2001-08-12-Growth Assessment

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Topic: Growth Assessment

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Greetings. I am Ham and once again, I wish to express my gratitude and my delight to be in your company. Last week, we had some wonderful exchanges. I am happy that this group is becoming stronger and becoming more open and accepting of each other. This time is one of deep personal growth, deep spiritual changes, a time of assessment, a time of deepening individual awareness of your potential as ascendant sons and daughters of the living God, the Universal Father.


Service, Influence

So many times it is the case that you restrict yourselves through your own assessments of what you can do. When you allow yourself to be completely led, completely re-molded in life without making restrictions, then you can find that you are growing in unexpected ways. Ways that are nurturing and not only depleting of your energies.

The tasks you have in this life will eventually become things which give back to you as much as you put into them. Life's tasks, life's work are not about simply making a living. They're about gaining life experience, gaining understandings about your own capabilities, gaining awareness, love, and tolerance for your fellows, and mostly, gaining the Christ-like experience of service. When you can cross the threshold from self-worry, and self-contemplation to self-forgetfulness and consciousness of the Father's ever-presence in your minds, then will your lives become gifts to others. Your life will become eventually like a gift to the world because of all the people you serve and touch and help.

Even the lowliest jobs among you can be elevated to superb spiritual exercises in love. Once you can surrender your comfort and your self-concern, and focus instead on the service of your fellows. Therein lies the secret to lasting happiness. Happiness that is derived from your own comfort, your own personal enjoyment, is very short-lived. But happiness that is derived from helping others and serving the Father as you serve your fellows, this is lasting happiness. This is happiness that has grades-where one level of service creates some happiness, the next level creates even more happiness.

You are each coming to a new certainty about your place in the Universe, your status as eternal ascenders. Your view of life is expanding as you brush up against those spiritual beings which hover about you as you go about your daily living. Your lives are becoming like a ripple that reverberates not only through this world, but through other worlds as well. Other spiritual beings are impacted by your lives and how you live them. As you go about your daily chores, think "I do this not only for myself," but "I do it for my angels, I do it for my indwelling spirit, I do it for the Master, Christ Michael." Even the most mundane activity can be made into a joyous and sacred act by this level of acknowledgment. Once you come to understand that you live your lives not just for yourselves alone, not just for your immediate families, not just for your businesses and friends, but also for a wider universe-a universe that looks upon you and rejoices as you find joy in living and in doing even the little things-for all actions reverberate in the universe.

Decision, Gratitude

Your life decisions are also complex. There are many things that must be decided every day, and these decisions create an effect in the universe as well. Many people have happiness within their grasp, and do not know it. So much of your attitude about life, and each other, are simply decisions that you make. Sometimes you make decisions like "I will criticize this person to make myself feel more at ease." "I will be unhappy with this situation because I have the right to be." And, yes everyone has the right to be unhappy. It is a choice.

Consider this: You can decide not to criticize yourselves. You can decide to be happy with yourselves as you are in this moment. Regardless of whether you have everything going the way you want it. Regardless of how your body appears, how your bank account stands. And so forth. You can make a conscious decision to be happy anyway. When you rise in the morning, praise the Father first thing. Thank him for giving you a new day. And thank him for all the blessings that flow upon you. Choose to acknowledge these things. And choose to minimize those things which make you unhappy. Don't allow the minor things in life to weigh upon your souls and create inner conflict that doesn't need to be there.

Think. If this were your last day on earth, and tomorrow you were to graduate to the mansion worlds, what would you acknowledge as important? What would you be grateful for? Do not make the mistake of coming to that day in reality and then realizing that you had wasted many years in needless self-criticism and unhappiness. Make a decision not to criticize the person who annoys you. Even in your mind. But to be thankful to that person for what they bring to your life. And truly repent to the Father, ask his forgiveness for all the time you have wasted in needless worry, criticism, doubt, and fear. And ask him to replace these things with gratitude, joy, love, and peace.

Vow from this day forward to do your very best to find your own unique life of [service]. Of joy. And of peace. Are there any questions at this time?

Personal Counsel

Q: Marije would like a message.

A: Yes, my daughter. You are indeed making progress. You are doing well, and are finding increased comfort and security in your relationship with God and with others. Be at ease and at peace. Do not fear the unknown, for there, in the unknown, is where your growth will be. That is all.

Q: For her friend, Marc?

A: My son. There are many paths yet to explore. Many ways that you will walk in finding your way forth. There is no right or wrong way to proceed. For all paths lead to the Father. Make your path unique. Make it your own. And do not fear that your nonconformity is a big mistake. It is rather, part of your own human self-expression. Certainly. Have faith and find the spirit of comfort as you go forward in this life. That is all.

Q: For Norbert?

A: Norbert, my son, be at ease for you do well. Do not worry that you should be here or there, or doing this or that. Relax, and enjoy your life's process. Your teacher will help you to understand how to proceed. Have patience, and be at peace. That is all.

Q: For Mr. Womack?

A: Certainly. Yes, my son, you are also facing new decisions, challenges, and ways to proceed. You must be careful to use a prayerful attitude as you contemplate your decision-making. Do not fear these things for this is part of your path, and part of what makes you unique. That is all.

Q: Esmeralda?

A: Esmeralda, certainly. Daughter, you are also doing well. This is a time of healing and a time when spiritual wounds may be opening as well. It is a time for self-honesty and self-discovery. A time for growth, in other words. Be at ease concerning your physical condition. You should be more stable as the doctors learn through some trial and error to begin to regulate your irregular heartbeat. Be at peace. That is all.

Q: Elena? A: Elena. Yes, dear. You are also coming to a time when some spiritual opening can take place. This can be somewhat painful and difficult. So be aware of this, that spiritual growth entails the pain of growth as well as the joys of discovery. Go in peace. That is all.

Q: Rebecca?

A: Yes, my daughter. You are doing well, and I would like to see some more writing development, some further expansion of your work. Perhaps drawing, as well. These things are very therapeutic, very enlarging of your self-understanding. And this is important for you at this time. So, please be aware that this is encouraged and is part of your growth. Yes. An important part of your growth. So, be encouraged, and continue. Yes. That is all.

Q: Myself.

A: Yes, Jarad, you also are in need of this type of therapeutic work, this expression which is something which gives you as much as you give to it. This week should be a time of creative work, a time when other decisions, considerations, can be put aside. The worries of the everyday should be set aside as you concentrate upon these things that you are creating. That is what you need to hear, for now. You are welcome.

Q: Do you have anything for me?

A: Of course, my son. Indeed you are coming through a period of rebirth. Where the old is dying away and the new is being born. This new self, this new child of the universe may be a little tender for a while, but your soul is gaining strength as the days go by. And this re-awakened soul is the cornerstone, or the basis, upon which your new life will be brought forth. Think that all things are becoming new. That the old mind, which has not served always, can be put aside, and the new mind brought forth. The mind of the spirit. The mind which sees much more than the material mind can see. Therefore, my son, allow all things to become new. Allow things to grow and develop anew without trying to force them into the patterns of the past which no longer serves. Above all, set fear completely aside, and take each day, one at a time. That is all for now.

Q: I wonder if I could have a message, please?

A: Of course, my daughter. This is a time when your spiritual groundedness will be very important for you. Lean on your close relationships. Be open to guidance and advice. Be open and honest with all your loved ones. Have faith that the Father's guidance is purposeful and true. Have faith that you are where you should be and that all that you are learning is toward his greater purpose. Be open to learning, be happy and full of joy. For all things are becoming new for you as well. Yes, that is all.

Q: Ham, may I have a message, please?

A: Of course. Yes, my dear. You are also going through some changes, some re-awakening within. You have grown very much in the past few months, you are indeed finding yourself very quickly, very openly, very much completely in acceptance. And this is the key for all of you. To accept yourselves, to love yourselves where you stand. And in this, my daughter, you are truly making good progress. You are also making progress in acceptance of others, and forgiveness of others, and are finding that your happiness very much fluctuates in relation to these. Accepting and forgiving those who disappoint or hurt you contributes greatly to your own happiness and self-acceptance. Go in peace my dear, for you do very well.

Q: Any counsel for me tonight?

A: Yes, my son. You do very well. You are coming to also a greater self-acceptance, and this will be very helpful. Be careful to understand yourself and to examine yourself first before you put the blame or responsibility onto others. And have great wisdom in being tolerant when others put the blame on you rather than examining themselves first. You are quick to absolve others in the mind, but true deep forgiveness comes through much soul-searching and much self-forgiveness as well as forgiving of others. Be at peace, you do well. Is there anyone else at this time?

Q: Brodan?

A: Yes. My son you do well. Think upon this lesson as you do always. Continue in your work to find love and forgiveness for all, including yourself. Including your parents, and their roles in your early life. Be at peace, my children, and to Charlie Byer, I would say the same: think on this lesson, my son. Have a deepened understanding of yourself and the growth which alternates with stability that tends to make the lives of true spiritual seekers a bit rocky. Be forgiving of those who harm you and have forgiveness that is as complete as you can muster, as quickly as you can muster it.


Go in peace, my children, as always my love and my prayers are with you each. Farewell.