1999-10-22-Your Education

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Topic: Your Education

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Bill K.



Daniel(Bill/Isaac): My dear friends, I am Daniel, your friend, your teacher, your compatriot and your fellow ascender. I am pleased that you have stretched your souls and minds to consider the ramifications of this classroom in so many different directions.



You see, the universe instruction technique requires pupil participation and active effort on the part of the student in order for lessons to be truly learned. At first it was appropriate for you to sit at my feet, as it were, and listen to the basics that I taught. Then, we had additional personnel, celestial guidance from a resident Melchizedek, teacher Tomas, teacher Aaron, and your own personal teachers frequently also were involved. At times we have used the totally interactive mode of asking you questions, the other side of the coin to you asking questions of us.

Indeed, it is one of the goals of the Correcting Time to bring this planet into the normalization experience so that spiritual truth and reality will be commonplace among all peoples. But that time, my friends, as we foresee it, is quite a long way off. In fact and in truth we teachers are not cognizant of the long ranges plans that our sovereign Michael is projecting, for he, like his Father and our Father, does not feel that it is in our best interests to have too much of a sense of the future. It is not only in mortal experience that the future is withheld from your knowledge but also is this true beyond mortal experience. The large outlines of our futures are clearly laid out before us; and it is displayed for your understanding in this massive project called the Urantia Book. But our immediate daily futures are never fully anticipated, for it is in the interest of our spiritual growth that this uncertainty factor remains so that we have to continue to follow and walk in faith. As long as the evolutionary universes are incomplete will this be so. It is inherent in the nature of the unfoldment of potentials into actuals that this uncertainty factor be present.

Now, my friends, this is not to say that we withhold from you valuable information. This is not the case. We do desire to share what we have learned with you. So I wish this evening to offer you more time for questions or opinions. We don't have to sit in a pedestal fashion with you. We would be happy to interact either with questions or with just plain conversation. Before I open this fully up to you I would ask if this presentation that I have just made is confusing or whether you understood the intention. Isaac is feeling confused I will honor his nervousness. Have you understood so far what I have been attempting to share?


If so, would you please say, "Yes"



Ken: I think so. I believe so.

Daniel: Thank you, Ken.

Ken: But we must still walk in, as you put it, faith for our future. The future is not given to us to know.

Daniel: Yes. And part of that walking is the experience of learning the things such as spiritual growth. Because of your willingness to explore honestly your feelings about the progress you felt in this group and in the function that it has had for you in the past, then I was explaining how this is you interactive aspect of learning, and how we feel that it is very appropriate that you should use this kind of thinking together. I also intended to review the history of our teaching as a classroom. For you see now, and I did not finish my thinking, the thinking that I was wishing to complete was the transition from a lecture format into more of a seminar type of teaching experience. That has been my feeling for the way this particular group had been functioning. Now, since we have been short of time so often, I would open this up for your participation. The floor is yours.

Ken: So with this format you are saying that from the lecture to the round table discussion type of thing, we now have the opportunity to examine the bricks in our load a little more thoroughly, to understand them.

Daniel: Yes, and you have been doing this all along. You have been discarding some bricks which are worn and are no longer attractive, whose shape has been disfigured by the bruises of the interaction in the wheelbarrow or the wagon; and you have been picking up some new, shiny, relatively sharp cornered bricks. This is a metaphor for the process of learning. The discarded bricks served a function just as scaffolding serves a function when a building is constructed. The interactive character of a seminar is really the major change from the lecture format, for in the lecture format you receive information and you go away from the lecture to process it. In a seminar format you receive information, process it, and then bring it back and interact with your teacher, whereas in a lecture format you primarily interact with each other or your self alone. So, therefor, the examination of the bricks in your load will be more of a interactive group activity in the seminar. Does that explain the process?

Ken: Yes.

Daniel: One thing, Ken, and the rest of you, that is unique about the Teaching Mission is that this is not the normal teaching experience on the average planet. We are, indeed, in an emergency mission. The Correcting Time is a response to the overall emergency of the Lucifer rebellion, now happily concluded. But we are in the mop up effort to clean up the damage which is massive, extensive, and will not easily yield to individual effort, but will respond to the overwhelming profusion of spiritual pressure which is a result of the millions and millions of volunteers, among whom I am one.

Pat, you say you have had questions in the past. Do you wish to ask something this evening? (Laughter) You are not required to. In this intimate setting I feel comfortable asking. [Ed. Note: this was a small group of five people]

Spirit of Truth

Pat: They elude me now. But I do have one question I would like to ask, if you can clarify. Help me understand Christ Michael's . ...and I think it was you that first talked about that we have a different connection with him now, other than the Spirit of Truth? That he comes to the planet and he literally is accessible to us? I would like to know a little bit more about that and how to act as a....

Daniel: The enhancement of spiritual circuitry which is the result of the removal from isolation of this planet and the others who were also cut off in the system of Satania has made it possible for Michael's Spirit of Truth to be enhanced with this additional circuitry. It has always been possible since Michael poured out his Spirit upon the universe of Nebadon at the time of his sovereignty attainment for the Spirit of Truth to be heard. It has always been true since Michael left this planet and poured out his Spirit, that anyone could make contact with him. What is different is that there is more surrounding spiritual pressure due to this enhanced circuitry and due to the presence of celestial help than was true before the onset of the Correcting Time mission.

As to how to contact with Michael's Spirit of Truth, I would have to say, first of all, that you question refers to conscious contact, doesn't it?

Pat: Yes

Daniel: You are in contact with Michael's Spirit of truth at a level which is outside of ordinary consciousness. This is one of the two major goals of stillness practice, to become aware of your indwelling Adjuster's presence and thoughts in your mind, and also to become more aware of the presence of Michael of Nebadon. It may help to visualize Michael standing or sitting by your side. In fact Isaac is willing to share that this technique works for him and he has spoken as though Michael was visibly present and has heard back in his mind conversation, so much so, that the sense of dramatization, imagination, or visualization disappears. This is not self hypnosis. This is merely a way to allow the contact which is there to be consciousized. Everyone must discover what works for them. I would invite you, Pat, to comment on this suggestion that I just made Do you think it might have merit or have you found some other way to be effective?

Pat: I appreciate your thoughts very much. I think that it will be most helpful. I have not found another way to become closer. So, I'll try that. I appreciate your thoughts on that in clarifying for me that it is the Spirit of Truth, not something separate. Is that correct?

Daniel: Yes, that is correct.

Pat: Thank you.


Daniel: My dear friend, your soul knows more than your mind, that is to say, your soul is a blend of spiritual and material. Your mind is merely material and is loaned to mortals for the period of the mortal career. But your soul knows more because its essence is greater than merely material.

Faith is both an experience of the mind and of the soul. Sometimes the mind needs structures to hang the garments of fear, doubt, and trepidation on so that these can be put aside and the door of faith can be opened. It is as though the door is narrow and when you wear the garments of fear, doubt, and trepidation you can't squeeze through the door. But if you remove these handicapping garments and place them on the hooks, then you can walk through the door and experience spiritual reality at a new level. Upon leaving that encounter with spiritual reality all too often the person feels obligated to put their garments back on that they are comfortable with to proceed with the rest of the day. If one can risk discomfort and leave the garments they so commonly wear on those hooks at the doorway of faith and go back into life, not naked, but without those cumbersome garments, then when they return to that door of faith they look with amusement and say, "My. I did quite well without those things."

My friends, you are to be commended, for you must learn faith without the benefit of sight, without the supports of an ordinary world. Therefor, your learning is both more difficult and more profound. Sometimes we teachers truly stand in awe of you! We are most grateful to have this opportunity. (Daniel sighs)

I speak too long. Let me offer another comment or question from the others of you.

Virginia: Daniel, I had a lot of thoughts, both of past questions and your answer. Number one, the doorway of faith is a very beautiful illustration. I'll be thinking about that. My problem is that I have too many zippers and buttons on my garments of fear, etc. so that I get all hung up outside before I go on my way. The UB says that most of our spiritual contact is really unconscious anyway. I have the problem that I almost feel arrogant to think that I could possibly consciously be aware of either contact with the Thought Adjuster or Michael of Nebadon It just..........seems like that kind of spiritual contact is for another time.

Thought Adjusters, Communication

Daniel(Bill): My daughter, my friend, your soul knows that such intimacy is very doable, but your mind tells you that you are not worthy. Do you agree with this?

Virginia: Oh, yes!

Daniel: Your soul is wiser than your mind is.

I will briefly comment on the book with these words. In the book the task of attuning to the Adjuster's voice is described as the major goal of mortal life. At the same time the book is very cautious in its attempt to prevent fanaticism and truly arrogant people from seizing upon the opportunity to speak the words of God to others, in particular, for the purpose of ego enhancement and even material gain. But it is an incorrect reading of the Urantia Book to conclude that such contact is neither possible or desirable. In fact it is the opposite. It is both possible and highly desirable. A certain amount of healthy skepticism may be serviceable as long as it not unbelief. The difference between healthy skepticism and unbelief is a matter of motive. It is the same motive that says, "I desire this or that, but nevertheless not my will but Yours be done", the recognition of humility that is appropriate. I tell you Letah, my dear, you are not arrogant..at least not very often,(laughter) and certainly not in spiritual things. Do you wish to discuss this further?

Virginia: No, Daniel. I really don't think so. It is an issue that I have really been aware of for many, many months.

Daniel: I am cognizant of the fact that you are hearing from your Adjuster and you don't want to talk about it for it is very private. This is . ..

Virginia: But Daniel, I'm not sure that I am. See, I'm not sure that I could even say that.

Daniel: That's what I was saying about the soul and the mind. Your soul knows and your mind doubts. My advice to you if you wish to hear it............

Virginia: Sure.

Ken: And me too!

Daniel:..........is to be patient with yourself.

Virginia: Forget my age.

Daniel: Remember that there is a flavor to Adjuster contact which is authoritative. Also remember that what you hear from your Adjuster comes through your mind most often and therefor there may be that edge of mixture of your mind and the Adjuster. When you reach my status, morontia being, it's much clearer. Once you have achieved fusion, also my status, there is no vagueness. But in the mortal estate there will be struggle at times. So my advice again is to be patient and if you can pray sincerely, "It is my will that Your will be done" you will progress without question.

Virginia: Thank you.

Daniel: I hope that has been some help to you.

Attunement, Inner Life

Marty: Daniel, you may have covered this before, but to take it one step further than what you did with Virginia..I always have the struggle that I can't visibly hear from my teacher that I know of or my Thought Adjuster. How do I.......is it faith or.......how do I know whether I am actually trying to the Father's will versus my will? I feel like I am trying it but then there are a lot of times where I think maybe this is just my own selfishness or my own materialism or something like that taking over, and then the doubts come back in. Is there any guidance you can give us along that way?

Daniel: It is the will of God that you share your inner life with Him. This is the will of God. If you are doing that, and I believe you are to a considerable extent, then whatever it is that you do, moment by moment, it is done within the intention of doing God's will. As you become more comfortable with sharing every aspect of yourself with your Inner Guide, when you realize that God truly does know you better than you know you, that there is no reason or probability of success in hiding any part of yourself from God, then will that sense of being in God's will become more pervasive. Also, ask for guidance whenever you are uncertain. And even if you are not an auditory person, Marty, that you hear words, you can perceive intuitively by feeling the way to go. My recommendation is to look through your mind, as it were, and see if there is anything you have been uncomfortable about or unwilling to discuss with God and make that area the subject of your next quiet time. If you feel that you have openly shared your inner life with God, then say something like this, "I would desire that what I think, feel, and desire be from your directional guidance. If it is not, that you would make that clear to me". This business of becoming in tune with God's will is not something sudden, but it is very, very gradually increasing in everyone who makes the effort. Does this give you any help, Marty?

Marty: Yes.

Daniel: There is one more suggestion I would have.

Marty: I need all the help that I can get.

Daniel: I would like you to use a similar method to what I recommended for Pat and take your side of the conversation as we do in prayer, and then wait to hear what comes into your mind. If you are comfortable using paper or pencil or comfortable typing on a computer. Why don't you try that again for a while and see if when you read it after your quiet time that it has any sense of authority. What do you think of that?

Marty: I'll keep trying. It's just that the big old doubts keep coming back in about what I am hearing or sensing and then I think, now is this my ego trying to take over again.

Daniel: Have you ever shared this with someone else? Marty: Shared what?

Daniel: What you write or type.

Marty: No. I just can't seem to get confident enough that it's not me.

Daniel: The reason that I ask about sharing is that sometimes another's input can magnify a sense of surety in your mind. When others in this group have brought teacher's commentary and shared it with the group it has been a faith stimulating experience. Would you be willing to try that?

Marty: We'll take it a step at a time.(laughter)

Daniel: Yes, well I am not forcing this; I am merely suggesting it.

Marty: I appreciate your help, Daniel. Thank you.


Virginia: Daniel, I know it's getting late. I wonder if you would be in a position through Isaac to tell me about the difference between gossip and confiding and how do we know our own true mind in something like that?

Daniel: Yes. In confiding in another person you are making a trust commitment in the act of the confidence. You are willing to share with another person something about yourself that you would not want the whole world to know. Therefor it requires trust and faithfulness. In spreading gossip you are not talking about yourself. You are talking about another person. Now, some talking about other people can be for the purpose of eliciting compassion and assistance for that person. In this kind of sharing I would not characterize it as gossip. The best way to feel clear about talking about someone's plight is to have that permission personally obtained from that individual to share this information, that they may or may not want others to know. Pure destructive gossip is telling about another's misfortunes for the purpose of making that person look bad or in contrast putting oneself on a higher level. It does not have any element of compassion or of empathy. The implication is that this other person is of a different nature than human, not a child of God, despicable in some way, or foolish, or something lessor than is desirable. Have I given you any help?

Virginia: Daniel, I think you have in that last contrast, that gossip would not have the element of empathy or sympathy where confiding for support in dealing with that particular person in a particular situation would have the element of concern for that other person. Am I reading the contrast correctly?

Daniel: Yes, yes. For example, you can bring to the attention of other people the plight of a friend who has undergone some tragic event for the purpose of eliciting prayer. material aid, a listening ear, these kinds of things, if there is no judgmental aspect to the telling of the story, only compassion, yes.

Virginia: Thank you, Daniel.

Daniel: Well, my friends, thank you for your willingness to ask questions this evening. I am pleased and uplifted by the serious nature of your desire for assistance in attaining greater God consciousness, for this is one of our major objectives with you, to assist you to become more God conscious.

Ken: Thank you.


Daniel: In closing, for we are out of time, I would merely ask you to remember the metaphor of the door and try out taking off the garments of fear, doubt, and trepidation. Hang them aside. Ask and you shall receive. This is not a vain promise. For the Father does not give his Spirit in a stingy manner but gives it in complete generosity.

My friends, I have very much enjoyed our get together. I have been asked to pass on the love of your personal teachers and your guardian Seraphim; and always do I send you my love. Dear friends, good evening.

Group: Good evening.