2001-03-12-Law of Personal Liberty

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Topic: Law of Personal Liberty

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings, my friends. I will begin this meeting with a short prayer.

Father, as we stand here today before you we are with grateful hearts to know that you love and accept us as we are. You have opened up a vast realm of possibilities for growth by fueling us with your all-encompassing, never-ending, always-empowering love and acceptance--for that we offer up ourselves to you. All that we say, think, feel and do is offered to you as our gift for your honor and glory to use as you will. Our unending love and gratitude to you always. Amen.

My friends, I am always touched by your conversations. I am made to go further in my thinking and I am made better by knowing you. I feel an important part of our family unit. With your acceptance I am made to see new possibilities for growth in myself.

As a child we have all experienced that loneliness of un-acceptance. The pain of not being accepted leads us to close off and lose hope. There are many individuals who really never recover from not being accepted or being an outcast of sorts. To stand immovable in un-acceptance of someone closes your eyes to their potential. To reject a fellows personality make-up is to invalidate their experience, their struggles. Un-acceptance of others is binding to them like that small child who feels not hope of new possibilities, new growth, yes.



As promised, I will discuss another universal law with you--that is the law of personal liberty. Liberty is viewed as a gift from the heavens, but I like to look at liberty as if it were a map to our Paradise Father.

Many people in today's society are seeing religious or spiritual values as binding, or imprisoning the true nature of a mortal. They view spiritual values as a contract to keep that promises eternal salvation. Should you choose to break the contract, then of course there is no salvation to be had many believe. The true nature of the ascending soul is rooted in liberty and free will. The freedom to experience, learn to the best of their ability and in their own time, use their wisdom gained to assist others and uphold universal laws.

Some religions teach their own version of universal laws, which are not congruent with the ascending soul. Of course their laws and universal laws seem to work against the animal-self certainly, but universal laws are a natural outworking of evolutionary experience and are in alignment with the ascending soul. The universal laws are looked at as equality enforcers, safety measures, and assistants to the growth of the Supreme Being.

The law of personal liberty teaches us that Father is calling His children. He wants to be known and made personal to each individual child. The law of personal liberty tells us 'all choices are ours to make.' The Father loves you enough to let you go and find your own way to Him, in your own time, according to your own ability. There is not need to hurry or be pressured to follow a correct path or risk losing eternal salvation. All things work best when there is no pressure--only peace. Peace allows the best in everyone to rise above turmoil, negativity and darkness.

There are many aspects to the universal law of liberty. I will mention the very important aspect of 'integrity.' As we mature in our spiritual growth we learn to sharpen our view of integrity. Integrity is the intention to uphold universal laws and choose to trust in those On High. No doubt does the Father have an overall picture and superior outlook on all that was, is, and will be.

Spiritual liberty with integrity chooses Father--not the ways of self. Of course, we will all have hopes and desires, goals and dreams, and Father knows this. He does not ask you to sacrifice any of these things. He only asks that you stand-by, allow Him to help, because while He is teaching you, He incorporates others in to also teach them to create a higher good. Remember we are working for the growth of the Supreme. To be with spiritual integrity is a commitment to upholding universal laws. In your commitment are you more empowered with spiritual gifts to assist in creating greater good.

As we all know, Lucifer and his cohorts promoted greater self-good. They had not spiritual integrity and worked not for the growth of the Supreme Being. They disregarded universal laws in favor of self-indulgence. Their ultimate craving was to be superior, set above others, to gather attention and be praised. Self-fulfillment was their goal and while liberty allowed them to put their goal into action, integrity stopped them in their accomplishing it.

Everyone has personal liberty, but not everyone is with integrity. Do you understand how integrity carries you far beyond being a part of the universe to becoming an integral inner working of it? This week ponder spiritual liberty with and without integrity. Where does self lead you and where does self-forgetfulness lead you? Where does your map of personal liberty lead? I can take a few questions.


HARRISION: Abraham, we have a couple of guests here tonight, Harmony and Eric. I thought I would introduce them to you and offer them the opportunity to ask a question if they would like.

(ABRAHAM: Certainly. Greetings, my friends.)


HARMONY: Abraham, I am an animal lover and struggling with the death of my cat. I was wondering where do animals go and do they have any type of connection?

ABRAHAM: Yes, I can understand the love between an animal and its owner. During the life span of an animal there is experience created; there is love built, lessons learned, values understood, such as loyalty, companionship, reliance. These experiences are all valuable and is a historical energy that is not wasted but returned to the safekeeping of the Supreme Being, the God in time. There is not pet heaven, but certainly the animal's personality is a real and valued experience in the eyes of those that loved them. The life energy from all living things is returned to the Supreme Being, who grows with each and every experience. Death is difficult--whether it is a pet or a family member, and definitely each situation requires time to reconcile the self with the experience. No living thing is ever lost and no living thing, no matter how small, is never not valued. All life is of the utmost importance and never-ending. Loss is a necessary experience of the human condition, unfortunately, but how would we comprehend the value of life without the experience of loss? Rest easy, my daughter. The experience and values you have attained are immeasurable to your spiritual growth. Above all, what we must always remember is love shared. Another question?

ERIC: Abraham, may I ask if I have and what is my spiritual name?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. One moment. The closest I can come to correct English pronunciation is En-Tien. Yes, En-Tien--are you known by those on High, yes.


MIRIAM: I have two questions, a quickie or a general? Which do you want first? (Either.) Thanks. You know how the Urantia Book says that the soul is like the child of the Thought Adjuster and the mind, an entity that gets created--this is kinda how I look at it or how I interpret that. I've been thinking lately about seraphim. The Thought Adjuster and I are building a nice relationship. I feel like I know Him, and lots of room to grow with, but I feel like that is a known entity. I certainly know my mind, which can wear us all out. The seraphim and the soul I am not aware of. I am grateful to the seraphim for the help, etc., but is that something that we should look forward to in this life here, you know, building an awareness, knowledge, a soul awareness or is that just sorta like they are entities growing unto themselves? Did that make sense?

ABRAHAM: Yes. You can know the seraphim in this life. As you become spiritually progressed will you learn to recognize various entities from seraphim to midwayers to Christ Michael to Mother. As mortals become less absorbed by outside distractions can they turn inward, and with more of a feeling than a mindal knowledge, recognize various personalities. I am understanding you already have some introduction to a seraphim, yes. As time passes and you have desired to become better acquainted, then yes, you will be. Does this answer?

MIRIAM: Yes Abraham. Thank you. The quickie: You know when you were saying to stand immovable in un-acceptance of someone closes your eyes to their potential--if I can say real quick--you know my friend, Sally, who for years she and I--our paths have crossed with light and dark, with health and not. I have tried to be of service to her and I have gone through several years lately of just getting with Father and she isn't. She is in such trouble and my heart goes out to her. Not trying to mess with her business or say what about her, is there any guidance you could give me in Sally's regard cause she is so troubled?

ABRAHAM: Yes, there are some individuals you may get to know that are in such opposite perspectives than you. There are some who have not ears open when having early on formed an opinion of you. This is not seen as sinful, but in the non-acceptance there is limitations in potentials or possibilities. It is said, "a man can only attain what he can envision." I would say even if you cannot envision, but have acceptance for new possibilities then all the opportunities are open to you. Miriam, my daughter, you have given this sister every benefit of the doubt, every acceptance, every chance to move on a forward path with you as her friend. Any shortsightedness on her behalf does not reflect upon you or your efforts. You know very well that individuals can be offered help, but help cannot be forced upon them. You have made every effort and that is all you can do. Does this mean to give up or quit? No. This means to keep doing what you're doing, but take a non-emotional stance if you can, and in the calmness perhaps she will be more open. If not, then do not allow this to be your burden. Take what values and meanings you can and be about the Father's business. Does this help? (Yes Abraham. I love you so much. Thank you.) And I you. You're welcome. One more question.

HARRISON: Abraham, concerning universal laws, how many are there and can you name them? Laughter.

ABRAHAM: The laws that you learn in mortal experience are about one third of what we will learn beyond the mortal life. As you experience life you learn the laws. I would be of no help teaching on laws that you have not had the experience to understand them by. Good question though, Harrison, my son.


With that I will take my leave and know that with each week that passes I am with more love for you. Until next time, shalom.