1998-04-14-How to Make First Contact

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Topic: How To Make First Contact

Group: S. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: A'Sandra

TR: JoiLin



The Father's Light shines bright within this house tonight. Greetings friends, students, dear ones, it is I, A'Sandra. It is my understanding that tonight's format will be question and answer. Start when you will.


Mary: I'd like to ask a question for JoiLin. She is trying to learn about starting a business and she needs some guidance in that she doesn't know how much responsibility her son will take on. She is most interested in having sufficient time to do the Father's will and the Father's work. And so she doesn't want to get too entrenched in the material details of starting this business if he's not capable of carrying a lot of the burden once it is started. Can you shed some light on this?

A'Sandra: Indeed. JoiLin needs to trust her own guidance more, her own intuition more. She knows quite often much more than she knows she knows. In regard to her son she does know. She already knows the answer to her anxieties. She needs to pay more attention to what she receives from within. She has the tools.

Mary: Thank you.

A'Sandra: Thank you for your concern.

Tom: I'm having some trouble with my boss and it's such a small company that you can't really go around the person. I want to work with the person but I get the feeling that he doesn't really want to see me succeed. I don't really know why, maybe it's because he's afraid I'm going to take over his job or maybe he's trying to promote another co-worker of mine and so I'd like to know how I should approach him.

A'Sandra: It is difficult within any situation, whether it be within a marriage or the work place, when there is friction, and yet, you as an evolving human, ‘set’ at fast forward for the moment, will recognize the power that you hold within your own heart. You are learning to become more grounded within the heart center young Tom. Use this mechanism. Use this awakening within yourself as a tool, as a tool use your heart as a channel to reflect the Father's love to this person. Whenever you encounter, before you begin a conversation, open your heart consciously towards him. Ask for the Father's help in reaching his heart and opening it. You will see a change.


Will: Let me say first that I feel I was impetuous and even motivated by external pressures in establishing this relationship in the marriage that I'm in. I'm wondering what the foundation is like and the beginning place? It feels like I moved too quickly, I don't know the person and I was motivated to get married to avoid another person who was attracted to me and inappropriately desiring me. It seemed to be a solution to that uncomfortable situation and I'm wondering the basis of relationship within the marriage and what it's all about, whether I've accomplished that or that there are some things more in the Father's will for me in this marriage, in this relationship?

A'Sandra: Relationship... on this world in particular, is the most viable means of reaching and understanding your father and your mother's love for you. Through extension... you receive... often times... people are brought together... because it is known that there is something within each of those involved with the other, might help to blossom or might help to heal. Many of these relationships last, continue, only so long as the initial reason remains. Once the difficulties have been worked through, the growth is achieved, the pain has been healed, whatever the reason that brought them together, the relationship will dissolve, breakdown, and then it is time to part. The Father truly has no vested interest in whether two people stay together who are not happy together. It is not his design to perpetuate unhappiness. And, each person has within them the Father's own light and truly, miracles do happen. People can change almost overnight. It has happened and continues to happen on this world, especially now, since the spiritual pressure has been increased - for those who are open and receptive seem to change dramatically, fast. Look within your own heart young Will, know who you are, where you are going, and why you are going and if you are at peace with these answers you can only know that you are following the Father's will.

Teacher Contact

Will: Do I have or will I gain a teacher?

A'Sandra: Anyone who wants a teacher in this time and requests one will be given one.

Will: I do so.

A'Sandra: Open your mind, Will, they will begin (unclear) contact.

Mary: I just started reading a book called Wisdom from the Greater Community. I'm wondering if this is something I should read. It's a rather lengthy book and I'm feeling perhaps maybe what I was suppose to get out of it, I've already gotten. I have so many other books to read...

A'Sandra: How many pages of this book have you read?

Mary: Hmm, 26.

A'Sandra: And it's a rather lengthy book? (Yes.) And you think within 26 pages you have gotten from that book all that you were meant to?

Mary: Not necessarily.

A'Sandra: Would you like me to tell you whether or not you have?

Mary: Umm, sure if you're willing to tell me that.

A'Sandra: I am not.

Mary: All right. (Laughing) That was a trick question!

A'Sandra: Indeed it was! Indeed it was!

Mary: (Laughing) I love celestial humor! It makes you more real to me.

A'Sandra: Recognize Little One, the books you are drawn to, you have been drawn to for a reason. There will be many kernels of truth resonating within your soul as you scroll these books. Do not put it away too quickly.

Mary: There was a particular chapter which I've read and now it's getting into extraterrestrial stuff and I've already been through that phase (Laughing)

A'Sandra: Yes. I understand.

Mary: So I thought perhaps I'd already gotten what I needed... (No.) Okay, if there's more I'll be happy to read it. I like reading. I'm just drawn to so many books all at once that I'm trying to set priorities. I'm thinking of reading the chakra book before I continue with this one.

A'Sandra: That is entirely up to you.

Will: I've started a new job with the desire and intention to have more time to be on a spiritual path and be available to serve and I'm not sure this is the particular job I should stay with. Is there a sense of this job or should I look for another job?

A'Sandra: I'm sorry Will, I cannot answer that type of question. Whether you work in this job or another job is strictly your choice. There will always be within almost any situation on your world, difficulties with certain other mortals, a fact of human nature, that is in great part, a result of the rebellion and default. These are things that we are hopeful of turning around over the years to come in working with individuals that [unclear]. Tune in Will, build that connection with the Father within. Make it a priority each day to spend some time with him. Develop this link and your ability to sense the directions. The guidance he will give you will become more acute with time. It's like a muscle almost that is atrophied and must now be strengthened by daily exercise. If you feel, after having spent some time searching, that this job is not the correct job, then you have the means, the understanding, you know how to go about researching another job, follow your guidance.

Will: Thank you.

A'Sandra: You're welcome. I'm sorry it wasn't the answer you were looking for.

Will: No, but it was.

A'Sandra: I don't know whether or not you [student Will] picked up on it but I said “they will be seeking to make contact with you.” You in fact have a team of two Teachers who have been assigned to you.

Will: And how do I contact them?

A'Sandra: By opening your mind. By spending time with the Father each day and then setting some time aside to open to your Teachers. We believe it of the utmost importance that you always put Father first. Spend time opening to him each day before you attempt to contact with us. We would have it no other way. But, after you've spent time in the stillness, spend an additional length of time, whatever time you deem workable for you, whether it's 10 minutes or 15 minutes. Put yourself in that semi meditative state. Teacher contact is not made at that deep level. It's made at a very, very light level. Now if you were to think of an elevator with one being the top, and five and beyond is the deeper meditative states. Two is the right level for teacher contact. You are not “out of it”. You are still very conscious. And, if anyone in this room were to ask JoiLin a question she would respond for she is here also. So, spend that time, try to find that level where you are not wide awake and yet you aren't sleeping but resting with your eyes closed. If you are a visual person you might look at that blank screen behind your eyes. Some students receive the words in printed form on that screen. Others begin hearing, and this is tricky because many times when people talk about hearing to a new person attempting this communication, [they] are expecting to hear audible words and this is not the way you would hear. Close your eyes and say to yourself, "I want to receive a teacher," Have you said it?

Will: Uh huh

A'Sandra: What did it sound like? Feel like? Look like? Whatever that experience was for you, will be in all likelihood the same method that you will hear the Teacher. Many a mortal on your world right now are being worked with by the Teachers. They have prayed to be given a Teacher and the Teacher has come and if they do not understand, well they think the thoughts are their own. So what we suggest is that when you sit in this still place to receive the words of your Teacher, once you have cleared your mind, whatever words come into your mind begin to say them, any words, and it doesn't make any difference if your words make sense or not because as you allow your words to flow, your Teacher can then begin to interject their thoughts into the flow of word patterns that you have begun to emit. For some it's more helpful to sit and use the hot pen method, get into that meditative state, have a pad and pencil, and once the mind has been cleared, they will write whatever words come into their mind. And, for this particular transmitter she discovered quite often that what might start out as a letter to someone would then suddenly turn into a mini lesson, a lesson that she was much in need of. Different people have different experiences. You need to sit and try to see what feels more comfortable to you. I would mention however, that it is most beneficial to you, as an evolving human being, at this time to verbalize the words that you hear, as they have a physiological affect on your physical body. Did I give you too much detail?

Will: No... No, it was good.

Tom: Regarding my kids, my sense is that they spend too much time indoors, too much time watching TV, mostly my son Mikey. So I've tried to impose some kind of guidelines saying that you need to divide your time between TV, reading, something physical and things like that. My question is whether or not having something rigid like that is good for them or whether I should just let them do what they feel like doing?

A'Sandra: There's a fine balance Tom, between too much authority and not enough, too stringent a guideline and not enough. Television has its good points. It also has its downside, as you well know. So do computers have their upside as well as their downside... video games and the like. Your children both have very inquisitive, quick minds. They are very creative, both of them. Perhaps the best way to encourage Mike to be more physical, are the times that you have the time to be more physical with him. You build a very close bond with your son. He looks up to you and will emulate you. And, yet, he is beginning a growth spurt that oft times causes a healing body to require more rest. It is possible that he is being affected. I do not know your son well enough to know what his normal patterns are.

Mary: I have a question about our children. I've always had a sense that our daughter’s spirituality is quite strong, but I've never felt that our son’s is at the same. As a parent how do we strengthen their faith and their awareness of God and their relationship with the Father?

A'Sandra: By the example that you give them. Action speaks so much louder than words and your children have just been given, and are being given, a wonderful lesson in relationship building, in partnering. You should have no worries about your children.

Mary: Thank you.


A'Sandra: You're quite welcome. If there are no further questions, JoiLin's neck is really bothering her, discomforting her, she would stop for this evening if everyone is at peace where they are.