1996-01-05-Concept of Newness

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Topic: Concept of Newness

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Unknown



Opening prayer

Daniel(TR #3): "Greetings my friends, I am Daniel, your friend, teacher, guide and amused companion. It is a great joy to me to have this opportunity to see you once again together. For while I have been visiting you throughout this time apart there is a charismatic effect which occurs when your lights are brought into the same vicinity, when your joyous hearts join together in your sharing and your friendship. Like the apostles of old your times apart, while fruitful, are not the same experience that occurs when you are together for your interactions produce a multiplicative effect of energy enhancement. Your web of spiritual connectedness enhances each of you in unique ways. I will not belabor this any further, but it is a very important reality. I desire that you think on these things and remember the importance of your being together.

And then, or course, it is not just my joy but others here present, your personal teachers, your seraphic guardians, resident Melchizedeks, archangels and many other beings; it is their pleasure as well to be with you.



At this time I wish to begin our lesson for the evening. I desire to impart information to your minds and souls which, while it may not be brand new, is nevertheless timely. Tonight I would like us to consider several levels of the concept of newness.

On the first level I would draw your attention to the fact that newness is the experience of living as a time/space creature in the ongoing flow of the passage of time. In a sense every conscious moment is new and yet it is not in isolation for it is connected to those perceiving moments, hours, days, weeks, months and even years that preceded it. Newness in time is the fundamental experience of change. It flows through the riverbed of personal reality for it is your personality status which makes possible your consciousness of time.

The next level of newness that I would discuss with you, my dear students, is that level which flows from your personality status in terms of your personal relationships. Once again, as with your temporal memory in the passage of time, do you have a history with every significant person with whom you are personally connected, but contrary to some thinking that history, those past experiences, need not confine that relationship. Instead as you partake of the Source of your being you will find that your relationships with other people will continue to grow, blossom, to unfold and to, in the best sense of the word, demonstrate newness.

The third level of newness has to do with those more complex relationships which extend beyond your mere acquaintances or persons of importance, beyond your immediate circle of friends and family to the society that you are a part of. We on this side continue to appraise our progress with joy and with exuberance for even though it is difficult for you to see the newness which is upon the face of this planet, the dawn that Virginia was referring to, is happening. Imperceptibly the light is growing brighter. More and more people, institutions, and thoughts are becoming infused with hope, even at the same time as others are seeing reason for despair. Christ Michael's work continues at the pace of the great First Source and Center, His Father and our Father as well.

I tell you my friends, in spite of your intellectual doubts, your hearts are solid, your souls are committed, you are following your Indwelling Spirits, each of you. You all shine brightly in our presence. And so when you have those conflicts of mind do not despair and do not flagellate yourselves with the lashes of guilt for doubting, but turn over in that moment and follow our Leader as when He had His times of confusion and doubt. Let your loving God Fragment sooth your minds, relax your anxieties and give you strength to take one step at a time.

And now, finally, the last area of newness that I wish to address has to do with us as a group. It has been planned on your coming anniversary, which is next Friday, that our Melchizedek teacher will begin his formal lesson plan. This, I realize, has intrigued you all. It intrigues me as well. We shall work in tandem, that is, I will remain as your head teacher while we have a guest lecturer, if you will. I will also sit as a humble student at the feet of Minersia for he is a great teacher.

In conclusion I say to you all, happy new year, truly! Happy New Year! I am excited about our time together in this calendar year. And now at this time Minersia would like to greet you briefly. I turn it over now to Minersia."

Minersia(TR #4): "Yes dear students and blossoming friends of my heart, I, Minersia, greet you today in anticipation of an ever deepening and fruitful bonding relationship. I will indeed be your guest lecturer, your instructor in residence for the coming time frame. But, in addition, we will be associated across many aeons of time. This is our beginning, our new acquaintanceship that will grow, blossom, develop, and deepen.

I am humbled to be in your presences. I am humbled to be given this teaching, learning, and development opportunity. For although in the hierarchy I have at my beginnings understanding that far exceeds those of ascending beings in their early stages, you will at some point surpass my attainment. It is true that as a Melchizedek I was created with understanding that exceeds that of your own and exceeds that of ascending beings still within our schools. It is also true that you will pass on. In this knowledge I am humbled in your presence, in the presence of such potential. But in addition I am humbled to participate in the experience of the Supreme in this way. I am humbled to be a part of this Correcting Time Mission, to right the tipping planet, to erase the shadow that has darkened this sector and this planet for far too long. I look forward to a long, fruitful and affectionate relationship with each of you. I say 'hello' to all of you and I look forward to the beginning of our lessons with our official new year. For today, farewell."

Daniel: "Thank you, Minersia, for your words. We ascending mortals also experience feelings of humility in the presence of you wise Melchizedeks, highest sons of the local universe. So maybe we will have quite a party, all of us together! And now, my friends, it is your turn to interact with us, with questions, comments or your own thoughts. All are welcome. The stage is yours."



Debbie: "Good evening Daniel and Minersia. Good to hear from both of you. Daniel, in your talk today on newness, is this foreshadowing that we are going to enter a new era ourselves with the Melchizedek teacher and everything?"

Daniel: "Yes. As has been said to you by Rayson and myself, you are now ready to move on beyond the level of foundations. This does not mean that the material which we have so assiduously, so conscientiously studied and worked on can be dismissed, no, but bearing in mind all of your previous training and work it is now appropriate to build upon that foundation a beautiful structure. And so we would start with the next floor or the first floor.

I am not God that I should know the future. But it is my understanding of the instructions of my superiors that this Pocatello group and the wider audience who read the transmissions that are available are now in a place spiritually, intellectually, morally, if not physically, where we can move on to new things. As to what this exactly all entails, as I said, I am not God; and we all know that it is God's pleasure to withhold the future from us so that we may discover it day by day in our experiential living and thus add to the growth of the Supreme.

I say to you, Deborah, be of good cheer. And all of you, be optimistic. Let's be upbeat. Does this answer?"

Doubt, Agondonters

Debbie: "Yes, Daniel, quite thoroughly. If this is going to be so new and we are ready for this next step, why is it we still question so, we still have our doubts? Is this something that we are just going to have to deal with on a day by day thing? I often think sometimes that doubting and questioning comes because of our electro-chemical makeup and that this has a big part to do with our doubts and fears and questions and all those kinds of things. Obviously that is going to continue so obviously we are still going to doubt and question. Is that correct?"

Daniel: "Well 'obviously' you have answered your own question! Yes, Deborah, I do agree with you and your assessment is correct. Doubts and fears are greatly influenced by stress, by illness, by lack of rest, possibly poor nutrition. But they do come through the mind and therefor in the mind they can be dealt with. You each have excellent intellectual abilities. You are not by and large average mortals intellectually. And therefor it is your privilege and duty to wrestle with those phantoms of doubt, to bring them into the light of truth and to triumph over them.

Nowhere is it advised that the way to deal with doubt is to repress it, to guilt over it, to feel unworthy for having these thoughts, these struggles. Nowhere in your text does it say that. Nowhere have I said that in my teaching. It is your great privilege, my friends, to be Agondonters, to be those who can learn to trust and follow the Father's guidance without full knowledge, without that light afforded to a normal planet. And the reason that it is a privilege is that your service opportunities in the Corps of the Finality will be unique in many respects for having had this Agondonter experience. Therefor you must wait, as you surmised, a long time before your faith will be illumined by sight. The process on the morontial level begins to fill out, to flesh out in your case, having come from a darkened and quarantined world.

I realize that it is not 'fun' to feel that you may be walking down a blind alley, that you may have lost your mental bearings, that you may be foolish. But your heart knows better! You know the spiritual growth you have experienced. You know the peace you have. You know the reality of your spiritual walk."

Debbie: "Thank you Daniel for that discourse. To Minersia I would like to say welcome and I look forward to your teachings and to your presence and for all the new things you are going to help us get under our belt. Welcome."

Minersia: "Thank you, Rutha, my friend."

Ken: "Greetings my friends. Debbie says welcome to you, Minersia, and I believe as a group we share those same feelings. Welcome. This is the sunset of our fourth year as a TeaM group. It has been four great years we have had, many lessons. We have experienced much growth and much love from you, our teachers, from Michael, and from the First Source. As was mentioned in our gathering in September, we are dancing with the Gods. The music has just changed its tempo. It is beautiful and we look forward to it in this new year that we are to embark upon next week. You say that you are humble to be with us. I say to you we are humbled to be in your presence. Thank you my friends."

Daniel: "Thank you Ken for your kind and wise words. For you have well said that the dance goes on but the rhythm changes or the type of melody changes. That is part of the newness, that as we move through time, as we continue to relate spiritually to our nearest and dearest and influence the world around us, it all comes back to that dance. So thank you for putting those words to that concept.

I must say that I continue to enjoy this assignment that I have received from Christ Michael. I have never had a moment's regret in this job, this wonderful job of being your teacher and your friend. Of course we are of the same nature, you and I, we are ascending mortals. I am wanting to commend you all for unlike some children in your culture you have been willing to listen to the advice of your elders, which, of course, shows that you are not childish after all. It is a pleasure to teach those who are willing to learn. It is a joy to be your teacher.

I agree that this is the sunset meeting of the fourth year and we can rest on our laurels a little bit before we launch out again. With every completion of a task there is a certain amount of satisfaction in that task accomplished. And yet does it not serve as a platform to move on to the next stage of experiencing reality? This seems to be God's plan in the Grand Universe. As we are in the evolutionary universe age it is our privilege to be co-creators with God of our own selves. So let's co-create together in this coming year another level of accomplishment.

I do have some ideas about where we are going to go because I am going to be part of the process. But I am not going to tell you today, for I think you will discover this as you speak with your Indwelling Spirit. All is coordinated, my friends. All is connected. It is a marvelous universe that we live in. Are there other comments or questions?"


Virginia: "Having already mentioned during our sharing time the impact of words I heard concerning the definition of humility being loving service, and as I listened to the comments of both of you tonight, I realize that indeed your loving service to us has been the expression of humility. I am sure that neither one of you needed to accept this mission, that it was your choice to come and serve us. And we do thank you. We thank all the teachers because of the support it has given us to give loving service in an unassuming way so that people might add to the collective good that we hope is a sunrise."

Daniel: "Virginia, my daughter, thank you for your comments. I am minded to point out that Jesus, even though He was the Creator Son of God, was humble, never seeking for Himself honor and glory. For He was in a servant role, He was not in the role of King.

Humility can be seen as understanding reality, including the reality of who you are, who you are and who we all are. We are children of the Great First Source and Center, our Creator/Father, and children of our universe Father and Mother, and therefor brothers and sisters with each other. Knowing this, that we are brothers and sisters and children, what greater expression of that reality could there be but to serve each other and to enjoy each other's company? Just as God, the First Source and Center was not wanting to contain His infinity, perfection, and glory in Himself but sought to express Himself in the Eternal Son and together to take action in the third co-equal member of the Paradise Trinity; and just as this Trinity decided to share reality with a perfect creation and then move on to evolutionary growth and development of the Supreme in creature participation; just as all of this sharing, this divesting of whatever can be divested of without losing anything goes on, it has this eternal flavor, for this is Godlike. To be humble is not to divest oneself of something of value so that you are at a loss. It is to recognize your value and the value of everyone else, and to enjoy the supreme privilege of service. Does this seem to make sense?"

Virginia: "Well I would certainly say Daniel that to empty oneself is not in the best interest of anyone. And if in humility, if I understood that correctly, you were saying that being humble didn't take away but adds to the person that is serving. I guess I really love that definition of humility as loving service."

Daniel: "You understood correctly. No diminishing of oneself but recognition of one's true value. We have two natures, one human and one divine, and this duality becomes one in fusion. We are Finaliters in potential, beings who will experience the entire range of universe experience, from the lowest mortal level to the highest. We are most fortunate for we have a great service awaiting us in that Corps of Finality. It is my greatest joy to contemplate that even as I grow and move forward on my ascension path. That's why teaching you, my students, is such a pleasure. We are all in this together and we are most fortunate. Yes."


Virginia: "All of the conversation reminds me of the mortal oriental proverb that says, 'to teach is to learn twice' and a good teacher truly does learn."

Daniel: "Exactly! It is the universe pattern being discovered by mortals, of course, for you lack so much in not having your planetary Adam and Eve in residence. But that is what we teachers are here for, to help make up that lack and be part of that correction."

Virginia: "Thank you, Daniel."

Daniel: "Thank you, Virginia."

Angie: "I wanted to say welcome, Minersia, and thank you for your lessons Daniel. I look forward to growth in the new year. I want to especially thank you for your help with the Sunday night meetings that are difficult for me. You have helped me, thank you."

Daniel: "Yes, daughter, it has been somewhat trying for me to hear some of this but it is a challenge, is it not, to overcome fear with love. It is my joy to be of assistance to you."

Minersia: "And I, too, would like to thank both of you for your gracious inclusion of me into your format and into your hearts. I know that this is an adjustment for you all and is part of the reason that we are proceeding slowly. In no way are we desiring to damage or muddle your relationship with your dear teacher Daniel. I thank you all for your welcome."