1994-04-26-The Inner Guide

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Topic: The Inner Guide

Group: Spokane TeaM


Teacher: Aaron

TR: Simeon


Books No Longer Guide You With the Inner Guide


Inner Life, Progress

Aaron: Feel strengthened that you have chosen the wonders of life over the worries of death, and that you can proceed along with satisfaction and assurance in knowing that no matter what befalls you, or any circumstance that you may find yourself in, that you can always be sure of the fact of survival.

Continue on in spirit, taking the journeys forward through all of the struggles. Let your material bonds weigh lightly upon your quest, for though they attach themselves to you, they no longer must guide you, for you have found the Inner Guide, the Higher Guide. Take the truth and let it envelop your whole being. Feel quite capable of discerning the possibility and love that you have in store. This more than anything else will create a forum whereby you can engage in the spiritual trials more surely. Believe that the quest is leading you home and the steps you are taking go every which way, but if you could view from the outside looking upon, you would still see that there is a pattern of ascension in these steps. There may be peaks and valleys, forwards and backwards, but always you are proceeding slightly higher as your sincerity of purpose lies with your Father.

Interaction is quite important to your growth and now you see this as a formal exercise at times what you do when interacting with another, but by using the process of understanding your reactions and actions and as you continually proceed utilizing this understanding form, then in time you will look back and find that the processes you chose to use have become second nature and are no longer so much in the forefront of thought.

Practice makes perfect. As you see the right thing to do and begin to practice it constantly, then in time you do perfect this and it simply becomes a part of you. You will and have been constantly doing this procedure throughout your existence, and if you would find perplexity in the approach to the resolution of personal or public crises, then understanding that you can indoctrinate this process of conscious reaction will find your easement.

Hello I am Aaron. Good evening friends.


B: Hello Aaron

Aaron: Proceed forth, always knowing that you can and will make mistakes and that you will not always find immediate satisfaction, but you will learn and you will understand and in a sense you will realize you never truly made a mistake by acting.

Would you have any question or comment this evening?

A: Aaron, J. has mentioned that she has not totally let go of the concept of reincarnation. Do you have any words of wisdom you can impart to her?

Aaron: That is okay. It is not required to believe everything that comes forth. Using the processes which you find allows you understanding, and in time you will develop your own idea of truth as you have before. A simple statement of fact by me would not really be of benefit.

M: I would like to say hello to you Aaron. I love the teaching mission and I find the words that are being brought to us truly do make it easier and more enjoyable for our progression and I want to thank you.

Aaron: You are welcome friend and thank you for your acknowledgement. My friends and I take pleasure in your understanding. It is good to witness you here as I have witnessed you before in other places. It would be joyous if the approach that we offer could always be resultant in a lightening of perspective and never feel that you or anyone should feel burden by this. It is joyous and exciting. I agree.

J: Aaron, sometimes when I read a lot of information that comes from many places, I find it very difficult to get back to the mundane world and do what I need to do every day. It seems like the more I think about these things, the more I read, the more difficult it is to be doing what I'm doing in the practical world. Like, how many times you have to do dishes and laundry and work with children and think about business. All that seems like... not a waste of time, but it almost seems annoying. It's like do I really have to keep doing these itty bitty decisions all day every day? I'd like to get more enjoyment out of it. Sometimes it seems really difficult. I'm very irritated sometimes by all the decisions I have to make and all the mundane things I have to think about. I'm calling them mundane, but I know you're going to tell me they're not. (Laughs) Oh dear!

Aaron: This excitement of the happenings lift you beyond the mundane, beyond the daily struggle and you see a glimpse of possibility. My advice is to take that back with you when you descend back into reality, to understand that the energy is truly available, that this spiritual love is an attitude which can transcend any menial task. You can find enjoyment doing just about anything if you would be in the perspective that you can do this.

Truly the dreams of other areas which you could be doing that are much more glamorous and fulfilling are dreams to be considered and if you can foresee a real avenue, and I stress the words 'real avenue', to create this for yourself, then feel empowered to pursue, but always know that the spiritual world is never in one place or another and it is always yours regardless of where you find yourself.

Yes, it is not mundane if you can see that you have the Father Of All walking with you through your days, talking to you, listening to you, being with you.

J: Thank you. Somehow I knew you were going to say that

Aaron: I knew you knew. (Laughter)

B: You were talking about how we should feel like we're capable of discerning, and that interacting with others is necessary for us and then you were talking about this process and I feel like either I wasn't paying attention, or I missed what this process is referring to. I was about to interrupt and ask what it was. Without going back through everything, could you summarize what you were referring to about interacting? I got the feeling like we're supposed be looking at our reactions and by doing that they'll gradually change. I'm sorry could you clarify?

Aaron: It is as though you understood without knowing what I was referring to, for in reference I was discussing the conscious, first step towards resolving a conflict, which is the conscious recognition and then the procedure by which you understand the conflict and bring yourself out of it. As you continually do this, not always succeeding to the highest levels, but as you continue to utilize the conscious understanding, then in time the procedure becomes inherent to your being and you will recognize at times that you no longer consciously have to deal with a circumstance. Does this enlighten you?

B: Yes, it seems certain circumstances trigger our emotions, and that we need to understand this. Our emotions have a way of complicating reason. And then wouldn't it be nice if we could actually see these conflicts before they actually hit and be able to take steps to prevent them from occurring, or at least getting unpleasant, a tactful way.

Aaron: Exactly. This is what you work toward and I am pleased that you understand.

B: I have another question. Are we going to be hearing from our other planetary neighbors as far as mortal to mortal? Is that part of our circuits opening? Is our society evolved enough for that?

Aaron: I cannot comment upon this. Sorry.

B: I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

A: Being that we have conference in July here for the teaching mission, do you have any estimates as to how many different teachers will be represented at this conference?

Aaron: Do you mean represented- by numbers of mortals, or by just the number of celestial attendees?

A: Give us both guesstimates. (Laughter

Correcting Time

Aaron: The mortal guesstimate as you would say, is one we cannot control, though it would certainly be pleasurable if a wide contingent of areas could be represented. As to celestial attendees, I will not even try to count, for this is important, not so much for any specific planetary action, but in the interest of the universe Nebadon here.

This planet has already gained much attention and being part of the planetary administration, you in a sense link and draw a wider interest, for there are many other Planetary Princes and administrations that view how this correcting time is evolving here, for to aid what they are going through on their sphere, or for what they expect will sometime occur on their home spheres.

As you are our representatives, though mortal, do not mistake the fact that in your willingness you are part of the administration, and these beings find a very large level of interest when there is a drawing together of potential. Have I enlightened you?

A: Very much so.

Universe Broadcasts

B: You heard our discussion on reflectivity. Rather than launching into a long discussion to make us understand it, I wonder if reflectivity is something that you use, if you could say a little about how you're involved with it?

Aaron: As a relation I would use the example of a neighboring planet and their administration perceiving events here. There is a large number of ministering beings which can relay, or open the pipeline, which can make available occurrences as they happen.

As to the process I cannot relate and do not understand to a large measure. It is like when you watch television and you see the President addressing you live, and you know he is doing this, but yet you still don't know how it really works.

I would not want to draw confusion, but just know that it is widespread in use and I do and have utilized this in some measure.

B: Does it also convey motive, thoughts, or feelings?

Aaron: In what sense do you mean?

B: Well we can watch the President on television and can get some indication of his thoughts based on his facial expressions, or tone of voice. When we were discussing reflectivity earlier, we were thinking that it also included more insight into our inner experience.

Aaron: The technique can portray circumstances on these levels yes, with the willingness of the person or beings that would be reflected, but as you watch the television screen and perceive, this is generally how the reflectivity is perceived.

B: Thank you

The Teachers, Play

M: Aaron, I'm real curious about what forms of recreation you indulge in while here on the planet. Are you able to tell us anything about what you do when you're not observing us?

Aaron: We do much in recreation, for this balances work and depending upon the personalities, some can still do more than is required and some do stay at the office late. As you know well, we are not yet perfected and we still strive to balance our understanding.

I would say that sharing is a major part of recreational activities, for we consider personal communication between each other on an intimate level, not as you would perceive, but from being to being, as quite refreshing. We joke. Music is quite important to us. You would be quite amazed at the way music is here. And we even race through the parks on occasion. The Solitary Messengers always seem to win though. (Laughter)

(The tape ran out here, but when I got home I tried to paraphrase the rest of answer with Aaron's help.)



But the most important aspect of recreation is worship. This will uplift and refresh you more than any other form. The Father's love can fill and hold you. Communion is the energy builder. It would be quite addicting and we would do this all the time if we did not feel responsibilities to our growth and work. This is why we can sometimes talk so much to you about worship and meditation, even to the point of redundancy, because we realize the joyous energizing and connection this holds and so often would like to see you happier and connected. Worship more. Its recreation is internal.