1998-01-11-Eye Contact

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Topic: Eye Contact

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am happy that you all have come tonight. This evening we want to discuss actualizing your spiritual potentials.



Each level of new spiritual awakening opens up the potential for actualizing these new found spiritual values in your life and once these values are actualized, a new level of potentials opens as a spiritual awakening in the mind. Each human is continually blessed with a spiritual bombardment that seeks to lodge in the mind. Your mental task is just to recognize these progressive spiritual values and embrace them and actualize them in your lives.

The further along you go spiritually, the more subtle are the new values being received and actualized. Maybe you are learning to open your hearts to others ideas or suggestions. Perhaps you are learning to express yourselves tactfully but openly in ways that are not provocative. Perhaps you are reaching out instead of holding back. Perhaps you are looking into another's eyes without turning away.

All spiritual values are only truly realized as they are socialized in your lives. We have just come through a series of lessons designed to encourage introspection and self-understanding. The corollary to these lessons will be lessons on human interaction. Now that you are more open to receiving the Father's love for yourselves, you must now learn to open yourselves to others so that this love many flow through you and effect those around you as well.

Breaking old patterns is difficult even with new spiritual knowledge. Old patterns persist until you are aware of them and understand that they no longer reflect your true attitude.


As an ambassador of the kingdom, your message must carry power and weight and yet most of you have difficulty meeting another person's gaze. You carry the old patterns of acting out low self-worth and stare at your shoes or the walls or any where but directly at another person's eyes. Most people do this, but as ambassadors of love your eyes must always reflect love and be unafraid to look directly into anyone's eyes. Also, you must practice speaking clearly and distinctly, being confident in your speech as in your bearing.

Others of you must practice listening with a full attention and concentration. You will have plenty of time to respond without planning your response while the other person is still talking. You don't need to be afraid that others won't accept you, your spiritual confidence is past that now. The man or woman who is confident of acceptance generally has that acceptance. Once you have a fairly complete self-acceptance, then acceptance by others is guaranteed.

You must all remember that you are ambassadors of the higher ideals and greater values inherent in true spiritual living. You all have an ever widening impact in the world and as you step into these higher levels of functioning, you must learn when to speak, when to be silent, when to use tact and show delicacy towards other's feelings, and when to be direct and forceful. All these social nuances become increasingly important as what you say and do increasingly influences more and more people.

Fortunately, spiritual growth gives you increased insight into the minds of others so that your best course of action will be increasingly plain to you. Over the next few weeks, we will discuss social self-mastery for many different circumstances and I hope that you all can participate and practice the exercises that I will give you. Are there any questions at this time.


Q: Ham, I was trying to understand what you were saying about the new potentials being subtle and I came up with an analogy of painting a picture. When you start a painting, you use broad brush strokes and get in the figures, trees. buildings, etc. As the paining progresses, you need to use finer and finer brush strokes to turn the outlines into a thing of beauty. What distinguished a good painting from a great painting is those small brush-stroke details. Is this a good analogy for what you were saying about spiritual values becoming more subtle?

Ham: Yes, that is a good analogy.

Q: Do the moon cycles actually have an effect on us or is it only in our thinking and believing? I consistently see too many things that make me believe there is something to it?

Ham: Yes, there are tiny changes in fluids in the inner ear and glandular responses to the gravitational pull of the full moon opposite the sun that do regulate and alter certain hormonal and other structures that influence feeling and emotion. So, yes the full moon is an influence.

Q: Is that something that would tend to decrease as you grow spiritually as the emotions tend to be less grounded in physiological reactions and more grounded in mental and spiritual reactions?

Ham: Yes, I would say in general that is a true statement.

Q: You told me several times that my brain damage would be less of a draw back as I grow spiritually and have more access to the morontia mind, lately I have been having trouble getting an exact word. I suppose there are a lot of different ways it could be thrown off like sugar, or maybe a negative attitude that stands between me and the Master. Maybe anxiety or fearfulness. Would you comment on this please?

Ham: Be calm and sure of yourself son. Everyone has trouble drawing an occasional word here and there. It's not unusual or especially pronounced in your case.

Teaching Mission

Q: Ham, it seems clear that we are entering a phase where we will be prepared and prepare ourselves for a more public role in the teaching mission as our individual tasks come to fruition and the lessons in the future seem oriented to public interaction. Is that the case?

Ham: Certainly.

Q: I am struggling with how to be more public with my involvement with the teaching mission when I assume it is going to be a very controversial, almost disdained by many in the established churches. It would be helpful to me that have a summary of what the teaching mission in terms of its revelation to the world will be adding to the basic Christian message. Somehow if I can think this is the goal or the reason the mission has been instituted, to focus on something simple might help me.

Ham: The teaching mission is preparing you to go into the world with a message. Now this message will differ from person to person within the mission. What your message will be will come from deep within you and gradually it will come to dominate your life and your thinking and what you want to do. You don't need to take the burden of the whole teaching mission on your shoulders. You don't need to justify it, you don't need to defend it. You come to the well and drink. This water fortifies you and allows you to work in the world. You don't need to convince everyone of the goodness of the water, only do your work and the goodness of the water will be made manifest in the world. Do you see?

Q: Yes. You say I don't need to justify or defend the mission, do I need to reveal it. Is it better than it remain secretive which is against my nature yet will we be more effective if we are an underground, discreet, behind the scenes, hidden force.

Ham: For now.

Q: So all this scurrying around and grabbing people and trying to get them into the mission that I have been doing is really not what I should have been doing. I know it hasn't been working.

Ham: Those who are drawn to the mission will find spiritual refreshment and comfort. But, the majority of the world is not ready to exhibit such faith or embrace whole heartedly the greater truths which we are revealing. For now, take this water for yourselves and work in the world.

Urantia Book

Q: Ham, the other day this television show had this thing about the Urantia book. A friend of mine saw it and it was on Strange Universe. I ask him what his impression of what they said about the Urantia book. They talked about it as a book brought to earth by aliens. A man on the show said if you think these supernal beings are aliens, then I guess it was. This is one of the things that makes it hard for people to accept.

Q: It also parallels some views of the bible. The book is in a lot of catholic libraries, and even in Rome it is being read. It seems like there will be a big break in the church when it becomes widespread. Is this what we should expect to see once it becomes more widely revealed?

Ham: There will be religious reorganizations that tend to reflect the growing spirituality of human kind. The direction that this will take is not understood by myself at this time.

Q: What effect would the Urantia book being on a nationwide television show do for the books popularity. Will it create curiosity. Is it a good thing for the Urantia Book to be in any light?

Ham: Sure, it may draw some attention from some who would not normally seek it out.

Q: Back to the original question, you stated that each person in the mission would be bringing something different to others, isn't basically what will happens and is happening now is that we as individuals will share and teach with others what we are learning as we evolve spiritually. The best thing we can do to draw people to the mission is living examples of what the mission teachings?

Q: Basically in a slow way killing the evil that is left in ourselves and on the planet by sharing our spiritual growth. There is a lot of it left.

Q: I have four children, and one of them is more spiritually grown and awakened than most children and many adults. She has an interest in coming, at what age would that be appropriate. I think that this might add something if she came, how do I know if she is ready or not?

Ham: These lessons at this time are quite advanced for a child, but I don't think there is anything in the coming lessons that would be so confusing as to be harmful. She is welcome to attend and to ask questions that maybe I can help her in her search for the Father.

Q: It's almost as though she answered the question.

Q: Would it be alright if her mother read her some of the selections in the Jesus papers of the Urantia book.

Q: I have done that, I read out of the Urantia book to all my children.

Ham, do you have any guidance for me this week please.

Ham: Certainly, Mira. Continue to explore books and others understandings of the spirit. You are becoming more confident and less threatened by seemingly erroneous view points and attitudes. Have faith and increasing tolerance for all is well and is as it should be. Try practicing non-judgment. Whatever anybody says of does, try just letting it go without judgment or criticism. Practice this in the coming week.


Q: This man who has the questions. A question for Will, what was the event or process like upon fusion with your thought adjuster. The Urantia Book states the Thought Adjuster becomes something before fusion, what is that becoming.

Ham: The process of adjuster fusion has many stages leading up to the event and then many stages after the fusion event. There is no simple way to describe the enormity of what occurs when a mortal is joined forever with the immortal. Fusion is just the beginning of a long process of mutual assimilation. It is not possible to explain the process to one who has not experienced it.

Q: Question from Miriam and wants to know is $40.00 too much for the conference registration fee and any guidance you have for her regarding the conference?

Ham: No, Miriam it is not too much and you are handling this job very well. I am very pleased with the way you have taken on and discharged this responsibility. Daughter, you are doing very well.

Q: Do you have anything for Esmirelda?

Ham: Daughter, you are experiencing greater emotional satisfaction than you have before. New levels of feeling are opening up, levels of pain, and levels of joy. This is what we have been looking for. Continue to seek the Father will all your heart. All is well.

Q: For Elena?

Ham: Daughter, you are doing very well. You are following your own inner leading and finding inner complexities and depths that were hidden before. Continue to open your heart and all is well.

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Rebecca, you are learning many things and are also teaching some things as well. You must know that everything is going according to the Father's will and you are fulfilling his expectations also.

Q: My usual question Ham.

Ham: Jarad, son, you have had much pressure and anxiety that should be being relieved at this time. Take some pressure off yourself. Let go and relax. Everything is coming to you now.

Q: Anything for me Ham.

Ham: Daughter you do well to continually seek higher truth. You have great courage and strength of conviction. So, when you find truth, you are tenacious in holding to it. Be happy and full of joy for truth leads to truth and you have found the path secure.

Q: Do you have anything for Buddy?

Ham: Son, be at ease and unafraid. You are a beloved son of the Universal Father who does not forsake you or forget you for a moment. Keep this truth close to your heart and let is transform your thinking.

Q: Ham do you have any advice for me this week?

Ham: Levon, you are also coming to understand this great truth of who you are and your place in the universe. Don't fear being left out in the cold by your Father in Heaven, it will not happen.

Q: I would appreciate a personal message?

Ham: Certainly, Kellan, you must know that the entire universe is on your side. The legions of angels that stand behind you will not let you stumble or falter. Allow the master to take your hand and guide you on your life's [journey]. Put away worry and distrust, open your heart to trusting the Father and all will be well.

Q: I would appreciate feedback this week too.

Ham: Brodan, son, you have truly made great strides in a short time. You are learning to open yourself up to all of life's experience and to drink more deeply of the cup of joy. This is as it should be.

Q: Ham, any advice for me I would appreciate.

Ham: Vontis, the way to greater peace is opening for you. The way to greater security and peace of mind will soon be apparent. Find this security and you will find the ability to climb for lack of a better expression the ladder of success carefully rung by rung. Is this helping?

Q: Yes, thank you.

Q: In a plaque build up in the heart, would the Reiki healing affect that or relieve that in any way?

Ham: Yes, they can. Diet is your best avenue to prevent arterial sclerosis.

Q: And then the dissolving with the grated orange, lemon juice, and red bell pepper?

Ham: Yes, that can help.


Until next week my prayers are with you all.