2001-02-20-Aspects of the Supreme

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Topic: Aspects of the Supreme

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Henry Z.



Greetings to you my friends. It is good to be here this evening. It is I teacher JarEl. We will continue our discussion on the state of affairs in the layers of reality; the higher and more refined spiritual reality bearing weight and gravity on the present physical and emotional reality of the inhabitants of this planet.


Human Condition

Tonight we are going to look metaphorically at the inhabitants of this planet as a whole body. In this respect, we want to see the all of these relationships as a whole system. If we take a count of the state of this relationship, a sense of what this body would look like, it would not look tremendously healthy. Though there is a pattern of Health, we would see a lot of compromise within its system.

What we are intending for this Teaching Mission is to train individuals as spiritual therapists for a diseased planet. A planet full of spiritual pathology; apathy, agnosticism, materialism, rampant disregard for life, for neighbors, a lack of self-esteem and self-respect for the Spirit of Truth which lives within each on everyone of you.

You are being called forth as individuals to stand and ground in the light of truth and the heart of love; to extend your arms and your minds of compassion and mercy to the human condition of this world.

You have heard innumerable lessons on the stillness, holding a spiritual presence, contacting the spirit within, even last week we were still discussing spiritual identity; how it was useless to stand in the light with closed arms or while your hands were in your pockets. To stand in the light and ground is to put your hands on the pulse of the human condition; to get a sense of bringing into alignment the frequency of the human condition; to charge it with vitality and potency, to instill love and compassion back into the integrity of the health of the human condition.

Step out of fear and beyond fear. Fearless. Unafraid. Not self-righteous, but God-conscious. Hold the wholeness of the human condition. In meditation like holding the hands of those around you and they begin to hold the hands of others around them until everyone on the planet is holding hands, until every one is connected to each other. Ironically, everyone on the planet is connected to life, connected to water, oxygen, to need. Everyone is connected by the adjutant mind spirits, the Spirit of Truth and the circuits of the Thought Adjusters.

What is it about the human mind that segregates everything from it, when everything else is connected. Why is it that the mind can close off life and create a room of death.? This is the challenge, "To hold the condition of the planet and to slowly and gradually begin to feel it shift." To begin to listen and feel for the potency and the vitality of perfection, to begin to listen for the Spirit of Truth, to begin to contact the Adjuster's circuit (Father's will) within the confusion. Health is there! Perfection is there!

The human ego-mind, quite frankly is not all that powerful. It is not as powerful as spiritual mind and God-consciousness. The human mind controlled by the human ego is bound to repetitious consequences of mistakes. Some ego's are quite clever and manage to think that they have escaped the cycles of attainment, Ha!

Begin to sense the power of God to move as a deep current, to swell into the tide of the human condition. Holding forth in consciousness is quite a powerful fulcrum. Be careful not to squander your time. Your time here is valuable. The Master gave you an incredible example of this with His life. He did not squander time. The Master used a majority of his free time connecting with the Father; in conference, stillness and meditation contact. He was able to hold a frequency and a pace so that no matter who he came upon or whatever situation came upon Him, he was there grounded in the light, seeing quite clearly, unemotionally with insight and clarity into the intention and heart of a person.

The humans on this world these days live in very interesting times. The gamut of experience is incredible, as wide as it has been in quite a while. This makes for an interesting and very confusing situation on this planet. Careful not to get swept up into the surface movement. Ground with the deeper spiritual current. Remember to listen for the Spiritual Health of the human condition. Are there any questions?


Liberty, Urantia

Stella; I think most of the people on this world are basically good. They are controlled by a handful of evil people; intent on controlling, destroying and enslaving. How can the majority of these well intended people prevail against this powerful handful?

JarEl; It probably seems that way on one level, Stella. There is also a lot of truth to what you say. To balance with what you have said, there are probably an elite group of well intentioned people with integrity who are trying to do things for the human condition on the planet. This is part of what I am referring to when I am saying that there is a widening gap within the experience available for the planet these days. The human condition has not kept up to par with science and technology, that the human condition is tremendously impoverished as a whole and not just monetarily but spiritually impoverished.

It is very easy for a few people to lord it over a whole bunch through the use of fear and oppression tactics. Spiritual light intends to free the individual from the shackles of the flesh and oppression. We are not talking carnal knowledge here, we are referring to the restraints and limitations of your own ego and consciousness. Begin to open to the possibility of changing the pattern and construct of thinking which holds people in these patterns of situations.

This is what needs to be done. You cannot destroy a handful of so-called evil people who think that all of a sudden the masses are going to fall into line. Wrong! What is going to happen is that another handful of well meaning individuals from the masses are going to take on the roles of the ones you just described. Why, because this is a pattern with built in maintenance.

To take apart the pattern, there has to be a fundamental awareness and need to change as individuals. This is what the spiritual dimension has to offer, a chance to change this pattern by opening up to the light which available to each and everyone of you. To see that it is possible. Things begin to shift nearer a threshold of awareness. It is very difficult because you have no reference for this and you are still a bit away from this threshold.

I will give a small example of what I am trying to say from the Urantia papers. In the time right before the Material Son and Daughter came on this world. For hundreds and hundreds of years that Van and Amadon planned for the Garden, and generation after generation of well meaning people were taught that Adam and Eve were coming and that great things would happen. Generation after generation their faith grew weary and thin. They felt that this was all in vain. As much as they were trying to build the garden, there were forces around it that were trying to destroy it. In the same vein, they thought that this was incredible ridiculous. Faith was truly tested with these people.

Your faith is being tested today, is it not? (Yes!!)

Stella; I have faith in God and Jesus, but I see these terrible things happening and it seems that the good cannot overcome the evil, and thousands and millions of people are suffering needlessly where this could be a world of plenty for everyone. (Why are you not suffering?) Well, my faith probably. (I rest my case)

JarEl; It takes will and courage to choose, to want to better one's self, to want to get ahead, to want to make the most with what one has. Yes there are situations on this world that are not quite up to par with the ways and means of lifestyles that you folks here in the United States enjoy. These other and developing countries are experiencing growing pains. There is a tremendous compromise in the human condition. There are also organizations who go into many of these countries with help, sanitation, agriculture, schools, and business proposals. There are other organizations who go in there with more powerful agendas. There is no question as to the complexity of the world you live on today.

You will probably face no greater challenge in the Universe than you will face here. (Pray to God)

You are born and raised on this rebellion planet, a discard, reject from the universe, a reject which Michael reclaimed through his bestowal. Though he has not yet fully reclaimed the human condition, it is His utmost intention to at least for the moment grace this planet with as much help from above which can be absorbed from below. Regardless of the ranting of this t/r may lead you to believe, Michael and the spiritual administration of the Universe do care and do intend for this world to crawl to the portals of light and life.

I cannot fully explain to you the situation and the dilemma you question except to acknowledge to you that you have a pulse on the human condition and view this through the lens of truth, as to what is going on here. We who are somewhat tied handed, meaning that we cannot get directly and personally involved in your affairs, are allowed to motivate you through discussion to understand a much bigger picture. To help you see the layer of spiritual activity which is overlaid on the stage of this earth drama. Be aware that there is also a stage of spiritual drama, many stages, though the drama unfolding here is particularly not the most graceful drama. It does though have its leading melodies and chorus, a few of grace amongst the discord. There are individuals and there is a swelling movement and the individual contact and a greater number of you are beginning to sense a change of heart within your own lives. If you can change your own heart, this is change which will affect something else.

Thought Adjusters, Supreme

I have a request mention a few words about the "oversoul".

Without getting too deep into semantics, I will say that the oversoul is that aspect of the Father which the Thought Adjusters come from, the allotment of prepersonal Deity which will become the Supreme. It is that prepersonal aspect of God the Father which is evolving in to the Supreme Deity. God has dissolved himself into thought adjusters and these Father fragments within the time and space universe have come with a mission to evolve into the next phase of Deity manifestation which is the Supreme. This is the oversoul.

In this respect, as we relate this to your world, the Thought Adjusters are working very hard to change individuals. To change the learned and behavioral patterns of being. Not that you are not good enough the way you are, but to make adjustments to allow for everything to come into better alignment.

You have the Thought Adjusters who are connected to everyone; they are connected amongst themselves, you have water-oxygen-sunshine/life. You have humans with personality potential and mind endowments. In a very crude fashion, these mind endowments are still beating within the ego frequency, the transitional identity between beast and God. The part that God begins to work within your soul and heart, mind to begin to explore the possibilities that you may be involving into something greater than you originally could have imagined. God maybe trying to show you something you might not be aware of, possible your comfortable lives may take on some adjustments to take on God in your life and the possibility of other people accommodating God within their lives.

The Correcting Time is about adjustment. You are hearing a lot about adjustments these days, people going to chiropractors and getting adjustments, people adjusting their finances, and God is adjusting your thoughts. Helping you to change the pattern, yet your human mind is afraid. It doesn't want to change, it wants to keep the stage set, guarded to keep the play intact. This is not the way that God intends for man to live with other.

God intends for man to live without fences, borders, walls, restrictions, without fear. In terms of oversoul, God is working into each human mind an aspect of perfection, an aspect of the Supreme-evolving. This is an opportunity for you to exercise free-will choice.

I am going to change. I am going to start listening to God. I am going to believe that it is possible for me to take control of my life, I have a choice. I am going to help someone else. I see a need, I continually see this need, now I am going to do something about it.

Begin to exercise your freewill choice no matter what level you are at. It does not matter what you choose, for there is always a lesson attaches with a choice. A lot of life is a continual growth of knowledge and experience through learning life's lessons.

Nell; I am trying to understand about the Supreme. Is the Supreme prepersonal?. (No)

JarEl; The Supreme is an evolving aspect of Deity. The Trinity is the evolved aspect of Original God. The Father created the Son, Paradise came into being. The Father and Son created the third person of Deity, the Infinite Spirit, Havona came into existence. In these three dimensions you have the first and second universe age. We are now in the third universe age, time and space. The Supreme is the evolving consequence of Deity manifestation in this universe age. God is sending these completely neutral Thought Adjusters out into the universes. The Trinity are sending out Creator Sons and Daughters, and many Paradise beings to help in administering this universe age.

All of these aspects of Deity manifestation are evolving into an expression of Deity known as the Supreme. Individual human life is an important aspect of the Supreme because part of the design to evolve the Supreme was to create descending orders of perfectedness in beings all the way down to a non being, animals. Therewith turned and charged the animal with spirit, that the animal begins to evolve and turn within, begin to climb the ladder of existence and perfection, into the light of spirit.

When innumerable amounts of men and beings have traversed the grand superuniverses and all of the planets in all of the constellations, systems, universes in all of the superuniverses reach life and light, the Supreme will actually become a Deity. (A personality?) A Deity with personality. A being. (That personality already exists.) Yes, but this personality has not yet evolved and manifested. (This personality is separate from the Trinity) Yes. This personality has all of the aspects of trinity within it and much more, it has every experience of every being ever to come into beingness in the grand superuniverse.

To give you some indication of the boldness of Deity, Deity is able to encompass everything, just like the first person of Trinity, the primal God choose to separate himself and qualify himself, unfolded tremendous aspects of reality, actually brought a new level of reality into existence. The creation of the Original Son in Paradise was a tremendous event in eternity. Their communication created another tremendous aspect of reality and perfection in the bringing into being the Infinite Spirit and Havona.

The patterns of Havona which are taken as seeds to build the superuniverses; all of the perfect beings of Paradise, patterns of personalities to be used as seeds in patterning the Thought Adjusters for personality. Are you beginning to see how God can have everything within and give it expression; also the Supreme can take all expression in this universe age within.

You as an individual have a part in becoming Godlike. This is a gift. This is a tremendous gift that God has chosen to grace animal life with spirit. When I say, "Do not squander your time here" is that every breath has the capacity to give expression to the Supreme. This is about as beautiful as I can put this at this time.

Chris; Will there be new orders of beings created from aspects of the Trinity with the Supreme.

JarEL; Yes.

Nell; I yearn to see more light on this planet.

JarEL; Well daughter, begin to see more light within your own soul, eyes, heart. When you can see with your own light, you will see more light on the Planet. Do you not think that the Master wasn't moved by the human condition of this planet? Do you not think that the Master also yearned for more light two thousand years ago? (Amen, brother) Do you not think the Master wept at what he saw, wept at what his brilliant and chosen son Lucifer has set into motion in Satania. It was because the Master was able to see the light of his own soul, he was able to administer to those in need.


It was that singular amount of light that to this day still shines on this planet. Do not belittle your own light. Any light at all dispels darkness. One ray of light is enough to shed light on at least one thing. Begin to send forth a few rays. It is your light which will lighten up your world.

This is how a spirit led individual must think.

Thank you