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Topic: About IC99

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Henry Z.




Student; JarEl, I would like to know if conferences like the IC 99, are being used by the celestials to plant seeds and to administer to the gathering or if there is any overall effect in general.

JarEl; Actually it will have a tremendous effect. It is very difficult to discern immediate results, aside from the fact that tremendous numbers of people get to connect with each other, to share thoughts and ideas, get to re-bond and re-organize relationships. In particular of these brotherhood conferences and the most recent to cite there was a particular intention to respect the differences of opinions and agendas within the Urantia based community and society at large. There are also seeds planted both between yourselves as well as from within. These have long term repercussions for Urantia.

Student; There were many children there, just fantastic. The largest group of children they ever had at a convention, and they took part in the program.

JarEl; Very good and wise on the part of the organizers. It is the young people who will eventually carry forth the light of the whole spiritual movement of Urantia. What are your thoughts Chris?

Student; I think that the spirit of the event will have a long term effect yet I don't sense an immediate effect. As was said, the children had a major impact, and will help to bring major spiritual growth upon the world.

JarEl. Is there something in particular that you would like to see transpire at these conferences which is not?

Student; Well, I hope all of the different factions within the movement coalesce into mutual respect for each other as well as differences of opinion. I would like to see one movement, not fragmented.

JarEl; This is truly hoped for. This is truly the intention.

Student; I believe that there was a large step in that direction. I was at the one before and this time the whole teaching mission segment of the community was allowed more presence and voice. I think that there was a major step. I feel that some of the more conservative voice of the foundation were almost mirroring and saying the same things in the morning which the teaching mission is voicing all the time. So, I don't know how that came about, it just seemed more harmonic.

'Also Gard J, who was on the foundation, gave an opening speech and it was all about love. Sounds like the spirit within him was really uniting everyone with love.'

'I wonder what we can learn from the foundation and fellowship, I don't think that it's a one way street. We seem to think that we are showing them the way, but they could also be showing us the way.'

JarEl; Hopefully this is so. Not everyone has all of the answers. No one culture has all the answers; no one gender has all of the answers. NO one race and so on. We can all learn something from each other.

I would like you to think about the spiritual metaphor of water and why it is used so often. Unlike some of the fundamentalist religions, who use the term 'rock', the term water implies that all these different water can flow together, and within this water there is a potency of spirit which creates a tide, and movement. This is what we envision within these conferences, that these different groups and individuals become like mingled water, and that the spirit within begins to move this whole body of water as one, as a tide swelling. Not as a flood, but connecting to all of the spiritual water within each of us. When you come against a rock, you just flow around it, flow over it. Wash the rock with water. Spiritual water is a wonderful metaphor.

Student; You started the lesson with 'creativity' as a means of knowing. Is there anyway you can enlarge upon that, how the individual can use creativity; to have this feeling of knowing the Father.


JarEl; Actually, I referred to creativity as a way to access the Father. My implication is that there is no one path to the Father. The paths are as numerous as individuals approaching the Father. The Father helps create a way in which he can be accessed. We use the term stillness in our teaching lessons, because it helps to portray the actual condition of mind to receive the Father. For example, think of the Father as pure melted snow water. It is vital, nourishing, it is crystal clear. Now think of yourself as water, which is not necessarily of this quality, so to become like God, you cannot hold up a cup of unclean water. It is best to empty the cup, so to speak, and let God fill you with this pure, clear, nourishing, fresh melted snow water.

This is what is meant as stillness; to clear the mind of thoughts, thoughts of yourself, of your needs and wants; your limits, your preconditions. I use the term creative to access God, because to begin to access God in your daily life, and to begin to access God in others, takes some grace and finesse. It doesn't necessarily work to preach and belittle others. You have to find a way to access the God within other people. Sometimes you have to use a little creativity to access your own personality in God; to be able to still stand up and be incomplete in God's presence, yet still have the ability to hold forth the hand and voice of God to others.

This is possible because God deems it so. He has chosen to indwell an imperfect person, to help that person give him expression. How else is one to know this except in a creative way? In a way in which it may be unique to express God. This is why I use the term 'creative'. You cannot go to a book and it will tell you how to access God. This is a trial and error procedure. Through feeling, stilling the mind, paying attention and by using your creative intelligence you will begin to access God. He is not like an interest rate, which can be accessed in the morning paper. God in most respects is much more illusive, and subtle. It is so that you will continue to search and seek out what it is that God wants from you, that God needs of your service. At any one time, when you think that you have found God and really know him, then he can help you experience and find another aspect of him. There are so many aspects of God, that you could live for an eternity and never stop experiencing the many aspects of God. So seeing creative is seeing more like water, and less like a rock.

Student; So each one must create their own method of finding the Father. Is this related to or mixed up with our human emotion pattern, when you say empty the cup it is like being 'Born again' and getting rid of the past, and while here in the material, are we using our emotional patterns to accomplish this too?

JarEl; Well all of these things are interconnected, and in a certain sense, yes, this has similar metaphor to being born again.

Q.' and when we get up to the morontia worlds, we will have a different form of creativity in finding the Father; in that we no longer have our material emotional patterns'.

A. Well, you will definitely have many more opportunities and challenges in finding the Father.

Q.' this process continues to change all the way up to paradise?'


A. Yes. What I feel is important to understand is that on a world like Urantia it is very easy to find God. In the sense that there is no other place to find God other than within. You don't have tremendous spiritual beings sitting in your midst n the flesh, and your mind is thinking,' Oh, this is God!'Yes, you look at a lot of human beings and realize that there are aspects of God; but this even more so on Urantia, forces you to look more closely within to discern some of the finer details and meanings which God has for you. This is also what I am talking about with creativity. This is truly one of the great benefits, if it can be said of a world like Urantia. You have very little distraction to discern God once you begin to look within. Once you can learn to calm your own mind, stabilize your own emotions, then access is almost assured. You may not quite understand this, but on a more evolved world, it is somewhat more difficult to find God. For example; think of Lucifer. He grew up in light and life. The order of Lanonandeks are an extremely high order of beings as created next to the Melchizedeks. The worlds of light on Salvington and the constellation headquarters are very high worlds. The worlds of light on the system capitols are, also. Yet, one of the more brilliant beings of Nebadon found it extremely difficult to discern God. He found it a lot easier to discern individual prerogative and individual expression.

In some respects, you are blessed to be on this world of strife. You are blessed, because there are very few places to find God here. Once you begin to find God, know that this is real. Begin to sense in your life, how this interplay's. Sense within, and once you begin to get a sense within of who God is, this makes it easier to sense God in others; its just a sense, your God sense.

Student; JarEl, what you have said this evening is very timely with what is going on in my life. One of the lessons I am learning, just this week is that I am a poor negotiator, This week I allowed myself to loose that stream of God that I have been in, got sidetracked and had poor negotiations.

I have been commissioned to do this abstract painting, and I asked the clients to express with words, to help with the imaging, and one of the words is water, one of the six words they have choose. You were talking about water, how God was snow water, I started thinking about a stream as it runs down the mountain. It is easy for us to access God if we just move downstream; there are times in my life when I get caught up in the rocks and land on the bank, which is really my own will. Sometimes, being human I allow myself to get sidetracked. The stream keeps going down over rocks and around them until it come to pools. My mind wants the stream where it is always flowing, always running, rapid type of movement, sometimes I have a hard time accepting those pools.

JarEl; Thank you for sharing. Good luck on your next negotiations.

Student; I tend to think when I come across people if they are crystallized with reference to God. The water analogy is so beautiful because ice comes up -tape over-in fact to flow and experience God, rather than tell people what God is or something crystallized as such.

JarEl; Thank you.

Student; I like this part in the lesson last time, we skipped it tonight, I thought it was beautiful, where we can express our thought adjuster and creating a marvelous creature, a brilliant being and a great teacher when we get to the next worlds. That this is developing and we have access to this our thought adjuster.

Light and Life, Urantia

JarEl; There is a tremendous potential in this world for deity expression; for the thought adjuster to express life and light through you. There is a tremendous opportunity to create light and life like it has never been created before in Nebadon. You have the tremendous teachings and example of the master son , Michael, as he lived here. You are totally free to access and choose at will. This does not make your work any easier, but all is not in vain. This world will become the crowning jewel of Nebadon and one day, on whatever world you may be on at that time, your ears will bend when upon the broadcasts you hear announced that critical mass has finally turned the tide of Urantia. Urantia has truly opened the road to that dawning age. A glorious day it will be in your heart, to know that what you felt and intended through the short life you lived on this world was not in vain. It is my intention to give you a large picture, and with some perspective, for where you are standing now, granted lacks dimension. IT is very easy to indulge in the confusion that is rampant on this world. To let you know that all will work out.

Urantia Book

Student; I thoroughly enjoy you coming and visiting us, thank you. I have a lot of trouble comprehending the Urantia book. A lot of times everyone else understands and I just don't understand at all. Am I going to have this problem all the time even when I leave this earth, or am I going to get a little smarter?

JarEl; Thank you, I just want you to know that every thing will be all right. You are new to the Urantia Book and are new to the study group situation. You are in a study group amongst members who have been reading the book for a few decades. Do not belittle or berate yourself against these minds, for they have had more exposure and experience through the years of reading this book. Trust that at one time everyone that has read the Urantia Book has encountered a certain amount of confusion, skepticism, or whatever he or she may have experienced. Give yourself some time. Find what it is that you do understand about the Urantia Book, and create that as your center and little by little, add on to that. Stand where you feel comfortable in the Book. As you begin to study and the years go by, you will begin to see and understand a little more. If I may share what is in the mind of this transmitter,' When you read the book for the first time, you get a few things out of it. The more you read the more you see. The second or third time you read, you will see things which you didn't see the first time. There is a lot, which is camouflaged within the words of the Urantia book. So be of good cheer, enjoy the fellowship and continue studying.

Student; JarEl, that was a beautiful way of putting our efforts that we can look back many years from now, and when you were speaking, those words sounded so real, they related to me, that I felt them inside of me. I do look forward to that day, and I will rejoice with all of my brothers and sisters, thank you.

"I was reading from a teacher who said, that love is all above you, all around you and it goes through you, we can just feel the love surrounding you and it is a wonderful way to think about God.'

'Love is the energy of the Universe" discussions of friction shields (39:5.12) and universe things.


JarEl; So for this week and the next few, Concern yourselves with this metaphor of spiritual water, reflect upon it. Think of yourselves as water, think of God's love as water, how it envelops, how it moves from one person to another, for love and water are both essential to life-- One in a physical sense and one in a spiritual sense. May you all have a wonderful week, thank you.