2002-11-25-Urantia Today, Mansion Worlds Tomorrow

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Topic: Urantia Today, Mansion Worlds Tomorrow

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: George B.



Donna: Father, thank you for our gathering here tonight. Thank you that our Sister Nel is back joining us for this evening. Please open our hearts and our minds to hear what you would have us hear. We ask that Your Will be done in our lives and that you guide and lead us and thank you for Your Love, amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your Teacher, JarEl. It is good to be in your presence once again, to share your lives this moment. It is good to see you again Nel.

Nel: Thank you JarEl.

JarEl: TR, George. It is so precious to be among truly gifted minds, in a world so tattered with wars and violence. It is precious to me to come into your lives and share a moment of peace, discussion, and inspiration. It is precious to me to reach down to you, so that you may reach up to me. It is precious to me to show you the different things that are available in this grand universe of ours. I do hope that you, as well, take this moment and consider it precious and worthwhile. When I come to you to minister my lessons, I do this because it brings a great joy to me; a great pleasure to be able to help those in need; those who ask for assistance and wisdom. In your life you may find that at times when you ask for help, assistance will be available to you as soon as it can get there. Our attempt in this Teaching Mission is to try to avail you with somewhat immediate assistance in your pursuits for a connection with the Father. If I can be somewhat useful that is more than enough for me.


The Teachers, Afterlife

I shall tell you a little about where I am at this moment, so that you may begin to understand. I have gone through all the Morontia Schools. I have graduated. I am a Finaliter. My friends up here all have a mutual love for one another. We all greet each other in a most cordial way. We all understand one another. We are constantly socializing with one another where it brings great pleasure to do so. I see many of my former students every once in a while, as well as students who come from your world, Urantia. In fact, I saw Hal just a couple of weeks ago. It was a most pleasant reunion for I truly love Hal as much as I love all of you. Every once in a while I take a trip to other parts of the Universe. Although you may not be aware of it, I am at a far off place, but I am very strict about keeping my appointments here with you. I always make time for this occasion, but on some occasions I am traveling and visiting. It is all very pleasant and very enlightening. I do all of this because it does bring great pleasure to me and great joy. It brings me a great understanding of the entire Universe, which is the Father, which is the Almighty, which is the True Source and Center. I, like you, continue to learn. I, like you, have a long ways to go as well.

Although my journey has taken me to a far greater distance compared to where you are just beginning, I do not doubt that you shall reach the heights that I have reached. I do not doubt that you will meet me at a point where we are at the same level, which is why I have the utmost respect for all of you. For you are like my equal, regardless of my stature or my age. We are all children of God. You contain the presence of the everlasting life within your souls, for that is what makes you eternal. It gives you the potential to reach beyond your very own thoughts into the realm of eternity where God exists. Yet God exists within you as he always has. Perhaps this is perplexing to you, but let it not be, for one day you shall know. It will be revealed to you, nothing is ever hidden from any of God’s children. You only need the patience to receive the truth in time. For all shall be revealed in its own rightful time.

Just as my image, my presence, shall be revealed to you when we at last meet in some distant future, in some distant life and in some distant part of the galaxy. I do look forward to the meeting on that day, when you shall come up to me and say, "JarEl, look at my new body. Look I got here, I made it." I shall say, "Yes I know, I knew you would make it." I look forward to when you arrive on the Morontia Worlds and you will begin to see for the first time in your entire lives how beautiful life can be. You will begin to see the wonders, the magnificence of the entirety of everything. You will gaze upon the Sea of Glass which is so brilliant and beautiful that you will want to be there forever, looking. It is just something that seems to come out of a dream to you, but you will know that it is not a dream. You will know that it is real and inside you will feel excitement beyond anything you have ever felt. This excitement will grow, just like a child who is getting ready to open his presents. Or a child who knows that the next day he will go to Disneyland, that’s how excited you will be, because you will look forward to everyday, to every new adventure, to every new idea and ever new knowledge that you gain. You will look forward to meeting new family members that you never knew you had. You will look forward to meeting new friends, new friends that come from distant parts of the Universe. You will look forward to meeting your Guardian Angel and Morontia Companions.

The day that will be so glorious is the day you meet Michael and see him face to face. There are many days to look forward to and you shall count these days as the days you had here on Urantia, for your days never end. As you get old you may begin to think that your days are coming to an end, but they are only beginning. Your days are only coming to a transition where your days will become forever, for you shall not require any sleep or rest. You will find in a day that you can do a thousand things and then still have time for a thousand things more. This is when you will begin to realize the potential behind this great and awesome gift. What will you do with all of that time, with all of that knowledge at your disposal? With all the opportunities that will be given you, many of you will do the things you always wanted to do here on earth. You will travel, you will sing, you will dance. You will create, paint, compose, have dates, you will have friends and you will relax. Once you are through doing all the things you wished to do, you will begin to grow and to see that you can do much more, you can learn much more. You can go farther and faster than you ever wished.

There shall be great Universities where you will learn everything there is to learn about the Universe, about life and about God. Learning about God is an experiential thing which shall take you a whole lifetime to acquire. It shall be the exciting part, it shall be the adventure you take once you realize the purpose; your mission in life is to achieve oneness with God. You will make that your utmost priority and everything else shall fall into place. For as you travel inwards, your life, acquaintances and your work shall all synchronize in one perfect rhythm. Where everything that you do is for the One True Source and Center, and everyone around you is doing the same thing.

The most exciting part of all is the free choice, the free will. For you are not given a path to travel, you are not told that this is the way that you must go. It is up to you. You shall forge your pathway to God. It shall be your own adventure. Your own experience, your own truth and it shall take you places that you could never imagine. You shall have the opportunities that you only dreamed about. For those of you who have read the papers on Caligastia and the one hundred and ever wonder how the one hundred came to be? How they got their opportunity to travel to this world and be among the mortals of time and space? One day you may be given that opportunity to be on a wayward planet, studying and helping just as occurred here on Urantia. The opportunities are endless and vast and great. Everything in the Universe has its importance. Everything you do in the Universe shall be important and shall have its purpose.


There are many who are watching you, studying you and modeling you. They see you and they are filled with joy to witness this group and many others like you. You are progressive thinkers. You are spiritually-endowed. They have taken it upon themselves to meet you when you finally arrive in the Morontia realm. They have many questions to ask you. They want to know everything about your planet, about dealing with the huge variety of people on this world. For many of them don’t come from a world as yours. Many of them have an orderly world where the Adam and Eve did not default and neither did the Planetary Prince. They never experienced any sort of default on their planet so that their spiritual headquarters was set and established for thousands and thousands of years and they evolved into Light and Life. They have become curious to see your planet. They are curious because of its great variety, from the very spiritual to the lesser based animalistic. They are curious because the Creator of this Universe, out of the thousands of other planets he could have picked, came here. When they see people like you, they become excited, for it gives them an opportunity to meet Agondonters and to understand how it is that you can believe without seeing. While they had Adam and Eve, the Planetary Prince and a Magisterial Son with them all along, their faith was not exercised as severely as yours. Right off the bat you are celebrities in this Universe. For you hold a special gift where you believe without proof whatsoever. They marvel and are at awe at such strong and faithful servants of God. They long to be your friends. They long to help you and they long to give their hand to you, to show you that you are not alone, that you do have others who care for you and always shall. They hurt and you hurt and they see you feeling alone and depressed.

They cannot understand how you can feel that way when they see how the Universe is. How it is filled with love and you are only one thought away from receiving this tremendous love. They are curious! At those moments when you are feeling alone, they so want to come down here and tell you, "you are not alone, look I am here." But they know they can’t and they know they can’t interfere in your lives. But they can pray and they can hope that more spiritual brothers and sisters open their minds and their hearts to all on this planet and bring hope and love to everyone on earth. They hope so much for this with all their hearts and their minds. They look at this planet and they hold it in their hearts like a little brother that needs attending to. They know that they have the experience, knowledge and compassion to protect this little brother and to guide him to maturity. You are entering into the beginning stages of maturity. For many of you are pioneers of this great age that is to come.

You are in the beginnings of the dawn of Light and Life. As more of you come to this awareness, this age shall come upon you. Perhaps not in your lifetime, but you shall be able to observer it from afar, from the comfort of your Morontia abode. You shall never lose interest in your home planet. It shall remain as a jewel in your hearts which you will carry with you forever. My home planet remains in my heart as well.

In my lessons I have taken you here and there and then back to you and then to others and back to you again, to show you how you are all connected with one another. You are connected to the entire Universe. Do not worry for it is all very glorious and spectacular. I wish that my words and my thoughts could express to you how remarkable this entire Universe is. I will just leave that up to your imagination. Are there any questions?


Light and Life

Donna: JarEl, I do have a question. You were talking about how on the more normal planets where there was not any default of the Adam and Eve or the Planetary Prince, how they had obtained Light and Life. I was just wondering if you could give us an idea of how long it might have taken one of those planets to obtain Light and Life? I know that there are different variables but if you could give us some idea, I would like to know?

JarEl: TR, George. Some of those planets reached Light and Life a lot quicker than others. Although they are all very different, even though Adam and Eve still tarry on their planet, some of the mortals still exhibit a war-like attitude. It may take any particular planet several thousand years before it reaches Light and Life. If it weren’t for the Adam and Eve default and the Caligastia betrayal on your planet you would have been in the stage of Light and Life. Many of those Planets, when Adam and Eve first arrived, went into the industrial age and then the scientific age and soon after everything started to flourish. Little by little, wars began to end and borders began to open. Soon a Magisterial Son arrives which enters a new age. They are all different and they all vary, not one like the other and especially your planet. There are none like Urantia in the entire Universe. You shall consider yourself lucky once you reach the Morontia Worlds. You shall look back and wonder how in the world you ever survived such a planet. You shall also consider yourself very lucky because you lived on this Planet. It gave you the experience and the expertise of faith. This faith shall carry you through your whole journey to the gates of Paradise. This faith that you have is the keystone to your understanding of God. This is a gift that you have that others don’t. Others may acquire it but never such as you, being severely tested and challenged and at the same time, believing. Are there any other questions?


Lucille: JarEl, when we fuse, that must be a glorious experience. Can you describe it for us? Is it suddenly?

JarEl: TR, George. It is like arriving to the happiness that you always knew existed. It is like coming to a home that you always knew you had. It is like becoming part of a sparkling fountain that flows on to eternity. It is like becoming part of the warmth of the fire. It is like knowing all that you’ve ever known to be true and it becomes you. It becomes all of you and you become all. In those words Lucille I tried to explain how it is, but only you can experience and once you experience it you will know what I meant when I said these words.

Larry: JarEl how long did it take you to get from your home planet to Paradise and to the Finality Corp?

JarEl: TR, George. I will not tell you. I expect you to take your own route to Finality. I know that you will get there, just as I know that all of you will. Some of you will get there sooner, others much later, but that is not what matters, you all shall have a great adventure. Are there any other questions?

Larry: How was it to be face to face with God?

JarEl: TR, George. Shall I go into poetry again?

Larry: That is probably the only way that you are going to be able to explain it to us.

JarEl: TR, George. If you can look inside of yourself and find what is most beautiful then you have seen God.

Donna Jean: JarEl, did the default of Adam and Eve on this planet have a big impression on other parts of our Universe?

JarEl: TR, George. No, the results were here only. The default of Caligastia was felt elsewhere by the simple fact that Lucifer had spread all of his menace throughout the Universe. Adam and Eve’s default was only a by-product of the Lucifer rebellion.

Donna Jean: Do we choose the planet on which we are born?

JarEl: TR, George. Are you basing this on the idea that you existed before?

Donna Jean: No, I am basing it on planets having different experiences. Therefore, here on Urantia……...you touched on it before, because we believe and yet we do not see. Where some planets -- they always had Adam and Eve, the Planetary Prince and a Magisterial Son, so they would believe because of seeing. So is there some process where we are born or how are we born here?

JarEl: TR, George. You mean how were you born here?

Donna Jean: Right, why was I born here instead of on some other planet?

JarEl: TR, George. That is a very interesting question and perhaps one day you shall find the answer.


Lynn: I have a question. If I understood, you said, ‘those of us on this planet are perceived by others from other planets as having, profound faith without being able to witness more spiritually advanced, forward moving phenomena on a more evolved planet.’ Did I understand that correctly? When you said that?

JarEl: TR, George. Your planet is unique in that fashion. For others have had the luxury of having their spiritual headquarters on their planets. You have not. So, in many ways, you compensate for your lack with your overwhelming faith.

Lynn: So what we compensated for on this planet by faith, then what have those other freewill creatures been enable to observe or experience that has not required reaching for that great faith in order to compensate?

JarEl: TR, George. That is what they want to ask you. That is what they are waiting to ask you. They want to know how you are able to believe without seeing? To them it is incomprehensible. They always had their Adam and Eve with them. Their faith had reached that far. Whenever there was a question, all they had to do was to see what they had in front of them and believe. They have existed thousands of years on their planet and their faith was already established, whereas your faith was severely challenged. For many tell you that there is no God. Many tell you that God is here, God is there, but for you to believe in God without proof, to them that is rare, very rare. For they always had proof and they are very curious to find out why do you believe when you don’t have proof? Whenever we wanted to believe we needed the proof. You, however, have grown, have matured, have believed with no proof whatsoever. Just trusting in your own faith, your own heart and your own mind and that is remarkable.

Lynn: So, are you saying by virtue of other will creatures from other planets being able to physically observe Adam and Eve on their planets that, that becomes proof? That the actual seed of them establishes some foundation of truth to the Universal Mystic?

JarEl: TR, George. Well, of course, they see Adam and Eve who have lived for thousands of years while they only live on the planet for a hundred or so years. They have history, documentation which proves that they have been on their planet for all those years and for them they represent the highest, most ideal form of religion on their planet and, therefore, they see and believe.

Lynn: Well, here is what I have to say, speaking only for myself, you can tell all those people that I, for one (for we have Michael) have never needed to see Adam or Eve, or the Planetary Prince. My proof has always been inside of me and it is something I feel without any doubt and that is life everlasting. And so, I find it interesting that anyone would ever think that there is proof outside of themselves. When, as you yourself this evening, have articulated the fact all that you need to do is to go inside of yourself to be aware of God. So you can tell these people that there are human beings on this planet who have faith.

Larry: Isn’t that the definition of faith?

Lynn: No I don’t think so, not for me.


JarEl: TR, George. You all speak your own truths and you all speak it very nicely and I commend you on your listening. I would like to close now and I wish you all a good night.

All: Thank you JarEl.