2003-04-10-Being A Spiritual Magnet

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Topic: Being a Spiritual Magnet

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Welmek

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Greetings, this is your friend and teacher, Welmek. I am pleased to again be here with you after my brief absence. But I left you in the very capable hands of Anatolia, whose instruction on our Mother Spirit has laid a good foundation for the next phase of instruction as we now enter a heightened period of spiritual receptivity.

Some of you have been participating in this mission, receiving our instructions for several years, and some of you are newer and you are still in the foundation-laying period of your orientation to the greater universal picture that is outlined in your Urantia text. But regardless of the level you are now experiencing, there comes a time when you will be asked to help those who have not yet been exposed to the light of truth - to share what you have learned and what you are experiencing with them. You might call this outreach ministry, you might call it sharing your spiritual light.

But whatever you wish to call it, I ask you now to consider if you are interested in being more spiritually magnetized as to bring new people into this group setting so they can receive what you have come to treasure in coming here to be aligned with Michael or hear the words of myself or other teachers. So the question I ask you tonight to consider is: what does it mean to be a spiritual magnet? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Have you ever considered the implications of this in your life? Take a few moments now and go into the stillness and ask these questions one by one and then please share with me your answers when you feel ready. (Pause)


Student: Welmek, I feel a certain affinity in terms of the text, physical facts, mental meanings, spiritual values-I'm probably more of a philosophical magnet in my life. I had wonderfully philosophical parents and I've been accused to being too serious. When I try to people to me it's with an open curiosity, but that's bound up with value. Underlying meanings, there's value. With that in mind, I've been a magnet because I've had friendships that have lasted for years and growing understandings for many years. Part of that is trying to share the Urantia Book and presenting it skillfully to people without turning people off. Now I'm in a bit of a quandary as to how to get people here and I'm stumped. I'm not sure how to be more of a magnet because it's been absolutely meaningful and precious to me.

Welmek: People are attracted to those places where they know that they will be spiritually nourished. Think of how a restaurant increases its visibility in the community. It is by the food that they serve that is well-prepared and delicious and keeps people coming back. And those who partake and enjoy feel no hesitation in recommending this place to their friends. And so, there is no difference in spiritual nourishment. It is food for the soul. And if people come and can taste and their soul does receive nourishment, they will return. The question, then, you are asking me is: how to entice them to come-is that not so?

Student: There is a problem here. I've noticed this with the people I'm close with-dancing partners, co-workers...there's something in our society that because we all have had the experience of being proselytized and dealing with cults or missionaries, there is enormous reluctance to be overt about this. It's a question of politeness that you do not try to extend your beliefs to other people. It's one thing to tell people about this wonderful restaurant, but in this case we are all the restauranteurs and that it's simply advertising. My question is how to get around that. People's reaction is that's fine for you, but I don't want to be enticed into it.

Welmek: I understand. And what I am suggesting is not to proselytize in a way that would cause discomfort or distance between you and another person. What you are involved in in acting as a spiritual magnet is really engaging another person at a deeper and more soul-felt level. You are communicating with them at a level that they will intuit instead of hear. And this is what I am suggesting, and this is why I have posed the question so you could share with me your understanding of what this means, and I can add another level to your conceptual awareness as well as to your intuitive capacities.

And so, my friend, what I am suggesting to you is that when you feel that you are being prompted to perhaps direct the conversation more in a spiritual manner, is that you call on your Inner Spirit-your Thought Adjuster. You invite your Thought Adjuster to make contact with that person's Thought Adjuster. You invite the Spirit of Truth to flow into you and to fraternize with that other individual and to heighten your spiritual sensitivity so that the words that flow your mouth will touch their soul in a new way. You may say something very, very innocuous and even mundane, but because it has a spiritual resonancy to it, it will soak deeper into their minds and hearts in a way that your mere words speaking from your mind would not be able to do.

So then in this instance, if you were to engage this, do you think anything coming from your lips would be less than graceful or easy to hear and digest and welcome and opening? And then, as you continue to relax into this exchange, you will find yourself being more soulfully connected to that individual and that is the spiritual magnetism of which I speak-that you are bringing in another soul into your resonance-into your truth. And they can see and feel and sense that where you have received is a place they may want to investigate. They will have their own inner truth sparks catalyzing within their mind, but you are whetting their appetite, and you are ringing the bell within them and this is what makes the exchange more effective. Do you understand?

Student: Very much, Welmek. I was able to follow you the whole way because you are describing most of my relationships. I am deeply loved by people and have a wonderful rapport this way. I was thinking too specifically about how to get people here Thursday night to hear you, and most of these friends that I will spend hours with talking about what we know to be true and sharing-I can't seem to get them here.

Welmek: And I honor your attempts in sharing the truths you have learned with your fellow truth-seekers. But now I am asking you to take it to a new level, and go into that place within your capacity to lead a person into the next level. You will not be doing this with your words alone. There is a tether that you extend that your words of truth will be bound into another person and lovingly and gently guide them and help them if they feel tentative or unsteady in taking that next step of faith. You are all here to encourage and support one another. And sometimes when you have these philosophical discussions, you have certain assents and agreements, but they stay at the intellectual level, and true soul needs may not be met. I am not suggesting that by this example I am portraying that you bring them here. It is that you are bringing them into the next level, so they will find the place that is the right one for them. But this is an exercise of spirit, of asking for your words of truth to bind around them and to guide them into the next level. Do you understand the distinction I am making here?

Student: Yes, I'm getting a feeling of it. You're expressing something that is most joyous part of these discussions that reaches a new breakthrough. I'm not unfamiliar with this, but you have your own way of looking at the mechanism and I appreciate that.

Welmek: It is somewhat mechanistic inasmuch as there is an energy connection between people. And the truth is enticing; it is liberating. But it also enjoins people into a greater family. And so in spirit reality there is this component of it acting as a drawing power. In terms of human visualization I am using the illustration of tying the cords of truth around another person so that you can more visually grasp what it is I am trying to convey to you. That the words you say when you enjoin Michael and their spirit will be able to find that place within them where the tether can take anchor and move a person gradually, gracefully into their next level of understanding and development. And so you see my friends, we do try to add things to you that will encourage you to be more spiritually engaging and to help your brothers and sisters more in their own achievement. And this is all a free will choice; we are merely suggesting and offering you the advice and encouragement if this is something you would like to more fully participate in. Do you have any comments?

Student: Only that perhaps mechanism was the wrong word-dynamic or the way things work. One thing that does seem to work for me is the concept on self-forgetfulness-of letting your own thoughts go so you can perceive this other person more fully. And surprisingly the spirit probably works best when the person doesn't try to be didactic. I've always found it better to be a friend than a teacher. You also seem to be suggesting to be consciously asking for Michael and Mother to make the connection, and not to forget they are the ones making this happen.

Welmek: As you have indicated earlier in your discussion with me, the proselytizing encounter does not work from the very standpoint you mentioned-in the didactic teaching mode people feel they are being lectured to and somehow sense a demeaning in that. This is as you say a "turn-off," and so you have rightly ascertained that a spiritual drawing dynamic is best undertaken in conjunction with Michael and Mother Spirit helping you. For they know those words to speak into the soul of the individual with whom you are engaging. They are the ones who bind the tether in that person's soul body to draw them into the truth-to gently encourage them into the light. All you are providing is the vehicle by which Michael and Mother minister to these individuals through your words. So it is not a two-way exchange; it is actually a six-way exchange: the two individuals, your immediate Divine Parents, and the two Thought Adjusters are now actively participating. You supply the spark through your intention and calling upon the spiritual agencies that you have access to and they will bind that individual into the truth and into the light. Does this help?

Student: I've done moments of it, not speaking directly to Michael and Mother; however, but it's glorious.

Welmek: So, you might find this enjoyable to try more and more, would you not?

Student: I got paid a compliment once on the construction site, where someone said they had never gotten into such far-ranging discussions on the lunch hour. That was great!

Welmek: You might be even more amazed and delighted when you see what this does when you ask for heavenly help.

Student: Thank you, Welmek.

Welmek: It is my pleasure to again be with you to offer my instruction and my love.

Student: Welmek, I'd like to respond now. Some of the things I've done in the past are returning to me now as the way to proceed. I'm recalling from these experiences how to take your instruction to the next level involving our immediate Divine Parents and their Thought Adjusters. I'd like to accept this role as a spiritual magnet.

I'd also had an experience today where I saw myself at the end of a conveyor belt that was moving up toward the kingdom of heaven, and I was putting people on that belt that took them up. I was doing that in conjunction with other people. There are other ways that I'd like to be a spiritual magnet as well. (Comments paraphrased)

Welmek: The intention that you hold deep within you to be so utilized and magnetized in the spirit is the catalyst for the outward manifestation that you have described. You are placed in opportunities where the spiritual drawing power that you access has a chance to weave its love and comfort and exquisitely delightful energy presence into another person. To be such a spiritual magnet first requires a willingness to be used in this capacity. Then, as you are moved into conversations, relationships, friendships with other people, by going within and asking to be used in this capacity, will you begin the flow of information from the spiritual realms-to which you have free access-to flow into that other person's mind and heart to fill them with light and with the sense of authenticity and even confidence that what you are offering to them is indeed worthwhile and valuable to them. I honor that which you have endeavored to do in spirit.

And now that you are becoming more alive and aware of your spiritual potential, this evening I am asking you to consider more fully to engage this, and know that those ideas are springing forth in your mind are all potential opportunities you have to try this dynamic and to practice it more consistently so that the spiritual magnetism within you flows effortlessly from you into this other person. It is that drawing force. You have said many times that you wish to achieve the highest level of doing the Father's will. Is this not so, my friend? (Yes) And so, what greater, what better use of your time than leading another person into the glorious realization that they are a beloved son of an infinitely loving and generous and wise and compassionate Divine Creator-their Paradise Father. In doing so, you fulfill your heart's desire and you add to the exquisite joy that another person will be able to experience. You add more love and light into the universe of a boundless nature in fulfilling the Father's plan that you do not yet understand completely. (tape turned)

Student: Throughout my life I experienced many diverse ideas who man is and what is our spirituality. I feel I've experience many theologies, but my main focus is to know the truth and to live in truth to the best of my ability. I know that I am being bred to be a teacher of truth and love, but not necessarily with words but my actions and who I am. I know I live more or less a solitary life, but I have recently experienced relationships that have challenged me to grow mentally and spiritually. I know that I will climb out of my solitary ways and [expose] myself more to the world around me. I feel that is my calling. The more I allow myself to feel my oneness with my Father, the more I feel I am a spiritual magnet. If I let go of my human will and immerse myself in my true will-the Father's will for myself and everyone, then people will gravitate towards who I am and nourish and feed off of me. It has already started in small amounts. I know the intention is there in my heart and I know I get discouraged sometimes but I know what is beyond that and I want that for myself and for others around me.

Welmek: My friend, I sense the deep love that you have within you as you grow more and more appreciative of the Father's presence within you. As you know that the Father is fraternal, engaging. He does not wish us to live in isolation; to be out, enjoying one another in conversation, in activity, in sharing what we have to offer and what others can offer to us as we grow more finely attuned to the image of God shining in each person we meet. How can others see your light when you live in isolation? How can others hear what joy you have to speak of the Father's love if you do not share yourself in conversation and ideas with others?

In being a spiritual magnet, you are employing all of your gifts, whether they be through touch, through looking at someone deeply in the eyes, through small acts of loving service and kindness. But the words you speak can go right into a person's soul because of their eloquence, because of their depth, because of their beauty. And as you are feeling more of the eloquence of the Father's love within you, does that not make your heart sing with joy? Do you not wish to send forth through your words of praise that which you feel deep inside? And is it conceivable to you that other people would wish to hear this wonderful news of the possibility that exists for them-that you could actually entice them with your words and find that place of deep spiritual yearning, and with your words of promise ignite that flame that will burn in their soul and draw them into the light? And such is your capacity.

You have often expressed an interest in writing. Spiritual thoughts captured on paper provide a rich stimulus. Do you not realize that the very words of truth are the very substance upon which your spiritual foundation is built? And so, these words of truth are living. They are not just mere shapes and lines on paper. They are a living substance that binds the threads in men's souls together with their spiritual Creator and brings them more into the family of God. I want you to sense this metaphor now and let it overtake you. And let it also bind within you a new understanding of the impact that your words of love make on another individual. And I know you sense this. As you allow this to deepen within you, sense the fraternization of what these words do within you. They act as a catalyst to move you out of isolation into sharing with another person or a group of individuals. Can you now begin to sense how that can move you into the world to be more visible? Can you sense this now, D?

Student: Yes, I was just pondering that-how can I break out of this isolation.

Welmek: Ask for this idea that I am presenting to you to fully penetrate into you. Let it overtake you. Let yourself see yourself being drawn into the very living words of truth-the spoken word, the written word-the foundation of Michael's being in you and in all humanity. Let this go in deep, my brother. Let this be the undercurrent, the stream, the river of life that goes into another person to help build their truth foundation in our Creator Father. How does this resonate within you now?

Student: With a mixture of emotion. Part of it is that there is so much out there in spiritual literature. What will make what I provide so different, so unique?

Welmek: You do not need to be concerned with what it is you are providing. Let the words in your soul swell up to the surface and draw another individual into that relationship that awaits them in spirit. It is not important for you to fully understand how this will come about, or what the words will mean to another person. It is only your responsibility to allow them to swell and to pour out of your soul so that they have the actual capacity to envelop another person in that enticing love that will go into the very core of their heart and ignite that flame of faith.

Student: That there is a better way.

Welmek: Draw into the very living essence of Michael's truth substance-the living word. Spend time in asking for Him to fully submerge you in this living truth. The way is easy, my friend. The door is open. Walk out of the isolation into the fellowship. Come with Him. Be in Michael. He will show you the way. Are there any other comments or questions?

Student: I think this is quite enough. I do understand. I'm getting glimpses.

Welmek: This is what we are presenting tonight: a new beginning of spiritual magnetism. Have we not said that it is your efforts that will heal this planet? And so, now is the time to draw more on this spiritual power that you have access to. You are not doing this alone. You have so much help at hand. Now is the time to remember and to actively engage this. Are you not all tired of the war and the poverty of spirit that exists on this world? Have you not all shared with me and with the other teachers and with Michael and Mother how you yearn for the Father's will to be implemented here?

And so, in going into this next level, do you not realize that this is how His plan will be implemented? You are the ones who are the magnets. You are the vehicles. You are the instruments. Open yourselves up now and engage more fully with those spirit personalities that you have direct access to and use this and use us, and gather all of us who love you and pray for you about you. Let us be in you and work through you. Doubt not your effectiveness. Doubt not your abilities. We will never let you down. Michael and Mother and your Father Fragment are perfect in their capacity. I know you are yearning for ways to make yourselves more effective. And I know you are young in your confidence and courage. But be enboldened now through this lesson. And use the faith that you have within you to activate that spiritual magnetism that we now encourage you to become. The time is now, my friends. Do not put it off until tomorrow, or the next week, or the next month. The time is NOW!


I will draw you now into prayer that those seeds we have planted in your mind today become firmly implanted into your soul and move you into richer and more meaningful ministry of sharing Michael and Mother with your brethren.

Creator Father, Creative Mother, these children here are your instruments. They are your living representations of your Being on this planet. As representative of all of the teachers and celestial personalities here tonight, we lift our hearts to you, we lift these children up to you and asking you to send them forth in holy action and sacred service in bringing your light to the world through them. We ask for Your presence to course through their veins to actively engage them into bringing the light of the world to Urantia.

Go in peace, my friends. Tomorrow is another day of service. Good evening.