2001-12-09-Heart Mind Circuits, Urantian Churches

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Topic: Heart Mind Circuits, Urantian Churches

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Rayson

TR: Daniel Raphael



Good afternoon, this is Rayson. It is wonderful to be here. How has your week been, my friends? (Busy, Busy) Well then, sit back and relax and enjoy this time together. Consider this a meditative space where you can receive much information, and also have receive broadening of heart.


Heart, Merkaba

We are going to talk of heart today, too. Let us go back and review the course of instruction that we have shared with you. The first week involved toning. The purpose of toning is to create a harmonic, a synchronicity of energy, actually a harmony of energy among individuals in a group, to develop a group consciousness, even though you are separate and individual. By this activity, being mindful of it, you can remain in harmony at the energetic level with your friends who are gathered here, too, as well. Two weeks ago we discussed merkaba energy, energy that surrounds each individual, its polarity, groundedness, and circuitry. Today I would like to take you one step further into the—how would I say this—conscious participation in the merkaba. As provided in the earlier lessons, a merkaba consists of energy flowing in lines of longitude and latitude that surround each one of you, and that there can be made a merkaba for the group, with the group intent and conscious effort to do so. I also told you about the airiness of individuals and groups as energetic beings, (a merkaba), and also about its groundedness.

There is one aspect of which we want to explore today that has not been disclosed. And that has to do with the heart line. What is a heart line? A heart line is a line of energy that functions at the level of the manifest physical or material universe of the energetic universe. The energetic universe also includes the three basic dimensions, plus other dimensions that you do not see. Two weeks ago we discussed the merkaba as a globe of golden wires of lines of longitude and latitude. And in this orb are the individuals sitting around in a circle. And just as you are a living being, energy constructs, such as the merkaba, are also living beings in that they can have a life function.

Imagine this operating at ten beats per second, which seems fairly fast. With three of you in a circle, you’d have approximately three revolutions around this circle in a second. It is not important how many times it is, but that you can see the ratio that this is in, in proportion to the mind circuit, which I will describe now.

Now, as I am talking to you, I want you to hold consciousness of the heart line moving to earth center up to you, back again, and around the circle in a clock-wise manner. So I am asking you to chew gum and to walk at the same time. Shortly, I will be asking you to chew gum, walk at the same time, and juggle two balls in the air. See if you can do that—it’s not very hard, but it does take practice. So as I am speaking to you, I wish you to hold consciousness of the heart line that runs through this group. At first, you will see it very graphically in your mind, if you can imagine this. And so as I talk, you will have an overlay in your consciousness of my words.

What gets more complicated is that I am going to talk about a second circle. This is the mind line — it is the energetic link of the mind circuit that connects your minds. It operates at approximately three to ten times faster in rotation to the heart line. Its movement is to the person to the right of you, going counter-clock-wise. It travels from the center of your mind, to the left temple of your neighbor to your right, through theirs and so on. So you have two lines operating at the same time. Where you hear the heart line going, "ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump," the mind line goes, "zzzzzzzzzzzzz," in comparison, I suppose. It is electric blue in color, very vibrant.

Now why do we do this? Why do we hold consciousness of this? And as I am speaking now, see if you can hold both of those lines going, or should I stop? Let me stop and see how you are doing. Please report. (Great, it’s good, got it) Can you see both lines operating? (Yes) Excellent! Okay, so I will continue talking and please continue to observe, be conscious of, these lines functioning. You will be amazed by the end of the session that you can hold this while in conversation with others too, as well.

Why do we do this? It is another way of holding polarity, of groundedness and airiness —another aspect of being a part of the functioning of the universe. You are a living being, your planet is a living entity, the solar system is a living entity, so is Nebadon, the Seventh Superuniverse, and the Grand Universe. These are living entities, though not conscious. There is the connection of oneness, which pervades universe and this is associated with the heart line, heart line energy. It is not the same as the energetic mind circuits. The energetic mind circuits connect you to Universe Mind, to Mother Spirit, to Nebadonia, to the "cosmic libraries" so to speak, to the cosmic "data base" of all that exists. You have access to this! Ask a question and receive an answer. So when you see the merkaba around your group, around yourself, it is very simple—you as an individual, you might see yourself in very, very simple terms as one heart line connecting yourself with earth center, and one mind line encircuiting you. Very simple. Of course, it is much more detailed than that. When you are in a group, you are then connected with each individual who operates in unison with that same one heart line and you are in unison with that one same mind line. As you see this, you realize that the energy is perpendicular to each other. And through this simple explanation of perpendicularity, you can gain an idea, a very elemental idea of what the merkaba is about and how it operates. The mind line is the latitude, or parallel lines of the group’s energy field.

That is why, when you as a group, and you as an individual, make invocation for your day, for the session with the group, you do so in unison. For this makes your group very powerful. You become one of one mind. You share in commonality, though you have your individuality, you are able to therefore share in commonality in the group. As you become more evolved as a spiritual being, your commonality will expand. And when you finally are accorded the recognition of being a Citizen of the Universe, that is acknowledgement that you are a fairly safe individual to be considered a part of the universe harmony, oneness. Your intents are not divergent from the group, from the commonality of the whole. This is much, much different than the hive or the anthill analogies. They operate as one, with separate functions but without individuality or individual uniqueness. In the hive your uniqueness is not valuable or appreciated, but in the Universe, it is very much appreciated and has immense value. We will someday discuss ‘why’ at another time.

On your planet on this planet, you are able to feel your commonality with others. You walk into a group and you feel comfortable. Or you walk into another group and you do not feel comfortable. You don’t know why, you just do. You recognize at a very elemental level of the Morontial plateau, that there is commonality that exists with you. You can have heart connected commonality, yet without intellectual or minded commonality. You may see and feel this in groups; you feel a oneness with them but may not have a oneness of thought or like-mindedness. For some of you this is very disconcerting because you associate commonality of feeling with heartedness to being associated with oneness of all. But it does not mean that. On the other hand, you can have commonality of thinking, of intellectual mindedness, and yet have no connection at all with hearts of others, the heart connection. So, you live in a very minded, intellectual environment. Those groups are mightily enriched when the heart line is connected to the group. We muse among ourselves as celestials that the intellectualism of the Urantia Book movement must some day, not give way, but incorporate the heartedness of the message of the universe that is available also. It is unfortunate that the Urantia Book did not come with software programming that connected your hearts as well as your minds. It is a good instrument and is full of great detail, yet it is short in developing the heart connection among individuals. You must do this through practice in your groups when you join together to read the book. And that is why many of you have stayed together for years, reading the Urantia Book, because you feel this commonality of heart that was so slow to develop, whereas it was so quick to develop the mindedness, like-mindedness of the group.

Your nation and western world is technologically well developed. There is a mindedness that connects everyone it seems, and yet there is such a disparate difference between that connectedness and the heart connectedness of everyone. This is yet to be developed and is an aspect we are working on—you would call it a qualitative additive to group process, which we are striving to attend to. It may seem to be going afield but you have been to churches where you have heard the message, received the word, given your offering, shaken the hands of friends and others and the minister and have walked out, yet felt that you were alone while in the church. Successful churches and other organizations have known how to develop the group dynamic of heart connection. It is a known formula that your group psychologists and group dynamics psychologists understand — one that churches have used successfully by trial and failure methods over the centuries to develop rituals which engender individual feeling of reverence, of fellowship, of union with those in the church. The pit-fall of that is where it has been taken to the extent where it has made individuals feel exclusive of those who are not inside the church, and this is most unfortunate.

So through these three classes, we have brought you closer to an understanding of universe energy, of toning to oneness in group, and the powerfulness of group process, and how you can look at this analytically through the heart line and through the mind line. What I would like to do in future sessions for what you may call ‘play,’ would be to connect everyone in the group through the mind line and the heart line and then go adventuring to see what we see: On your planet, other planets, or other civilizations in other parts of the universe, if you wish. It is all accessible when there is good intent, when there is a wish for exploration and for learning more. Let us pause now for some questions, if you have any, and I hope that you do.


Student: Rayson, I have been doing the journaling like you have requested and have noticed during my day, between a dozen and maybe twenty times a day, I have noticed a vibration of sorts in my lower centers, maybe close to the first or second chakra, probably the first chakra, that area, and it’s something that lasts a pre-determined length of time, like six to eight seconds. But when it stops, it stops. It’s happening even now. I’m wondering what this is? Will you please let me know? (Rayson laughing.)

Rayson: Perhaps a mortal humorist could ascribe many things to it, in a humorous fashion, but accept it as an alarm, a wake-up call, one which you can hardly dismiss. It is a call to mindedness. Use this, now that you are conscious of it, to make the association to a higher purpose. It is a signal to be in touch, to be in oneness, to be minded of your life and to be minded of your helpers who are near-by. Rather than a call to arms, it is a call to joy, a call to friendship, a call to awareness to take a short respite from your day, from your hour and ask a question, "What’s up, what’s going on? Is this my teacher talking to me? What do I need to know about this issue that has been with me today," for instance, or "how may I contribute to the group?" Remember that your participation in the universe is not solely one of service, but you must be receptive to the inflow of good, even the inflow of challenges that come into your life. You must ask the question, "What is this about?" So you may have this sensation and say, "Hmm, what am I to know now?" Ask a question. I will not take you further than that today. That should just be a beginning for you. But associate this sensation with a higher purpose. (Thank you.) You’re welcome.


…(Long pause)… I had hoped that you would ask the obvious question, and that is, "What are the purposes of being taught concerning the heart line and the mind line?" The purpose of teaching you this is one of which the student has just asked about and received an answer and that is mindedness. When you become minded that you are an energetic being, that you are affected by the energies of others and that you hold a powerful affect on others by your energetic being, and that you can project this outward, at great distance, and also be receptive to it from great distance, the purpose of this mindedness is to realize that you are one among many. That you are one individual, living on a planet with five billion others, and that everything, and what everybody else does and feels and thinks has an affect upon you and your planet, and that you likewise have an affect upon others. It is not only affect but also effect. You truly do have an effect upon others and your planet.

The purpose of teaching you these things is to connect you to the grid, to the larger grid, the larger grid of consciousness of your planet and planetary management. You are a unique and powerful individual, and you are not alone. But your energies and your thoughts and your connectedness are only as powerful as you intend for yourself to be and to intend to hold that consciousness. It is not as though you had to be there to put your finger in the dike and never could do anything else. This is an activity that you can hold through the day, all through the day, and all through the night, when you "will" yourself to and teach yourself to hold this consciousness. Remember that your will is powerful to command the mind, and that the mind is software, it is the servant of your will. You can, and I would advise you, to sometime take it upon yourself to consciously program your mind to become an ongoing part of the consciousness of the universe, Michael’s larger universe. This is sufficient enough for now, isn’t it?

Student: Yes, I do have a question about this. (Certainly.) Is this connectedness that you talk about, does that add to our intuitiveness when you feel or sense something coming from someone else? (Yes.) And you can project that back in your own mind either to protect yourself or to try and change the situation, like either from negativity or you could even make it negative. In other words, you can make it with your own mind control? Are other people doing that intuitively without realizing what’s happening?

Rayson: Yes, I would separate or make a distinction between unconscious projection and intuitive reception or conscious projection. But yes, you are right that you are both a receiving antenna and a broadcasting antenna. Let me give you a practical procedure, or mental construct that will protect you from the hurtful energies of others. You can, and I will pose this in several scenarios and each one will have its limitations and its opportunities. For one, you could with your mind image, surround yourself with a cylindrical psychic mirror. (I use the term "psychic" simply to encompass multi-dimensional energy reception and projection.) That you would live in this mirrored cylinder. Now if you imagine the mirroring to be on the inside, then you would be contained. If you put the mirroring on the outside, then you would deflect those energies, which you conditioned the mirror for. It is much like a mirror that is polarized for certain types of light. I apologize for the technical nature of this language; it is associated with the technical nature of energy itself. Is this too remote for you? (No) Okay. If you understand what polarized light is, then you will understand quite well how this can work. You can condition the mirror to reflect that which you do not want to come into you. It is simply a matter of programming the mirror to reflect those things that you do not want to receive. If, on the other hand, you know full well from whom this energy is coming, then you may wish to install a psychic mirror around them, and condition it so that all good can be projected from them to others, but all negative thoughts and energy from them would be reflected back inside. And you would further condition this for their highest and greatest good, and again condition it for its cessation when it no longer serves its purpose. This is not hocus-pocus, this is not magic, this is not voodoo; this is not any of those things that are associated with negative images. This is simply a very powerful tool to use on a primitive planet. (Thank you.) You are welcome. (It makes sense; it is helpful to me.)

I will continue with one more image and that is, let us say you wish to project very powerfully the image of love, cooperation, coordination, harmony, and the other aspects to someone. Imagine that you are living at the projection point of a huge parabolic mirror, and that your energy would be directed towards the mirror and focused upon a distant point. That would be very powerful, wouldn’t it? You can do that. The mind is very flexible; energy is completely manipulable by your mind. When you condition your use of all these tools with the intent of doing good for yourself and others, and for your planet and the universe, and further condition it that any unwanted, unconscious thoughts of negativity would be withheld from this projection, then you will have gone a long way to help your world achieve a larger harmony. And your use of this energy and manipulation of it is then for good reasons and good purposes.

Student: We need lots of minds using that technique.

Rayson: Yes, lots of connection. That is why we feel, this is not thumping our tub as you would say or promoting only our own interests, but this is why both The Urantia Book is very necessary to connect with the mindedness of the universe as well as the Teaching Mission work which seems to connect the hearts as well, that through these two projects or missions, activities, then you get to see the whole and experience the whole picture in the process of this recovery time on your planet.


Student: Rayson, I have another question. (Certainly.) I have a feeling that "breath" may have some part in merkaba, is this the case?

Rayson: This is true. Breath has a very powerful affect upon it. There are various breathing techniques that have been developed on your planet and which are practiced in what some of you call "the New Age Movement." A dynamic breathing, harmonic breathing, those in the Eastern cultures understand this as "Pranic Breathing." While you are energizing, vitalizing the body mechanism/organism as a powerful tool, that energizes mind to a higher level; it is simply bringing in more oxygen and releasing more waste products into the air that enlivens your body mechanism, which enlivens the functioning of your brain, and therefore the mind work that is done. It is very healing. It also opens up levels of consciousness, which were not available to you before. If you continue to do this with the use of a guide, someone who has your highest interests involved, you can enter into altered states of consciousness, one where you can have greater ease of access to speaking with angels and celestials, for instance, or speaking with God or Jesus or Michael, or anyone else. It is a way of astral-traveling, where you become, your mind becomes the portal, the energetic portal for travel, (astral travel as some of you call it,) to other places, whether it is on your planet, other planets, or other locations, or even projecting yourself into the next room. It is a very powerful process. The body mechanism holds you in captivity. There is a purpose for that — you must live here in this body to live through the experiences of your life, to gain experience and therefore, hopefully, to gain wisdom and to re-direct your thinking, your decisions, your mind attitudes and your mental programming to that which is positive, that which is successful. There are other techniques, which have been used and developed to overcome this threshold of consciousness. Breathing has been one of them; it is probably one of the most benign ones. Extreme exertion is another, dehydration is another, the combined effects of that can be witnessed, have been witnessed in your western Native American Indian cultures, where one individual would take one bag of water, (or canteen of water) out onto a trek as their initiation into manhood, and would come back three or four suns later, having envisioned their animal totem as their guide and any visions they received for their life’s quest. Exertion, exhaustion, and dehydration all contribute to these. There are other energetic processes, which can do this as well. And those have been experienced in the Eastern cultures more than in the West. So perhaps this is more answer than you asked for, but I thought it might be necessary.

Student: I look forward to your lessons in this area.

Rayson: Then put in a request later in this session and we will see what we can do. (Thank you) You’re welcome.

Student: I noticed a tone that kind of popped up and then left early on in the construction of the merkaba this session. It is close to a tone that I hear in my mind or in my head all the time. It’s very high and I would say the frequency is close to 40 thousand cycles per seconds. Do you have any idea what this might be and should I be aware of it or should I dismiss it?

Rayson: This would be associated with the energetic cycle of the mind circuit. The heart circuit is much, much, much lower. It is, to draw a parallel to the difference between these two circuits of energy, it is like the sub-auditory vocalizations of elephants which are in the range of five to ten to twelve cycles per second, which can be projected by elephants for ten, fifteen or twenty miles, and the wing beat of a fly or a mosquito that you hear. This is the difference between these two cycles. It is not extraordinary but it is a bit unusual that you would hear the mind circuit. It is not anything to be concerned about. It is something you also could condition or associate for your awareness that you are truly an individual who is tuned energetically to the universe in more physical ways. The group early on, we were practicing the conscious observation of the mind circuit and the heart circuit. It would not be unusual for that to come back if we practiced this at this time. Now, do you see these two lines operating now? (Yes. Yes.) Thank you.

When one becomes mindful of this it is always hard to feel separate from the universe, from your neighbors, or from ones around you or from other planets, from the consciousness of spirit, for you are a part of it. You truly are not alone. No one is ever alone. You are always connected.

We have completed our instruction for energy use and its descriptions at this time. There is much more to learn but this is a very powerful beginning for you and if you were to work on this by yourselves, you would receive much instruction on your own and greater understandings of your integration and functioning in the larger universe. You would be able to observe energy at work around you. It would not be unusual for you to begin to see at the mind level energy around you in a room or in a room in another city, for instance. You can begin to explore this. You can become more conscious of your world and yourself and your integration in it.

Urantia Movement, Ritual

Now, let us move on to, let us broach a subject that needs attention in your social groups within this movement and that of The Urantia Book. First of all, I will share a caveat with you; we are not interested in starting any churches. Those are social, human functions, though we are much interested in fellowship. It will be necessary for you when you do establish churches, for we know that you will, and are now beginning that process. Even now, even years past, your groups have attempted to, or thought about, starting a Urantia Church. You have study groups, but you have been interested in this fellowship idea, this heart connection with everyone, a fellowship of like-mindedness and like-heartedness. Yet your efforts to do so, to develop this cohesiveness will largely go unfulfilled until you accept that the human body, the human mind at your level also needs the accoutrements of fellowship in worship, the accoutrements of religion that make the heart connection possible, which make you feel ‘one’ with the group. You exercise these processes in ceremonies and rituals. These are the outward manifestations that set the parameters for heartedness. There are ritual procedures for establishing this. And I would suggest that you, not individually, but you who may be listening to this and to whom this message is for, I would suggest that you investigate the dynamics of developing oneness in groups. What is it that causes groups to feel "one?" Surely we know that shared experiences do this. Shared experiences of extreme suffering do this very rapidly. Shared experiences of extreme accomplishment and joy and ecstasy do this as well. There is a more subtle region between those extremes, wherein group oneness can be achieved methodically, deliberately, and with intention.

Many of the new Urantia churches have failed for lack of this oneness. There is a deep yearning for this heart connectedness. Your members recognize and see, and appreciate higher-minded oneness, oneness of loyalty, dedication to similar purpose, oneness of goals. Yet, these will always fail at the more basic levels of human existence when there are not in place the rituals and procedures and ceremonies for developing that heart connection. Group process has expectations; it also has rewards. You come together and you do these certain procedures and you end up with feelings of awe, reverence, feelings of oneness, connection with God and your fellow men, brothers and sisters. How is this achieved? You must learn that, You must practice it. Many of your attempts to establish Urantia group churches have failed because you have not drawn from traditional church practices, religious practices, which engender and support feelings of oneness and dedication of oneness to the group. You have associated traditional religious settings with negative feelings. You do not want to have anything to do with those things that are traditional in those churches. Yet, if you examine many social organizations, fraternities, sororities, social groups, private groups, fraternal orders, sororal orders, you will find that there is always, always the procedure for engendering oneness.

Shared experience of mind, shared experience of experiences, and shared experiences of heart. You must get to this energetic level before your churches will succeed. Simply practicing rituals and ceremonies is hollow and will not suffice to fill the hearts of yourselves or satisfy the oneness that God seeks with each individual. But the dedication of purpose, the intent of purpose of each ceremony and ritual to engender that oneness of feeling, of thought, between the individual and God, their inner God, their Thought Adjuster, and with their fellow brothers and sisters, this must be striven for. It is achievable. When you seek to start a new church, do not throw out the baby with the bath water. Such a horrible old cliché, isn’t it? (But well known.) Yes, but well known! Yet, this is what you are doing when you reject all of the bath water of traditional religions. Pick from that which works. That which works must affect the psyche of each individual to develop reverence, to go within, to be self-examining, to yearn and strive for oneness with the higher being of our God. Think upon these things and strive to renew your efforts. For as you develop your new religions, they must do all the rituals and ceremonies with very deep intent, and we suggest that you do not practice them if they do not assist the individual to have a personal and intimate relationship with their Thought Adjuster, and with their Creator, Michael.

I will leave you with that little capsule for today. (That’s a pretty heavy capsule!) Yes, it is one that can have wide repercussions but one which is necessary to make as a lesson now for you as many of your people are have wonderful intents, have wonderful energies, but are getting no where. And it is time that you took on a higher interest, a higher awareness of your group activities for your new religions. We hope that this has been helpful to you. If you have further questions regarding this little capsule, this encapsulated lesson in the future, you are most welcome to ask. It will be a continuing issue for you.

Student: I have had this same feeling, the gist of the capsule, for some time now, and so I am glad to have some clarification on it. I thank you. (You’re welcome.)


Rayson: The basic underlying lesson is that this can be replicated, it is reproducible, and it is worthwhile to do. But do it intentionally, for the individual. Blessings to you today, it has been a pleasure being with you in this home, it has been a pleasure to be with you today. Though there are so few of us today, nevertheless our consciousness does encircle this planet, does it not? (Yes. Yes) We go forward then, looking to our new lessons that come in the future and the opportunities to teach you. We are available to you, all through the day, all through the week, through the nights; there is assistance to you at all times. Feel that connection and make your requests known. Ask questions, seek answers, and be still—they will be revealed to you. Good day.


Imagine a pink line of energy that comes up from earth center, up your right leg, across your chest, through your heart and down your left leg to earth center — then it goes up the right leg of your neighbor to your left—do you understand this? The rotation is clock-wise, looking down upon the group. It goes from earth center to you, back down to earth center, up to your neighbor on your left, to earth center, and to their neighbor to the left. So the energy goes clock-wise. It is ‘pink’ in color, with a certain frequency. If you have ever seen a sewing machine, and the thread mechanism, you will have an idea of what the motion of this energy line looks like. The thread would be the line of energy, and the needle that goes up and down would be the movement of that energy, and the thread-feed is the cross-over of energy from right side to left side and back down again. Can you imagine seeing this line now? I wish you’d answer this. (Yes. Yes.) Good. So you understand that it is a pink line that comes up from earth center, up your right leg, across your chest, through your heart, down your left leg, to earth center, up your neighbor’s right leg, and so on around the circle.