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Topic: Perseverance

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and again I want to thank you all for coming tonight. Tonight, our lesson is about patience and perseverance.


Patience, Perseverance

Everyone has a level of both patience and a capacity for perseverance that increases with spiritual growth. The immature personality cannot exhibit patience for very long nor can he or she derive satisfaction from perseverance at all. The mature person, on the contrary, has seemingly boundless patience and endless capacity to persevere for the righteous cause in the face of adversity.

The person who is working toward a greater, more profound righteousness knows that he or she is on the side of reality and the overall trend of the universe, even the march of history, and this person is un-dissuaded by the seeming realities of overwhelming odds. When you stand on the side of goodness, truth, and beauty, on the side of increasing compassion and expanded realization of humanity's brotherhood, then you cannot fail. This is a fact and it is also the truth.

You who have enlisted in this mission have take upon yourselves the added dimension of spiritual reality in all your work and all your business. You have squarely and surely enlisted yourselves on the side of reality's eventual triumph over all that is not real and increasingly, you are able to discern the shadows of partial reality from the true substance of spiritual facts.

You can be sure that all your work in the direction of increasing the value awareness of mankind will triumph. When you enlist on the side of goodness, truth, and beauty, you can be absolutely sure of its eventual triumph. Therefore, have no doubts, nor hesitation in embracing and owning these higher values as you come to be increasingly capable of embracing and owning them.

As you ascend the ladder of spiritual progress while in the flesh, you will have many encounters with the partialities of existence that hold potential evil, and you must be increasingly sensitive to these temptations toward selfishness and various ways that you might become a disservice to your fellows rather than a servant. But also, as you ascend in the spirit, these choices become clearer. Things become less equivocal as you walk in the higher realms of spiritual living. The more of reality that you possess, the more of reality that you are, the clearer the partial shadows of non-reality become No longer do you mistake shadow for substance and this, children, is truly liberation.

This, however, does not confer upon you the right to pass judgment on others. You may clearly discern the shadows that your fellows are grappling with, but it is not your place to judge them for their lack of spiritual insight. Rather, it is your place to extend understanding and compassion without judgment. All judgment, you must leave to the Father. This is a second great freedom and a true liberation, to be free from the responsibility of judgment.

You do well children, you have all come very far and it is a pleasure and a joy to function as your teacher. Are there any questions at this time?



Q: I figure that as I begin feeling better about myself that I will judge other people and be critical of them a lot less, is this true?

Ham: Yes, it is certainly true.

Q: The most odious things to me that other people do are the things that I am guilty of myself.

Ham: Certainly, but as you progress in the spirit, you will feel less compelled to criticize or judge your brothers. You will feel a calmness and a sense of your own purpose that fulfills all your needs and is enough, so that the urge to judge and criticize others will be too much trouble, too much energy involved and to no purpose.

Q: In other words as you begin partaking of the Father's perfection you won't have this need for the people around you to be perfect, to require of them that they be perfect.

Ham: Correct, each person has enough to do with their own spiritual journey, each one has enough on their own plate so that the errors and mistakes of others, once recognized, is not something that you have to deal with, then it becomes too much to deal with, if that makes sense to you.

Q: Yes it does.

Q: I find in the judgment department that comparisons seem to be an adjunct of that failing or urge, do you see what I mean as a part of that category? I am always comparing myself to others usually with them in a better light. That is a form of judgment isn't it?

Ham: Yes, this is a form of judgment that reflects the attitude that I am not enough, or what I am doing is not good enough." But, what you must realize is that you are exactly perfect in your realm of imperfection for this time in your spiritual development. From the indwelling spirit's point of view, you are perfectly positioned exactly where you need to be to take that next step. When you compare yourself with someone else and perhaps desire to be more like that person, you are wanting to take a step into non-reality. You are substituting something for your next step that is not correct, not even real. So, you have to trust your own indwelling spirit to give you the next step in your own progress because you are becoming you in your uniqueness and no one can give you the next step but your own indwelling spirit. Does this make sense.

Q: Perfect, thank you.

Q: It is so applicable to that thing that any change other than growth is dangerous.

Q: I have a question about the types of choices we have to make as we grow spiritually. I sometimes feel like the choices we have to make become more subtle and difficult while you told us that the choices become clearer. I wonder if you could elaborate on that problem?

Ham: Yes, spiritual choices can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack and separating the thing of value, the needle, out of all the hay can be difficult especially for those with great intellectual capacity. The way forward often is made easier when one reverts to simplicity and steps back from the complexities of the situation into a more simple, even child like moral sense. Often many evil deeds are justified in the mind as a way for the greater good to be manifest. But, this is always incorrect and very dangerous. For evil always begets evil. So, when you are confronted with shades of grey and in a dilemma as to the best thing to do, come back to the immediate deed before you, instead of the whole chain of events. Just take it one act at a time, and it will be simpler. Is this helping?

Q: Yes, thank you very much.

Personal Counsel

Q: Do you have a message for me tonight?

Ham: Yes, I see that there is some difficulty or difficulty coming soon with your child that involves mainly his own fears. When you deal with this problem, try to remember this, that it is not your doing that is the cause of his fears, but his own inner uncertainty about his place in your world. Even though your world may expand, this does not change his central position in your heart. So, if this is effectively communicated, this will help ease the potential strain. Is this helping?

Q: Well it is a bit scary, but yes thank you, thanks for the advice.

Q: Ham I would appreciate any feedback you have for me this evening.

Ham: Yes, son, congratulations on your increasing self-mastery and your continued service to others. You have been increasingly incorporating service into your thinking and into your life and this is wonderful as it always increases the happiness of the one who is serving. Be of good cheer for all is well and as it should be. You are entering a period of increasing balance and increasing happiness. Yes, you do well son.

Q: Ham, I would like some guidance regarding my work, I have been stuck lately. I feel a strong urge to write a novel yet I am unsure about the amount of isolation it will require and I have some doubts about the service value of that kind of work. I would appreciate if you could help me with this.

Ham: Yes, I understand your concerns, but you must, at the end of the day, do that which gives you the most satisfaction. You must pursue that which gives you personal pleasure and an inner sense of true accomplishment. If you feel led to begin this work, then I say pursue it. If it is Father's will, you will know quite soon. Be at ease, therefore, about your misgivings. All things worthwhile require some sacrifice.

Q: Ham do you have anything for Esmirelda?

Ham: Certainly, daughter, you are doing very well and are making good progress. You are beginning to feel and experience the fruits of the spirit in your life and this is wonderful. Be at ease, daughter, for all is well.

Q: And Elena?

Ham: Elena, you, likewise, do well. Be at peace. You are opening your heart and your willingness to experience new things and to drink more deeply from the cup of life and this is good.

Q: Vontiss?

Ham: Vontiss, son, you do well. Be open to new experiences as well. The experience of genuinely and completely loving others is part of this. Open yourself to loving all others and you are doing well.

Q: Frankie?

Ham: Son, you so well. You are continually opening up to new and expanded self-awareness and this is a great and eternal blessing.

Q: Rebecca?

Ham: Daughter, you are continuing to develop spiritually and to continually embrace change and newness. This is wonderful and I am glad to witness this. Be at peace daughter, you are doing well. Follow your inner guidance.

Q: When people were talking about how to come about knowing the best thing to do or the right thing to do, it seems to me that for a long time I have known what is the best and the right thing to do. I am devoid of courageous decisions and the thing kind of floats along and I don't seem to grow spiritually because of that. Any help you can give me.

Ham: Son, you are doing very well. You are sometimes hesitant to make some spiritual decisions, but once made, your decisions are complete and iron-clad. Be at peace with yourself, son, make friends with all your many facets rather than fighting a war against yourself. Remember, that the personality desires to unify and harmonize all the different sides of your being and that unification is in love.


Any other questions? If there are no further questions, the I will retire until next week my love and prayers go with you each.