2002-08-25-Michael's Birthday

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Topic: MIchael's Birthday

Group: Pocatello TeaM, Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Abraham, Michael

TR: Bill K., Nina



Prayer by Christ Michael(Bill): This is Michael. My children, be at peace. You do me high honor. Yes, I will offer prayer to our Universal Father. Join me with your hearts and minds.

Eternal Father, Lord of the Universes, Source of all life, Whose will is perfection, Whose joy is contagious, Whose service is delight; I thank you for these, my mortal children of time and space who have recognized the path that I trod and know that it leads to You. They have come here to honor my Urantia bestowal in which I sought to reveal You. They have heard my words and they believe Me. They also know You and in their hearts they hear Your words as well.

I pray that they may be one, even as We are one, that the world may know that You are the Source of all grace, all mercy, that this tattered and torn world may be bound up with healing, the healing balm of love, and that all My children may come to My flock and thus honor You, from Whom all things come. Amen.

(TR: Nina) I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. What a wonderful day in which to partake from the Kingdom table. Together here we find all that we need to become nourished in mind and spirit to carry out the work of our Master.


Lo these many years we have together built a strong and sturdy bridge. It has been used to help usher many into a new and better age. You are this bridge. Your faith is the frame and your trust is the foundation. It has taken each one's talent and willingness to keep the bridge strong and upright. Of course, there have been stumbling blocks along the way. There have been personality clashes, disagreements, and so on, but you have remained strong and focused on the overall purpose.

The Teaching Mission is a throughway to a new perception of the evolving mortal life. What was once just words is now action. What was once just thoughts are now deeds. What was once an unmoving belief system is now a growing faith. What was once just a book is now alive with eternal possibilities. You have brought the image of the Master across that bridge of faith. You have made the effort to live His teachings. You have overcome the temptation to admix the old with the new and the bridge has held a steady forward moving momentum.

Our Mission is to provide a new and ever growing path to a positive spiritual reality. Those seekers in the world will view the Mission as a solid spiritual vehicle to a reachable God. You are Mother's voice, the Master's hands, the Father's eyes. You, our living bridge of faith, are making the unreachable reachable. With our Brother/Father Michael as the Master Architect, how can we fail?

My gratitude goes out to one who is so diligent in following through with the Father's plans and giving so much of Himself. I am committed to Michael, to giving back to Him. I can commit this day to becoming a better listener, a better brother, who can keep in the forefront of my mind His purpose, and without wavering, follow it through, without questioning, being about the Kingdom business. I can do these things because the Master and His hosts enable me to be more, do more, and share in the support of the living bridge.

I am honored to work by your side. I am honored to be your brother. I thank you for your trust and faith in carrying through with the Master's cause. It is with gratitude that I share this day of remembrance with you each. As always, my love goes with you. Shalom.

(TR: Bill) Dear friends, I am DANIEL, your teacher, your guide, your companion and your brother. It only seems as yesterday that we were meeting in this room to begin the united efforts of the Woods Cross and Southeast Idaho team. I marvel that ten years has elapsed. Today we once again think of the meaning of our Brother/Father/Creator Michael in His incarnation to this world. It is a time of remembrance. I would comment briefly on my recollection of the past ten years.

As Abraham has so suitably illustrated, there has been much progress in the spirit and in the flesh. What was originally an ideal, a Light and Life vision, has now become a part of your morontia journey while yet in the flesh on Urantia. You are living for the most part in your individual lives as though this planet had already reached the early stages of Light and Life. You are indeed islands of Light and Life, my dear friends. No, you haven't reached perfection, but you have progressed a good ways up the face of the cliff called living faith. Your handholds and footholds are becoming more evident to you and the feel of the rock is exhilarating you, giving you the strength to keep on climbing.

We forecast much good coming forth from this united group ten years ago and we were not amiss. Much has been accomplished. The ascension career has its plateaus, its places of remembrance, where you look back over the journey you have undergone and view your progress. I invite you at this moment--in a moment of silence--to do that and then I will conclude my thoughts. (silence)

Thank you. Some of you observed that your climb has not been without temporary slips. You have for a brief moment lost your grip and slid down hill, only to reconnect with the rock and proceed passed the place of your slip. This is normal spiritual growth, especially on a planet such as this one. Do not be ashamed where you have faltered, rather look past those things and observe how much further you have progressed. As a remembrance station, we rest for a moment, but only to gain our strength so that we may face forward and continue the climb of faith on the rock of living faith.

We have One who has secured the ropes, has scaled the mountain in its fullness. We celebrate Him today, even our Jesus, our Joshua Ben Joseph, Who is the way, the truth, and the life. Yes, we can climb the rock of living faith. We can achieve perfection in our mortal sphere, in our finite sphere, as God is perfect in His sphere.


So now, my friends, it's party time! Let us rejoice in the fellowship and the symbolic communion of Michael's birthday cake. So be it. Farewell