2003-06-01-Soul Birth, The Supreme Decision

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Topic: Soul Birth, The Supreme Decision

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Michael, Tomas, Anatolia

TR: Gerdean, Matthew



Pianist Dorenda - "Take Time to be Holy"

Prayer: (Matthew) Let's place ourselves in the presence of Jesus, the Christ. Master Teacher, We come to you today with Light in our Hearts and Hope in our Beings because we are once again gathered together and recognize the Power of Believing as a Group - a Body - part of the Body of Christ in the mystery and the mystique and the simplicity of that. As we may never understand it in our lifetimes, we are part of that mystery nevertheless, and as we are, that unites us for all time and more importantly in the here and now to know what it is we are to do as part of the Body of Christ, and to accomplish it with Love and desire for wholeness and certainty of purpose. It is that we continually meet and rejoin week after week to be refortified in our Faith that we are one with you and our heavenly parents, now and always.

We ask that the teachers that you choose today will be able to address us in a lasting purposeful way, that we may be of service to you and our Father and one another both now and always. Amen

MICHAEL: I am he to whom you pray, your Master Son, Child of the Universe, as you are, with you in this experience of making Holy that which is not.

What precious children you are! How I adore you all in your innocent eagerness to come to me in Faith of our relationship, in and through our Universal Father - Eternal Parents - Mother Spirit and that which we regard as our Family, in this harmony we enjoy in times like these, when you come to me in consciousness of my presence. I am ALWAYS with you as you go about your daily affairs. You are never out of my sight or away from the Maternal care of my consort, Nebadonia, your Mother, the Divine Minister, Daughter of the Infinite.

We love you with an Infinite Love. We see you enjoying each other as brothers and sisters in the Holy Family and rejoice in it, for we know that we are seeing the beginnings of the Next Reality for your world and mine - Urantia, our home. We are "about the Father's business". We are the workers in THIS field. It is Our Will that His Will be done, here in this vineyard.

I acknowledge the presence of the noble Teacher Corps who I have sent, through Machiventa Melchizedek, to aid you in your journey and in your efforts on our behalf, and leave you in their capable hands and observe your interchange which strengthens your resolve within you, and also with out, as you serve.

TOMAS: This [is] Tomas, your teacher. Anatolia and I are, indeed, acknowledged and, with you, are grateful to be assigned this moment in time to advance the affairs of the Universe. The music for today inspires me to speak of the idea of revisiting the Holy Nature, which is a special occasion and yet a normal and natural state of being for those of you who have embarked upon the Eternal Career.



Pause for one moment at the precipice of your Eternal Career to review a Soul Birth. You may personalize. But you may also perceive, in detachment, a Truth that your "Supreme decision" is made at that moment when you choose to do the Will of the Father, rather than that of your own devising. What's the difference? you may ask, as we are all committed to The Course.

The difference is the point of departure from when you originally chose to consciousize your existence. By dying to the Old Way of self and recognizing that in the Eternal future, any action you do is 'conditioned' by its Intent to Serve that which is Other than the self. It is a simple difference between "me" and "You".

Having made "the Supreme decision" - to Live through Service - to Live through the Divine is, in fact, becoming Conscious of your Self - your True Self - your Soul Self, for this is the Self which will endure. This is the Reality, which will contribute to the Evolving Supreme. This New Self - that is Born of the Spirit - will unceasingly respond to the Gravity Pull of Paradise - ever leading it onward into the fields of Universe Experience which are designed to fill more needs and provide more joys than your partial consciousness can realize.

But you can realize nothing without Divine Consciousness that will have any value whatsoever.

This is to encourage you - you as a family - you as a Unit of Workers - a Community of Believers. One of you can alter the course of destiny. When you are United in Purpose, you are more effective in altering the course of destiny for you exponentially increase your Power based on the Spirit Source. This is where Nations fail - where systems fail and where Humanity fails! (- in exalting the opinions of individuals.) It is enough to [make you want to] press on for Victory or for Change. [for] The only Real Victory or the only Real Change that can transpire is that which is Sanctioned by the Creator - otherwise the main thrust of generations upon generations of energy is merely picking up where you left off on the last rotation of the cycle of history which you continue to repeat because you know no other way, because you have not been Born of the Spirit which can lead you out of that repetitive pattern which has no value, into the Light of Truth which is a sure Pathway into Change.

But, Progress without Change is dangerous. (Pause) That was a poor choice of words for you children, but anticipate at some point being able to access your minds as individuals who are engaged in a process of deliberate and conscious application of the Divine Will to the ways of the world in which you find yourself and that will involve risk and effort that children are incapable of accomplishing.

But … We are embarked! Have no doubt! And once Reality has been Conscious-ized, it will not diminish. It will not disappear. It will remain as a Lucid Dream remains … reminding you and nagging you - in the animal nature and in the Divine nature - about a Reality to which to aspire. And you aspire toward that Reality because it was shown to you by Revelation from the Divine Source of your Being -- You who, in the flesh, carry out the Father's Will, to create the world of Light and Life for tomorrow that we cannot resist for it is WHY we exist: To advance the purpose of the original I Am.

I am planting the seeds in you, children, for the future of our community, for ideals and goals which are attainable by you as a "body of Christ," by your commitment to be Unified in Purpose. Let me ask you, each, What is your Purpose? How do you perceive that your Purpose affiliates and augments the Purpose of each other?

I will pause now, on that note, and subside from professorial titillation and allow my associates an opportunity to address you today, in anticipation of our furtherance.

Matthew: Anatolia is here.

ANATOLIA: Good day, this fine Sunday, the first day of June - which means that the summer season has begun. And with that comes the opportunity to be part of the sun and warmth and wonder in the time that includes travel, exploration, and to marvel at the marvels of the Universe made personal and private, in a sense, in your world. Another way of looking at this is that the summer season enables everyone, at various levels of activity, to become embraced with the earth and to share in its wonder and mystery. The season allows for exploration of the earthly splendor and to become part of it through exploring the interior and exterior of your world.

It could be likened to the later part of life - in a fully lived and experienced reality: as you mature and become more real, more settled, more seasoned in your personality within your current life, you lose the necessity to have to adapt or camouflage your true feelings and real being and are able to more fully be yourself, without caution and pretense, as you become at-one with yourself. This is a developmental stage in which, as your season proceeds, so too, you, as mature individuals, are able to proceed in your development and further explore that which is your color, contour, context of purpose and reality here in your world.

It is with great delight that, as this season has been illustrated, that your time of life, right now, when most people, regardless of religious belief or practice, are able to feel more comfortable with themselves in their faith-growth process, some, as you know, regain or revitalize their faith experience and become more fully engaged within the Life Process!

Prior to that, most of the stages of development are reproductive in nature and the consequences and realization and responsibilities thereof are the predominant focus. When these responsibilities have been fulfilled, for the most part, it is like the completion of Spring and then Summer allows you to explore, envitalize, and enliven your Life's Experience - to walk into the sun and feel its presence - to encounter the Greenery of Life within and around the vegetation.

I sense that you know the essence of my example and wish to just reinforce you with the knowledge that you are well-engaged and well-blessed with the Life that is presented to you as you begin to enjoy the Life that Summer invites. Be at one with this as I invite you to be. Become fully engaged, and explore the mysteries of your world as you continue to be engaged and explore the mysteries of yourselves. Be true to yourself and allow your purpose in your life to reflect upon the others that you encounter - regardless of their station - regardless of their faith. It is all one world within one creation and countless dimensions or denominations thereof. It is wild with possibilities as you continue to seek Truth within yourself and your expression. So be glad and bejeweled in that experience of Life that you encounter. Until we meet again in loving pursuit of Truth in your lives, I bid you farewell. Peace be with you.

Group: Wow. You, too. Me, too. Thank you.

TOMAS: There is an opportunity here for me, Tomas, to acknowledge the distribution of Anatolia's counsel in the efforts of the Center for Christ Consciousness, in and through the efforts of mortal Donna D'Ingillo, who is a tireless worker for the Master, in her teacher base. The opportunity to come to know the aspects of the Mother Spirit - those nurturing and fortifying qualities of life which are only known through her gifts and made part of you through the ministry of the Adjutant Mind Spirits, and which lead you into a recognition of the Soul-Giving qualities of what can only be employed through the Mother. These are the Aspects of God which assist, stimulate, intrigue and support all the elements of the Creator, and that Minister to the worlds of time and space.

There are so many marvelous contributions being made by the very committed and are supported by the community of students in this Melchizedek University that seek to serve and seek to enhance the development of the Supreme in and through their own Ideation - their own Faith-Path. I encourage you to encourage these workers - those who take such risks and assert their will to do His will into the consciousness of the community.

This is what we expect of our apostles, even as we continue to comfort you and coddle you, nurture you and minister to you as you become able to come into your own and reach for the Fullness of having chosen to do His Will, then being led to experiencing His Will. In this, there is no greater satisfaction - no greater thrill - no greater challenge.

Dear students, what has been challenging you of late? -- if anything … and what, if not, have you been amusing yourself with that would contribute to your own growth?



(Long pause)

Elena: Well I've had plenty of challenges!

TOMAS: Indeed, you have. (Group acknowledges, also)

Elena: If nobody else is going to speak up - after giving everyone a good opportunity -(Group giggles) - This new position [recent promotion at work] is really challenging me a lot. Matthew and I were talking to Cicoli ["Chick-Coal'-Lee"], our midwayer guide, about it earlier so I'll just kind of share some of the feedback that he gave which was really important to me. I have a new position - it's a BIG jump - but it's actually not! I can do those things but you know there's a perception in there - and Cicoli was talking to me about it and it's TRUE! This last week I've been letting myself be bamboozled by people expecting me to do this "BIG" job - and … kind of afraid of other people's perception as accepting whether I was the right person for the job. And a couple of other people have commented in a "I wouldn't have chosen you for the job," kind of way. And so I think I really did come to see the vision that I am letting these little phantoms become obstacles for me, and other people's perception. I am becoming what THEY are perceiving rather than what I know I can be. So I kind of comment on that to share it with people because I think I've gotten the help that I need.

Of course, you get back into the situation and this 'sense of being' evaporates - but I'll work on … I think I'm ready to go at it another week and see how I can do this week.

TOMAS: Bravo on your insight! And thanks to Cicoli for helping you consciousize that reality such that you have allowed the Spirit to empower you to that additional degree - that you believe in your Self and your own Source of reality rather than that of someone else. It is one thing to 'hear' someone's counsel. It is quite another to adopt their reality as your own. For when you adopt their reality as your own you forfeit your own reality in the process. And unfortunately, so many people have forfeited so much of their own reality they have NONE left that they can identify with when all the other extraneous realities have been shorn away.

It is wise for you to retain your Own sense of self and grasp a vision of your Own capacity. And I will say, since you are a woman, that this is a very threatening time for Feminine Consciousness to be "all that it can be" in a Spiritual sense, because it is so often confused with a woman who is testosterone-laden and driven to perform in the 'man's world' in such a way that she is disregarded, distrusted and diminished in her potential because of the cloud of misunderstanding that exists in the value of women - the daughter's of God who have tremendous capacity to serve … in ways society has never seen fully presented before.

It is well and good for women to have a support system for each other. But it is even better when women have the support of men, for this creates a recognition of the balance that will be necessary [in order] for men and women to evolve and advance together into a new world in which they are both invested for the offspring of tomorrow. For this is the ideal of Michael and Nebadonia that we have asked you to learn to follow in reclaiming Urantia - in resetting its course.

These are very real aspects of your existence. And they will not diminish simply because you translate to the Mansion Worlds - you, Elena, will always be a feminine form of energy and consciousness, and you will always equal male energy and your brother's, in the process. To be servile to the way 'things have always been,' is to acquiesce to a lesser paradigm of reality. You must take what is inborn in you through your Spirit and interject it into the world as if it were a medicine being injected into an organism that needed this enzyme in order to function at its finest and best capacity.

So you do, indeed, have your work cut out for you -- perhaps more than you realize. But perhaps, too, my counsel will offer you a very viable prescription for a reality which is as valuable and eternal as any your employers have to offer, and which will be helpful to you in your commitment to your assignment.

Elena: That is helpful. I hadn't looked at it … upon the difference between (male-female)… I'd been Reacting to the difference between female and male - rather than Thinking about that in a positive way, about what I might be able to contribute to that. So that is very helpful. Thanks, Tomas.

TOMAS: You are welcome, daughter. Thank you for being open to the view so that your Reactions can become a Response and so that your Actions are Original and not second-hand-emotions.

Elena: Well I've had a few knee-jerks this week - (laughing) - reacting to some stuff. I would much prefer that they were Original and based on what I was Best able to contribute.

TOMAS: Then persevere.

Elena: What about the rest of you guys? Am I the only one who's challenged here? (laughter)

Myra: I do have a challenge. My challenge this week has actually been the challenge of being able to slow down - to identify the natural rhythm of my own life - of getting caught up in who I am and what is my purpose here - instead of getting caught up in the rat race of being busy all the time. And it's nice to have the time to think about that and check the rhythm.

TOMAS: This is more than 'nice,' Myra, this is essential and excellent timing in your career - that is to say your Eternal Career - for you to take this season to alert yourself to Your Own Pace and Your Own Pattern of reality. As you find yourself and as you attune yourself to this presentation of Life that you are - you will be renewed, then, in your resolve to maintain that which is Real - even when you return to the arena in the Fall. It affords you a Sanctuary in which you have been able to find yourself in a position to have daily chats with God - to engage in the process of Worship and thoroughly enjoy your conversational aspects with the Heavenly Hosts. This is the Reality Base that anchors you in a vortex of Divinity that will have tremendous repercussions in the community, simply in your very presence.

I have here a picture of a cartoon character who has stuck his finger in an electrical socket and his hair is sticking out in every direction. And even after his finger is removed from the socket his hair continues to stick out in every direction as one who has been shocked and, you know, having had the experience of this upcoming sojourn through summer into yourself and thus to God, will render you similarly changed. Even when you remove your finger from the incessant pulse of Power you will retain in your personality the impression that you have been plugged into the Divine and will never return to that state that you enjoyed before putting your finger in the socket of Life.

It is a bit like embarking on an eternal journey and you are now pulling out of your dock - pulling away from your moorings - to head for the high seas of such an adventure as we enjoy. Bon Voyage!

Group: (laughter and appreciation)

Matthew: I can add, too, that I'm challenged with a new job opportunity, as well, and have to learn, over the next couple of months, volumes of knowledge to go into businesses and judge their safety practices. So that's a real challenge. But I'm not beaten into the ground about it. I just look forward to it as an opportunity to learn and just accept it as a challenge. So I'm not feeling what Dorenda (Elena) is at the moment but perhaps my turn will come for that kind of pleasure. I don't know. (group laughter) So I'm just sharing that.

TOMAS: Well said, both of you. The ebb and flow of harmony graces your union. This is an opportunity for you to be in a period of learning (but not an emotional realm) mere factual information. Your challenge will be when you have accustomed yourself to the privacy of the mind and later the experience of the necessity of experiencing the world again with the information you have garnered, approaches and you must perforce leave the secure confines of the mind in order to involve yourself once again with the reality of your involvement with the world. Perhaps by then your partner will have resolved her growth challenges sufficiently that she will be able to provide a stable platform for you while you go through this period of learning that she is now engaged upon.

I suggest this because I have observed how Our Parents have created such balance in the Universe. There is such harmony in Real Relationship. This goes to the phrase, "Trust the process." The 'process' of Life is not something that is accomplished by a man-made schedule or an artificial guideline. It is a Reality that comes into being because of the Human Intent - the Mortal Purpose to be All that it Can be, which is More than it Was prior to Identification with the Spirit.

I'll remind you, then, sometime, to put away your books and really look at these companies' modes of operation and their motives and their intent, and then perhaps you can find what is really dangerous, and what really meets with approval.

Elena: That leads back to a question I had earlier about what you said about 'progress without change is dangerous.' Just focusing on that one sentence, "progress made without change is dangerous" - personally I didn't see how progress could be made without change. (group agreement) So I didn't get that.

TOMAS: It was T/R error.

Elena: Oh.

TOMAS: However….

Elena: (laughing good-naturedly) …Oh, of course!

TOMAS: No, I appreciate that your ear was hearing and you called it to our attention. This is appreciated also by the T/R who is distraught when her vocabulary fails, or her phraseology becomes something spitted out upon our prompt without appropriate passage. I mean to say that there many situations where one might think a lot of progress is taking place because a lot of change was going on, but it might only be chaos or trauma/drama and nothing really has been gained from the action. This is the point.

Elena: Okay. Well, that makes sense. (group shares some comments) I get it.

TOMAS: You cannot even progress without change, yes, because if you are progressing then things will naturally change. Just like Myra will change from having her finger plugged into the Divine Power Source this summer. (group giggling at the vision - and a comment about her hair and more giggling - we'll have a picture of her for a while) We have three pictures we can work with.

The afternoon is getting full -- or should I say "the tape is getting full" and there are three others here who have also been challenged this week and who face real challenges. However, I am offering the opportunity to persist or to return next week to these viable realities of your work in your field, if you choose.

It is, however, good to see Renault here today. I understand the traveling companions to the TeaM Conference (Renault and Gerdean) are getting their heads together to talk about "girl things" in anticipation of their sojourn. So this, it would seem, is their immediate challenge, and yet it hardly seems one to worry about. This appears to be more of an opportunity than a challenge! No doubt we will hear about it when you get back.

Renault: However, working out the details is a challenge.

TOMAS: Most of those are accomplished.

Renault: Oh, good!

TOMAS: This is such an important point to remember in applying yourself to your life's work - whether it is the whole picture or merely a frame in the cinematography - if you have been able to perceive it in your Mind's Eye you can Realize it in the Material Realm if it is Sanctioned by the Power Source Itself. If it is not [sanctioned], it would not matter how much energy went into planning, it would not - could not - become realized. But this is not to say that these visions should not be seen, or these plans should not be made, because this is a part of the Creative Process … and who know when the impetus will strike, when the spark will be able to ignite the fire that turns that concept into a flame and a bonfire to be seen for miles around?


Do know that you are beloved children, that the Master and His Consort are proud of you and of your potential in eternity. Know, too, that as an advanced worker in the Teacher Corps, I am committed to your development, your growth and your internal fortitude that will enable you to reach your capacities as Spiritual Adults, in order to effect the changes that can, and will, result in our Victory over the Darkness.

See you next week.

Group: Thank you, Tomas. Have a good week.

Tomas: Farewell.