1997-10-07-Words of Comfort & Fear of Death

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Topic: Words of Comfort & Fear of Death

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Ham, Abraham

TR: Calvin



(As we were settling down to begin tonight's lesson the telephone rang. A call to Faye and Nina [Ellen and Ellanor] revealing that Nina's father had died. Naturally upset Faye and Nina left. This was the first time in many years that Nina did not transmit Abraham's weekly group lesson. Faye has transcribed every weeks lesson since 1991. As a group we united in prayer for their behalf and comfort. For further explanation teacher Ham was the groups first teacher in 1991 and 1992.)


HAM: Welcome my friends and my long time associates. I am HAM. I am pleased and honored to be present this evening and wish to convey my condolences personally towards Ellanor and Ellen at this time of passing of their loved one. It brings me joy to see your united love and strength also in their behalf.

We are privileged to some events before you as mortals, and in this event, I chose to address you. Nina, my daughter, these times of sorrow are understood, and we send our united prayers in your behalf as well. This time will bring much peace and joy as families are brought together and strengthened in the sharing of love, which love unifies all wounded hearts. Look well my daughter to your own strength, and how you can show Father's strength to those who may not understand. Ellanor, you have performed an utmost and outstanding role as transmitter/receiver to this group for our beloved friend Abraham, and we say to you, well done, well done.

Ellen, my daughter, be at peace with yourself in this passing. Have no remorse, for there is none necessary. Take joy also in your continued sharing with your daughter, with your family, in exemplifying the strength which you most certainly are. I also wish to thank you personally for your never-ending support to your daughter and to this group in your transcribing of these messages--these lessons. Be at peace, know that you are loved, know that Father's work is at hand, and know that all are received on the Mansion World in great joy and peace, especially in comparison to the hardships endured in this life.

I also thank you my friends and my students in this Woods Cross Group for your dedication to this Teaching Mission. You have surpassed the expectations of even yourselves and have surmounted your obstacles. I commend you, and I give you my continuing support in this our Father's work, to forge on in this Correcting Time of our beloved Sovereign Michael in this world of [[Part 4|His birth and human life]. Carry on my friends. Remember your worth as a child of God, a child of the Father, the source of all that is, and accept your place at His table. Farewell my children, my friends. Farewell.

I am ABRAHAM. I am in deep gratitude for my brother in his sharing with you this evening. I also am in agreement with his words wholeheartedly. My love extends to you Ellanor and Ellen, my daughters, my friends.


Fear, Death

It is yet an uncomfortable occurrence in your mortal living when you encounter the loss of a loved one. And for those who are not so enlightened, this uncomfortablness is compounded to confusion, and even hysteria. We wish to enlighten this world as to the natural occurrence of death, that our mortal brothers and sisters will perceive the beauty of extended life.

Experience on this world is challenged by its many hardships, trials, sufferings, and sorrows, yes, but to the joy-filled and spirit-led, this life is blissful and exciting, even in the face of these trials. This, my friends, is a part of the great Teaching Mission, to help alleviate this world of its fear of death, and of the unknown and erring expectations of after death.

Your worlds traditions and religions have taught much confusion concerning this subject. Mankind does live in fear of punishment for their errors and imperfections. This teaching has caused much fear and anxiety among Father's children worldwide, not only fear of God's perceived judgments while yet living on this world, but of His never-ending judgments that each person feels my be their lot after this world. This is not so. This is a result of the rebellion and attitudes of those who perpetuated Lucifer's design. While being cut off from the goodness of God, and the many emissaries sent forth to this world from Him, this world has feared God, and people in power have used this fear to keep society under control, and to perpetuate their own nefarious plans.

This Teaching Mission is the dawning of a new day, a day in which this world will be enlightened as to those caretakers of it, who do not promote these erroneous concepts, but who stand by diligently, waiting for a break in the consciousness of mans understanding to show forth Father's love, kindness, and mercy. All who reach death, even in mischief and fear, are caressed by Father's loving attributes, and are made to feel hope and security in their place, in His family, His loving Kingdom.

Michael has planted the seeds on your world of love and a correct understanding of our Father. Not only did He teach this, but as the man Jesus, He exemplified it. He lived it, and this world has benefitted immensely. Still though the over-shadowing of fear remains in man's consciousness, deeply embedded from thousands of years of tradition. However, enough seeds were sown and made place in the hearts of so many that the hope of a loving, kind Father is left alive, and these seeds now are beginning to sprout, to grow, and to provide a strong tree of strength, with shade of comfort to those in fear.

You, my friends, are those who will help as sturdy trees to those around you needing Father's love. Take strength in this opportunity, which is your divine right. Your true divine self is in fact Father in human form. Each child of mortal flesh also has a divine Father within. However most allow their mortal selves to suppress their divine selves, so much their divine self is almost non-existent to their consciousness. This great awakening is to show these children their divine selves, and LOVE is the nurturing force energy, which sprouts into their own sturdy blanched tree. You are aware of this, and can see this clearly. Your united consciousness makes it easier for your brother and sister who hovers in fear. Father does not wait to punish. He awaits to love. Michael's work is Father's work.

In our last few lessons on fear, depression, anxiety, and confusion, we have endeavored to help you understand this more clearly. It is my information that you have taken this to heart and have understood. Allow your divine self, your Father within, to give you strength, balance, and security in this understanding that you might go forward with courage and joy in sharing this good news to your fellows.

I am aware of hardships that are in each of your daily living, and I say to you, be not overcome by these hardships, but let this opportunity bring you to your Father, and take a tighter hold of His hand, as He gives you the strength to understand His purpose. I am confident in Calvin's transmission ability to now answer a few questions.



LaREEN: Abraham, you talk about lessons and learning from them. Are some of us more stubborn than others, and that's the reason the lessons come a little harder or a little longer? Is there a specific way to listen, to hear, instead of making it so hard on ourselves?

ABRAHAM: Yes. You might say some are more stubborn, meaning, some are more inclined to figure their problems solutions on their own without coming forward in humility and asking for Father's understanding. This is not bad, but is the natural course of human nature in a fearful world. Is there a way to realize Father's assistance more clearly? Of course. It is not a hard way. It is very simple. It is only hard in breaking the years of pattern of worry, the years of pattern of fear, fear of loss, fear of being left out, all these things are showing lack of accepting Father's total guiding and capable hand in any situation. I suggest that in these moments to take a few moments off to relax your mind, let frustrations settle, and reflect on something beautiful which does help calm the emotions. And when calm, think not of Father as "way out there" who may or may not be hearing you, but picture in your mind He is the other half of you. He is not "out there." He is inside. You need not travel anywhere, or send your mind anywhere to reach Him. He is the other half, the divine part of you. And with that thought, imagine that divine self talking to your suppressed self, and listen to yourself talking to yourself, and have trust in that guidance. Do not expect the 'bells and whistles' as was earlier put, but expect peace, not even expect, but enjoy peace. Is that helping? (Yes, very very much so. Thank you.)

ANTHONY: I would like to introduce to you my friend Allison. This is her first time here. She may have a question.

ABRAHAM: Welcome. It is my pleasure to always to receive new students, many of which I am already familiar with, as I am with you Allison.

ALLISON: Abraham, I have many questions, but tonight I will just listen.

ABRAHAM: Feel free to draw your questions before your friend, Anthony, during your daily work, for he is very capable of helping a friend in need, and feel free to attend this class always. Your Father is your teacher, others only provide words of consideration. Your Father is within. Welcome. (Thank you.)\

MIRIAM: Abraham, I would like to say outstanding lessons. Not since Don's accident have I been so much in the flow and current of the reality of these lessons. You know, asking for what I needed guidance in, and being shown that. I'm a little overwhelmed that that's the subject matter of your lesson this evening, you know about the religion part, and all of that. I didn't know that was deep down. I thought that I had taken care of it by taking care of it with my mind. The lessons this weekend with showing me the areas that I find unworthiness, have just been very, very appreciated. And the lessons, you know, I can't..but I want to say I can't tell you how much they mean to me. I was just wondering in coming out of that if you have any advise or guidance into what I am doing wrong if anything?

ABRAHAM: Miriam, I thoroughly enjoy your enthusiasm for learning and figuring answers to your perplexities. You do well my daughter, and are only sometimes overly anxious to assimilate these new learning's. It is okay to let time settle these realities into your very being for you, and always does the Father arrange situations which give you experience to assimilate your understanding. Allow this time. Do not be too impatient for a quick understanding. Those things you take into your soul are best seated there when carefully placed. So, be at peace in your anxious exuberance for truth and learning. You do very well, and I enjoy your enthusiasm very much. Is this helping?

MIRIAM: (Laughing) Yes Abraham. With the peace with me and Don, could you give me just a little bit of guidance with that? And this is helping me a lot, and I know what to do with me, but with peace with me and Don, could you just maybe shed a little light?

ABRAHAM: Yes. All you can do is to stand up for your truth lovingly, and let the dust settle where it does. It is not your responsibility for where the dust settles. Yes, there is merit in fine tuning our delivery skills of presenting our truth. This too takes time and experience, situation after situation, conflict after conflict. Be not dismayed or have feelings of unworthiness over your conduct in these times, but look to each time as an experiential step towards the next one, and have hope and joy in a more harmonious outcome down the road. Is this helping? (Oh yes. Yes. Very much. Thank you.) One more question. (None.)


I am pleased with your decision to remain this evening and receive this lesson, and words of comfort. I ask for you to think more this week on writing, and with tonight's lesson, add writing from yourself to yourself. My love and peace go with you each, and with Ellen and Ellanor, and their family this week. Shalom.