1998-08-03-Connecting With Cosmic Mind

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Topic: Connecting With Cosmic MInd

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina




I am ABRAHAM. Greetings and welcome. It is always a source of happiness and energy to meet with you each week. I am always made to ponder upon those topics of spirituality you discuss. Our friendship is always regeneration new ideas for us, each one. Some years ago, I could not have predicted such a wonderful relationship between us. I only know of the goal and a few of the small steps I needed to take to attain the goal. You would agree that Father certainly had his hand in our friendship and working relationship.

I certainly did appreciate your openness to me during the week. Your journaling efforts, I hope I was of some help. I hope that I answered some of your questions, eased some of your emotional strain, helped with relationship difficulties, answered questions concerning health and abundance. Our Mission is a mission of action and immediate readiness. Our Mission is learning to tune into the informational wave of intelligence that is easily accessed through patience.

Our question sessions will be decreased as time passes for you are capable of receiving the answers personally. Our Mission is one of action and of course, we can minister to one another, but your ready communication with Father is the goal. Worry not, our lessons continue, but it would be an excellent exercise for you to continue journaling and receiving answers to your questions. Our Mission is not a mission of action without your participation and efforts made towards connecting with the cosmic mind.



This evening I would ask for your questions on these lessons, or anything personal. Feel at ease to ask me anything.

CALVIN: Abraham, there are some fellow Mission participants who kind of want to be a part of our group here, and I would ask your feelings about that. One is Karen R., who wanted to meet at the same time there and tune in what she can, and then also George C. asked me to present these words to you and wants to feel a part of our group and one of your students. He says, "With his early career what exactly Father would have me do to be about his Father's business on a daily basis? I definitely feel guided to be more direct about that business, like teaching meditation, which I am doing, doing spiritual counseling, etc., but would you ask my big brother Abraham if he has any suggestions and ideas on how I can be crystal clear about that?" I told him I would ask and present that to you.

ABRAHAM: Certainly. Yes, the knowledge of being about our Father's business daily is varying from day to day. I feel he is finding what he does to be enjoyable, and therefore not work, therefore not being about the Father's business. Worry not my friend. Father's tasks are assigned daily, and urges and desires would help you to decipher Father's will. Father's work is joyful and educational for not only those that are taught but those who teach. My son, your confidence in your efforts have grown over these past months and I do say continue to go with those inner spiritual urges, yes. To my daughter Karen, who listens as I speak... most certainly are you welcome to our small and humble group. We look forward to communicating with you. Yes Calvin, all who desire are welcome. Another question?

RACHEL: Yes Father Abraham. A few weeks back I told Jacob that Calvin had called and said that he had a message from Father Abraham. He said, "for me?" I look at him and was just amazed how his eyes lit up and his face, and I felt horrible to have to tell him no, the message was for me. So do you have a few words for Jacob that I may take back to him?

ABRAHAM: I am perceiving he listens well to his inner spiritual voice, but is sometimes easily discouraged. Tell him to worry not on the time that passes between moments of spiritual feelings for he is not and never will be without the constant watch care of our Father. (Thank you.)

Teaching Mission

INERIA: Abraham, I wanted to thank you very much for last night coming out late on a Sunday. You made a scared mother feel at peace. Three weeks ago during class you said " no questions because I am wanted elsewhere." I was just curious if it was someone connected with our group and if our group needs to be aware to help or...Do you understand the question?

ABRAHAM: I am not quite clear on your meaning. (INERIA: You said you had to be elsewhere. You were need elsewhere and we didn't have questions. Were you helping someone that was connected with our group? Is there something as mortals that we could do? Were we needed to help also, or could we continue to help, or am I way off?) One moment... I was attending to another group far from here. Not to worry. Thank you for your concern. This group I also teach is about on your level of lessons, yes. Another question?

ROLAND: On that same line, there is a mister and misses Hicks, who wrote the book Sara, and that their teacher has been communicating with them since 1986. I don't know if this question has been asked before, but they call it Teacher Abraham and indicate that it is you the Abraham of old. The book they wrote from the lessons you gave was a book called Sara.

ABRAHAM: I know whereof you speak and I can only say this much, I made effort to assist wherever I could, and these people are well intentioned. That is all. Another question?


ROLAND: I'd like to, since we have this opportunity, to refer back two or three months when I asked the question if you could perhaps check with your cosmologist about the burst of gamma rays that hit the earth I think in December last year. That was so remarkable that the amount of energy produced by this energy boost must have been equivalent to the big bang. Can you tell us what cosmic events are occurring?

ABRAHAM: I was informed that this event is completely natural, and I was made to learn that this usually occurs more frequently deeper into space. My research found says this is only spectacular to Urantian scientists, where inhabited worlds elsewhere are quite knowledgeable to the scientific outworking of this event. Not to worry, and as Urantia sees the earth healing, will be more privileged to receive more information and understanding on the purpose of this natural event. That is all. Another question?


MIRIAM: Abraham, these lessons have just been wonderful and very tangible in my life. You were talking about abundance and making decisions for attaining goals based on our heartfelt desires and Father supporting that. It seems a lot easier to make decisions when they are pain driven or suffering driven than when the decisions are joy based and love filled. It seems a little bit scarier to me. So I was wondering what you had to say about that, and I was also wondering if my journaling this week, if that was you with me or Azara or what, and any guidance you might have?

ABRAHAM: I can say I spent a good deal of time with you, as did Azara, and your journaling technique is quite wonderful. We enjoy the communication with you. Your question however I am unclear.

MIRIAM: Do you want me to try to clarify it a little?) Please.

MIRIAM: Feeling comfortable with making decisions based on joy or something that seems almost too good to be true, it seems like its easier to make decisions based on problems. I guess is part of this lesson believing trusting you are loved and that joy is possible, and it is okay. You don't have to feel bad or guilty about it. Does that help some?)

ABRAHAM: Yes. I am understanding that pain or unhappiness forces you into certain decisions. Is that correct?

MIRIAM: Yes. In the past especially. That has been the way I know.) Yes, it is not so easy to plan a mountain climbing expedition from the bottom when you have never climbed before. It is with each step that you learn the terrain of the mountain and the groove of the rocks, and with each step can you plan the next, but at the bottom you are not in any peril or needing to make quick decisions. Father needs not to put His child in perilous situations for them to learn, no, but certainly is He strict in His consistency of teaching, and His refusal to bend the rules can cause His child some pain, but does His child learn these lessons on a soul level. In moments of careless joyfulness one may receive lessons on a mindal level, but these many times are not lasting like they would be on a soul level, but Father does certainly desire your happiness and well balanced thinking. He would not add the extra pressure of pain or unhappiness to teach. Again, the majority of the time Father uses your natural life lessons to teach? Is this answering?

MIRIAM: I will have to think on it. Part of it is confusing to me. I will dwell with it this week.) Another question?

CLAIREESA: Abraham, I'd like to thank you for all the support you have been to me, and I am also referring to the message transmitted in Idaho from a group of twelve in which you said you had words for me. I know I have spoken to you some, but I wonder if you have any further words?

ABRAHAM: Yes, we have spoken and I would just like to add without your (TR: There is a word I can't get. It means like starting something or instigating. [CALVIN: Initiate.] That's it. He says thank you.) Without your initiating the first step towards contacting me your recovering process would not be going so smooth. We are in amazement at your courage to step forth to participate in your own wellness. We can say, if you could have heard the numerous cheers from us, the seraphim and others, each time you took a step forward you would be so inspired it would loan you energy to last you a lifetime. Well done Claireesa. Your efforts made will surely prove to be inspirational to others who have had similar problems. We look forward to more work with you to aid in your healing and education to help serve in our mission. Be aware and listen for us who cheer for you. That is all. Another question?

HARRISON: Abraham, the Urantia Book has been a great help in describing some of the past history of Urantia. I have a question about a current event. I am not sure if it is an appropriate question or not. If you decide not to answer I appreciate that. Do you have any comments about crop circles?

ABRAHAM: (TR: I am asking him to reword it, but he is not moving. Laughter. He is saying... "completely bogus.") There was a time where scientists could have gained much information on extraterrestrial travel, and those who played these hoaxes have led scientists away from the search. That is all. Perhaps another question? KURT: Abraham, this is my son Mark. He is at a spiritual pivotal point in his life. I was wondering if you have any words for him (Inaudible)?

ABRAHAM: Greetings to you my son. I am understanding your heartfelt feelings. You are learning that God is not one who grants wishes, but cares for you like a Father would. My message to you is know that from here your life is about lessons on understanding who God is to you and how He works in your life; how He watches over you and shows you the way to Him. Always know even in your moments of aloneness, that He is with you understanding everything you think and feel. He loves you no matter what. You do well. Worry not on your life ahead. Many wonderful things will occur. Is this helping. (I think so.) Another question?

CALVIN: I would like to put on the record that our brother Robert O. from California is with us.

ROBERT: I have a question if I may? It is a real privilege to be here. I am the Robert that has the outcropping, (inaudible). I don't know if you are familiar with that, with a time compression acceleration process. I am in a quagmire at this point. I wonder if you have any comment or possibly a solution to how I should proceed?

ABRAHAM: One moment. (TR: He is saying undo. I don't know if he is saying undo or I do.)... Undo the last couple of procedures you completed. Therein you may find the difficulty. I am not familiar with whereof you speak, but your Father certainly is, and this is His instructions. You are in good communication with Him, and yet, sometimes have difficulty with accepting some of His instructions due to the dullness of it. Is this helping? (Yes.) Another question?

CALVIN: Do you have any words as to the Teaching Mission Conference plans to meet with the IC99 in Vancouver next year?

ABRAHAM: I have not. (Laughter).

Universe Broadcasts

CLAIREESA: I have a question regarding the system broadcasts. For several weeks now I wake with a verse from a song, or a verse from the Urantia Book, Bible, running through my head. Then I go get on the Internet and that seems like that is the theme for the day. I am curious to know if the subconscious or the Thought Adjuster could be picking up on the system broadcasts since the circuits are now open?

ABRAHAM: Yes absolutely. Through the Adjuster efforts you can receive information regarding the system Universe broadcasts throughout the universe. This is wonderful and yet always to be filtered through your intellect and belief system. Yes. Good question. (Thank you.) One more question.

CALVIN: Would you like us to have an August 21st meeting with Idaho? I am sure it is probably up to us, but if we want to as a group. We talked about it earlier.

ABRAHAM: We are available to help if this is your desire. To gather on Michael's's Urantian birthday is always promoting fellowship and closeness with Him. Yes. If situations are not feasible then there is not need for bad feelings or worry. I am in deep gratitude for Father who provides all things. He looks after our smallest needs. His powers are always leaving me in awe.


Our thanks to you Father for your many fingerprints in our lives. My love is with you each one. Until next week, Shalom.