2000-10-08-Seeing Perfection

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Topic: Seeing Perfection

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Athena, Elyon, Helena

TR: Gerdean, Ginny, Mark Rogers



Athena (Gerdean TR): I am Athena, a celestial artisan. I am joyous to be here to visit with you this afternoon. I will not take up the whole day, however, I would come in and paint you a picture, give you a lesson.



Pause a moment to reflect on the vibrant colors of your life, this in terms of Light and Life and how you perceive that which is in front of you. The faith that what you see is real is an inherent part of my message, for the spirit is truly visible. Let me bring into your consciousness the artist Vincent van Gogh and allow yourself to stand close to his work, his brush strokes, and observe the movement within the molecules of his vision that have led your eye all over the canvas, giving the painting depth and dimension and movement. The planet Urantia is like this in that, if your eye can find a point of reference for perfection, a simple pinpoint perspective on perfection, it is possible then for that allowance to grow and move across the page in an orderly fashion until such time as the canvas of your life is a work of art, is moving and pulsating with the energy of the universe.

The point of this mini lesson is to again introduce the concept that you can see perfection. The stillness is a point of reference for perfection that offers such clarity of vision that anything hailing therefrom is going to be abundant with life and power. If it proceeds in grace and with determination it can do nothing but expand the cosmos, indeed.

The art of living. When you find your point of reference and begin to create the canvas of your life, proceed in faith and confidence as when you are led away from clarity you will be aware of the altered perspective and will allow for yourself to be redrawn back to the source when the time comes.

The time has come now for me to move over. Your regular teachers are here in joy of your gathering and the many mysteries that are unfolding in the season of your world physically and morontially. Farewell.


Elyon (Mark): Yes, I greet you today, this is Elyon. I am pleased to be welcome among your group, and I am thankful to each of you for making the effort necessary to hold our regularly scheduled program.

In watching over you all these last weeks it is clear and obvious to all on our side that you are forming new growth rings even as we speak. It is a joy to behold when this stirring of the soul propels you forward into engaging the spirit process with serious abandon, for when you extend yourself in these realms you are indeed a flower opening its petals to the light of your Father. You may be unaware that it is He who stimulates you thus just as the flower is uncertain of its relationship to the sun. Nevertheless, this basic relationship underlies all that the flower may do. It is not important that the flower understand the exact nature of its relationship to its environment and to its life-giving source of sun, but only that the flower attempts to work as efficiently and completely within the parameters it does recognize.

It is too much for a child to describe the nature and function of the neural pathways you are becoming familiar with. It only serves purpose to educate the child using that framework which you are aware of. Later in the evolution of the child you may explain further and in greater detail just how he was able to learn these truths. For now it is only important to take the steps to insure that he does learn these truths. All will be made clear to you each one as you mature and increase your capacity of understanding to include the reality which you are and the reality which live by. For now we are attempting to strengthen your sense of your position in this reality and are quite pleased to make slow but certain progress in this realm. Indeed, to expose you to all the ramifications of all the reality you will come to know would be entirely over your heads, much as a complex lesson would be inappropriate to a small child.

By coming to us, the teachers, you are in reality practicing your faith, strengthening your faith bond with spiritual reality, and building the necessary foundation wherewith to enlarge your capacity. This inner desire to reach out beyond your normal range of vision, of perception, is the propellant necessary to enable you to design your individual, to use your word, constructs. You are even now engaged in the meshing of much information made available to you, and the settling in of this information will prove very fruitful in times to come when you return once again to your tool box to gain the tool with which to efficiently harness the power each of you inherently contains. As a celestial it is joyful to witness this process much as the budding of the tree in the Spring, much as the flower poking up through the snow, as the greening of the earth. It is life. It is light. It is the abundance that is yours for the taking, for the asking, for your effort at development of these tools. It is a joy to even have the opportunity to discourse with you about what a joy it is to perceive. But I, in deference to the many who are involved in this process, would allow time for other contact as well as remain in attendance for any questions directed that I may be of assistance in answering.


The Teachers

George: Will there be assistance from the teachers in the years to come to push this construct to its absolute maximum capacity? Can there be forthcoming information from the teachers to allow everyone to get the maximum out of it?

Elyon: Our directive as facilitators and appointed representatives is to work with the individual. To that end we have great leeway in working with individuals to recognize the values inherent with the program you propose. We are in favor of any program promoted which fosters the control and positive manipulation of the great forces available to the individual within the confines of their own mind and brain. We would certainly . .. any individual's desire to accept this or any other similar program which would enable an individual to better harness their own abilities.

We see this as not an end but as a beginning. We see this process which you are in great study of at this time as a means to an end, as a tool to be possessed and used by individuals interested in spiritual growth. Whether or not they may view it as spiritual, it is a valuable component of directing the mind's potential. This may be helpful in many aspects of an individual's existence, exceedingly helpful when an individual may use this process to go beyond their mortal existence. You in this room have already assumed that second step, and therefore this process is exceedingly valuable to you to pattern-ize, that is, put into order a process whereby you can regularly and routinely lead your busy minds to a place where they can be contacted by spirit more readily.

You may do many other things with this program your propose, as well. You will come to find out the many areas of your life that may be enhanced by use of this technique. We are primarily interested in only the spiritual impact of this process. Others may be interested in other aspects; that remains our focus, however.

Does this address your question?

George: Yes, it does, thank you.

Elyon: It is perceived there are many questions. Feel free to say on.

Teaching Mission, Knowledge

Gerdean: If I were promoting this Akashic well of knowledge, this place to go, this construct, I would start a rumor that it is only accessible by reserve corps of destiny. That would start a scramble to get there first, since we are all eager to make an impact.

Elyon: I perceive your direction of the use of reverse psychology to make an attraction to this process, and I perceive you are in jest. I would however take this opportunity to step out on a limb and urge caution in some regard. I would perhaps urge certain caution against any perceived or unperceived ownership of this process. This process is public domain to all sentient who walk on your world. It is a gift to be given. It is a gift to be accepted. It is another tool, not the only tool. It is as specialized training to those who would embrace it, and to those who would accept it, it is a treat, a reward for their efforts. I would caution you against any actions that might be taken which might be perceived as exclusionary, as restrictive in any way whatsoever. Our mission is to promote such teachings. Our mission is to share with all those who will listen. That is also your mission: to share, to promote, to freely give to all and any who seek. We must never be accused of fostering a division of us and them, of those who have, those who do not; those who know, those who do not. These barriers must be completely obliterated. That as well is part of our mission. That is why I stand out here on the edge of my mandate in cautioning you, do not make this mistake. This is as God's love to each of you to be shared openly and freely. It is as Michael's mandate that we be about this business together. This is not to be possessed. This is to be shared, to be had freely, to be fostered in any individual who desires to seek it and who finds it. You as individuals it is your privilege to share it. It is not for you to judge who should have, who should not, who is qualified, who is not, who it would benefit, who it would not.

However, having stated this we all are aware that judgment and discernment must be a part of this process. To broadcast openly and unrestricted these messages would not be effective communication of this process. You will know who is seeking. You will know when they come to you, when they come to another, when they are in search mode. Then their spirit speaks to your spirit, and you know that to share this tool with them will be helpful, would be good, would be right. You do not simply walk up to a stranger, tap him on the shoulder, and begin to instruct him in this procedure. That would not be prudent, would not be wise, would certainly not be effective. However, if a stranger were to approach you and ask you what you know about how to reach spirit, how to guide and train and harness the power that is your mind and your brain, then you share freely and openly and completely.

Each of you has this ability to discern the correctness. If you are in doubt we will help you. Come to us. We will help clear the matter up as to the appropriateness. But when it is appropriate make this process a free and loving exchange of beauty.

Gerdean: Thank you for your comments.

Elyon: Thank you all for your interest in these comments.


Helena (Ginny): Hello, this is Helena. I am a seraphic . ... As my name indicates I bring great light. Helios is 'of the light'.

When you speak of privilege, of special talents, of callings, vocations, it is as far as we are concerned an invitation to increase your perceptions and your intuitions so that you, yourselves, may become healers of light, for when you call to us to assist you in helping another, you are in fact calling for assistance to help yourself.

If you truly concentrate on clearing the pathways of healing so that you may be a clear conduit, this in and of itself will provide the attraction. It is very easy on your planet to murmur among yourselves as did the friends of Jesus at the gathering of the supper. "Where will I sit?" "Where am I going to be?" "What chair can I have?" "What place will I have in the kingdom?" How heavy a heart our Master had when he observed this behavior. We do observe in you however a sincere desire to be conduits of light, and we do not see much of this. But it can creep in fairly easily. The apostles' concern for status in the kingdom was still so predominant that they many times missed the message.

It is wise for you to follow your inclinations, your inspirations, and to follow them with a clean and sincere heart, for there are indeed many pathways in our Father's kingdom. Your areas of expertise, each one of you, each one is different. Each one uses aspects of the personality you feel most comfortable in. That is to be commended. It is with intention and sincerity that you do the most healing and that you clear your own desires, that you be only of service.

It would benefit all of you to be more inclusive in your work. If you exceed in one area it would be beneficial for you to open up and include other modalities.

It has been a great pleasure to be among you. I share my light with you. I come with great admiration at the quality of your service. G'day.

I have been recently made aware of your group and you provide a lesson for me also, to observe your ways of being. You also have been an inspiration to me. I will be around.

Progress, Status

Ginny: From reading about the Planetary Princes, . ... as advanced at times and at times it doesn't look so advanced, at all. In trying to get to one language and one race as such a long time to reach. At other times it seems at our fingertips. Where do we stand in terms of uplifting the planet?

Elyon (Mark): Elyon here. You have been engaged recently in the exercise of attempting to separate yourselves and your realities from the aspect of time. I say to you that you are not able to successfully accomplish this when you look at your standing in the spiritual evolution of your world. You see yourselves as after some and before others, as part way through, as a long way off. You ask where you stand on this line. I say you stand alone. You stand separate from this process you call time. You may not be able to divorce yourselves from the lineal perception you have of time, but when spirit beings are exposed to the reality which is your world, which is your destiny as a species, as a race, and as an individual, we see only the successful completion of this model before you. We see that in eternity all aspects of spiritual growth are necessary, are right. You may have this comparison structure in your perception process; we do not. We take you in your individual reality and see your standing as good, as right, even as perfect in the parameters of the overall scheme.

Yes, there is much growth left before you. There is much growth you have already completed. We speak in terms of this process of growth from point A to point B as the flower budding then unfurling then passing through its season only to come around again. These are the conditions in which your mind embraces reality, cyclical natures of growth occurring repeatedly. We perceive the process differently, as a great horizon spread out before you in which you occupy now a random position and then a random position and in the future another position to be determined by your spiritual standing in your evolution. Indeed this process is not lineal. You can through your own freewill exercise step backwards in this process. You can reverse this lineal progression you see and actually recede down this line. But as we view it the only direction is up, the only direction of growth is forward and inclusive and embracing. The more inclusive and embracing, the larger your perspective, the more spirit content, which is the true measure. Not how long it took, where you are, and how far you have to go. Your spirit content denotes your position on this scale of ascensions. Nothing more. No relationship to others is present, only relationship to the Father.

So, as you perceive we operate using two different scales. In the end the only scale important to you is our individual scale of spirituality, of attainment of the spirit realm. Your success is measured thusly, not in relation to the project, not in relation to others or your world or even your universe, but individually in relation to your approach to the Father. That is the only true scale of measurement and one which will not match anyone else's scale, will not correlate with any other known reality, rather it must be taken on its own to stand by itself where it belongs as a freewill individual, as a unique being of time and space. To transcend time, to be a being of space, a being of eternity, this is your goal, your destiny, and the path you are each now walking at this very moment.

I perceive that this question has further ramifications, that others in this group harbor this same question as to their standing spiritually. Let me go one step farther in attempt to remove all doubt from the corners of your minds that you somehow are not what you should be, that you somehow fall short of the attainment of your mind's eye, that you don't measure up to a standard perceived in relationship to others. You must free yourselves from this restriction. You must let go of your comparison to a preconceived scale or to relationship to others. Allow yourselves to be exactly where you are. As your manual has told you, the quickest way to become a frog is to live each day faithfully as a tadpole. The quickest way to spiritual growth is to immerse yourselves completely where you are so that you may obtain that level and rise to the next. It serves no purpose to afford yourselves obstacles by uncertainty as to your spiritual standing. Each one of you gathered here has great spiritual progress over which you should be very pleased and proud as we are who are observing. Your relationship to spirit is the only goal worth seeking and the one you are increasingly becoming oriented to.

I hope this message brings some peace to those who would harbor uncertainty.

Ginny: I just found myself thinking things much as the apostles did. It makes me smile.

Elyon: Smile, embrace, and love. This is how we transcend.

George: Thank you, Elyon.


Elyon: You are all most welcome. It is indeed my privilege to come before you at times like this. It is my treat. It is my reward, and I embrace and accept it as my station and as my position as I hope that each one of you does in your daily existence, embrace your station; embrace your position; live it fully. Be it so that it may gain its fullest expression thereby becoming part of your ascension career, a gift for you to have and hold. Thank you.