1998-04-05-Qualities For Mighty Messenger Status

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Topic: Qualities for Mighty Messenger Status

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, friends, I return to you in the ministry of our Melchizedeks. We are fully dedicated to this process of uplifting your world, and we are ever encouraged by the results we witness in each of your lives. Be it ever the case with each of you that you continually strive to attain those soon to arrive levels of morontia being which will be your status for many an age subsequent to this brief sojourn on this planet.


Ascension Career

I am Elyon, and as you know, there is great significance, in the truth that we are all one family. I would address you on the notion of belonging. It is difficult during times of challenge to feel the sense of fraternity when it is perceived by your senses that you are estranged from others, for you are grappling with personal lessons which appear unmanifested in the actions of others. This is an important time for you to pursue the inner belonging with the Father that purr of perfection within. It is also important to pursue counsel, feedback from your fellows, to eliminate isolation; that solitary trek through your difficulties is unnecessary. Lessons are learned only by yourself. However, the many helpers about you are always ready to provide guidance, and even when guidance is not available, support is.

Let us realize that belonging can be considered as the two words "be" and "long". You will for eternity be part of the family; never will it just cease to be the case. True, the young children of our Father are often struggling with the sense of singular existence, struggling with what seems to be odds in the world about them. This is only evident on worlds who have lost the guidance that planets unlike yours have. In cases such as the conditions found on Urantia, we stress to you the importance of becoming the initiator of the understanding and the experiential demonstration that you belong to a universe of friends and fellows who are all part of the Father's family.

I am happy to be here with you again today. I have been observing your work through the splendid circuitry that provides me the opportunity to be away and yet in touch. I have been about certain undertakings that will prepare me for my next program for accomplishing what will become a sought-after classification for myself in what is yet a great future distance away. I have been informed that I qualify for Mighty Messenger status. I will begin training for such an eventual condition. I am made anew in form and have found this vehicle to be greatly improved, extending my abilities to function and my abilities to grasp those realities that have yet been difficult for me to perceive or to organize into a framework of understanding. I will wrap up my comments by expressing how I do cherish belonging with you in this mission group, and I am always desirous of your feedback.


Mark: Congratulations on your recent acquirement. Concerning belonging; from my perspective you and your associates have splendidly and completely brought to light this sense of belonging to a family larger any we are used to perceiving. I am thankful for our relationship. This entire group would once again state our commitment to your leadings, to following closely what we see to be the divine will and confirming that our desires, regardless of our actions, are to be more like the Father. We hope that through our interactions with you we will come to discover the correct way to be useful.

Elyon: It is great to receive your words, for they are reflective of many. I equally return them, for we are a team. You know not the significance of the events that will lie in your path in lifetimes ahead that are established now as you undergo those processes in this life which do seem difficult. As you are informed of my prior exposure to system-wide rebellion and my volunteer efforts here in establishing encircuitment of Satania in this constellation, that actions that appear insignificant, non-monumental, ages ago can greatly change the course of one's ascent. This is why it is good to be diligent in the moment. Though it is impossible to perceive the ramifications upon the future, it is quite important to be ever applying yourself to the perplexity at hand or the goal to be reached that is nearer and within your perceivable range. It is, as you know, one step in the thousand mile journey. Although it is a great experience to be on worlds that are functioning in harmony, in joy and peace and cooperation, it is invigorating to be on a world such as Urantia, for there is much to do; there are great accomplishments in potential here on this planet. It is quite an attractive world to many, those of whom you know not.

So, know that as you are working out your ascension foundation, we are present; our arms are around your shoulders; our hands boost you from beneath your feet. We are truly cheering you forward; it can be accomplished. You do have the means, the abilities, the tools, and the accessories.

Evelyn: Congratulations, Elyon. There will be a lot of us reading up on Mighty Messengers to share with you what we can about what this new status potential means.

Elyon: Thank you, Evelyn. I am certain you are knowledgeable of the various qualifications that promote this eventual attainment. Though I share this frankly with you today, we must all understand that this is a long ways off yet in my career, but it is similar to your own understanding, your own faith grasp, of your eternal survival beyond your release from your physical body and your attainment of Paradise. I have been informed of this process for me, but in scale it is a great distance into the future. But I also let you know that this world is very similar to the world in which I began my existence. Anything you can do today to promote truth, to foster spiritual living in the midst of chaos and confusion, is noted by your celestial observers. Opportunities here are great, and I cannot emphasize this enough to you all.

Foundation, Humanity

Malvantra (Mark): This is Malvantra, and I would interject an image. Picture if you will, a stone. In and of itself this stone is rather insignificant. Then picture a pile of stones; still these stones, even though they have been piled, are rather insignificant. Then picture the far-seen plans present in the mind of one such as yourself who would look at a pile of stones and look to potential and discern that, with such resources available; if given enough diligence, patience, time, energy, and pursuit; one could transform single, individual stones into a hard foundation using the mortar of faith that creating this foundation is, indeed, worthwhile. Even a cornerstone of a foundation appears as nothing. It is an extremely long and drawn out process to carefully and meticulously cement these individual stones to make them into a rigid foundation on which to build your future. Realize that the success in building the foundation is not an instant success. It takes much time, much planning, forethought, and devotion to carefully build such a foundation which then, as you well know, can be used to support your structure. If the foundation is hurried or rushed, there are cracks in the mortar; the stones do not fit complementary together it will likely crack and crumble as the forces of time come upon it. If patience and wisdom are used in constructing your foundation, you realize that it simply would not pay in the long run to hurry this job. This job must be given attention to great detail in fitting the pieces, mortaring them with your faith and trust that a job done well will serve for an eternity.

I call your attention to your archeologists who search for evidence of your ancestors, and likely one of the only things that remains are the foundations upon which the structures which they so thoroughly used were built. Therefore, even in your own material existence, the importance of the strong and sure and true foundations which you are building each day in your life.

I encourage you to be the master craftsmen of your own foundations. Settle not for inferior materials, inferior teachings, or inferior mortar. Determine that this is one job that will be done to the absolute best of your abilities, for all that comes after will rely on the accuracy of this job that you are now engaged in.

When one stands back and looks at a partially completed foundation or even a finished foundation, it is impossible to determine what will become of this until further work has been done, as the structure takes shape. In the meantime be not concerned with the architectural plans for what will rest atop your foundation. Be content even in this lifetime with the building of this foundation so that you forevermore will have sturdy footing upon which to lay your subsequent teachings and learning and experience.

This is the image I have for you today.


Tom: Earlier we were talking about desire. Do we all get the same initial charge? How can we boost that?

Malvantra: Your Indwelling Fragment does, indeed, long to return to its origin. You as a personality may not fully invest the same longing at this time as your Indwelling Spirit has. But in time and with alignment to this Indwelling Spirit you too shall come to desire to return to your parent more fully and completely. Each of you present today shows great desire to be about the Father's business, to do what you perceive to be the right choice in your lives, to make a difference, to be of service to others. This is the desire to be on the road towards the Father. Desire is also something which you can foster in others by your example of your orientation, by exemplifying you are on this path. You are aware you are on this path; you are in pursuit of the goal of perfection. You demonstrate these qualities to those around you who then may gaze upon your attitude and your actions and desire if nothing else to be like you. You, in turn, desire to be more perfect. Therefore you lead them in desiring to be more perfect.

Count yourself lucky that you recognize this desire and can use it actively to chart your course. Count yourself lucky also if you can by example emanate this quality to any individual around you so that they may be so affected as well. Desire is the propellant that motivates you to act, whether it is a desire to become one with your Adjuster or a more long-range desire to become one with the Father. Still it is the same desire, the same striving for perfection, desiring to be more in line with the divine way. I would point out that every individual has some degree of desire. It may, during any one life, be misplaced. The desire for self-gratification is an obvious example. However, there is desire in each individual. It may be misguided and misdirected so as to propel them in a direction not of the Father's will, but it is resident within them this desire to do something. Your opportunity involves transferring this desire to more worthy causes.

Jonathan: One of our favorite phrases is that love is the desire to do good to others. If we stop at "love is the desire" and reflect on Jesus' teaching of loving one another, then love is a good way to kindle desire in ourselves.

Malvantra: Love is, indeed, an excellent indicator and destiny, ever pulling your forward. If in any case you are doubtful as to your desires and intent, reflect on them with the light of love and see how they fall into place. Love is an excellent tool to gently redirect desires that may be at a tangent and should be used repeatedly as a corrective measure in your ascension career to reestablish your desires in line with your highest possible ideals.

Tom: In the book it says you can't love a person by sheer force of will. You have to take the time to know them. Also it says teachers can reshape the environment, remove obstacles, but in the final analysis students' interest, drive, and enthusiasm propels them forward. That all falls under desire. Are we all given an equal charge of desire when we come into this world? Then does the environment either smother or foster us to getting a greater charge of desire?

Malvantra: Desire is as other characteristics are to you. By that I mean that it is available to you as are several other aspects available to you. It is in your development of these characteristics and traits that they become stronger, more intense, and more effective. Think of it as your choosing to develop your trait of desire as a useful propellant is the same as your desire to utilize faith, which is also available to you upon your taking and developing. It is merely up to you which of these you access and to what degree you access it. It is true that inherently you have at your disposal a myriad of qualities of which this is but one.

Jonathan: In light of desire and the conditions of society, consider the mota that "difficulties may challenge mediocrity and defeat the fearful, but they only stimulate the true children of the Most Highs." (48:7.7) We have desire that the world fosters or hinders. It falls to us to be fearful, mediocre, or stimulated true children.

Malvantra: True, and it is up to you individually how much you want to stimulate these desires. One individual may be intimidated by difficulties. Another given the exact same difficulties might be charged with enthusiasm. The difficulties remain the same; it is in your approach and your attitude that the difference is made.

Melchizedek Schools

Jonathan: My friend receives transcripts, listening, as he puts it, from his remote office. Are there any comments you would like to make to Rob?

Malvantra: Simply that certainly we appreciate him actively pursuing climbing on board. We need all the points of light available to us. Tell him that he is embraced by the resources, the teachers, the observers that are present at this group. We will certainly do whatever is within our mandate and whatever is in his desire to work with him in our Melchizedek classrooms. He has been a student previously enrolled in these classrooms. We have worked with him; we know of him, and we are pleased to see him actively pursuing this avenue. We rejoice when any individual longs for truth. It is our sincere desire to be of assistance to him in any way possible. I encourage him to keep these lines of communication open, as it is far easier to be included when your presence is made known.

I would encourage this group, being as well established as you are, to reach out to those around you who are in outlying situations but who share the same desire as yourselves to grow spiritually. Reach out to each one of these people and let them know that your support network is their support network, that your teachings are their teachings, and that they are not disjointed or left out. They can enjoy class with you and can send questions as well as remarks so that they may maintain a closer bond, a closer connection. This would be helpful to everyone concerned, including your friend Rob.

Jonathan: Thank you.


Tom: Starting your Mighty Messenger training now doesn't mean we will lose you, does it?

Elyon: (Jonathan): At this time my assignment is here on this world. I have have set aside my ascension at the time of my enlistment in this mission in order to be of ministry to you. However, at the point of my enlistment I had not quite finished the courses I had undertaken. This recent absence completed that. I am now better situated to postpone further movement paradise-ward. I will not be leaving you as yet, for this is a richly rewarding assignment.

Mark: We are grateful for that. Hopefully you will have a makeup class, so you won't lose too much time.

Elyon: If I were to lose a dispensation I would not be sorry. Perchance we will continue our ascent together.