1997-03-10-Balanced Prayer Life

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Topic: Balanced Prayer Life

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. My greetings to you. I am overjoyed to be witness to your discussion. It would appear that you have started my lesson without me. You can see how everyone's participation brings understanding and growth in concepts. It is a wonderful thing to behold, The Brotherhood in action. Our past week was full with meanings and values concerning our divine goals.



I believe that each one here is in understanding that without a balanced prayer life, life is off balance. Without earnest effort to commune with Father thoughts become overwhelming and distorted, and life thus appears to also become overwhelming and distorted. What do you pray for? If there is complete dedication to the doing of the divine will--what is there to pray for? In our everyday attempts to go about doing service it is always necessary to touch base with Father and His immediate guidance. Without His guidance are you that qualified to be of service to your fellows?

WHAT DO WE PRAY FOR? We might pray for a willingness of our souls to follow the divine Spirit. We might pray for awareness of those spirit poisons that can be waiting in the wings. We can pray for courage to make those spiritual decisions and to faithfully execute them.

WHY DO WE PRAY? In this simple question is a vast amount of light to absorb. Our Creator know us through and through. He is overlooking a broad view of our path we must travel. Overseeing our individual paths, He is also attending to the well-being of the universe. Our Creator is fully worthy of our trust. Materially handicapped mortals are not so fortunate as to have this broad view as does our Creator. And in answering this question, why do we pray, is best answered in this way: In learning of our cosmic destiny and our responsibilities we are trusting in the one God to attend to the well-being of the whole. An individual mortal is not qualified to fully oversee certain universe problems and solutions. We connect with our Creator through prayer to receive spiritual insight and a broadened view on how best to promote what God wants all His children to understand.

HOW DO WE PRAY? There are many various techniques in which to connect with the Spirit, and be submissive to the will of God, and attain the courage to carry it out. The Master always retired for a season to the hills for close communion with Father. Upon any event great or small the Master always consulted with His Father. In the Masters full and total trust of the Father His prayers were not so much to ask for anything, no. His prayers were usually used to attain Father's understanding in certain matters. Jesus prayed to change His own understanding of meanings. Jesus chose not to rely upon His own understanding, but that of our Father's and this was a mighty force that served Him well when He wore the material flesh.

Prayer is a vital part to all those who are ascending Paradiseward. Prayer is a song in the heart that sings to the melody of the divine Spirit. Have you questions?



CALVIN: Abraham, a couple weeks ago we viewed a documentary on the Donner Party. Here these people 150 year ago struggling to reach California get caught in the Sierra's snow storm. I bet those people were brought to their knees in the most expressive form of human prayer, "God help us," if there was anybody. We witnessed the history of them, most of them starving to death having to eat one another for survival and so on. I know that prayer cannot always pull us out of the accidents of time and the humanness of change. Do those people in those situations have peaceful deaths or agonizing deaths? They have got to be at that point before death, just total agonizing "Father help me."

ABRAHAM: John the Baptist sat in prison waiting for word from the Master. Yes, this is indeed agonizing. A mortal wonders, "does God know my situation? Am I forgotten, perhaps looked over?" Mortals in terrible circumstances without faith agonize deeply and their minds become lost to rational intelligent thinking. Those who dwell with faith and trust of Father's watch-care view their circumstances with a clearness of mind. There is much more possibility for Father to communicate solutions and give comfort. The human spirit is an amazing mystery. There are those that have survived untold hardships and have been strengthened by them. There are those that have become bitter by them, and one fact that always remains true is that when all things temporary have fallen away, the Spirit is left standing. Your Spirit now encased by a finite shelter is always destined to infinite survival. Fear not those things that could harm the material body. Focus on the one thing that can save the soul. Another question?

RACHEL: Father Abraham, I have two. Last week you said that you had met Jeremiah face to face, will you tell us which form he was in? Was he in spiritual form or had he been resurrected and in morontia form? The second one is do you mind telling us which mansion world he is stationed on?

ABRAHAM: I am able to say I have met with him in spirit form. I am unknowing as to his status at this time, but he has met his morontia companion to receive his orders. I am not at liberty to speak of much else. I can only express to you his manner and attitude stem from pure joy. Another question?


ALAUNA: Father Abraham, you said something that kind of struck me a little funny. You said we are materially handicapped. I have always kind of thought of myself as being what I call mortally handicapped, because I always felt kind of the trapping of my mortal body and the desire to be able to be beyond what my physical self can do. In joining this Teaching Mission and statement like you made like, we have a cosmic destiny to tend to the well-being of the whole is a little frightening except that through prayer recently I realized that your comment--and I was writing words that were not in line with what you were saying, but picking words out of sentences. I happen to write the sentence that says, the individual is not qualified to solve the problems of the whole, but that we connect through prayer and individually view the answer to solve, promote and understand. By writing this I realized that even though it is our destiny to tend to the well-being of the whole that we as individuals really need to tend to each other as individuals, and it makes the Mission seem easier for me now because now I don't feel like I have to solve the big problems, that we can attend to each other in our group, or individual that we can reach outside this group. In coming to understand that I just want to tell you that I appreciate your lessons and just hope that I can continue the mission I am supposed to be on here.

ABRAHAM: Understood. Materially handicapped is perhaps not an adequate definition. You are though grasping my meaning. The ways of the flesh appear to dominate the Spirit, but we are in agreement that it is the goal to reverse that. It is understood that you in your willingness to trade your sight for spiritual insight are able to serve many, whether it is a friend or family member, you are one with courage who can take initiative to complete assigned tasks. You are in your individual way contributing to the whole. You do well, Alauna. Thank you. Another question?


TECTRA: Abraham, I have a question about a book we talked about a little earlier, Mutant Message Down Under. I thought it fascinating in this book that here were these aboriginal people that many people on the planet would think so backward and primitive, but in a way they are so much more advanced in one aspect, and that was in the way they mentally spoke with one another and hear messages. I guess what my question is--is this where we are going? Is this something that all humans can do or is it just something for those beings because of the lifestyle they lived in being so pure and open to Divine Oneness that they were able to achieve that or is that something that we can do once we become more spiritually enlightened?

ABRAHAM: You are correct. It is highly possible for so-called civilized man to communicate in this manner, but it could take much time because of the non-stop information that mortals consume with news, various means of entertainment, endless number of reading materials and electronic technology. There is hardly a chance to practice this method of communicating. The Aborigines living within nature and at times hear nothing but silence and are open mentally to receive communications from their fellows. These peoples have not been conditioned to not believe this can be done. These people are with faith and their open minds create an arena for the ideal peaceful community. Mind you, there needs to be progression, spiritual progression, unlike the civilized world of material progression.


I am slipping. I am grateful for your patience and dedication to this Correcting Time, and I will assist you throughout this week. Watch for me around prayer time. Until next week, shalom.