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Topic: TR'ing

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Betty, Lucille, Hal



The power of God protects you. The love of God enfolds you. Wherever you are He is. Greetings this is your teacher Jarel.

GROUP: Greetings JarEl. Welcome back.

JAREL: Your pre-class discussion was very interesting and showed great progress. We will start today's lesson with a practice for each of you, in speaking aloud the impressions you receive. Let us go into the stillness and receive our messages.

JAREL:(Lucille T/R) The power of God protects you. The love of God enfolds you each and every one. Today we have a special experience. There is a beautiful presence in this room. (This is Lucille speaking now). I can't throw the picture aside. It seems like Jesus standing here with his arms outstretched inviting us all into His presence. The light is so bright. Emotionally I don't know if I can go on. He is assuring us to continue in His mission, spreading His love to our fellow man, to be of service, and walk as He did when He was on earth. The light is so bright. I am having a hard time expressing it. JarEL maybe you can take over with someone else.


JAREL:(Betty T/R) All we can do is step aside, with one such as our savior in his presence. The light and vibration is very strong. We have such a visit in order to encourage our mission. To uplift the ideas presented here by the beginning of a deeper understanding of the nature of this love. This gift will be preserved in our hearts. We are encouraged to trust our savior to guide us in a way we have not experienced before. The things we desire are worth waiting for. It is our individual task to open the path before us. Facilitating these events to occur.

The exercise given us today is to record each POSITIVE ACTION or event that you are told about, or you yourself have experienced. Bring for discussion next week. In this way you will begin to experience the unfolding of the beautiful nature of this mission. To vibrate energies for Christ Michael which He instilled at the very heart of this movement. This will bring to mind in a profound way the outcropping of this mission.

As the month unfolds more and more will come together to share the experience of this mission. Be prepared. Be prepared. This exercise is also an attempt to move you into a new level of knowledge and understanding. A record of this segment of the mission is most appropriate and desirable.


The attempt at transmitting is also an important aspect of this next phase of our development. The energy coming thru knowledge and awareness into the consciousness of this group will also be a valuable aspect of the next phase of development. Do not concern yourselves that our numbers are small. I have told you there will be those who will drop away. This has occurred. This is our stable energy. Remember to record all POSITIVE EVENTS witnessed or perceived. And now we will listen for impressions and transmit our thoughts. Let us begin.

JAREL:(Hal as T/R) Dear ones. This was a beautiful manifestation of Christ Michael's love and concern for this group. There is his message of a feeling of love and guidance throughout the week.

We have prepared our lessons for this guidance. His mission will be accomplished. Be assured. Our Planetary Prince honors love and reverence.

Your discussion of transmitting was most enlightening to us. To receive your impressions and feelings and concerns is of great aid to us in preparing lessons. It gives us a greater understanding of the problems you incur. You have made great progress. Your understanding is great. Your execution lacks a little. Whatever it is, apprehension, fear, or, inability to quiet down the electro-chemical mechanisms. We shall prepare more lessons on this, to give you a better understanding of the process.

Transmitting has been a problem in many groups. It is hard for us to understand the problem, We are learning as we progress. In many ways this group is further along than many others. You are expressing an understanding of transmitting better than many others. Your discussion reveals a deep understanding of the process. We have great hopes that all will contact their teachers and be excellent transmitters in their own way. EACH ONE WILL BE DIFFERENT.

Your concepts of worthiness and love are very profound. Enlarge upon them. Have them become a part of your being. Reread the prior transcripts. Your early lessons reveal many words of wisdom that you may use that were not too meaningful at the time. The same as in rereading the text your concepts grow and enlarge. Dear ones there are many impressions being received. Please express them. Please practice and grow in your understanding of the mission. Practice is the key. Practice, Practice, Practice. Practice in your stillness. Practice throughout the day. Invite your teachers in. Invite me in. The potentials of your spiritual growth are immense. But like anything worthwhile you must work on it. You must practice it. You must study it. You must use it.

There are many impressions and concepts here now. Please express them. Please use this opportunity to break lose and let yourself go. Be a part of this.


DONNA: JarEl. I just want to say that during some of the receiving time this morning my messages were being expressed. I was trying to listen, but I was just tuning it out, I guess. I would find myself floating in and out of what was being said. I don't know if I was tired. I don't really know what was happening.

JAREL:(Hal T/R) The electro-chemical mechanisms are very difficult to slow down. That is what requires the practice. Giving up your ego. Giving up your concerns, and allowing the Father to take over. This is what it is all about. Allowing the Father to take over your being. To give up your electro-chemical concerns. You have come SO far, but the there is further yet to go.

LUCILLE: JarEL. Why do I get so emotional when I see a picture and not be able to describe it as others do when they transmit.

JAREL: You are very fortunate. But your electro-chemical mechanism gets in the way. Enjoy the pictures learn to describe it as you would a painting of your own. Describe your feelings and describe your impressions. Again it is practice. practice. You become a scientist by studying science. You become spiritual by studying spiritual expressions, spiritual values. You are doing great. Expand it and continue. Emotions rule the material world. Try and turn the emotions into spiritual values. Don't worry about them, use them. Enjoy them.

Inner Life

JAREL:(Betty T/R). Dear ones. Each of us has an inner life. By inner life I mean a private existence that is difficult to share. These again are the things about which we seldom speak as we have no words to describe them. The expectations and visualizations experienced are part of this inner life. The experiences will be remembered throughout your life. They are significant, and the impressions are long lasting because of their spiritual values. The ability to reveal oneself is a stepping off place into a higher realm of knowledge. This ability to transmit is a wonderful experience that pleases the Father, Christ Michael, all of the teachers. (This one experiences lights and is distracted). The inner life as it is experienced by each must be cracked, as an egg, and be revealed, if only to oneself. The ability to concentrate improves. The distractions are a normal occurrence and soon will be understood more fully. Knowledge is coming at a rapid rate. This is a normal occurrence as the vibrations are increased.

Let us pause and formulate our questions. We will receive questions at this time.

Energy, Circuits

HAL: Jarel you mentioned the vibrations are increased. Could you enlarge upon this. We feel that the material existence is a slowing down of spiritual energies to make manifest the material existence as we know it. Is this what you were referring to as we, as a planet, are growing spiritually, The speeding up of material energies, increasing the vibrations of Gods energy ?

JAREL: Sometime ago I told you of increased vibration and energy being received by this planet, Urantia. The significance is so profound that in years to come it will be the marking of a millennium in which we will refer to before the energy and after the energy and vibration. Do you recall this information.

HAL: Are you inferring that this will be a momentous period of change in our planetary vibratory rate.

JAREL: There are energy pathways, channels of energy being sent to our planet much as microwaves are sent and received. These energies are spiritual in nature, and by the mandate of Christ Michael they are the channels opening the vibration and pathways for the uplifting and transformation of our planet into Life and Light.

HAL: Yes you referred to the opening of the circuits and that we are being united again with the planetary system of contacts. This then is the meaning of that momentous occasion of the opening of the circuits of Urantia.

JAREL; This is correct. From time to time henceforth these circuits of energy will be charged with new vibrations, enabling knowledge to be perceived at a rapid rate, where growth is tremendous. This will be a subtle incident to many, unnoticed. However this is quite significant. Does this answer your question ?

HAL:: Yes. Then prior to this change our past religious concepts will be considered quite primitive.

JAREL: This is true. However! However primitive in nature spiritual development is perceived it is quite necessary to have a beginning, and each step along the way is celebrated as vigorously as the next.

HAL; I gather there is a great celebration in the celestial realms now. Celebrating the opening of the circuits and the beginning of a new era for Urantia.

JAREL: Yes. Many are now able to serve and participate in this mission. The opportunity for service is so great the opportunities are sought after by thousands upon thousands.

Correcting Time

HAL: Are these hundreds in our circle of material friends that we contact here on Urantia that we have not been able to strike a cord with not ready, or are they more less content with the concepts they have and already have that peace or spiritual advancement so that they are not searching any more.

JAREL: All have missions and tasks to accomplish. I am not at liberty to inform you of their purpose. However the group of one hundred of which I am one, are most fortunate to be among the first to arrive. Now, many thousands have been sent since that time to perform their duties. All volunteers. All joyous to be of service to you humans.

HAL: Yes. We see evidence of spiritual awakening everywhere we look.

JAREL: Remember I am asking you to record these and bring them to our next meeting. Does everyone understand this next lesson?

MARLIES: It seems that we have all been reading in many publications about this energy we have been talking about. From people who are not involved in the Urantia movement. Is it possible that with the opening of the circuits there are many being impressed even though they do not realize it is coming from a personal teacher or a Thought Adjuster. They are not familiar with the Urantia book itself ?

JAREL: Yes this is very true. We are able to contact Urantia readers in a different way because of their intense knowledge of the physical universe, and more reception is available from this community, somewhat. However it is not only for the western world. It is for all of Urantia. You will be receiving knowledge thru the media of this transformation throughout the world. We have often discussed the many paths to the Father. He is no respecter of persons. Each is loved and administered to in the same way as yourself. Does this answer your questions ?

MARLIES: Yes. So it is also possible that those people who are close to us who (have) shown no interest in reading the Urantia book, but are on their own spiritual path and getting knowledge from other sources of information that they will also be impressed and be a part of this movement.

JAREL: This is true. You are absolutely true. Remember there are those who are hungry for this knowledge, and those who are being nourished in their way, thru a more understandable path for them This is not for us to judge. Eventually we will all commune together and share our many impressions. That is why I am asking you to record all of the positive actions, results, literature, and knowledge coming to you. You see this is not an exclusive teaching. This is happening throughout the whole world. Christ Michael and the Father loves each and every child of God. We are all united. We are brothers and sisters. We are children of the Father in heaven. We must come to this knowledge and we will. So be it . It will be done. He has said it will be done, and it will be done.

MARLIES: Thank you JarEl.

JAREL: You are most welcome. Your questions are always thought provoking.


LUCILLE: This is Lucille. The last couple of weeks I have been praying every day in my quiet time for guidance for Kendra, our granddaughter. She is now in an Alternative School where they are trying to reach some of the teenagers that seem to rebel against the staid rules of the high school. They are improving somewhat. All of a sudden she said she wanted to go to AA meetings. She has been a changed girl the past week. As she said the other day that she wrote to her sponsor that she wanted to learn truth for herself and be truthful to herself. Thank you. You said prayers are answered. It has been a wonderful experience the past two weeks. There are many ways to reach people who love God. I do want to thank you for this insight of keeping faith and loving her.

JAREL: Dear one. This struggle has been of great benefit to you and to her. The Father is with her as well, and that your prayers have been received and answered for both of you. This one is a difficult task, and the joys at her transformation will come and go as she grows into maturity. Surely you can see that the love of the Father works in mysterious ways, and that your firm foundation of love and security has facilitated this ability of her adventure to seek her own truth. Let us thank the Father for His love....

LUCILLE: I have had to learn the lesson to not be too judgmental while still trying to keep the values and love, without being to directive and 'bossy', which has been a real dragon for me.

JAREL: This is wonderful.

DONNA: Jarel this is Donna. Along this line I wanted to say, because you are asking us to talk about all positive things that have come to light during the week, last week I had a good experience with the girls in the group home where I work. I always have them in my heart, and sometimes I have my prayers directed more towards how can you help me to help them, maybe in a different way. I was given several new ideas to use with those girls this last Thursday. Some of them were just sharing with them things I have used in my own life that have helped me. I have a lot of little pieces of literature around my house like the little 'pluck' magazine on the foundation for christian living. I was impressed to put them in a bag and let the girls each take one after their session and to say a little prayer to whoever they believe in before they reach into the bag, and ask God to guide their hand as they reach in the bag. They are mostly christians. I also have a little indian medicine animal card. They are supposed to choose the medicine animal. They all love that. I am going to do that every week. So I have gotten some new ideas to put some sparks of joy into my time with them. You have to keep these girls interested. They are difficult, truly difficult, and yet I felt really good about them, last Thursday. I'm just adding that to our repertoire of positive things.

JAREL: This is wonderful. This is good work. A service to these young ones. This is a most important responsibility.


And now Dear ones I will leave you. This one grows weary. Remember to record all positive events that come into your consciousness. These need not be direct impression. These can be stories you hear of others doing good work in the world. And now I leave you with love, and respect, and joy in my heart. You are all progressing beautifully. Farewell

GROUP: Farewell