therefor at this time let me extend my love to each of you. It is always the teacher who knows real gratification in seeing students evolve, grasp, and grow, when concepts are brought to light for the individual. You, my students, have taken many steps over the last two years. These have involved much time in soul searching and there is now at this time a need to look back and realize that you have been risk takers, you have not been complacent. You have indeed seen that light at the end of the tunnel. You have traversed one tunnel and you will again find another tunnel that will, again, lead you on a journey that will bring you added enlightenment and will bring you another step closer to that understanding of the First Source and Center.


Even as I am somewhat ahead of you, I am, in my own timeframe, beginning to grasp greater concepts of that One Source. It is my joy to report to you that the journey ahead, while there is often toiling, is also gratifying and will strengthen you for later service as an ascending being, as a Finaliter, which you most assuredly will reach at some point. My lesson this evening is upon the concept of gentleness.

During this season of your earthly time of preparation for the birth of Christ Michael(Advent), let this be a time when you consider the aspect of gentleness. There are many other words that can be given in its place: mild mannered, tender hearted, loving, and compassionate. Many of these can fit into the same mold as gentleness. One of the characteristics that is attributed to Christ Michael was His gentleness, His gentle nature. This is not to be confused with the negative connotation where He, Christ Michael could be walked upon and trampled, but rather look at the concept of gentleness in the aspect that He treated all human beings, all His brothers and sisters, with the same respect and love in a gentle manner, reaching out to all. His heart and compassion for men often overcame His nature. And in many quiet times this gentleness for all overcame Him. At those times He sat in quietness with the First Source and Center receiving strength and nourishment so that He could then go out into the world not to change everything, but rather to plant the seeds, to give gently to each of His brothers and sisters that they, themselves, could experience and bring about change in their own lives. This is the gentleness that I ask you to consider during this week as you work through the many activities that this season calls for; to take time to evaluate ways in which you, yourselves, can be more tenderhearted, more compassionate, more mild and more gentle with one another, as well as with yourselves.

There are , of course, activities that I could ask you to do during this week in considering gentleness. However it is really more soul growth promoting if you will take the time yourselves to look at this concept as to what it means to you, and how you best can bring about and approach your relationships, etc., in a gentle manner; being respectful, loving, caring, and giving, while at the same time realizing that you cannot change the world. You can only plant seeds and you can help your brothers and sisters along as you grow yourselves.

A gentle approach often speaks much more convincingly than does the aggressive nature. I call upon the teachers in this room, I call upon those who have raised children, those who have dealt with others in relationships; have you not seen first hand how much more effective your ideas become, how much more effective your words are if they are spoken lovingly and gently and perhaps, softly, than those that are given in haste, in anger, and in loud intonation? As you work through relationships this week, strive to find that area of gentleness that is most effective. Allow gentleness to become also a part of your nature. Often in overcoming old habits one must be very conscious of breaking them and instilling new thought processes. And so, for those who are needing to erase and let go of old habits, you may need to devise ways to help bring about a new change and to consciously become aware of the concept of gentleness.

This is then an assignment for you, to look to the ways in which you can bring a little more gentleness and compassion into this world, a little more respect for your brothers and sisters. With that I will end this lesson opening up for questions."


N1: "Daniel, I don't have a question. I just wanted to say 'thank you'. It amazes me how well you pick your lessons. I needed to hear that. Thank you."

Daniel: "My dear, this week you will work through many ideas in order to bring about more gentleness in your nature, toward yourself especially and to others. This will be, if you so choose and work, a time of much growth."

N1: "Thank you Daniel."

B5: "Daniel, this is B5. I am glad to be here with you again."

Daniel: "Hello, B5."

B5: "I have been feeling really good lately, a lot of spiritual growth, I believe. It used to be that I would only feel these things, these internal feelings when I was either speaking with you in these meetings or talking with my teacher or reading the book. But I have noticed lately concepts of different ideas have hit me just watching television, just watching people in a restaurant, at really odd times, grasping different ideas. One of those was when I was watching TV the other day and it had some stories on a guy that was being transported from place to place in time trying to help people. And he appeared in a room to help a lady. And she didn't see him appear, materialize. She turned around and was startled and asked who he was and how he had gotten there. He said that this wasn't important, that he had some information for her. Things turned out well. At the time it struck me that it was real important as far as the God concept and the Melchizedeks and things of this sort because they could probably appear at any time and startle us. But the effect of that would probably be one of making us as humans feel inferior, feel scared, feel like we needed to obey every word they said. And it struck me that that is not the concept that is trying to be taught. It struck me that the concept wasn't of fear, . ..well, let me put it this way. If an angel were to appear and tell me to do something I would probably do it, regardless of what it was! But that is not the idea. The idea is, I feel like, to learn and understand so that we don't have the fear and it is more a personal attainment of knowledge so that I that I want to do those things, was the thought that hit me at that time that certainly I have been struggling with for a long time. Do you have any comment on this?"

Teaching Mission, Free will

Daniel: "Yes, indeed! By and large this Teaching Mission is not geared to have upon this earth many groups of people, many individuals that are following like robots; but rather that you, the individual, are given the information regarding your divine nature allowing you to take that which is truth and to utilize that truth to grow in your own potential. This is God's way. Had God decreed that all would automatically follow His will, then there would be seven perfected universes. Rather in the overcare of the First Source and Center it is a given that there is free will. This is mandated for all ascending and descending beings. Through the overcare of the First Source and Center is there also given knowledge. And through knowledge, understanding, and experience is there given to the individual that choice to either say, 'Thy will be done' or not be done.

Happy and joyful are we on this side when our students, like yourselves, are able to utilize the experiences of life to recognize and to make that connection of a truth as you have done. This is part of the Teaching Mission, to give to you guidance; and then to allow you who are committed and you who are all endowed with great minds to make those choices to grow spiritually and to make that connection with universal truth. As you prepare the ground, so shall the seeds that are planted within your own soil be fortified, watered and cared for by your faith, your willingness to turn over to the Father, and by your time that you spend in the quiet.

It is this quiet time that is really the water and fertilizer and nutrients that causes those seeds that have been planted in you to take root and grow. We cannot even put into words that would be understood by you the joy we feel in your growth, my son, my friend! And so please, all of you, remember that it is not just here in this kind of environment with me speaking, that truth will become evident for you. Rather, you will find your greatest truth as you experience life. The hope that I have is that the guidance and teachings given in this Mission will help you to recognize the truth when it is presented to you. Teachers build frameworks. Students fill in and continue to put in all of the studs, nails, panels, and wall coverings that make the house. The teachers give the framework, but you must do the work of completion. As I said earlier, I am well pleased with the construction that you all have so far completed."

B5: "Thank you Daniel. I have one other question. It's a bold one. At the risk of sounding egotistical, I realize that I don't understand and grasp everything; and I realize it will be more than a lifetime before I ever do. My understanding at the beginning of these groups when I was first introduced was that we may be called upon to do something to help the Teaching Mission. And I guess my question is this. I don't know if I am ready or if I ever will be, but at this time is there a job for me?"

Daniel: "Your job, my dear friend, is to continue to grow individually in your own understanding and in your own way. As you continue to become whole and healed, as you continue to grow in enlightenment, and as you continue to temper all of your dealings in prayer and in stillness, will you naturally be of service to others. The Teaching Mission at this point is not to say that you will do this and you will do that; but to allow you to grow within so that your Inner Light becomes so much a part of your whole being that you naturally will reach out and serve. You have already begun this. You are already in the process of planting seeds for others. You have been and all of you will continue to be the apostles through your actions, your thoughts, and through the dealings you have with others. This is the work that is asked of you now; to willingly come to the Father daily, that in that quiet time you are fed and you are given what is necessary for your life's dealings, for the unfolding of life. Do not be overly concerned with the desire to serve in only one capacity, but rather realize that service comes in many forms: a simple smile, a help to your neighbor, a ride for your neighbor, any type of activity which shows you have that gentle nature as does Christ Michael. Service is loving one another. Service is trying to understand your brothers and sisters. Service is forgiving one another. Service is manifold. Does this help in any way? B5: "Yes, it does. I pretty well knew that all along, but thought I would ask to see if there was anything more, I guess. Thank you Daniel, very much."

Daniel: "You are doing very well. Do not be overly concerned. Just continue to stay the path, to reach inwardly, to grasp that Indwelling Spirit urging and prompting you. This will guide in knowing what you are to be about. The will of the Father is made known through daily contact. Do you see?"

B5: "Yes, I see. Although it is not necessary, may I ask you to confirm what my teacher told me last week about by spiritual name being Breylon?"

Daniel: "This is correct. Do you have doubts?"

B5: "I have no doubts about the name, because that would mean that I would have to doubt Avalon. I am just not sure of the spelling. That's why I asked."

Daniel: "The spelling is correct. One moment please."


Avalon: "I am Avalon. I have come here today to verify for you, B5, my reality. It is with the joy of my being that I can come through another transmitter/receiver and say to you that as long as you are committed to following the Father's will, will you be able to continue to make contact with me. My friend, we will work together so that the service that you desire to give can be brought into reality. I thank Daniel for this time and I say to all of you in this group that it is an honor for me tonight to speak with you. I have been anticipating that when B5 came to this meeting that I would be allowed to say a few words.

And so to all of you let me say this. The time of change is not necessarily just a time reference, but rather the time of change is a continual thing. As you go through your daily life you will witness change constantly, not always radically, but slowly in increments. It is these increments of change and growth toward a more divine and spiritual reality that we teachers in the Teaching Mission are hoping to bring about. As the growth and change is given in through the spiritual so shall it be eventually seen more and more in society, so will it become reflected there as well. And so while I have heard you speak this evening on hope let me say that, indeed, there is much hope! For there are many, many on this plane who are seeking to grow inwardly. And as this continues, so will it be seen outwardly. Again, I say to you, hold hope as a virtue which will carry you through many times of disharmony and disequilibrium. My friends, I wish to take my leave now. I thank you for allowing me this opportunity to speak. I give you my love. And B5, let me tell you my love for you is great. I am Avalon. Good evening."

B5 and group: "Thank you, Avalon."

V1: "Daniel, thank you for the lesson tonight on gentleness. I think at this time of year first graders are just so terribly excited and to hold down the lid for the next three weeks in a gentle manner is a real challenge! It was exactly what I needed to hear. And I thank you and all the teachers for that which I know has happened in my own life in these two years."

Daniel: "You are most welcome V1. I will be with you on many occasions.."

V1: "Oh, Dear!"(much laughter)

Daniel: "..not as an overseer, but as a friend in support. For these times are difficult indeed for you all. And let me say this to squelch your fears, and perhaps S1's as well(more laughter). I have been with you often in your room. The children that you teach are those innocent beings that have just received that Gift of the Father in their minds. They are just beginning spirits. And so, you have great responsibility in giving them love, which you are showing to be very capable of. Love speaks to the soul. Do not feel that this responsibility is to be held over your head. Just give of the heart and you will be giving so much more than you are aware of. All of you, take heart in that as you reach out to one another do so by reaching out from the heart, not because you feel obligated or because it is a 'have to', but because you really want to! This is real love in action."

V1: "Thank you Daniel."

S1: "Daniel, this is S1. And I want to tell you 'thank you' for that assurance. I will definitely need your presence with me as I have one little boy in my classroom who is very depressed right now. He is going through a hard time. His father died Christmas day. And this is his first anniversary. So whatever guidance and assurance you can give me, I would appreciate. Thank you."

Daniel: "As you pray daily, keep in mind this little child. Hold for him that he will not become a victim of this circumstance, but will utilize the experience, as difficult and as hard as it is humanly, as an avenue for further spiritual growth. Even as young as this child is, spiritual growth is possible. And so continue to understand his human misery. Give him love but pray for spiritual growth to come from this earthly tragedy."

S1: "Thank you."

C2: "Daniel, this is C2. I have just been listening and just living and responding to the gifts that are given to me by whomever, by the Indwelling Spirit, by my guides, by Christ Michael, by our First Source and Center, certainly by you and all those other people who hold me in the palm of their hand, do they hear my thanks as well? I don't hear my teachers in an...I hear them in a knowing sense but certainly not in the transmitting kind of sense. But as I relay my thanks to the Spirit, do they hear those?"

Daniel: "Of course they do."

C2: "I assumed they did, but I just.."


Daniel: "The universe as you know it is so limited. As you transcend you will realize that there is a connectedness between all things and all beings. And any response, any love, any emotional feeling is understood. You are correct in knowing that even though you may not be hearing and receiving and transmitting as D3 is now, does not mean that you have not heard or have not been given other means of understanding. This is a very important concept for all of you to realize, that just because you may not hear a teacher through thought or the 'otherness' associated with your hearing does not mean that you are not given tools in other areas and in other ways, and that you are not being guided. Divine guidance is there for those who ask. Ask and you shall receive. It does not matter how you receive. What matters is that you open up so that whatever avenue is conducive for any particular time or place will be that avenue through which you will receive. You all have received in many instances and shall continue to do so."

C2: "I guess it is very reassuring that I can say 'thank you' to whomever. I can throw it out to the universe just like you got to do with love; and it's like the stars that shine and their grasp is felt and that connectedness is there. So thank you, Daniel."

Daniel: "You are most welcome."

Guardian Angels

B5: "Daniel, this is B5 again. I was reading in the Urantia Book last night about the Seraphim. It seems like I found a spot in there that said that these Seraphim or Guardian Angels don't promote new thoughts in a person's head, but they could intensify thoughts and feelings that lead to spiritual enlightenment, and so on, and help you feel stronger and become more aware of them. The way I undestood that, is that correct?"

Daniel: "Indeed are your angels ever ready to lead and guide you into circumstances whereby you are able to grow and to make choices. The Indwelling Spirit, that Father Fragment within, works through the mind in helping you in growing and grasping concepts. Your angels are there to guide you through life, aiding you by encouraging you to take bolder and broader and riskier steps in soul growth, in understanding, in not being too complacent."

B5: "Thank you."

B1: "Daniel, let me add my word of thanks to you on your topic for this evening. It certainly was timely. I have much to relearn. You know that so I don't need to interact with you about that. But thanks for bringing that to my attention."

Daniel: "You are very perceptive of many things and knowledgeable. It is the wise person that realizes that their faults are not something that are written in stone, but rather those characteristics that can be dropped to the wayside, those things which need not be perpetuated, but are only trappings of the moment. All of you are growing in this aspect, and seeking to rectify those faults, those areas where you are stuck. It is not an easy battle. There are many relapses. It is only when you do not get up and try again that you perpetuate the circumstance. Keep rising to the occasion and in good humor and see these as opportunities. It is unwise to see the trials of life as victimizing. Rather it is often helpful to laugh at one's own frailties, and yet be able to work to correct them.


My friends, this week as I leave you, think of the circumstances and the nature of Christ Michael's birth. He was not born the great and mighty king, but the gentle babe in the manger. It was this gentle babe that changed the world! It is the greatness of Christ Michael, His love and gentleness that is now still changing the world and bringing it to higher and higher heights. A gentle nature behooves us all. As you prepare for this birth let the gentle nature of Christ Michael's being be part of the rebirth of which you speak. My friends, I leave you my peace and my love. Good evening."

Group: "Good evening Daniel."