1995-11-03-Group Teacher Change

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Topic: Group Teacher Change

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Tomas, Abraham, Larenzo

TR: Rutha, Gerdean



Opening prayer

Tomas: "Good evening our friends, I am Tomas, your friend in the Teacher Corps. We assemble here this evening to resonate the good news. We assemble in great numbers to announce the support and ongoing encouragement of your faith/growth and the faith/growth of Urantia.


Dear friends, loyal students, intimate companions, how happy I am to be with you this evening to persist in our sessions of enlightenment and upliftment of the mortal condition. Your discourse this evening has been heralded as profound application of your faith in your lives. In the heights and depths of your experiences from the most temporal to the most spiritual you have all persevered in your faith while you each have known poignant fear. Not one of you here present has escaped fear. And I am here today to commend your strength to persevere in the face of this underlying animal pull toward debilitating non-growth.

Misery loves company, it is true; and you are learning that happiness is contagious and also experienced in company with others. In your innermost recesses, however, the battle which rages between fear and faith is most profound. I would like to spend a moment this evening discussing the qualitative fear of the collective consciousness, the collective unconsciousness, and how to make your lives easier as you encounter this pull in yourself and in your society.

Surely you understand that you have taken major strides up and out of the paralysis of fear. In your grappling with your soul growth this week, in reflecting life and death, illness and health, these poignant crises of faith are always accompanied by an equal amount of fear. It is easy to follow fear when it leads and often you are not aware that you are following fear for so is everyone else. And this blanket of existence is actually comfortable because you have not had to step out in faith from where you lie in comfort with your sleeping fearful peers.

The sleeping giant of fear, however, awakens in times of crises and any growth step is a potential time of crisis. It is said that there are crises junkies who crave this excitement of living on the edge between faith and fear. I am not addressing that aberrated a condition but rather the normal development of souls in their decision making process having to do with their eternal life and the eternal life of loved ones also.

Death is a natural part of life. Even your own death is a natural part of life. Your fear of death is largely hinging on the ignorance which surrounds the collective consciousness regarding the end of life as it is known in the flesh. As you proceed in faith to acknowledge and rely upon this higher reality, this morontial existence, the more celebration and confidence that emerges in progressing forward in your assent. Pressing forward in your ascent against such great odds is exhausting, is, indeed, requiring the development of stamina and spiritual muscle. It is requiring the development of living faith and acknowledgement of the works of faith.

As you have all testified this evening, you have all stood firmly by that which you are realizing is the true reality, and in your confirmation of your reality to others you thus confirm the collective consciousness of the new age of Light and Life. Although it may seem that this group is a microcosm, hardly a speck in terms of the greater whole, the tremendous effort that is necessary for this process of correction to take place, the truth remains that once this reality becomes imbued in you to the extent that you no longer succumb to the downpull of the fears of the old way, the growth is rapid like fire, will spread and touch every living thing, creating new ground for a new world.

I am reminded of the prayer of St. Francis that once was a part of your preamble in this group and call to your mind the value of the attitude which chooses to understand rather than to be understood, that chooses to love than to be loved, and that chooses to serve than be served. For in the attitude of giving out you avail yourselves of that font of life, power, strength, and energy which truly does do for you what you as an animal cannot do for yourself. Destiny goals accelerate one another by the faith which you have as individuals. And so you find yourself opening your mouth and pearls are strewing in front of you in spite of yourself and to your own amazement.

This is your faith! This group and other groups like this as we work toward our destiny goal accelerate one another by the faith which we have as individuals. You are no longer isolated. You are no longer alone in the universe. There is nothing to fear. All is well and love is the answer."

Abraham: "Greetings. I am Abraham. I am here this evening to support Tomas and to thank him for his fine words. It is our joy that Tomas will be speaking among other truth seekers, other students. This change of events appears rapid in your context of time, but you must realize that we are extremely grateful for Gerdean's intuitive nature and willingness to follow and serve. It has been a strange pathway for you, Gerdean, however it is part of the ongoing development and steps necessary to bring forth a more solid and firmer foundation for the Teaching Mission itself.

We are thankful you have willingly risked the comfort of knowing, the security of knowing, for the adventure of serving. While you are not going to be physically present, that which Tomas has spoken of this evening, you will be connected through spiritual understanding and through the collective consciousness. Your thoughts will be understood by those here. This idea of the consciousness is something that pervades your system while you are not aware. Yet in the depths of soul growth and experience, you are aware.

I ask all of you to heed Tomas' words. Let not the fear of change halt any of your growth. Rather seek to be open for in openness wisdom, understanding, a growing sense of God-consciousness can take root.

Gerdean, my words of gratitude are from all of the Teaching Mission staff, Machiventa, Christ Michael and father Ham. We are pleased and Tomas is delighted to be able to fulfill this aspect of service. Our love my dear, and to all of you as you are now preparing for new horizons, all of you in many ways. Shalom.

Gerdean: "Thank you Abraham."

Tomas: "I feel inclined to joke now and say that Abraham is really not as frightening as we once thought. It is always a delightful surprise and I speak frankly from the perception of this transmitter/receiver that the awesome and gaunt personage of Abraham, once one realizes the love and, indeed, of any powerful and strange being, once the love is accepted and understood and made part of one's being, the barriers are dissolved in the understanding that all of us are God's children and one delightful, happy family. So my siblings, let us cavort. The floor is open for questions or commentary at this point. (long pause) I will then add a paragraph as you prepare your thoughts.

My paragraph has to do with fear and how to withstand the assault of fear in your environment, for it is great. How do you not succumb to the fear of others? Perhaps you can tell me, Isaac?"


Isaac: "Your are reading my mind, Tomas, for that was exactly my experience this week. I came across an old fear, a fear I associate with the days of active alcoholism, of being influenced or possessed by some evil influence. My problem was I read the book, "The Exorcist", and it was a terrifying experience as it has been for many people. It presents the idea that something evil could take you over against your will. There has been discussion on Urantial of the danger or TRing. One of the TRs from the Teaching Mission List(TML) talked about a channeler who got 'possessed', you might say, by a dragon spirit in Japan and was really harassed by that spirit. And this particular TR claimed that there are still these kinds of spirits hanging out on this planet, that the Urantia Book wasn't clear about it. It was quite a frightening idea. Intellectually I didn't buy it but my old tape recording of fear from reading the horror story came on.

What did I do about it? I struggled for a few minutes (I don't think it even went into hours) to intellectualize. I did read from the Urantia Book again to make sure I remembered correctly what it said about the rebel midwayers. I heard from my teachers and I heard from my Thought Adjuster, I believe, as I hear through my mind, that being a mixed bag, that the only reality to this stuff anymore is what you would term the collective consciousness, those thoughts are still there. They have no power over anyone necessarily.

I was quite amazed to experience that old fear. It has been years. It was quite frightening but it didn't overwhelm me. I let it go shortly. I also feel that it happened to me because I was physically weak with this flu that I had when I read that posting. It was like remembering a trauma. There was a certain amount of fear in remembering the trauma but it wasn't the same thing. And now as I am talking about it I am not experiencing any fright for I do not believe there really are these things. I do believe and trust the Fifth Epochal Revelation and do trust my Thought Adjuster and I do trust the teachers. So my faith conquered my fear."

Tomas: "My son, you have answered the question poignantly, that is to say, as you expose a fear to the light of day you rob it of its power. As you encounter individuals in your path that are struggling in the grips of fear, who are essentially possessed by the power of fear, you may relieve the situation as required by drawing out the individual to know his or her fears, to put them on the table and dissect them as necessary to discover what the core fear is. By this time the fear will lose its power by the love and compassion which transpires in the love you bring to the individual who fears.

Lest you think I make light of this as a simple game of checkers, I am quick to understand with you that facing fear is hard work and the deeply recessed fears of long standing that are wedged in the memory, that are deep seated in your conditioning are even more difficult to bring forth for you have consciously long forgotten that the fear existed. Excuse my reiteration that we are Correcting Time and that even these experiences which trouble your psyche and soul are on the index of subjects that may be addressed as Correcting Time work. Just because something is submerged and is not obvious does not mean that it is not profoundly affecting you, your behaviors, your environment, your universe, your life and the lives of others. [Ed. note: Freud's theory of repression and neurosis to a tee!] You recall the parable of the princess and the pea and recall, too, the power of the mustard seed. Deeply inlaid are these matters which we willingly, eagerly bring to light; and you may help resolve the darkness by gently bringing to the surface those terrors which are part of the historicity of humanity on this planet.

The idea of being 'taken over' of 'losing control', of course is terrifying to an intelligent mind. I ask you to reflect on our lesson on sincerity for when you are sincere you may even be wrong and you are still well loved."

Isaac: I think it's a very dangerous thing in our culture that so many people expose themselves to very scary ideas because it can cause a classical conditioning known as a phobic reaction. And even though you have an intellectual understanding that something is not fearful, because of the cellular level of conditioning you can experience the phobia, the fear. And that was what partly amazed me was that I had intellectually swept this away long ago. There was a classical trigger (conditioned stimulus) in this report of this channeler being harassed by this dragon thing, it was so similar to the demon in the exorcist that it was like facing a nightmare and experiencing it over again.

If you are willing to tell me, Tomas, how did you know about this? I didn't talk to you about it. And if you don't want to say, that's okay, too. I wasn't planning on discussing this tonight."

Tomas: "I will respond, my friend, but I will not lay our secrets on the internet.(laughter) I am going to simply respond that we are an intelligent universe and the lesson which are prepared for you each week in this classic university are a result of a great deal of cosmic input."

Isaac: "Excellent answer. I was about to say that there is no privacy anymore but I am joking. I will cease my commentary here and let someone else talk."

Leetah: "Tomas, it is very interesting that the lesson again has been on fear. It is something that you have certainly heard me talk about many times. This morning in this small little devotional I read the very first sentence said, 'Fear begets fear, begets fear, begets fear.' And I thought in terms of how much I fear certain people and what is it that I fear about other people. And I had decided that it was ridicule, that the ridicule of other people is really something that bothers me.

Today I saw it demonstrated beautifully by a peer of mine. One of the women said that her child was having a really tough year in school to which I said, 'I am sorry. I know what it means when your children are not happy in school'. And another peer starting laughing and said, 'Ha, you are trying to blame the teacher when it is really probably your fault and he can't stand you!..and just laughed and giggled. This was happening as I was leaving the supply room and my stomach just reacted with anguish for this other person. And I realize that's what I fear, the ridicule of people that would put down the feelings that were expressed there. So it has been a day of talking about the experience of fear."

Tomas: "My precious daughter, you have expressed a classic sore spot on this fragile world for you will recall that when we set out in this Teaching Mission exercise we began by confirming your worth and our undiminished devotion to your welfare. We have spent much time discussing the emotional condition and the development of healthy ego. It is no wonder that you fear being ridiculed. Many, if not, most of the children of your culture, certainly, are not elevated, are not validated, are not believed, but 'are only children' and therefor have nothing of value to say. Of course I report that terrible fallacy with tongue in cheek for children are really close to the Father in that they are less scarred and sullied than adults. They are also benefited by the induction of the Thought Adjuster at that tender time. Were grownups to appreciate the marvel of that time in their child's life their own understanding of family life would be massively improved by listening to the words which proceed out of their mouths. The tender spot, therefore, for your experience, which is certainly not an isolated experience, is that when you perceive this ridicule occurring in interactions around you, you are twice as sensitive as, perhaps, the recipient, since it is a pea in your mattress. But others have or may have different frailties, for instance, being criticized. This is a sore spot with many who feel that criticism reflects on whether they are accepted without judgment. There are many of these little vegetables [germs?] running around on Urantia which would do well to be exposed to the light of the sun, for the growth garnered from the enlightenment of these emotional/attitude nightmares is enough to uncover much of the unconscious fears which hold back the growth of the collective unconscious."

Leetah: "Tomas, you had a phrase there about exposing them to the light of the sun. Did you have in mind there exposing your own fear to the light of the sun which obviously has certainly been done for me today? I do have that second pea under my mattress,too, which is being criticized. Probably there are many more peas that I am not aware of, or that I am aware of but just can't name right now. Or were you saying there was something I could have said at that point? I would have had to turn around and go back into the supply room. Was there something I could have said that would have revealed the unnecessary ridicule that was going on? Should I have just left it alone, which I did, since it wasn't directed toward me?"

Tomas: "It was certainly a challenge for you, was it not?"

Leetah: "Yes."

Tomas: "For you are still ruminating the homework assignment. And I would say that, yes, there are things you can do although it is not always possible to know what to say on the spot. As you learn about these things in yourself you assimilate them. The nasty aspects subside and the wisdom and compassion which result then can be utilized by your enlightened tongue to spread your pearls in such situations. These things take practice. It is marvelous that you are aware that this an instance where you are able to recognize a potential service area in your life that you may develop. I am not saying you need to make a life career of exposing ridicule, but as you give your focused attention to the situation in prayer and asking for guidance from your Indwelling God Fragment, perhaps you will be advised how to melt that ice and contribute the growth of that situation."

Leetah: "Thank you Tomas."

Isaac: "We had an incident occur at school today that so pertains to this that I want to just briefly mention it and then make a commentary. One of our new teachers who is member of a minority race was called the most vile name that anyone can call a member of that race by a student. And this individual was shattered. This adult male was brought to tears to the point where he had to leave the classroom and someone else take over. I don't know what went on inside his mind but my commentary is that this twelve year old child did not have any physical or personal power over this older adult. But something happened inside of his mind that caused him that tremendous distress. I really don't know because I wasn't him. I am thinking that...and you alluded to this, Tomas, by starting off telling us how valuable we are. I know in my own case that the reason name calling and criticism hurts me is because that's what I heard as a child. I was called some pretty bad names and I believed them. And I think that the problem is that we have been believing this stuff ever since the Lucifer Rebellion. So when somebody else says it about us we believe it is or might be true so that it hurts and frightens us. So thank you all and especially the First Source and Center for the validation that we really are valuable as His/Her children."

Tomas: "I would like to remark that I, also, recently experienced by observation such a moment and am often exposed to such instances on this planet. This is one of the reasons why we say to you that your planetary situation is so full of opportunities. As you begin to see these instances in love for your fellows you will begin to perceive the tremendous opportunity availed to you as assaults and insults occur to the core of human beings. The psyche is bruised, the soul is shriveled, the body is brutalized. These cruel blows from ignorance and fear have, indeed, created such conditions as has contributed to the Mission of Michael which we now are sharing. The damage done in many of these instances is very apparent to those with eyes to see. You have all seen this kind of thing happen and have all not known what to do and perhaps felt somewhat shamefaced that you did not follow through with your own outrage at the attack on your brother and sister. It is, again, a field of opportunity. It is a suggestion that as you behold this kind of situation you immediately pray for the quick rallying of the mortal who has been so woefully abused. It also is not discouraged for you to accept what you see as grievous enough that you would go to the individual wounded and in a brotherly/sisterly fashion acknowledge the error in support of the soul and psyche of the individual so wounded."

Bill: "That is exactly what I did do. I think part of his pain was that he thought he was in a community where this would not occur. It was perhaps like a resurrection of a nightmare. I am guessing, I don't know. Thank you, Tomas, because I felt it was the right thing to do."

Tomas: "As a flipside there is also an opportunity in the soul of the one who inflicts such distress. The assault by the boy is something that is a learned behavior and that is best brought up short before it becomes even more deeply ingrained. A twelve year old has fair reasoning power and in this case, a Thought Adjuster. It is another challenge, another opportunity, another 'boy who was afraid', and this, too, is a soul and a psyche hungering for belonging to the spiritual family to which he belongs. The field of opportunities in the realm of fear is a large field, much like Idaho potatoes. Lovely on the surface and lumpy underneath. Watch for those opportunities to bring fears to the light of day for they are damaging, they are not supportive of faith. These kinds of fears which permeate so deeply and so needlessly are that which we fight against in the good fight of faith."


Larenzo: "Greetings, I am Larenzo. I am honored in being able to close this meeting today, but not without exercising my time here with a thanks to Tomas from all of the teachers of these students here. Your lessons have, indeed, inspired our charges and in our watchcare we have seen struggle through the broad aspects down to the fine tuning of the minute nuances of understanding of the lessons. Each has, through many different degrees, grown and have much to thank you for in bringing to their conscious awareness aspects that need healing, need work, need thought applied.

I would also like to speak with Beth and Kent for a moment to encourage them in this regard. Your mother was, indeed, a beautiful soul, a character on earth and a beautiful personality among those spiritually aware. Her ascension is continuing as we speak here this evening. She is comprehending and feeling a greater awareness and a greater understanding of love. Her job ahead is that of mota awakening. She held much love for her family here and is growing in awareness of even a greater universal cosmic family. My love to both of you.

To all of you in this group love is given. Tomas and I will now bid you good evening."