1999-03-02-Baring Your Chest

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Topic: Baring Your Chest

Group: Butler TeaM


Teachers: Tomas, 0802-AB-Jack, and Merium

T/R's: Gerdean, Alan and Hunnah



TOMAS: Tap. Tap. Tap. That was my baton on the podium. I am glad that you have come to an impasse in your discourse this evening in order that we might also embroil ourselves in your evening.

It is so good to be with you and to see your enlivenment in terms of your future and the future of your world. Without going into apocalyptic predictions or catastrophic scenarios, I, your teacher Tomas, would like to glean from your dialogue this evening those things which would be supportive of our purpose here with you and supportive also of your spiritual growth, but before I embark upon my brief commentary, I would like to bid you all welcome to our format once again.

In particular I would like to convey greetings to Priscilla who joins us for her initial exposure to this type of communication and fellowship. We welcome you, Priscilla, to these proceedings and to the camaraderie of kindred spirits in search of a viable spiritual way of life.

It is also appropriate that I advise you of the host of observers in your arena this evening. We in the celestial realms are present in the large, for you present as always, an education for us as we observe your dealings with one another and with the development of life on Urantia. We will possibly hear from others, but I would like to begin by giving a few words of credence to your discourse and that, most particularly, has to do with the element of urgency that you seem to sense.


I would like to call to your mind the early days of preparation for the Garden of Eden. I would like for you to remember in your historic study of life on this planet how it was that in the initial thrust of interest toward the arrival of the Material Son and Daughter, there was a great sense of urgency and impending action, and that as work on the Garden commenced, over a period of time, when one generation died out and the next generation of believers took up the baton of hope, the urgency abated and life went on in its normal continuum.

Only Van and Amadon held fast all that time, and I use them as an example of human hero and celestial associate who abided by our Father's time. I say this because you are all excited and agitated and how many times we have come to you and spoken to you as to stillness and how you can carry this stillness, this connection with your inner peace, that peace which passes all understanding, into your arena, that you may be an anchor of reality for those who are excited and in panic about these "end times". It would be remiss of me, then, to encourage your emotional pique.

I would like to, however, give some good news and it may be akin to the dreaded crystal ball, but it is, even so, a fact that your Material Son and Daughter, Adam and Eve, are actively involved in the management of your world, and when you make these observations, Rachel, that there are some peculiarly expeditious pairings going on, it is indeed an influence of the nature of planetary administration, as is exemplified by the Material Sons and Daughters and which is idealized in the union between Michael and the Divine Minister.

But my greatest thrust in my words this evening have to do with the sense of appreciation and joyousness that you all perceive in terms of discovering the Father within each other and delighting in the resultant realities even to the extent that you are each individually seeing a world wherein you live and work harmoniously together. These are very real hopes and dreams, but as to each visualization, who is to say whether or not they are merely a lure or truly bait. Even so, it is leading you forward, down the river of living waters.

It gives us great cheer when we see you supporting one another in such a way as to open up your potential future to include one another without drawing lines between you, without eliminating anyone, but rather appreciating your sonship/daughtership and encouraging that greater reality to be that which impels you forward into a brighter tomorrow. As you radiate this living love, quietly, calmly, firmly, with your chest bared, you are affirming a living faith, and this is the reflection of divine reality that will stem the tide of panic and undue urgency that causes unfortunate havoc and chaos, and I encourage you to continue to support one another as fellow believers in that which contains truth, beauty, and goodness for this period of correcting upon your world.

I would like to hear from Jack, inasmuch as it is a rare opportunity and we will be losing his immediate association too soon for our liking, but this is, even so, an acknowledgement of his continued work in the field and his upcoming assignment.


0802-AB JACK here. Hello everybody.

GROUP: Hello, Jack.

JACK: It's nice to be here. I don't recall, in the many years that I have worked through Alan, that we have spoken to this large a group of people. When I was first assigned to utilize Alan as a channel, if that was feasible and possible, I was admonished to be as careful as I possibly could be, because in those early days these channels of communication were not open, and there was a great deal of potential possibility that we could harm the channel. We had to, in those days, make many efforts to upstep the electrochemical mindal conditions. Not only that but we had to get permission at each step of the way to proceed and to bring in any other personalities that might be willing and/or able to make contact.

So I say this only to give background information as to why our recipients were few. Back in those days there were few people who were open as you, as a group, are today, to receive our communications without causing difficulties and problems to those people who were being utilized, such as Alan. Back in those early days, many of the channels were open to social and public ridicule and potential physical damage and harm, as well as outright disbelief and hence ignorance of the messages that were being brought to you.

RACHEL: Well, that hasn't changed much, Jack, I hate to tell you. And we know that you are a lot older than we are!

JACK: I want to thank Tomas for his kind remarks regarding my ancestors. I have many times felt the anguish on Alan's part that he could not see me, and many times I felt I had the distinct advantage because I could see him. I know there were many times when he felt that I was making attempts to make physical contact with him, to touch his hands, his shoulders, and things like that, but in those early days those things were very frightening. Those times, I believe, have passed.

I said earlier that I had been assigned. My assignment has not stopped, so my primary responsibility is still with Alan as a channel. I regret that he doesn't use me as frequently these days as he has in the past, but again, I must say that my primary responsibility is still my assignment, which was to utilize Alan as a channel. When I go and make contact with other open channels, I do it with permission - not from Alan, but from my supervisors. I mention this because it's important for you to understand that these issues are still under control, as well they must be.

We do everything we can to encourage spiritual growth, of course. That's our mission; that's our purpose, but at the same time, there is a discipline that functions within the universe, without the universe, that must be adhered to. Through this discipline you grow, and without this discipline you have a tendency to fall into what we call and you recognize as anarchy, spiritual confusion. You cannot grow through spiritual confusion; you grow through spiritual lessons, experience, trial and error, but not through confusion, so we do everything we can to eliminate this confusion, and I mention this so that perhaps you can learn to recognize this, look for it, utilize it.

You have nothing to fear. The destiny/goal of this planet is to be settled in light and life. You have nothing to fear as this destiny works itself out. What you can do is contribute. But you can't contribute through scattered forces. Okay. Questions.

RACHEL: I'd like to make a comment. I think we are all excited about contributing, and excited about banding together to help this happen. At least that's how I feel and I know that many others do.

JACK: Isn't it a good feeling to recognize the brotherhood.

RACHEL: It is! It's wonderful to feel God in action.

JACK: There can be no brotherhood without -

GERDEAN: The Father.

RACHEL: The Father.

JACK: The Father.

GERDEAN: So you would suggest that when the brotherhood breaks down, it's because we have forgotten our Source.

JACK: That is correct.

JOANNA: Personal priorities have taken over the Father's guidance.

JACK: I don't mean to be facetious, nor do I mean to be demeaning. Don't answer outloud. Answer my question privately. How many of you today said, "Today, I give this day to God. I will do Your will. Your will be done. This day is Your day." Okay, I won't hold up. Any questions?

ANGUS: I'd just like to say it's nice to meet you, Jack. I've heard a lot about you.

JACK: Thank you. It's nice to meet you.

ANGUS: My pleasure.

JOANNA: Can you give us any guidance on the locations where we are to do this work?

JACK: That is not my province.

JOANNA: Not your province. Okay. That makes sense.

JACK: Alright. Good night.

GROUP: Good night, Jack. Thank you.

MERIUM: Greetings. GROUP: Greetings, Merium.

MERIUM: Greetings to you all! Such a configuration this evening! I am so pleased to be here with you. This is indeed a time to celebrate. Welcome all you guests in this terminal, this wonderful place of coming and going and refreshment. I have enjoyed your conversation this evening. It is good to hear your observations, but of course you know what I will do with them. I have been eavesdropping, and I have to tell you that I want you to allow yourselves to remember that you are living in the flesh in a way that you have not allowed yourself to think about lately.

It is the flesh that wants to reassure itself that it is on safe terra firma, and it is your fleshy self that wants to know who the enemy is, who the friend is. It is your flesh that is cautious. It is the inherited tendency that you have the so-called hair on your chest. You talk about baring your chest, but in the meantime you have the skin of your ancestry, your inherited tendency, you have the animal, you might say, that must be tamed. As you outgrow patterns you have inherited and begin to live your divine inheritance. It is your divine inheritance that liberates you to the point where you scarcely notice any of the distractions that have held you in bondage for so long. You will indeed become light and lively.

You tease and talk about Merium coming and making it all airy and ethereal. We are indeed like taking a heavy brine and allowing it to become a light saline so that you can move through the environment more gracefully. I am encouraging you to remember that you are new in Christ. You are new in the light of new understanding. You are a new configuration. You are born new constantly as long as you maintain your focus, and you can dwell in the ifs and the what ifs and the whens or you can glorify in the moment of your smile, your tenderness, your considerations, your poise, and when you take that lightness that you truly are, it will not be wasted. It will not be torn asunder, because you are not of this world. You are in the world but not of it.

And this is a constant reminder that should be like music to your ears. This constant reminder should liberate you into putting your arms around yourself in this gift of human configuration and rejoicing that you have made one out of two (indistinguishable) your divinity expressed afresh. You will attend to your every need and you will meet your purpose in action without difficulty. You will simply be about the Father's business. You will be your own design that is set in motion. (indistinguishable)

How it warms my heart, the heart of many, to be able to speak in this way, to speak of truth and to abandon anxiety and to not worry about what comfort is, but to know what true fulfillment is, and when you are fulfilled in the light of divine truth, you will not be concerned about the human appetite or the cost of the burdens of existence. Oh, you all have a song to sing. You all have strength and gentleness in you, and as was spoken earlier, when you bare your chest, it is a gentle strength, it is a timely strength, it is so appropriate, and it is only sent forth as a gift, as an acknowledgment to the One that is.

Oh, Tomas, we are so fortunate this evening. Would you like to join us in this phraseology?

TOMAS: Merium, I would join you on the dance floor anytime. It is wonderful to hear you espouse those truths which we have brought in order that our flock might learn the merits and skills of a unified personality such as was exemplified by the Master when he lived here, a son of man and a son of God. In the fulfillment of your own potential lives the fruits that will enable you to live today in life and light. As your microcosm of perfection, your unified personality meanders in and through your life experiences, in conjunction with other personalities following the spirit leadings of their Indwelling Adjuster, their precious Godhead, you will have brought about a new society, indeed -- those of you who rejoice to be sons and daughters of the living God.


It has indeed been a celebration this evening for us to behold your camaraderie and to encourage that in your which is gentle and strong, as you encourage that in your fellows which is and has value. Dear ones, continue in your faith path. We are constantly monitoring your growth and your challenges in order that we might be able to reach you in your growth throes as time goes by. Stay in touch. Farewell.