1998-02-08-Certainty of Uncertainty

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Topic: Certainty of Uncertainty

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I thank you each for having come tonight to participate in our discussion session. Tonight, we want to talk about fear and anxiety.


Most humans experience fear in association with uncertainty. Certainty is a valuable, repeating lesson. Uncertainty and the fear associated with it will continue to reoccur until you can set aside uncertainty for certainty.


Faith is certain. Faith is sure of the future. When you have strength of faith, truly strong faith, uncertainty is just a temporary fleeting emotion. Like going down a roller coaster ride, uncertainty is a thrill rather than a stress producing, anxiety ridden chronic-disease promoting problem. When you ascend the roller coaster, you are certain that you will arrive safely at the end, so the fear is removed. And so it is with life, you know for certain that you will get to the next level of spiritual attainment. How you will get there is uncertain, and so it is thrilling to experience. But, there is never a fear that you will not attain your next level.

So it is with life's attainments. If you are certain that you are on the right path, then you are certain of success. This certainty is only found in your heart, only you can be sure of the path you are taking. Once you have settled on your path, then indeed success is assured and you should have no fear or anxiety about it. The uncertainties along the way should just be a roller coaster ride, thrilling but not fearful.

You must all learn to relax in your tasks. Do your best day by day, and fear nothing. Witness the life of the Master. He never once doubted the ultimate success of his life, though to his associates this path was full of the ups and downs of uncertainty and fearful anxiety. The Master himself never wavered, and was never fearful. His calm assuredness was attained through his absolute faith in the Father's loving control over his life.


You all have anxieties, fears, and worries that are needless and destructive to health and happiness. The more you learn to step out in faith and see the results of your faith actions, the more certain you become of the Father's loving control over your lives. Look, the Father stands before you with his hands outstretched and you are like a baby taking his first tottering steps falling towards the Father's arms. Do you think for a moment, that he will let you fall when these first steps of trust are so important? Look backward over your lives to this moment. Do you not see time and time again the Father's help, the Father saving you from disaster? Do you not see that the more faith it required, the greater chance that you took, the more firm was your footing?

Now, the time is coming when you must put aside all your anxieties and all of your fears and step out with faith and trust knowing that you are on the right path and that the outcome will be triumphant. Take a moment and look back at all the time and energy wasted in needless fear and anxiety. Look at the toll that it took on your health, and on your happiness. Remember, happiness is found in the now. Fear take you out of the now. To stay in the now, one must banish fear and instead feel the love of God as it enters your heart and as it surrounds you and protects you in this moment, now.

Be happy, have faith, and now it is time to have trust, absolute trust. Children, the Father has not brought you to this point by taking these faith steps to abandon you, to play a trick on you. No. The Father's love is constant and it is unfailing. The Father's love is worthy of your absolute trust and absolute dependence.

Vontis, I want to praise you for your exemplary conduct and example that you have been for your family during this time of trial and transition. Your loving mother is securely in the hands of her angels and is departing as the Father's plan intends. Have no fear, she will sleep for a time, and awaken in a greater and more wonderful reality than she ever dreamed. You helped ease her anxieties about this and it was very helpful for her. Your father will now require care and love from you and your brothers and sisters, your family, more than he ever has before. Be of calm and considerate heart, fear nothing, all is well and indeed as it should be. Be at peace son, you have done well.


Q: Thank you Ham.

Ham: Questions.


Q: I Can trust Father but I feel like I cannot always trust my self. From what you are saying, in the long run trusting the father means I can trust myself.

Ham: Exactly

Q: Because of the seraphim and their work to see that the Father's will is done, then we can trust other people too. We can trust that people and the occurrences that we need will be there?

Ham: Correct, you can trust people to play the parts that they are supposed to play for your learning experience. Ultimately, one cannot put one's entire trust in other people and those who have tried are doomed to disappointment. Your ultimate trust can only rest with the Father. There is no other way.

Q: Ham, we can have faith that individuals with free will fail in their task, then we can be sure that others will come behind and fill in the gaps. We should not be too freaked out about other's failure, but keep steady to the course we are steering.

Ham: Yes, trust does not rest with other people, it rests with the Father and the father will bring people in and out of your life to help you out.

Q: I was trying to say that we do not have to be suspicious of people.

Ham: Correct.

Q: I used to be more suspicious than I am now and it is a defensive feeling.

When people do come into our lives and appear at certain moments of import, should our attitude be one of openness to their part to play in our unfolding task. Openness but not a transference of dependency. You can ultimately only depend on the Father, you cannot place your dependency on another to fulfill something for you.

Q: You certainly can allow that to happen?

Ham: Correct, you can allow yourself to be nurtured and fed by others, but you cannot become dependent upon that person. Is this distinction clear?

Q: Yes, I think I was responding to what Hal said about regarding people with less suspicion and seeing them in a better, more accepting light, and that allows you to relax into the moment.

Ham: Correct.

Q: Those people will do whatever they will do, but the Father's will will be done anyway?

Q: Ham, would you advise me to reread the Jesus papers at this time? I thought I was given an urging from somewhere.

Ham: It is always good to read of the life of the Master, certainly.


Q: Ham, you said in the lesson that fear takes you out of the now, can you say a little more about that?

Ham: Fear is a fraud in that it is always a what-if scenario. That is fear.

Q: So, you are not fearing what is happening in the now, but something that might happen?

Q: Isn't there some times when it is appropriate to have fear in the now, like when a car runs a red light if front of you and you are afraid that you might hit them. Is there an appropriate time for fear?

Ham: Once again, the fear is for the future, even if the future is a second away. There is an instinctual animal response that is fear that is not controllable in situations like the one you described, but much of your fears and controllable. It takes time, and practice, and work to control fear, to diminish it and finally to defeat it.

Q: Jim F in Oklahoma, did you contact him recently?

Ham: Yes. I want to caution him to have patience and not to jump out ahead of himself. Take time, don't be in a hurry, all is well.

Lucifer, Rebellion

Q: Another question from James Irwin, it is indeed convenient that Lucifer is according to the Teaching Mission adjudged (no more), it seems according to time slices that would mean that Lucifer was imprisoned in 1934 UB and judged in 1994 which would be universe time be 10 seconds which is not much of a trial. Would someone like to clear this up. No one mentioned Satan, Caligastia, or Daligastia. Did they repent as did Adam and Eve?

Ham: It is impossible to portray to the time-limited mind of humans the functioning of those who work both in time and in eternity. Justice in the Universe is sure and swift. Have you forgotten the 200,000 plus years that the rebellion was allowed to continue? Justice came in the same manner to all four that you had mentioned, none repented, none are existing now.

Q: Do you have anything for Esmirelda?

Ham: Daughter, you have much work still ahead to face. Some things will be difficult and some are easier. I suggest taking the easier first. You should begin to focus on your health and health improvement. Be strong and others will follow you.

Q: Elena?

Ham: Yes, Elena, you are learning to have a greater awareness of your inner life, your weaknesses and strengths. You are surprised to find strength where you thought weakness dwelled and weakness where there was strength. Have patience with yourself and be humbly open to the Father's guidance.

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Daughter, you have a great potential opening up within. There is time to contemplate the future and to be in the present. Choose wisely.

Q: For Jarad.


Ham: Son, you have done much spiritual work in these past few years and still there is more work to do. Be on guard against the incessant ego clamoring for recognition. You have gained the upper hand against this destroyer of liberty, so be careful not to let it in through the back door. Is this making sense to you?

Q: Through the back door, I probably need you to clarify that?

Ham: Much of this ego clamoring comes through the unconscious. So be vigilant to recognize the warning signs. Impatience, anger, feelings like this. You will understand this in days to come.


Q: Ham, my son William has a question. Is our planet visited by material beings from other systems and are there extra-terrestrials on the planet now and if so will we eventually have contact with them? He is not referring to spiritual beings, but mortals from other systems.

Ham: I am limited in what I am allowed to answer. Yes, your planet is visited by other material beings, but not in the ways your popular culture has described. Yes, we predict there will be some contact in the future between two neighboring civilizations. (49:3.6) This is not in any way an answer for your problems here on earth. Each planet must find its own way to light and life without aid or undue interference by more advanced civilizations. I hope this answers.

Q: Thank you, I am sure he will appreciate that. Can I have my personal message?

Ham: Certainly, Kellan, your task right now is the work in front of you. You are well advised to keep putting one foot in front of the other and working one day at a time toward these goals and opportunities as they arise. Be contented with things as they are and then greater things can come. Fear not, be happy and in the now, all is well.

Q: Any messages for me Ham?

Ham: Yes, daughter, there are many different changes occurring for you all at once. You are going through a transformation time, a rebirthing time, when things seem very tenuous and you don't feel grounded. Everything is changing and you feel a little lost. But, in reality, if you could step back from your emotions and see a bigger picture of your life, this time is one of great self-enhancement and self-discovery. It is one of finding more than losing. You will be greatly strengthened at the end of this time period, and once again I must reiterate my advice of meditation, of taking time for your own inner healing. This recent trauma has brought up a lot of old feelings, hurts, that were deeply hidden and this is good. You will emerge with greater balance than you have had for a long time. Many years now, you have been out of balance one way or another. The inner turmoil that you are experiencing now was pushed down and hidden and causing this unbalance. Now that this is opening up and all these old fears and feelings are coming out, you can heal, and begin to get a new balance in your life. Remember how much the Father loves you, try to bring that into your daily life. Look at yourself in the mirror once every day and say to yourself, "I love you, I respect you". Do this for one month, every day.

Q: Ham I would appreciate getting feedback from you tonight as well.

Ham: Yes, son, you are making great progress and are healing inside many old problems and experiencing much less fear and anxiety. Be aware that some disappointments occur for a reason and are actually blessings for the overall plan. This is a time to exercise your trust in the Father and to know that if something don't occur or work out the way you had hoped, it is because Father has a greater plan for you. It is time for trust, yes, Trust, faith, and inner confidence in the Father's love and in the Father's plan for you life.

Q: Ham do you have any counsel for me tonight?

Ham: Yes, son, gradually you are learning that you have limitless inner value, that your value is greater than all things material in the world. You value is greater than all the world's knowledge, or all the world's wisdom. It is gradually beginning to come into your consciousness the greater plan that God has for you and that all you are and all you will become are one. That nothing of value is lost, and you don't need to fear losing anything by surrendering to the Father. Gradually, your sights will be lifted higher and higher. Don't worry about anything. Life is an adventure and a gift. Gradually as you learn to value yourself more and more, you can give this gift of great value of yourself and your will to the Father. Yes, open yourself up to this greater awareness of yourself and your true value in the world.

Q: Ham. Do you have anything to say to Craig?

Ham: Was this his inquiry or yours?

Q: I just thought it would help him hurt less if he heard a message from you.

Ham: He must ask of his own accord, but fear not daughter. He is well.

Q: Ham any advice you have for me I would appreciate.

Ham: Son, this time is truly a turning point in your life and will allow you to make some needed changes and experience some needed realizations. The next two years will be a period of great internal growth, spiritual growth, that will enable you to do many things that have been out of reach in the past. Be contented and at peace during this time. Have courage and be strong as others will need this strength and courage.


If there are no further questions, you know that my love and my prayers are with you each. Farewell until next time.