2004-01-29-The Teaching Mission

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Topic: The Teaching Mission

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am touched by your faithfulness. I am moved by your willingness to work for the growth of the Kingdom.


When there is a show of faith, Father always uses the opportunity to the fullest. Father’s works and your idea of His works may not align, but your experience and time in this new era has shown you that all works for the good of the whole. I am with a humble heart to see the many children of the Correcting Time unify in faith. For this moment in time we can overlook the politics of our cause and redirect our focus back to Father’s original plan.

Some years ago we began the purpose of creating a time of correction for a misguided world. Many teachers were trained and were sent on assignment without the security of knowing that their efforts would be productive. We found this world a place of deep longing and hungering for truth. Common religion was really no longer serving the common man. The Correcting Time is in answer to the world’s prayers. We have responded to your call, and yet much of the time you are blinded from our response.

We seek to bring comfort and spiritual security, not more political fuel for the fire of the ego. We find a great many individuals wishing to be heard and practically nobody is really listening. We would like to be about the business of the original Mission. We seek to direct all back toward the plan and purpose of Michael, our Creator Son. For the Correcting Time to show results on a mass scale we must begin to be corrected one individual at a time. This is your solace, this is your peace, and this assistance is free and available to all.

There is no need to scramble toward spiritual enlightenment. There is no king of the hill. There are no competitors to race against. There is just you and Father. For these times ahead let us begin the practice of listening and being observant. You have the entire universe in front of your eyes—you have only just to look back to our beginning days and remember the quest that was first suggested. Have not worry. Know that joy and abundance are also a part of living. That is all. I will take some questions.


CALVIN: Abraham, thanks for being with us tonight and putting up with our group ways and our individual-ness. In your words tonight you referred to going back to those earlier days. It is probably a hot topic of directors from your side of having more of hands on approach to teacher group assignments, even transmitters, so there is not a lot confusion and error. How would you address that?

ABRAHAM: My referral was more toward having the faith of a child. A child is more interested in the journey than the destination. In the beginning this was new for all of us and there was unspoken respect and reverence, which humbled one to be more receptive, more observant. We can think of the apostle Thomas when he supported the Master’s cause. He knew not why Jesus did what He did, but he was willing to go forth no matter what. For Thomas this was difficult, but mostly a simple matter of making a decision and being committed to seeing it through. All things will evolve. People will come and go, but Father will remain the same and truth will become evermore apparent. Truth is lasting and as we evolve will all see what hold true. Is there more to this question?

CALVIN: You brought out that we did have a lot of teachers trained in the beginning to come aboard. Being new, surely it was quite a shock to our system—everything from skepticism to fanaticism. Quality control of truth was probably an issue, at least from my viewpoint. Putting too much breaks on and not allowing the new versus this anything goes and a lot of untruth coming through. I remember how there seemed to be quite a bit of permission granted in those early days of teacher assignments and TR’s being prepared. Have we evolved out of that or would that be good to get back those careful ways?

ABRAHAM: When we think of the spreading of the Master’s teachings, you can see there were only a few that clung to the truth. There were many branches that went off with good intentions, and yet in the end self-glory overpowered spiritual growth. The Correcting Time is in its beginning stages and there will be mistakes and some changes. There will be those who find this work too difficult and leave it for something simpler. There will be those who look for ego-gratification or even just somewhere they can be noticed or appreciated. When the majority of the Teaching Mission members find their commitment rooted in setting Father as their sovereign and serving the Brotherhood--then will there be stabilization. This cause is still in its infancy and with all our participation we can watch it grow into a thing of beauty. Teachers will come when they come. The natural flow is best. To put great effort into causes without even the smallest fruitful results, then perhaps redirection of focus is necessary. Father is no doubt in His Heaven and not a thing happens that He does not already know about. To trust in Him is a step in the right direction. Then will individuals be prepared to receive teachers and be balanced in Mission life. Is this answering? (Yes it is. Thank you.)

AZSURAY: Abraham, I love you. You were always my favorite person in the Old Testament. I appreciate you taking the time to correct us and be there in the places of where the religions have failed us so much. I would like to ask you how I could improve possibly my study group and maybe have some variety. Then I want to ask you another question after you answer that.

ABRAHAM: Certainly. First I would say that I have never intended to put correction upon you, but to hold out my hand to give you a step up. No, it’s not my job to correct. You have made that decision for yourselves and might I say, well done. Your study group seems to be moving as it should. My only suggestion is to relate what you study to circumstances in everyday life. This brings the book to life. This makes what seems difficult useable and understandable. You do well, Azsuray. Your next question?

AZSURAY: Yes Abraham, the next question I have is why is it that the Urantia Foundation does not recognize the Teaching Mission, for it is truth, beauty, and goodness. I believe it is true and I don’t have anymore Spirit of Truth than anyone else. Why is that they will not? Is it because they want separateness? You tell me. I can’t figure it out.

ABRAHAM: My own understanding is that the difficulty lies within change itself. Many individuals feel safe in the familiar. Their stability lies within what they already know. This newness is bringing them to the unknown and that seems to them to be a loss of control. They are well intentioned people, and yet they have not the control they think they do. God’s work will continue on with or without them. Still they serve an important function—the spreading of the Urantia Papers. Does this help? (Yes it does. Thanks.) Another question?

DIANNA: Abraham, this lesson speaks of expansion and healing in this moment. It feels to me that my inner sense is being focused on a connectedness—not only to what you were saying about being connected to Father, but also being connected to all that is true, beautiful and good in my brothers and sisters and the energy surrounding us. It is as if I sense my own power and conviction in my choices to move forward, and at the same time I can trust my brothers and sisters in that connection to do the same. So there is no need for the politics that you discussed earlier. All that is required is this focus and faith. Can you address that?

ABRAHAM: Absolutely correct. Very well said, Dianna. It is a matter of feeling connected, equal on all levels with your fellows and feeling that surety of being a child of God. This is unity. This is the Brotherhood of Man and the Fatherhood of God. This connectedness is exactly what we are striving for. In that there are no feelings of separation and need to be noticed or specially tended to. Peaceful well-being and unity, yes. Well said. Another question?

KATHY: Abraham, I am new. I just wanted to know if you have a message for me and ask if you know what is going on?

ABRAHAM: My daughter, I can see that you seem to be somewhat suspicious of the abundance that life has to offer. Looking back on your days it would seem like life would be coming to a balanced point and then adversity would strike. You are maturing in mind and spirit and learning that this suspicion is sabotaging your happiness. Accept the good for what it is and know that you are fully capable of dealing with any adversity that comes your way. You have built a strong spirit able to withstand anything. Take joy in that much and be comforted by the One who has helped you this far. Our Father wants for your happiness. Have not worry over the medical concerns, for these are temporary and somewhat routine. Accept with a glad heart those wonderful things which may come your way. They are free. You need not pay a price, no. As you mature in mind and spirit you can find life to be less peaks and valleys, and more of an open road. Have not worry. You do well. Another question?

ANTHONY: Abraham, do you have any words of guidance for me?

ABRAHAM: Certainly, my son. I am happy to see your enthusiasm toward living a spirit led life. I am touched by your faith and I admire your discipline in living. I would make a few suggestions toward a more serene life. I would suggest that you embrace the disorganized in mortal living. Acknowledge the imperfect and reconcile your mind with that. Allow for imperfections and flaws in all aspects of life. Your openness will be a light to travel by. The flexibility in mind leads to growth in spirit. Have not worry. Know that life is sometimes messy and that is perfectly acceptable. Overall you do well and to be more flexible in mind will aid in physical ailments. Have not worry. Our connection weakens. One more question.

SIMON: Abraham, I just wanted to say thank you for your lessons and the Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time. I am grateful for seeing spirit rising in my boys. They are doing great. I am just grateful for staying the course. It might be good to take a little time away to let it all sink in. Have you any words for me?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. As always Father wants for your growth and happiness, and with the correct perspective one can be led into wonderful adventures. You already understand your children are a large part of your ministry and your attention to them would be beneficial, for one day they may serve in our Mission. I would say have not worry and know that Father is your compass.


With that I shall take my leave. Know that I am ever growing more in love with you each week. Know that I am available should you need me. until next time, shalom.