1998-11-01-Speak To God Within

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Topic: Speak to God Within

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Nebadonia, Elyon, Jessona, Lester

TR: Sheila, Jonathan, Ginnie



The Mother Spirit (Sheila TR): Hello, dear ones, this is your Mother Spirit speaking. It gives me great pride to see mirrors put before you, and to have you recognize yourselves, to begin to understand the fears in others. This is essential in being able to communicate clearly your Father's words, your Father's feelings.



You have not been asked to be in partnership for the purpose of arguing or making strong statements of dissatisfaction for another's part. While allowing yourself to be about the Father's business, you are essentially giving the okay to be in partnership for love, compassion, and understanding. In giving your will over to your Father, you are putting all else in a second, third, fourth place priority. When you are truly giving your will to the Father, there is no question as to what to say or do next for you will receive the message and in return simply look adoringly at those you communicate with and reveal the message that you are receiving.

There has been too much time allotted for displeasing conversation; there has been too much time allotted for anger; too much time has been spent on disagreeing. Your visit here is so very short. I will encourage you to spend the rest of your visit here participating in what was intended all along, to live and speak the message of love, to live to the best of your ability in a state of consciousness that reflects your willingness to do the Father's will.

I pour upon you today great love. Receive this; use it as your source today for spreading that which is truly worthy of yourselves and of your visit, of your mission, of what you are here to do. Thank you for your time and your consciousness and your love.

Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings, friends, this is your good friend and pal Elyon. I have a few words to share, naturally. First let me say that the enthusiasm with which you approach your first phase of these weekly meetings has your personal teachers stacked full with activities to plan for your continued growth in the days ahead. Every effort you make with this enthusiasm signals willingness to be receptive to increased opportunities to grow. Ultimately the growth lies in your selecting and accepting these opportunities. We have addressed you in the past few weeks concerning your desire to undertake a project of an outreach nature. You have received from us advice regarding the critical and important point and motive to be expressed. I, today, would like to focus your minds upon a method which I know is obvious to each of you, but we will take a look at it in this context.

The Father is ever searching for the means whereby He may extend Himself into the affairs of His children. Our emphasis upon stillness is a direction we take because it cultivates within you the experience of contact with the Father. This assurance emboldens you to be expressive of that joy, of that relationship, of that communion and love. The Father works as diligently and unceasingly with anyone that you lay your eyes upon, ever seeking to be drawing that personality toward Himself and ever hopeful that His child will turn around and re-express the truth and the reality of that Fatherly embrace. As you address anyone in your midst, remember to speak directly to the Father within them, for there you have a partner.

When the mind is agitated through differences in expressing and understanding, release the tendency to rest upon the level of mind and argument, logic, and concept. Cultivate that spiritual sensitivity of partnership, of teamwork. Faith-grasp in your personality that the true goal of the exchange is to better comprehend the Father, His nature, and life in its goodness. In a sense you can picture your minds like a bubble bath, full of suds. The mind can be continually agitated and generate mountains of foam, but when you speak to the spirit in another, you reach to the plug at the bottom and clear away what clouds the issues to reveal the depths of the soul. In any social situation, keeping this technique in mind, you will spare yourselves the time and effort of conflict which ultimately does not resolve the issue, and, as you know from your growth to this date, that all of your mental constructs will undergo great change between here and the shores of Paradise. No one saves their bath water. However, the tub itself is of lasting value; this is the important motivation to hold in your hearts.

You have been called to service; great trust is being placed upon you. We do not intend to ensnare you with fear regarding this responsibility. We strive to continually express to you that you are embraced with love, that you are to be emboldened with faith.

Michael asks you to represent him in this world as he represented the Father. The Father seeks to be represented through everyone. Every one of His children you look upon has that deep within their being, whether they are conscious or not. Hold that continually in your mind's eye, and you will experience great success in ministering to hungry souls.

I have finished sharing. I will receive your questions if you desire to express them.


Ginnie: Thank you for the reminder that when we speak to another we are speaking to our Father. That's very potent.

Elyon: It is a valuable perspective, for the other individual cannot remain a contestant when you know the same coach is on both teams. You then work with rather than upon your fellows.

Ginnie: Do you have any insight on our discussion about the quote from the UB (100:5.8), comparing our transmissions with the trance-like states, visionary experiences not being religious experiences?

Elyon: First I would address the topic of religious experience.


Religious experience -- more appropriately, spiritual experience -- in the individual is far broader than any given undertaking or activity. We hope that every moment of your life is a spiritual experience balanced by continual comprehension of reality and practical application to life. Trance-like and visionary experiences that you speak of historically have cultivated isolation from life and the development of a religious form of reality that has no application to your worldly reality. What is being taught to you in this passage is the danger of becoming isolated, of relying solely on a single experience to feed or validate your hunger for truth.

You know me as one who uses analogies and metaphors for visual aid in my teaching. If you were truly visionary people, I would have a field day expressing myself to you! But these encounters we have together are, at the foundational level, experiences of faith. We rely upon your thinking and feeling. We rely on your active engagement. A trance is a passive mind. I would find no pleasure in speaking to an empty room; I desire that you be alert. We are here today simply communicating. This is not truly a spiritual experience, though it can be considered a social interchange in a religious format, for you all share a common ideology. What your quoted passage points to is the single religionist in his pursuit of truth.

Worship is the broader context in which this form of communion is erroneously sought. The development of monasticism on this world is the result of overmuch concern for this internal experience without the balance of service, of commonplace exchange with your fellows. Therein is the trouble of such an undertaking.

I hope this has been helpful.

Ginnie: Yes, it has, thank you.

Names, Brilliant Evening Stars

Evelyn: I have a curiosity question. Why are the Brilliant Evening Stars and the Bright and Morning Star referred to as bright stars? Everyone else is given names that are otherwise meaningless to us like Vorondadek. Melchizedek has historic association that we already have. But a star? And why those two groups?

Elyon: As the records have evolved on this world dealing with Michael, Gabriel, the archangels, and Immanuel, oftentimes there has been confusion as to who is who; even the Ancients of Days are confused in this cosmology with the Father. Your records indicate that Michael is the Bright and Morning Star. He might more appropriately be called the Blinding Bright and Morning Star! In our efforts to clarify your cosmology we have chosen to address the position of the first born in our local universe as the Bright and Morning Star, the first to rise. Gabriel was first to rise. You have also received clarification that Jesus is not Immanuel, as your historical records indicate.

Brilliant Evening Stars are an order of being who have been created following many activities in Nebadon preparatory to the evolution of creatures like yourselves. They are servants for high orders of sonship. They are, if you will, those who are last. They exemplify that principle that the first will be last and the last will be first. This is their orientation, to serve, to go unrecognized, to provide for their higher associates aid in outworking their plans.

From your perspective on a world in space, a morning star precedes the day; an evening star follows the day. In reality both have been there all along. These terms offer a poetic element to what we can call the day of Nebadon, the day that begins with Gabriel and eventually will culminate in Light and Life, the desire and goal of the Evening Stars.

Is this helpful?

Evelyn: Yes, thank you.

Healing, Compassion

Tom: I have a question for Jessona. The other day I met with a child with obvious birth defects. As I held his hands, I wondered what else I might have done to right that situation. Do you have any other comments?

Jessona: This is Jessona. I will briefly comment with this TR and desire others to be a speaker for me. My short comment here is to assure you that evolutionary worlds are fraught with such occurrences as defects due to manifold reasons. On a world like ours we are left with the default of the violet race at improving your genetics. You are powerless individually to right what appears to be a wrong. Our entire staff of master seraphim are busy helping to improve the situation here. Your best focus is upon the soul of this individual, which has no defects whatsoever, for it is the construction of the Father as He complies with the will of that personality.

Assure yourself and even this individual that any object that comes in a package may come with a mar or a scar or a break in that package, but the item itself is as valuable as if the packaging were perfect.

Now I seek another.

(Ginnie TR): In your material world, as is understandable, you have the tendency to place a judgment on the way things or people look. It is understandable in your world of senses; it is something that sometimes interferes with your understanding of true compassion and true love. As has been stated already the soul of this child is perfect. Physical deformities, although they may seem unpleasant and uncomfortable to us, are not an indication of this person's status in any way. You must look beyond physical matter, as we are training you to do, to the more important aspect of the human being. Certainly this child is beloved in the sight of our Father; it is most preciously loved. The sorrow, the discomfort, is in your perceptions, and it is understandable. But on an evolutionary world we need to accept physical deformities and imperfections as part of the evolutionary development, but, as concerns matter, it has no import on the soul of an individual.

You, on the other hand, you have grown in your desire to want to see this child in a more functioning body. It is you who are in need of the compassion. It is you who benefitted from this child's presence. It was a gift given to you.

I have finished.


Lester (Jonathan): I greet you, moisture laden, hairy people, this is Lester. I only wish to express to you how wonderful it is to be animals and, like a well worn shoe, a broken in pair of blue jeans, or a well used ball glove, one day you will be without these physical forms, and you will look upon them with the same nostalgia. So, do enjoy your toenails, enjoy those freckles, enjoy all those elements you will, for eternity, never have again. I take my leave. [[Category: Mysticism]