1997-12-16-Sex, Part 1

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Topic: Sex, Part I

Group: Pittsburgh TeaM


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Gerdean



(Extensive sharing as follow-up discussion on a recent question concerning real and imagined value judgments imposed on unmarried women.)


NEBADONIA: Yes, I am Nebadonia, your mother. I am here to hold your hands, daughters, and to offer a word to Our Father in Paradise on behalf of you and your Adjusters who are ascending back to the Father.

"Our Father in Paradise, our Source of all being, I am your daughter Nebadonia and I bring my daughters here to you. We bow before you, Father in Heaven. We devote ourselves to you. We bestow our lives in preparation for You, in praise of You, because of You. Eternal Father, Paradise Mother, we thank you for the gift of life and your creation of us, we who are your daughters, we who would be pleasing to your eyes.

"Give us all grace to manifest your goodness, your beauty, your divine order. Give us the vitality of life, of the Conjoint Actor, to bring vitality to our arena, to our own paradise of activity. Give the divine sanction to our energies and our lives that we may bring your pattern of divine order, your mercy, your love into your universe.

"We thank you, Father; we praise you, Mother; we adore you, Eternal Son, for the life of our Creator Son, our Creator, our Helper, our Beloved, Sovereign, Michael of Nebadon, Our Lord, in whose name we pray:

"Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. For Thine is the kingdom, and the power and the glory forever. Amen."

My daughters, I leave you in the companionship of your teachers and the sanction of your Father/Bother Michael who smiles upon you. My children, I comfort you, I nurture you, I love you. I will see you later.


MERIUM: I am Merium. How wonderful it feels to be in the presence of Our Mother. Her love extends into this room and graces it, bringing praise and serenity and charm. How lovely of her to pray a prayer you know so well, to bring to you your own comprehension of prayer, in an acceptance of your worship.

It is She that I aspire to be like. She is my model, and I have visited with her many times in Jerusem. She is perhaps the role model for all the feminine facets throughout Nebadon, the feminine, the goddess, the half of the whole, the Mother, the sister, the daughter, the gift, the identification with that which is of us.

Have you stood apart and honored your direct descendency from Nebadonia? From the Mother Spirit? I know that your culture and your religion is male dominated. Historically and culturally you have always had to consider the male first, and in many ways you have always had to consider your offspring first. Nebadonia would consider you first, as an individual, as a believer, as her daughter.

It is interesting to see yourself as a daughter in your own right, with your own feet on the ground of your own firm foundation of faith, that your ascension is dependent not upon your spouse, not upon your children, not upon your folks or your career or your role, but upon your personal commitment to ascend to the Mother, to the Father, to your own aspiration of perfection, to be whole in and of yourself, to be perfect in and of yourself.

Ponder this, my daughters, my sisters. Recognize your own strength. Recognize your own value, that which is of the Mother, without which there is no life. In deep affection for all concerned I will step aside and honor our brother and teacher Tomas who yearns to greet you.

TOMAS: Greetings, my lovely daughters. How well you comport yourselves. How wonderful it is to be in your presence, having been washed with the presence and loving care of Our Mother, Nebadonia.

Thought Adjusters

It has been our supreme pleasure this evening to perceive your efforts at soul growth and comprehension of your soul reality, your relationship with your indwelling Adjuster. Your Adjusters themselves are quite thrilled with your progress this evening. Divinington is their home. Divinington is that part of the Isle of Paradise that is enshrouded in Seven Sacred Spheres of the Father, and so they are a mystery. They are a mystery. Have you mysteries in your minds this evening, little ones? Have you questions?

LEAH: We read earlier this evening about Self-Acting Adjusters on page 1196. It says, a self-acting adjuster "Has served in a time of crisis in the experience of some human being who was the material complement of a spirit personality intrusted with the enactment of some cosmic achievement essential to the spiritual economy of the planet." We were trying to think of an example of what that was about -- having to do with . .. some cosmic achievement. I think we understood, at some level, what the others were, but what was that one about? Can you clarify?

TOMAS: Indeed it is possible that you, too, can find an example in your experience, Leah, wherein you were acting as a complement to a spiritual reality. You have represented the Creator on a number of occasions. You have represented the midwayers and the angelic orders. Whenever you stand for truth in a realistic way that enables your Adjuster to firmly and clearly lead you as an operative, you have functioned as a transmitter of truth by the Self-Acting Adjuster through the mortal. The mortal, then, is the counterpart that it references.

LEAH: I envision, possibly, a time that perhaps something came out of my mouth that seemed judicious and I kind of heard my mortal ego say, "I have no idea where tat came from!" Is that the type of thing you were referring to?

TOMAS: That is the type of thing, yes.

Sexuality, Gender

LEAH: Okay. I understand that a little better. Also, I was feeling that the celestials listen in, so I was wondering . .. if there's some lengthiness of the discussion we had at the beginning of this evening, starting in the bookstore, about sexuality vs spirituality, and if you would care to offer any input into the thins that we discussed. I just keep on hearing that, obviously, we are of human and divine nature, so we're going to have to deal with both aspects of these.

TOMAS: Indeed, it is not wise to ignore either. As you also read, you need to grow in all facets. If you remain completely ignorant in such a significant realm as your sexuality or your spirituality, you are creating a deficit in your own reality.

I will say that you must remember that all things material are shadows of that which is real and eternal, and speaking along those lines, although sexuality is, of course, for procreation, it is also an extension of your greater reality. Not only does sexuality include certain genetic factors but personality factors.

You recall that you are bisexual, two sexes, male and female, and even within the gender there are variations of strength of component parts. There are very, shall we say, masculine females and very feminine males. This is part of the composite human being. Now the fact of sexuality is inherent in your animal origin, yes. It is, of course, a basic function of procreating species, but it is also a pleasurable organism and to deny that sex is pleasurable would be foolish. It was created as a pleasurable experience. It is the reproductive urge that assures procreation of the race; it is pleasure that allows the procreation and the recreation to be a pleasant facet of humanness.

It is a method of communicating between male and female or between males or between females. It is a method of communicating, and it does not always have to be specifically sexually; that is, it does not have to be a form of coitus, but there are many, many ways of manifesting your sexuality, your genderness, your femaleness or your maleness in your social arena, in your many, many, many kinds of intercourse -- social, spiritual and otherwise.

It is not wise to deny such an important aspect of the personality. It is so fundamental as to be absurd, and yet you have, as mortals, dealt with it in such a way as to try to rise above it and this is part of your evolution, part of your process of erecting yourself and your society, your civilization, your mores and so forth. In elevating yourself you have overcome your baser, more selfish nature, in some ways, and have therefore relegated basic animalistic behaviors to a status of undesirable, unacceptable.

Your evolution is by and large appropriate. It is necessary, in order to maintain civilization, that a home come into being where children can be raised, where culture can be passed on from one generation to the next, where art and music and learning and science and poetry and decorum and logic and so forth can be fostered. The disciplines, the values of civilization are necessary and desirable. "The backbone of society" indeed! But there is no shame, in and of itself, in an animal nature. Indeed, an animal is a pretty fine creation. Any of Michael's animals are pretty fine creations, as are the insects and the flowers. Miracles! Absolute miracles of creation, perfect and flawless in their execution.

It is the mind, you see, it is the mind that enters in to determine how the animal will behave, how it will treat its fellow animals. And here it is, "the mind arena of choice," for you can decide for truth, beauty, and goodness. You can decide, even material realm, the animal realm, to be truthful, beautiful, and good. It is not automatic that sexuality is base or crude, no; it is the mind that makes it so, in observation or in performance. Remember that in the ultimate, God is love and love is the desire to do good to others, and if it brings pleasure to an individual to receive love, why should you withhold love? If love comes in the form of a service that is freely given, that is freely received, this is a fruit of the spirit. Shall w3 call this fruit a flower? Shall we call it a friendship? We can call it anything we like. If it is done in love, it is done in the Father's name, and this is a decision, an avenue of the mind.


I don't know if I have helped, or even contributed to your understanding of some of your thought processes, but I will tell you, we have done some active listening.

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