2002-06-23-Bringing Light To The World

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Topic: Bring Light To The World

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am grateful to have you all together again this evening.


Light, Leadership

We have much to speak about. You are all growing and making progress in your lives. You are each moving forward with your commitment to your struggle to be more and more God-like in your humanness. You are all working to create lives that are an expression of your values. It is a joy to work with such honest and courageous people.

There is also within you each a struggle for balance and for inner peace. I say a struggle for inner peace because so much of your lives are engaged in the battle of living that peace can be elusive. Each of you is also going through inner change, transition, in your lives.

All of you have been relatively wild in your youths. You have been people that rebelled, that charted out a course of individualism. None of you are the docile types who follow the beaten path. You have all been thought of as somewhat crazy by your peers and family at one time or another. And this very rebelliousness, this refusal to be simply accepting of life as you find it, this is what makes you part of that precious few who do in fact change the world just a little bit.

People tend not to question the reality that is taught, the world view that is passed from one generation to the next. But every so often, there is a generation of original thinkers born into this world and these people are instrumental in changing the course of history in actual fact. You, my friends, are so absorbed in your immediate problems and your immediate struggles that you fail to see that you are truly part of something much larger and much more important, far reaching, and noble. For as you work and worry and struggle with life, you are actualizing higher values than those who have gone before you. You are bringing forth the fruit of a growing tree, a tree with roots deep in the human soil, but with branches reaching up to heaven receiving life from the greater spiritual realms.

This generation has a very important role to play in the future of your world. The values which you bring to bear in your daily lives are greater and more profound than most generations before you had to tackle. The progress of humanity depends on this very thing, this very ability of you children to reach high for spiritual strength, value, and purpose and to pull this into your every day lives.

Progress of a nation, or a civilization is not found in the speeches of its leaders. It is not found in its political organization, in its justice system, in its philosophy, nor in its art, though all those things reflect what I speak of. Progress is truly made when you grapple with the problems of the day and grasp for the highest response, the highest valued understanding you can achieve and bring this down to the level of the small daily trouble. You do not make progress by espousing one set of values in church on Sunday or in synagogue, or at a mosque, and then using the common value, the everyday coinage of how people treat one another in your daily lives. Civilization does not progress by reverting to magic, superstition, nor idolatry, though these things are rampant in all society throughout the world. They are simply unacknowledged.

When you live by a higher value system, others do not mistake it in your lives, it is plain to everyone. When you live on a higher spiritual plain, you give light to those who sit in darkness. It does not help them to talk about light, you must be light.

Again, do not be surprised to find that you are human. Have sympathy with your human failings as you would that of a child. Don't try to hide your shortcomings from your selves. Acknowledge them, embrace them and transform them. It takes true courage to see yourselves, to admit your failings to God and yourselves. This is the root of humility. Humility is honesty.

When you have tried something, tried and failed, that is when you can glimpse your true self. It is also when you can remove your fear of failure. It is also when you can understand that withing failure, there is really the truth of victory. When you have tried and failed, there is nothing left to do but try again and then the fear of failure is not so strong and eventually the understanding grows that there is no failure. You each grow in your inner truth through all your experiences. It is this inner truth which glows in the darkness of ignorance. It is this inner truth which draws others to you.

The world is made up of darkness and light. The more you incorporate the values of the spirit, the more you grow toward that light, the more you become that light. Make no mistake, you are like candles that the Father places to give light to his children. The Father will place you where you need to be. Think only of growing in the light and shining more and more and thus you will be placed higher and higher.

You are all doing wonderfully well. I know you question yourselves, I know you doubt yourselves, and you doubt your purpose at times. But let me reassure you each that the light within you is just beginning to burn and you absolutely must shine your light for all to see. That is your purpose. Are there any questions at this time?

Personal Counsel

Q: Yes Ham, may I have a personal message please?

Ham: Certainly my son. You are doing better every day. Gradually, you are being healed by the power of the spirit. Emotionally, I perceive a great amount of healing and a balance being found that has eluded you. I also see old fears gradually dying as love replaces these things in your heart. Be at ease my son. Though growth is painful, not growing is even more so. You are finding your way day by day and in this there is peace. You are doing well.

Q: Ham do you have any counsel for me today?

Ham: Certainly, my son you are doing well. You are growing greatly in the spirit. You have found your way by trusting in the Father. You are growing robustly and are also healing many old wounds. Your health has greatly improved and your life circumstances, little by little, step by step, improves as you learn the lessons of following in the Master's footsteps humbly and willingly applying yourself to a trade which is a service to others. Those who walk the way of the Master have him beside them and his refreshing spirit will give strength and the ability to carry on when you are weary and even discouraged. Drink deeply of the cup he offers you. Continue to follow him. Yes you do well.

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: My daughter, you do well. You are finding your way, slowly and surely, along the path before you. You are certainly courageous and daring in your efforts. You also are growing through increasing trust in the Father's good graces. Never forget that all is supplied by the Father's will. As you cleave ever more closely to his hand, he will supply you with guidance you require. Sometimes when you become fearful you also become withdrawn and headstrong. But this is understood and as you continue to grow you will relax more and more in the Father's arms and allow his blessings into your life. And especially, you will allow fear to gradually dissolve and be washed away in your baptism of the spirit.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Yes indeed. My son, you also do well. But also you allow fear to intrude and even to dominate much too much. Gradually you must learn to relax your grip on the world and to allow the Father to carry you once in a while. Your fear of letting go is manifest in many ways and yet complete control of anything is impossible. The mind cannot dominate and control the body. The mind must gradually release its dominance and allow the body to be controlled by the higher mind, even the spirit. The more you try to control the body, the more out of control its reactions and demands will become.

Q: May I have a personal message Ham please tonight?

Ham: Of course my daughter. My dear, you do well. You are also relaxing in your life. You are trusting the Father more and, as in everyone, this is achieved in small steps. You are moving from one spiritual level to another and this is unsettling and difficult. But this is how progress is achieved. If spiritual progress was an easy thing, this world would be a place of light and life. But, spiritual progress is difficult and thus progress is highly valued. When something is hard won, it is highly prized. There are many well meaning souls who write prescriptions for spiritual progress as though it was the easy rode, a simple pill to swallow. But these illusions quickly fall and the hard work of spiritual progress resumes. Never feel that you are behind or failing somehow in spiritual effort for this is not so. You are just where you need to be. You are learning that which you need to know and you are giving others that which they need as well. All of this is growth and none of it is easy. Be at peace my children, you all do well.

Q: Marije. Do you have any advice for me about a person close to me who uses drugs?


Ham: Certainly. My daughter, be at ease. This person must find for himself in his own way the emptiness and illusory nature of this path. We do not ever blanketly condemn the practices that are common upon this world. It is not my place to judge the path of another nor is it your path to do so. Your path my dear is your own.

You can be an example but you cannot be a judge. Each person must find the way for themselves. There is no right way leading to enlightenment. Everyone finds what they need to learn in their own way and in their own time. You cannot worry or try to change another's path through your worry. I would say to all of you, and this you know yourselves, drugs are not an answer. They are simply endowed with the illusions you give them. The real path lies in temperance, and cleanliness in every way. Polluting the body with poisons in order to create an illusion takes you off the path for a time. Sometimes, the struggle of life requires a break, an escape if you will, but this can certainly be found in other ways. Usually the pressure of life are not as great as you make them out to be and human beings tend to multiply their pressures by using these very substances that are supposed to relieve these pressures. Turn to the Father for your relaxation. Turn to him for peace and for comfort. His is the water of life, not the poisons that lead to death.

Q: Norbert would like a personal message.

Ham: Certainly my son. You do well and you are making progress in all areas of you life. Grow in patience my son. Patience is required as you grow in the spirit. Don't allow yourself to condemn yourself or to be impatient with yourself. You are not making the mistakes you may think you are. Trust increasingly in the Father's benevolent love. Rest in the assurance of his Divine ministry. Be at peace with yourself and with others.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

Ham: Certainly. My son, be at peace. You do well in all things. Know that much of your distress in life comes from simple fatigue and weariness. Don't push yourself so hard. Allow for rest and renewal of the spirit.

Q: Do you have any feedback for me this week?

Ham: Certainly my son. You are doing very well. Your life is very full and your progress is steady and sure. Reach out to the Father with love and gratitude. Allow him to heal that which needs to be healed and allow him to give you that which you need. Sometimes you also tend to be strong willed and you tend to reject help in favor of self-sufficiency. But the Father stands ever ready to provide his help and guidance. It is your job to learn to reach for it.


You all do well my children. Until next week, my love and my prayers are with you. That is all, farewell.