2004-02-26-Mind, Stillness, Destiny

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Topic: Mind, Stillness, Destiny

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Elyon: Greetings to each of you, this is Elyon. It is a pleasure to interface, to fellowship with those sons and daughters of Michael. Each of you are his cherished children. Each one of you has a destiny that is inconceivable to you during this stage of your ascension. You are beginning to glimpse the potential to construct your minds reasonable framework for understanding the many levels of life ascension ahead of you in the ages to come.


Mind, Stillness

Many go through their initial life on an evolutionary world housed in a biological form, uncertain as to the purpose of ones existence, searching for answers and more deeply, seeking fulfillment. You are blessed with a revelation placed in your hands in this age that has greatly assisted you in soul orientation. You have welcomed this information for it has brought food for the mind, it has brought water for the thirsty soul. We under the charge of Michael, while dedicated to the mission of transforming Urantia from a world wandering from a lack of planetary administration, are ever sensitive to the most important growth possible within this supreme experience; that is the unfoldment of your spiritual potential as personalities, the emergence of your soul, your ultimate gift to the Father. While it is important that a planet reaches Light and Life, it is ever more important that every being born on any world discover the Father, come to recognize the truth he reveals, make the supreme decision, and ascend into his arms.

I am dedicated to both purposes, your personal growth, and your planetary advancement. Bestowed upon you is a remarkable reality that is your mind. You have grasped in your studies, the makeup of your being, your personality, your soul, the Fathers' divine presence... the Mystery Monitor. Understanding these three elements of your being, erases the confusion that is often found in the teachings of the many religions existent upon this planet. The Fathers' presence bestowed upon you is perfect and pure. Your personality is changeless, it is the anchor of your entire makeup. You have begun a relationship that is transforming into a living reality, your soul. These three aspects when fused, are eternalized. Your body and mind will not remain with you as you know it today.

What makes your mind so remarkable is its' flexibility. While you may have some control over your physical vehicle, much of it follows the life structures established on this world. It is time bound, it is time limited in duration. Mind naturally is a dimension of yourself that is ever roving. This inherent tendency encourages you to ever be looking, listening, reaching out and taking in knowledge. I have encouraged my students in the exercise of stillness, the precious moment of communion with Holy Father and I have witnessed the frustrations expressed when the earnest intention of the individual is hindered by the shifting mind. While you may struggle to fix the mind attentively upon the Father, do not regard your shifting thought patterns as an enemy to your worship. Recognize the beauty of the minds nature to ever reach to draw towards itself, to investigate, to comprehend, to orient. It is like a spoon in the soup, ever stirring things up so that your life does not settle down, so that you do not grow complacent. While the mind may hinder quiet time with its' incessant activity, realize that all the mind needs to do is be anchored in spirit, not stilled with no thought, but anchored such that when it reaches, as it naturally will do, for stimulation, it will reach from an orientation that is grounded in God.

Mind is attracted to sanity. Without a bonding to spirit, it bonds with your body and identifies with you wherever your terrestrial vehicle is located. This gives it stability, however if created on a value system based upon temporal input, it creates a reality incomplete, missing the eternal and the divine. Stillness is the gradual practice of locking the mind to spirit. The apostles of Jesus were amazed by his un-shifting allegiance the Father. Every activity in his life, every episode of success, confrontation or failure, was approached from the firm seating within the Father and his will. The ever shifting mind, created within you, a questioning, which brought you to God and to the comprehension of spiritual realities. This very same questioning mind, when firmly seated in that soul connection with spirit presence, continues to seek not only to answer questions, but to bring comfort ministry to other personalities.

While mind may be soothed through discovery, it is also inherently associative, and seeks to bring all other minds a sense of purpose and orientation. It has been illustrated to you, how Jesus fulfilled the first phase of his life, finding the Father, answering those eternal questions. That soul satisfaction did not bring complacency. He was driven to reach his fellows, to quench his thirst, to alleviate soul hunger. It is your mind that gives you the power to do so. It is your tool for personality expression. It is the outlet for the divine indwelling Adjuster to bear upon this world through you. When you seek to clear your mind for a retreat into communion with the Holy Parent, allow yourself the freedom of movement of mind, for when you have established a spiritual anchor for your roving mind, the divine fragment will weave patterns upon your thoughts which will direct you, which will uplift you.

You can assist the divine presence by requiring of yourself, high standards, true values, which screen the distractions of life on a confused world. It protects you and strengthens you such that no longer are you buffeted about by the chaotic actions of many around you. But with focus and steadfast allegiance to God, it becomes clear in your awareness of how you may serve to uplift another, where your expertise may be applied, and when you have recognized a shortcoming of skill and understand the need for growth, the unfoldment of new talents. Mind is the Mother Spirit's gift to you. treat it well. I have finished my comments. I welcome your feedback.



Q: Teacher Elyon, that was just an amazing discourse on what the mind faculty is all about. Thank you very, very, much. I have a question about the soul that is constantly under development in our being. As it grows, is there a way to qualitatively know its presence in our being at some stage, what will that feel like?

Elyon: Qualitative sensibility of the soul's presence is found in a profound assurance of the Father's love and care. This is so because you chose the Father and his will. Thus your soul began, it was born, perhaps more correctly it was conceived. The emergence of soul presence increasingly brings this assurance. You will fail to assess quantitatively until that remarkable moment of the fusion embrace, when you are truly born as a morontia soul. As the soul develops, you will recognize and increase in trust even while the mind is uncertain. You will deepen your love, even when all others may come at you with hate. You will be unwavering, forgiving, and tolerant and kind. These are not traits of mind, they are realities of soul. The fruit of the spirit is in the basket of the soul. When you take the fruit from this basket, you pass it through your mind, out beyond through your body in ministry to others. That is how they recognize spirit presence. I hope this helps.

Q: Thank you so much.


Q: Thank you for your explanation of the mind wandering 'cause my mind wanders a lot when I try to sit in stillness. It even wanders when I listen to this conference call. Fortunately there are transcripts, but it is really annoying and I lose the presence of the moment in this mind wandering. I wonder if there is something that can be done about that or is it something I just have to put up with?

Elyon: The greatest thing you can do is to not fight your mind, but train your mind. When you undertake a discipline you do so with the intention of developing skill, or strength, or talent and you are watchful and cautious about injury, of overextending yourself until your skills have developed. Battling with your mind further disrupts your peace. Accepting the natural tendency of your mind to ever be at work, prepares you for directing that energy into divine channels. Years ago I told my students that the mind is like a little child, that when you open the door it wants to run out and down the street. A loving parent reaches for that child and brings it back into shelter. It does not let the child run, and run into danger. But you know that every child grows and must enter the world on its own. The years you have with that child are the years of training and development. All children must play, and likewise must the mind play.

You are the guardians of your mind. It is your obligation to safeguard the mind from dangers, from poisons, but never lose the willingness to allow the mind creative freedom to reach out, to reach away, to reach deeply. There are times when a child will become unruly and require a time out. When you recognize your mind, overextended and scattered, that is a signal that you are in need of being alone with the Father. Rest is not immediate, there is an interval of settling, of quieting down. You may experience deep and profound silence, but never will you create a permanency of calmness, for the mind inherently will reactivate and reach again to gather more. Above this tendency. train it, recognize the positive and negative aspects and leverage them for your personal welfare. I hope this helps.

Q: The example was absolutely perfect. I have a two year old granddaughter who fits the picture and I recognize our mind fits the picture of an unruly child who has not been trained well. I truly appreciate your contribution, thank you.

Elyon: You are most welcome my friend.


Q: Elyon, it seems that I'm picking up a lot of projects in my mind that I want to do, and I seem very clear about them, but they seem to be very long term and don't seem to be very practical.

Elyon: I wish that I could extend to you, the vantage point from which I stand, as one who holds status as a constellation ascension being. Your projects appear long in this time frame, and while you may wish to see accomplishment in a shorter interval, do know that there are projects you begin today in this life that will not be finished until you attain Paradise. This length of projects is developing in you the ability to pursue goals that will stand millennia. All creatures develop patience undertaking the very same activities as you do. Recall the long interval of time that the Life Carriers on this world endured before they were rewarded with the emergence of mortal free will creatures. Pursue your projects each day, one step at a time. Michael, when upon your world, had many opportunities presented to him. He was selective about what his tasks for his short life would be. Allow yourself to pare back where necessary and do so in the light of your eternal goals as an ascending creature. The Father will let you know of his approval of that which is of benefit to your soul growth, to your personal well being, and to the upliftment of your fellows.

Q: Thank you

Stillness, Technique

Q: First I would give great thanks to such a wonderful teaching this evening. This question relates to the practice of stillness....a process...is there any validity to various techniques out there in the name of meditation that have value, meditations that which use ? or ? or breathing or anything of that light? I ask more generally than......

Elyon: I begin my answer by first defining stillness as a personality state of being. It is the stayed focus on the Father. All techniques that apply to attaining such a state are techniques of the mind and the body to prepare for the entry into the soul sanctuary and communion. No meditation technique is truly a spiritual experience. They are formulations intended to increase your sensitivity to divine presence. When you have entered into fellowship, divine communion, no technique is necessary, in fact can be distracting. A technique may be discarded when communion is attained, for adherence to technique beyond its usefulness becomes a hindrance. I urge you to find that which works for your own idiosyncratic approach. No technique will lead you away from the Father if you understand that when its usefulness is over, it may be discarded. It is not disloyal to drop a technique when the goal is attained. You may draw from the wealth of your traditions, but I encourage you also, to create your own private methods, and to do so in alliance with the divine presence, for Father thoroughly understands you and will gently reveal to you, approaches which will sit well with you, which will not be the external bearing force of technique, but an internal willingness of up-reach to his presence.


Q: Could you please close tonight with a prayer to the Father.

Elyon: O Father of absolute perfection, of divine brilliance, of cosmic majesty, source of all of us, source of everything, we recognize you, we honor you, we adore you , we seek you. We thank you for our sovereign son Michael, for his ministry in our realm so far from your Paradise home. He is our contact, our passage to you. We thank you, that in all your mercy and love, you have come to reside within us. We accept your presence. We recognize our eternal belonging in your family because you have sought to be part of ourselves. We trust that will never be taken away for you are almighty, omnipresent. Thank you.

Q: Group thanks

Elyon: My friends you are most welcome and I will withdraw. I will be back at another time.