2004-02-02-Old Mortal Wounds

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Topic: Old Mortal Wounds

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am with peace this evening just being witness to your willingness to reach higher understanding. You have gathered with the intentions to serve Father and one another. Nobody here this evening wants to be the best, brightest, most intelligent or stepping upon the backs of others to find a seat near the Master. You came here this evening seeking to give and receive, to learn and teach, to listen and be heard, to love and be loved. This is our Brotherhood; this is our unity and our point of focus.


You each have your mortal desires, your wants and needs. Father knows this and He is inclined to integrate it into your divine destiny. He longs for your happiness. He longs for your closeness with Him. A helpful understanding in having mortal needs and wants satisfied, it is important to fulfill spiritual prerequisites. Every day the faithful set out to do the best they possibly can. Situations arise where Father has opportunity to work through you, to teach you and others. Personal baggage that one may carry from childhood may rise up to interfere with your spiritual intention. Memories from the past may cause one to act out in a manner that was not intended.

In life there are wounds and there are scars and in order to live a free life one must at some point address these wounds. It is difficult to follow through with spiritual intentions when old mortal wounds surface. These old wounds tend to lead one to sway toward the animal characteristics. For example: an employer may ask you to perform a certain task which reverts your mind back to a memory that was difficult, causing you spirit poisons. These feelings may interfere with your good intentions to be a loyal employee. Are you free from the responsibility of your behavior because you were once victim to some past trauma? Of course not. These traumas must be dealt with in order to have understanding, to make the way clear for spiritual happenings. One who has not dealt with resentment of the past will appear as an embittered person. There will be no meanings and values, let alone a clear channel for Father to work through.

We have reviewed this lesson in the past and this evening we are reviewing it again for the sake of becoming a conduit for Father’s works, for the Correcting Time to take a firmer hold. You are to be able to recognize and overcome the common dysfunctions of mortal living. Mortal errors are not held over your heads, as if you will require punishment by God, no. You are to understand yourselves so that you can help others, which in turn enlarges the Kingdom and marks a foothold in the stages in Light and Life.

When you face particular confrontations be not rash in your actions. Know that if you are in observant waiting, you will receive understanding if there is negativity associated and wherefrom it originated. This aids in keeping control over emotional behavior. Be careful of those past attachments that would make you lean toward spiritual poisons. In your times of quiet be ready to receive understanding of past hurtful events. Have pen in hand and know that Father is as desirous of your mental health as He is your spiritual.

This week review your life patterns and how some negative events keep repeating themselves. There is an answer to those things that seems to bind you and keep you from being the person you were meant to be. Have not distress over this particular assignment, no. Simply be aware of how you may react in certain instances, for some old behavior pattern may be attached.


This evening our lesson is simple and will not change the world over night. The masses will not be enlightened all at once and swept up by the Creator Son and His angels. We are on a personal level, children. We are on a realistic level. You are not to surpass the plan of the Father. No ones desire for grandeur can overcome the basic plan of our Father. As simple as this Teaching Mission may seem, the tasks are much larger than you could conceive. We are committed however by any means to fulfill Michael’s plan.

Be not worried with the everyday complaints of a changing world. Know that Father is at hand and in all you do. The possibilities are immeasurable. You are known, watched over and indeed loved. Again, know that all small things lead into something grand. That is all. Know that I am with growing love for you each. Go in peace. Until next week, shalom.