1998-07-19-Being & Doing

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Topic: Being & Doing

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): I greet you today. I am happy to be present once again here with you in our group format, and I'm pleased to be able to present some of my thoughts on your discussion prior to your request for us to speak with you.

I am Elyon.


Thought Adjusters

You know that the Father Fragment within you is not in any particular organ in your body; you know that it is closely associated with your mind. You also know that it also works with the associated mind ministry of the adjutants and in cooperation with the seraphic guardians. All this activity around your being. You are aware that this Thought Adjuster is in direct and constant communion contact with the Father on Paradise and likewise with His headquarters on Divinington. So, here you are with a direct hotline to the Infinite. With this instantaneous connectivity of the Father, this Thought Adjuster can be considered as residing both within your mind and at the center of all things, for the qualities of the Thought Adjuster are such that it is not handicapped by spatial conditions. For that matter, its only handicap is your future attainments, as yet un-acquired.

So, having expressed to you what you already understand, let me comment about your discussion.

You know that you have been asked to do the will of God, to seek to understand it, and to seek appropriate avenues to express this will. The very presence of the Father within you is the will of the Father. You are destined one day to fuse in eternal union with this will of the Father. Today, as ascended children on Earth, you are learning to do the will of the Father. Not long in your future you are destined to become united with the will of the Father, as one; being and doing as one. So, in your perplexities over the differences between "being" and "doing", how Michael went about doing good, how he was and is good, the distinctions become clear in light of the presence of the Father within you.

Rather than continuing to add a few more observations, I desire to receive your feedback so that we may continue in a dialogue fashion.


Mark: I appreciate and love you. Respecting our encounter on the coast in South Carolina, the session down there meant a lot. I was reaching into the darkness, and you reached back. Thank you.

Elyon: I receive your thanks and I reciprocate, for I witnessed in you that great leap of faith, willingness to, in a sense, march into Jerusalem, to go up against the odds of acceptance, to face the perils of judgment based on doubt, and to express with deep sincerity, honesty, and trust in the Father what you know to be true, in hopes that your associate would benefit from the experience. Even your concerns over being able to be an effective conduit has demonstrated your integrity; it has placed you on a list of those who we can trust to function even when up against personal discomfort. So, I am equally grateful.

Mark: I offer you all my verbal commitment to be of assistance whenever appropriate.

I am aware of the Father presence, but it is you and others who have helped bridge the long gap between what faith believes and the reality we exist in. I've been experiencing a definite enhancement of sensitivity totruth, beauty, and goodness in my life. I look forward to our fruitful cooperation.

Fusion, Being

Evelyn: You are saying that when we fuse we will be doing and being God's will at once.

Elyon: It is further noteworthy to understand that your fusion with the Father is a oneness of being that, even as you act in the will of the Father prior to attaining fusion status, you function in oneness with the Thought Adjuster. This is a state of being. It's not that you and the Father are doing the same thing, it is that you are being one. Your doing and His doing are one.

The Father, in the condition of eternity, is. However, the immense universe surrounding Him is the great stage upon which "doing" is occurring. In the case of you mortals, this "doing" is the attainment of "being" in union with the Father.

The Father did not see being the infinite I AM as the end-all. If so, we would not exist. "Doing" is as valuable as "being". The secret to "being" is resident in the Thought Adjuster. Michael realized this in his earth life; this is what propelled his ministry. For you to follow the Master, all you need do is to acquire the viewpoint of the Father through worshipful contact with the Thought Adjuster and loving ministry to your fellows. Then you will better understand those phrases that you have had questions about over the past few weeks that deal with the state of being of Michael and His actions, and your state of being and your actions. "Being" is not the acquirement of skill or of experience or of the necessary training for the valuable skills and expanding experiences. Being, the secret of it, lies in union with the Father. I cannot stress this enough, for this is your most immediate goal as an individual personality.

Do you have other input?

Evelyn: That last part does contradict what we were saying. We decided that "being" was acquired skills. You are a musician once you've acquired at least some skills of that field. Are you limiting "being" in terms of God's will?. Then "being" is union with the Father?

Elyon: You have detected my attempt at subtle correction. However, I should clarify that the "being" I speak of is of the order of existential qualities rather than a Supreme experiential "being" which you are illustrating in your comment to me. It is a distinction between a gift of God and an acquirement of a creature. I do not intend in the least to value one higher than the other, only to indicate the significance of "being" in relation to the Father's presence. Does this help?

Evelyn: I'll have to think about it. Tapping into your essence, not so much what you have experienced, as our origin of being with God, having a greater awareness of that.

Elyon: Yes, quite correct. The unity attained with the Father is a state of being not like other attained "being"s. You, as a finaliter on Paradise, will be finaliters. This is wholly dependent upon your ascension. You in fusion with your Thought Adjuster will be God. This is independent of the fact that you have yet to experientially climb to the shores of Paradise and undertake the divine embrace thereon. This "being" is independent of the "doing', though it is not absolving of the requirement to do that which will bring the becoming.

So, I in no way imply an easy shortcut, but I do wish to assure you of the reality of the Father and His complete support for you, His willingness to actually be you, independent of your abilities to live up to the standards that you hold as that which is a son or daughter of God.

I wish for more input from you all.


Mark: Would you have any suggestions of possible themes or activities for the upcoming Michael's birthday celebration?

Elyon: In jest I say, hand everyone a hammer, and let's get some things done.

I am somewhat reluctant to offer a theme, for it is my approach to observe the theme you select that is indicative of your desires, and my staff and I are quite capable of teaching under any banner.

However, I would state the obvious, that it is a day to celebrate Michael's sojourn on Urantia. You could focus some activities on the quality of his life and his approach thereto, the conditions of the world when he lived here, and how all this may foster your current activities for spiritualizing this planet. What Jesus would do in any circumstance is a valuable resource for insight. However, it is impossible to mimic his life. The world has changed, and you are not Creator Sons. So, creative adaptation of his life could be a good focus on the weekend. How's that?

Mark: Thank you. I'm looking for discussion topics, and I will include that. It's our responsibility to come up with the program, I understand, but I'm open to suggestions.

Tom: In light of Machiventa's suggestions to use intuition, to rely on it; it also was mentioned that intuition is a tool for contact. I've reviewed the triangles. Briefly: starting with the Father we go through truth, beauty, and goodness. Off each of these is a triangle -- one of which is wisdom which includes intuition, intellect, and insight. I understand putting a problem in the middle of a triangle and, with our adjuster, stroll around the three corners. I understand intellect is not intelligence. Each of these three probably has it's own triangle, each of which has another under it, down to the ultimaton.

Intuition, Triunity

Am I right? If so, could you include something that might shed some light on intuition?

Elyon: You have been a great detective. You have discerned what lies beneath the tip of the iceberg of this teaching. There are threefold relationships that continue on expanding one below the other all the way to the exhaustion of the presence of the Supreme.

I would make one comment about intellect and state, in correction, that the triangle includes insight, intelligence and intuition. Intelligence is distinct from intellect in that one need not be highly intellectual to be intelligent. Intelligence implies the use of mind rather than one of its faculties. However, it is quite apparent that most human beings use intellect to function intelligently, so there is relationship.

Intuition has a threefold dimension which can be considered another triangle: trust, discernment, and action. These aren't exclusive wholly to intuition, but they are very important in the effective contribution intuition has to the acquirement of wisdom and the realization of truth. Without discernment, one continues on blindly. Without trust, one merely has seen, but there the input of intuition dies without action.

Does this help?

Tom: Very much so. I'm looking forward to the other triangles, but sufficient unto the day are the triangles thereof.

Mark: Excellent question, Tom.

Elyon: In the effort to alleviate too much curiosity as to what other descriptive words can be placed beneath each point in these triangles to form others, I would let you know that there is transfer-ability. Simply because one word is used in one threefold relationship does not exclude it from another. Patterns will repeat themselves.

As you ascend, in your personal efforts to do so, you will climb up from the many triangle corners to the highest apex, that being love. As you minister you will proceed in the opposite direction. You may not have the opportunity to minister about love or about truth or goodness or even faith. But you may have the opportunity to minister about discernment or trust. Though the subject of love may not get expressed, love is being expressed because of the relationship in this triangular superstructure of love.

We can and will over time delve into more of these. I will also say that many of these subjects have been woven into our lessons over the years and will continually be so, for this is the content of our teaching to you, to burnish each point, to bring light to shine upon each point, and to contribute to your becoming active in every one of these corners, for you to become a whole being in your own self as is the Father in His own self and eventually as we all will be in the Supreme self.

One point will leverage you up a level to another triad relationship and so on. Likewise, any node in this complex matrix is a launch point outward, downward, in a ministry sense, for stepping to the level of experience that another is on.

More will be forthcoming on this subject in time.

Tom: Thank you.

Evelyn: Thinking about some of the patterns you've mentioned before, I see trust is the up-reaching; discernment is processing, and action is the outreaching.

I see discerning is of the one, actions are many, and trust is in the whole.

Tom: Science, philosophy, and religion: Science is the action; discernment being philosophy, and trust being religion.

Or thing, meaning, and value: Action is the thing, discernment the meaning, and trust is the value.

Evelyn: Wow!

Elyon: I say, well done to both of you. If you keep this up I'll have no more to teach. Yes, these patterns will run throughout, for relationship . .. that incorporates distinctly different elements . .. relationship requires distinction. When you have become fused with your Thought Adjuster, the distinctions of your relationship cease. As you grow in universe supremacy, relationships will continually heighten to their maximum expression. These two future experiences in your life are in themselves distinct from one another and create another relationship. It is expressive of pattern. When you seek to perceive pattern you are, in a morontia sense, realizing lessons in every triangle, for the awareness of the pattern causes you to apply it in any of the specific triangular relationships.

This statement I make is the very reason why revelators of the Urantia Papers say that, to any God-believing mortal, all occupations are sacred, for it is in the grasp of the pattern that makes the sacred qualities of the occupation.


I will withdraw today and do so with this parting comment: that if you can do the triangle of discernment, trust, and action you will be intuitive. Attempt to practice this. I would hope that each of you would have some experiences to share at your following meeting.

I now step back. Thank you.