2003-01-23-Stillness, Part 2

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Topic: Stillness, Part 2

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Welmek

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Good evening, this is Welmek, your friend and teacher. Tonight I would like you to continue to dwell in your stillness.


Feel the energy of the thought patterns in your mind. Sense the presence of your thoughts. Can you detect a distinct quality in them? What do you perceive as the movement? Is it rushed? Is it slow? Is it steady or is it agitated? Spend a few moments in just sensing your mind and what it is doing. Now call on your indwelling Father Fragment, what you have come to know as your Thought Adjuster. Make a conscious, direct, sincere, and honest appeal to your Adjuster in that you would like the thoughts that you are now thinking to be adjusted to those of the Father's. (Pause)

Be in that simple place of desiring to follow the Father's will. Find that place of love within you, that love for your Creator, your trust in His plans and His love for you. And let your mind be filled with the Father's thoughts, with the Father and every quality of personality that He can give you. (Long pause)

Bring your attention back now to the gentle rhythms in your mind. What did you sense as the difference between your mind when it was just quiet on its own and when you invited the Adjuster to respond within your mind? I would be interested to hear your comments, so that I may help you gain even more satisfaction with your stillness.


Student: Yes, Welmek, what I noticed the difference was a calmness came over me, came within me, not within my mind but my body felt calm and more relaxed. I just felt different in a good way, of course. But there is a difference.

Welmek: Of course, there is a difference. And the difference is when the human mind is quiet that there will be a yielding and an opening, almost as if it is an anticipation of something more. And when the Father comes in, that anticipation becomes satisfied. And any sense of anticipation becomes absorbed, because the true union of mind to soul has been completed. Would you be able to identify this as the difference now from my description?

Student: Yes I can feel that in a sense. And when we talked about last week, this agitation within my mind, it's because I have felt this I want more. I want to be in this place. And I know it's here within the calmness.

Welmek: Yes, take a deep breath and let your mind melt into the Father's. Have the thoughts you think yield now to the thoughts that He would like you to think. Gently, each day you will take on more of the Father's thinking. Your desire for this will increasingly grow, until you have reached that final union where there is no more anticipation. So let this yearning, this deep yearning you experience now, to lead you into a more fruitful time in letting your mind be so conditioned by the Father. It will happen gradually, as you have already experienced. Would you not say that you have experienced more satisfaction in your stillness than when you first began over one year ago?

Student: Oh yes, very much so.

Welmek: And would you say your desire has also grown in that time?

Student: Yes. I think that's part of that agitation. It's because I want to be in that place. Like today I feel really mentally and physically fatigued, responsibilities in work that I have; like I want a vacation from this world.

Welmek: And rest assured your indwelling Monitor seeks this in you as much as you do. And so what you are experiencing now is that increasing desire, on both ends - the human and divine - to become one. (Yes) And it will grow, as I said, until that union has been consummated. Let yourself now be more consistently aware of the quality of your thinking when you are in and out of alignment and adjustment with your Father Fragment. And you will find yourself gently yielding, because you will be more desirous of being in his embrace than in being outside of it. Do you have any other comments?

Student: Just there's a sense of uncertainty, I guess, kind of an uneasiness as I unfold. It's like I feel like I'm at this window that's kind of foggy. And I see the light beyond it. I want to open it up, but I'm hesitant. I do want to do it gradually, and allow myself to assimilate the light, the love of God, the Father, flowing. So I'm able to assimilate this as I live in this world.

Welmek: And has it not been a small assimilation all this time?

Student: Yes, but there's, but like you said before, a stronger push for my indwelling Spirit to open the door or clear the windows off even greater.

Welmek: The desire will grow. The pace that it will be achieved will still stay slow and steady. You need not fear being overwhelmed, or over-illuminated by your indwelling Spirit. The Father is perfect in knowing what it is you need and how fast or how slow you are able to develop. Rest, my friend, put your fears aside. You are in the most loving and trustworthy hands possible. You will always be guided perfectly and correctly at all times, the more you surrender into this desire. Has this put your mind at ease?

Student: To a point, yes. But there are certain decisions that are upcoming that can alter my life. And I truly want to be clear about those decisions. I want decisions to be of the highest good of everyone concerned and to come from the spirit within.

Welmek: As long as your intention is for, as you say, the highest good, then you have no fear to walk ahead and take your step of faith. Whether or not the decision will bear the fruit you anticipate will only be known in time. Remember, you are given many, many opportunities and great freedom in making your own choices. What you wish to make of them is entirely up to you. If you are truly desirous that you are acting with compassion, altruism, self-forgetfulness as much as possible, then be confident you are doing the Father's will. And allow yourself the experience. Does this help?

Student: Yes, yes it does. I thank you for this experience.

Welmek: Who else would like to offer their comment now?

Student: Welmek, I'm feeling something different. Physically it's more peaceful, a state of inertia; I'm not really wanting to move or say anything so much. It took awhile for that to happen tonight in the process. And I could tell that my thoughts were taking radical departures from being centered on whatever the Thought Adjuster might want for me to follow his will. And then it just shifted out of that into a more peaceful state.

Welmek: Do you perceive this at other times during your day?

Student: No, there's two things that I mentioned. One was the thoughts jumping, and the other was the state of peace. The state of peace doesn't happen that often, at least as poignantly as it is now. And the thoughts jumping? It's not unusual when I'm wanting to concentrate and get more deep. That's a form of resistance.

Welmek: The unspiritized mind is somewhat rebellious in yielding to the spiritual currents or the leadings of the Thought Adjuster to allow the Father's will - the Father's actual presence - into that mindal environment to make a deep impact. Ever will you need to let your own mind be actually absorbed by the Father's mind. Your thoughts need to blend with His thoughts, so that what you think and what you feel are what He wants you to think and feel.

And since the mindal environment of trust is still growing, the tension created will be, as you say, this resistance. So, how do you yield, if you do not trust? And how do you learn to trust, if your mind is not yielded to the Father's will? Is this not a paradox?

And so, my friend, it is only life experience that will give you this greater foothold of trust that you need, so that your indwelling Monitor has more room to work in your mind, and to making those thought associations more activated in certain of your own thought configurations and patterns.

So, each day you must live and trust that you are being guided, you are being upheld, and that you have an underlying sense of security that your needs are being met. In this way will you begin to trust more, and in this way will you open to your receptivity for the Father to continue to feed you with His love and His support. I will pause now and entertain any questions you might have upon this comment.

Student: Well, I notice that the state I'm in is somewhat like a warm, fuzzy state. And it reminds me of occasions in the past when I've done some sort of heavy meditative type practice of some sort, or yoga practice, maybe a deep relaxation. And I'm not sure in this instance how I shifted into it. It seems that there was a desire to follow your request to have the alignment of my thoughts and the Adjuster's thoughts as one. And then it's almost as if I maybe was gone from regular awareness for a little bit and all of a sudden I was in this other state. In some ways it's rather enjoyable, and it gives me a little bit of a sense of accomplishment. And I'm not sure it's easy to be in this state in the ordinary course of events during the day. It's definitely more of a space of being withdrawn from the hustle bustle.

Welmek: And it will be thus for some time to come yet, until your mindal environment has grown accustomed to being still in these periods of reflection away from the chaos of everyday life. But you had a desire to trust the Father. And the use of the idea of the Thought Adjuster lends itself to the action of the Father Fragment within your mind. It is taking your thoughts and adjusting them to the Father's thoughts. You do not adjust your thoughts to the Father. You bring your desire for this to occur. The Father adjusts your thoughts through the workings of His spirit in your mind. And that is how it happens. Do you understand?

Student: I think I understand that part. I'm wondering if the physiological state that I'm experiencing now is part of that result of being adjusted because I feel different in my body. I feel a subtle sense of vibration loving, and I feel still. But I also feel somewhat in my brain kind of drained in a kind of like a little pain kind of a way, as if the blood sugar is not quite up there. Something of that nature. But it's not really bothersome. It's just noticeable.

Welmek: As mind relaxes and yields to the peace and the idea of resting in the Father, the body will find a certain state of relaxation. But usually it does take more time for it to achieve. By that I'm referring to the body - a deeper state of relaxation. Physiology is always dynamic. And your body has many biochemical reactions occurring every millisecond. Sometimes this softened mental energy will open new physiological responses of your body's needs - and you will be more acutely aware of your body's reactions. This is not the work of the Thought Adjuster. It is the natural opening of your body as the tension of the mind begins to yield to the peace of the Father within. Do you see the distinction I am making here?

Student: I think so. I think I would state it that I'm sensing a process of transformation going on and that the body is catching up more with the mind. And it's just a matter of a little more time as it balances out on more occasions.

Welmek: The body responds, but more slowly especially if there are certain physiological problems that require attention. This is why physical exercise is very important throughout your week, so that you are able to release some of the tension that builds up within it - the stimulation of your circulatory and pulmonary systems and excretory systemss. Just as the mind must release the tension, so should the body; and thereby making the entire being more in harmony with the state of vibrancy that is so desirable. Does this meet your needs?

Student: I think so. I just need to be a little more specific in what I can do to implement that more. I'm uncertain as to the best way to go about that although when you said respiratory, pulmonary and circulatory and excretory, it suggests more aerobic activity.

Welmek: You will find those actions that stimulate all of your systems. And just as it is required to practice stillness regularly, so must regular exercise be instilled into your daily regimen. See what works for you, monitor how you feel, and in time all of your systems will work more synergistically together and you will feel more balance at all levels. Does this help?

Student: Yeah, I'm involved in an ongoing neurological approach to health right now, and am being encouraged to exercise more as part of that. And what you said fits right in exactly with what I'm being encouraged to do from that realm as well.

Welmek: Do your stillness, daily exercise, the mind working in between both realms - helping each area become more harmonized. Make your thoughts, your decisions, be anchored on regular practice of both and you will reap great rewards.

Student: Well, my comment on that is that it reminds me of the many years in the past that I have been involved in yoga and meditation on a daily basis. I don't do that that way anymore. I find myself not too motivated to resume it. And what you're talking about seems a similar approach, although possibly the content or the techniques might be different.

Welmek: I do not advocate particular techniques, for each person [side one of tape ends] . and produce greater results. The only meditative technique that we advocate is stilling the mind, inviting the presence of the Father; being in that state, desiring this most wonderful relationship and letting yourself become Father-like. We make suggestions about the stillness practice, but what you do and how you do it is up to you. So try various things, my friend. And again, as I said, you will see the benefits with more consistent practice and over time.

Student: Well, my response to that is a sigh of relief in one sense to hear the encouragement - and a sigh of 'Oh, here I go again to get involved in a deep, long practice'. That's a little bit funny, and in a way that's a little bit paradoxical right there.

Welmek: All of life is. That is what makes it so much fun.

Student: Well, it keeps me young.

Welmek: That is the point.

Student: Ahah! That's a useful point of information. Thank you.

Welmek: Shall we continue on?

Student: Welmek, you first asked us to sense the environment of our minds, and what I sensed was a very busy mind. Sort of a high anxiety, I guess you would say. When I fill my mind and call upon the Father, I may listen to His leadings, adjustments in my thoughts, I do feel a definite calmness that typically what happens, as you know from our conversation last week, because I go into that semi-dream state which happened again tonight. My mind is just possibly tired and just needs to rest.

But other times during the week I was doing the stillness as you recommended, I would sense my thoughts being led. I always derive great pleasure when I can sense that, because that is the anticipation I have for the Father to lead my thoughts. Just as from last week when you did scan my mind, things are pretty much the same. And I am trying to direct my stillness practice now with your suggestions.

Welmek: The point of the exercise this evening was to help you to distinguish in your mind when you are engaged in your own thought energy as opposed to when the Adjuster is more actively intermingled with your thoughts. It is not that the quality be so different or up-stepped, as it was for you to sense how your mind responds, and the distinction between being in your own mind and under the more controlling influence of your Father Fragment.

From the encouragement I gave to you from last week's scan I would not recommend that you deviate from it at this time. But I would also like to encourage you in your invocation of the Father's will, to just ask for His thoughts to mingle with yours. This really is no different than asking for the Father's will to prevail. But what it does in your thinking helps to open those thought streams so that the river of the Father's love can flow into it. Do you understand the distinction I am making for you here?

Student: Intellectually I understand the distinction. Experientially I am afraid I have a little ways to go.

Welmek: That is fine. That is as it should be at this time in your development. But you are practicing, and you are reaping benefits. And so this will continue the more you desire, the more you try, and the more you consciously recognize that the Father is active in your mind. It matters not how great you are able to detect this, but that you are able to detect a small piece, a small portion of His ministering to you directly in your life, through how you think and how you experience reality. Does not your text say it is your Father's desire to share your life with Him? Does He not crave this experience through you? And so it is.

This is what you allow to occur when you open your mind to the Adjuster's leadings. You are giving the Father greater opportunity to experience life, human life, the evolutionary ascendant life of a mortal will creature on the road to Paradise perfection. Each day let your heart be in this place of desiring todo the Father's will, so that the Father can experience the joy of human living and help you to find the meaning and the value in the life you lead here in the mortal flesh.

What other task do you have that is as important as this? Your Creator has given you everything. Can you not make the Creator, the very source of your life, the focus of your life? And give Him precedence over everything else? And this is what you are doing in stilling your mind and in inviting His will to be done. I will pause now and seek your comments on this idea, R.

Student: Welmek, I'd first like to just make a comment that your words paint such a beautiful picture. I wish you had written one of the papers in our text. I love just listening to you, your words flow so beautifully.

My other comment, I guess there is no other. I understand what you are saying, and I will continue with my efforts for this is what I truly desire. Oftentimes the paradox of why something that is desired so strongly is so difficult confuses me. Why the greatness of the Father, why His words are so soft, to be barely discernable. I intellectually understand I have free will. I just wish He can speak up sometimes. Anyway, those are the comments that I have.

Welmek: You are growing your desire. The human desire for the Father starts out with yearnings of the babe for the loving embrace of its parents. And surely and slowly, as needs are not met, the opening to receive that love becomes obscured. And so the Father's love becomes a faint whisper. But is not a whisper still better than no voice at all? And that whisper was enough to stimulate your desire, and kept you on the path all those years. And now the whisper has added more weight and depth, and has fanned your desire into such a burning passion that the strength of this whisper is actually the wind that fanned this flame. Too much wind will burn out the flame. But a gentle whisper will take the flame and make it grow. Does this help you, my friend?

Student: I am a man who likes to visualize. And so your words speak the truth. The visualizations bring the meaning I am looking for. They were perfect. Thank you.


Welmek: You are most welcome. Are there any other questions before we conclude for this evening? (Pause) Dear friends, stilling your mind is effortful. But it will become the most rewarding practice of your life. Continue making room for the Father in as much of your day as you can - both in stillness and throughout your activities. He wants to experience all life, the fullness of human life through you. And your acknowledging His presence of your mind gives Him more opportunity to share with you what He can give you, as you share with Him what is yours to give. Good evening.