1997-03-09-Mirth Alleviates Strain

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Topic: Mirth Alleviates Strain

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Rantarason, Malvantra, Elyon, Andronason

TR: Sheila, Jonathan, Ginny



Rantarason (Sheila TR): I am Rantarason; I send you my greetings. I am most grateful to be amongst the great light that comes from this gathering. This light is truth. As you are all unique in your ways, you are as well the same in your truth which dwells within you, that of your Thought Adjuster, that being of the Supreme. This truth that so many seek in actuality is within and is merely waiting to be expressed by those who seek this truth. It is in your openness and awareness of such truth and your ability to share this in the many ways that you do that is bringing your world to a great beginning which you are currently aware of and greatly responsible for. Through your openness, your willingness to exercise these lessons, you have brought great truth to reality for many of those who cannot find, who have been searching outwardly, and your continual example of your great love for one another, for all of those who come to your path, greatness shall come to pass.

We are honored to be a part of this great awakening through yourselves and delight in these gatherings where we learn a great deal about your humor. Many times it has not occurred to us to laugh over such inequities, but this is good. Humor and compassion are two great abilities which you share amongst all of your brothers and sisters. These are truly great gifts for sharing with all universe children. Thank you for including myself and others in your gatherings. I send my light, my love, and my humor, too, to you. I thank you.


Stillness, Connectedness

Malvantra (Frosty): To feel the kinship to each other is rich . ..a pot of gold. When you seek to support in love each other to enliven the progress of each other's growth, to help one another to get over their stumbling blocks, to have the openings to be able to discern, you can help them by sharing your own experience. Then you need to sit in quiet time with them, to simply be together, to take a walk to experience nature, to come to a level in that you are able to, through the quietness, discern how best you can serve each other. One can think they have all the answers for another but through your experience you know that this is not so. Many times the greatest gift you can give is a smile of understanding and a heart full of warmth to be poured out. Give each other the gift that the silence of a quiet mind would be, the greatest benefit in any given time.

Now at the point at which your growth has come this can be a greater awareness of what the quiet mind can bring you. If you sit with your mind, your heart, your soul full of love for another, they cannot help but feel it. They would not be as offended if you were not responding in the way that they think you should if you were truly sitting with your mind quiet, connected to the Father, then if you were verbally responding as a chatterbox trying to find all their answers for them. Through your stillness they may be able to quiet their mind; through your example of being truly still they could catch a glimmer that you were in fact connected and not telling them how they should be or could be connected. You are simply showing through your example the stillness that you put forth is an energy that is not felt much on Urantia.

If you would practice this more it would help to quiet the mind at those times when you truly need that connection when helping a brother or sister. Try this week in your interactions with others to go into the interaction with the stillness rather than desperately trying to find the connection when you are in the middle of the conversation or engagement with another. The connection is there, and you feel it in the stillness; you know what that connection is. Start to find that connection through your daily practice, your daily jobs, when in the grocery store, whatever you may be doing. You have no idea what a profoundness this is, even as you are driving down the busy freeway, to find the stillness and the connection. This will help to start the connection that we want to make from mind to mind. We can transmit in smaller groups like these, but we want to move out in a broader realm of direction.

With the midwayers we can start connecting mind to mind without interfering with another's freewill or stepping on toes. It will be done through stillness and centeredness so that you will not always be trying to jump to conclusions about what you need to be doing to serve. We would ask that you attempt to keep the connection throughout the day. You have found the connection in your stillness and prayer time. You can now take it steps further and not loose the connection. It is not that far from you now; you do not have to reach very far in order to regain your hold. If you lose it, it will only be temporarily. There are so many of us working with you now to attempt to make these connections. It is through your stillness that Thought Adjusters can start going to Thought Adjusters, that your truth can go to someone else's truth and interchange in a way that it will become more of a greater one truth and not so much of a separate truth with discrimination and everyone needing to be right.

When you are in your stillness feel the connections made with minds around the globe and know it is happening. If you feel it, do not doubt it, but attempt to go further into the stillness, into the center so that the connections can be made more soundly. This is done from a love connection, the pureness as you know it from the will of God.

You could picture a pure ball of energy above the circle now. It has a beam of love and light going into each one of you from the pureness of the Father energy. Now take this beam and go from mind to mind of each other. Realize the depth that you can go with this to clean out the clutter of the busyness that goes with the endeavor to be of service. Rather, go into service with the quiet mind and the stillness that you feel in your worship time. Thank you. This is Malvantra.


Jonathan: You gave me an insight about Thought Adjusters communicating during stillness. If I have a problem with someone, it's not so much I need to find ways to help that individual as much as that I can sit down with their Thought Adjuster to understand where they are coming from.

Malvantra: As transmitting started out from us to you, through you to another, privately, now we want to take it a step further and entrust with you to go mind to mind, not so much with words as love, which will, in itself, help you to get passed the defense mechanisms, the conflict mechanisms, the survival mechanisms, because you will feel this protection, if you will, from this source of love that you will be transmitting out as you are now transmitting the words from us. You will be transmitting love from mind to mind. We are not saying that you have not been doing this; we are asking to take it to another level. Always seek to open up a little more each day and put aside the conscious thoughts and go deeper in to the center where the divine awaits. You are not doing this alone.

....... [Due to a technical snafu a segment of the recording was lost. After Malvantra, Elyon talked about integration of internal and external integrity, referring back to a session on integrity and solidarity. All our activities should be sacred, inner and outward. The two separately can mesh like gears to accomplish our tasks, rather than be blurred together. He then discussed status seeking.]


Elyon (Jonathan): . ..(mirth) alleviates the strain of this climb to exceed and excel. You are able to rest and enjoy your common standing. Know, please, that whatever attainment level you have reached to date is your successful status. Learn to accept that your current position is the best place to be. It is good to allow the drive to grow to spur you on, but not to let it erase the enjoyment of the hour.

If your headquarters on your planet were present still, your sense of superiority seeking, be it in business or social circles or spirit/religious status would be rather silly. The presence of supernatural beings on your world would contrastively compare for you how amazingly close and similar you all are whether you are sitting in the seat of the head of the UN or sweeping the floors of an empty office. You would realize the love present for everyone in spite of any particular occupation or ranking. I say this in order to help you to remove your sense of ineffective worth, that is, never play down your value through comparison with those around you. As you attach the presence of the Father to your own being as your own self worth increases through this relationship, you increasingly witness the rise of value you have for all others, seemingly high or low. This is another form of integration.

I am hopeful that you will practice the method described today, for when you do go into your world with the Father alongside, you walk a great path, one that has been marched upon by countless souls throughout time. You will never be alone. I am finished. Thank you.


Jael: Thank you, Elyon. I am totally excited.

Elyon: I appreciate your excitement.

Tom: I've been trying to pick up words this week. Can you tell us the word we were working with?

Elyon: For each of you who has pursued this practice, the word was in waiting for you to see. Each individual has a variant word for your own personality, but these are under a common theme for your group. I would express that theme as "renewal", that cycle of re-energization. We have stepped into new methods and techniques here and are hopeful that each of you will rise to the occasion to step forward. I choose not to confirm any word you received through this TR, for it is practice that is important within yourself and your associated teachers. I hope this does not prove disappointing.

Frosty: Something that helped me me was getting a word while I was still in bed, before I got up. First it was a word for the day then a sentence for the day. It might be helpful to set a regular time to get a word. What do you think?

Elyon: Yes, I agree. It is important to designate a time for a specific focus for this designated time intensifies the receptivity much the same as a time set aside for prayer and worship intensifies that activity even though you are quite capable of praying in the hustle and bustle of life. You are exemplary in your ability to magnify a word into a sentence and therefore into meaning. The meaning is what enlarges your comprehension and provides a lever for application in your activities. So I do confirm your feelings expressed. Your best receptive times are in the morning for your vehicles are refreshed and your mind is soothed. Specific times I leave for you, but I do recommend your early hours.

I would release myself from connection with Jonathan at this time and again express my love and my thanks for your friendship.

(Ginny said Andronoson had wanted to speak. She thought it was getting late and had resisted. Realizing it wasn't as late as all that, she TR'ed the following:)

Leadership, Humility

Ginny: It was about leadership and humility.

Andronoson (Ginny): As you advance higher and higher in your abilities of understanding, that will seemingly separate you from your fellows. As you know from your study, we have many examples of high beings who became obsessed with their power. It is a common occurrence on your planet to misinterpret and misuse power. When you become advanced in any field, it is crucial that you also understand the awesome responsibility of that power and the awesome responsibility of your developed understanding of truth. It requires aeons and eons of time to correct mistakes of misuse of power in the spiritual realm. We advise all of you to practice as you proceed more and more in your spiritual development two qualities that will help you become more aware of your role in the progress toward light and life. These are the two qualities that are responsible for the abdication of the divine mandate to serve God. First is pride and the second is impatience. We here are continually aware of our responsibility to respect each individual's freedom of choice and understanding, even though you are champing at the bit, so to speak, to push evolution a little faster. On your world where this plan was set in motion long ago, this is the way of ascending to your full maturity as spiritual beings. We welcome all of you, we welcome your eagerness to approach this level of excellence in development. You can learn from your master Michael who at no time during his earthly sojourn allowed his eminent power and authority to dominate or cloud his message from the Father.

True humility is necessary in order to become a true ambassador for the light of truth. Respect for those beneath you, below you, who are at least still struggling to attain a greater enlightenment is absolutely necessary. Understanding your true relationship with the Father as His child will create in you a humility which will be ever present in your consciousness as you go about service, the service of our Father. At no time did our master and teacher Michael allow his authority and divine awareness to separate himself from his children. As you are now progressing rapidly, you will have new lessons to learn. Humility and patience are predominate.


It is my pleasure to be among your teachers. We will speak more directly in the weeks to come about these matters. I leave you now, and I wish you all peace and understanding. Good day.