2004-11-15-You Can Grow Without Limit

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Topic: You Can Grow Without Limit

Group: Marin TeaM


Teacher: Nebadonia




Dear Michael and Mother, What a fine evening this is when You come to visit us. We do so look forward to it. These few precious moments in our whole week give us the opportunity to forget ourselves, to really listen to Your message which we cherish so much. So we thank You for Your graciousness - Your generosity to Your children. We send You all of our love. Amen.

Nebadonia: My dear children, this is your Mother, Nebadonia. Can you feel My spirit? I am in the very intention with which you reach for Me. I am as close to you as you are to yourself. There is no separation here. You need not look for Me, My children, for I am in the eyes with which you see. I am in the ears with you hear. I am in the thoughts that you think. Just as Michael is in your heart, and our Father surrounds us all.


Life lives within life - in both directions. We live in the living body of our Father. He surrounds us. He nourishes us. He sustains us. He recreates us moment by moment, and yet we are free. Though we live in Him, and He lives right within us, He gives us ourselves by our very nature, by the way in which we were created. He gives us to ourselves, so we can choose who and what we will become.

Recently Michael and I have invited you to feel complete. We have invited you to realize that you are a living part of absolute reality. You need do nothing to fulfill yourself. There is nothing you are lacking to be a living center of absolute experience. This is what Michael and I mean when We invite you to rest in Us. Be not anxious for your reality for it resides in our Father. We are in His hands and They are secure far beyond your ability to know.

Now: here comes another moment…and another…and another. They too will be yours forever. Think about this - with Me – for a moment. Our Father is inexhaustible. He will always be there, creating us. You will always be there. When you think of the future, My children, don’t forget to put yourself in the picture! - whether on Urantia, or on the mansion worlds, whether on Salvington - the headquarters world of Michael and Myself, or any of the thousands of evolutionary worlds you will visit, just getting started.

This is what you will become, and it will be you and no one else, because at each step, you will have a choice. Now this might sound frightening, for you will never outrun your need to choose. But this, too, is a choice. You can choose to the very need to choose, day by day - sometimes, as you well know, even minute be minute, just to get through next minute! But you can choose to welcome this as a most precious gift of our Father. For with this need, you can co-create, with Him, your own life. This makes it yours. Can you see the necessity of this, My children? Can you see how this has to be for you to be yours and His alone? There in no escape from reality, for there need be none. You are real. You participate in creation.

Now for the miracle: in this, too, you can grow without limit. This is an ability you share with our Father. This is another choice you are given. You cannot only accept this need to chose, you can put your full will behind it. This way you can make the power of necessity your own.

You are a single living cell in a gigantic body. As such, you are carried along by life itself. On the physical of existence, you know of the size of the universe and its motions. Yet within this almost absolute regularity, there is something of the next moment that our Father creates afresh and new. The living body of God continues to grow. And as you continue to grow, you can have this choice of what you will become. This is not foreordained. This is a true choice and you make it moment by moment, day by day.

So We invite you to give it your attention, My children. Think about your life! Wonder about it. Use the spiritual power of your personality to imagine: what do I want to become? All the while you are resting in Our absolute assurance that you already are. Does this tickle your spirit of adventure, My children?

Group: Yes!

Can you see our Father’s graciousness in all of this? Can you welcome and appreciate His gift of your freedom? Can you help Him help others be free? Now you feel this security in trusting Him to create the next moment…and the next…can you let go and give yourself to others, knowing that it is not only you yourself but also He who will recreate you again? This is the joy that He offers His children, right in the way He created you: that together you go forward forever. This is a bit to think about, My children. So I ask you to ponder these spiritual truths in the coming days. Give yourself permission to rest in Me, and know - through Me - your own faith in our Father’s endless creativity.

But for now, let Me answer any questions or comments you might wish to share with Me.


Student: Yes, Mother. You talk about choices and choosing to live as God intended us to live, and being asked about our intentions. There are some choices that determine a certain path or a direction of our life. And I feel like I’m at one of those crossroads - where the choices I make determine many lives, affect many lives. Because I’ve been, lately, pushed and pulled from many different people about moving into a bigger house because the place we live in is small. My lady friend’s sons want this. My mother is pushing to do this, or make a decision. And now my daughter wants to come and live with me. And so there’s this great push for me to make a decision within the next couple of months of: either we continue living together and move into a bigger house that will accommodate my daughter as well, or for me to carry on with just my daughter, living where I live now. But it’s not a decision I can take lightly – obviously – with so many lives involved.

And the fears that come up with this decision are in the process. And for the life of me, I have been praying for guidance for the good of everyone, and not just myself and my own evolution and expansion. It’s a fear of being confined and trapped, even a fear of losing my connection, or not honoring my connection to the Source of spirit. And I have tried to meditate on it and to let it go. I get pulled from all these different directions. It’s like I’m in the middle, juggling all these people, juggling all these thoughts and ideas, and I’m just trying to be honest myself, and be clear about the direction I am to take. Can you offer me any insights, or a different, a different perspective that maybe I’m not aware of? I would greatly appreciate it.

Nebadonia: Yes, D, My son. You touch My mother’s heart with both the clarity and the depth to which you are willing to embrace the complexity of the situation. You are to be congratulated and encouraged in this. For as you’ll remember, this is exactly what we have talked about before. This is the stretch, is it not, My son? And in this you can take heart, in thinking of the future, how much you have opened yourself already to these folks who are dear to you, each with his or her individual viewpoint, and separate understanding, and desires.

This is the situation, and the thing to be avoided at all costs is a kind of simple-minded impatience with these dear friends and relatives of yours who are relying on you. In this I’m trying to offer you a sense of your own freedom: that you are choosing to be in this situation.

Now: for a matter of timing. As you know from reading about Michael’s life on Urantia, there is a sense of fullness of having enough information about the situation, and the situation itself reaching a certain maturity, before some of these decisions you feel called upon to make will be ready. It may be too soon, and not yet necessary. And so it is a matter of using your time wisely to explore and to experiment within your own mind, as much as you can, very much as you are already doing. You have to imagine and then explore these different alternatives.

You have to talk about these with everybody involved, so they too can help carry the weight, with each person appreciating the weight they are placing on another - especially with respect to your dependent children involved. Help them appreciate, as much as possible, at their age, what they are asking of you. This will help them mature by giving them a foretaste of the decisions they themselves will have to make someday. It can also help to narrow or confine this realm of decision to that which is rightly yours, so you are not taking on any unnecessary burden that belongs to someone else. Otherwise, in doing so, you are only somewhat sabotaging their need to decide in order to grow their own maturity, no matter what their age. Again I commend you upon your ability to perceive and then express the complexity involved, and your willingness to accept your part. Does this help?

Student: Yes. It’s interesting because I guess You are saying kind of: wait it out and see how things unfold, instead of making a rash decision based on emotional and mental ideas or energies. Because I have been saying I feel the need, ‘cause I know how things work in my life, and how the universe is - to let things unfold naturally. But it seems like everyone - C, my mother, my daughter - don’t want to do that. They want to get this thing moving now; and that doesn’t work for me. And also, I did think it would be good for all parties to meet and talk about this decision, and how it affects all of us. And how it affects me, and go from there. And C has said to me that she has even thought about moving out on her own with the two boys because she needs a different environment.

Nebadonia: Well D, I cannot recommend too highly this sharing of responsibility, especially with the younger folks - so they can see directly what it is to be an adult. This they need most of all. Its a false parenting to shield the children too much from all the forces of life pulling at you all.

Student: Well, also how their actions and energy affect me and their mother and the people around them.

Nebadonia: Yes, very much. This is what you call feedback - without which there is no connection, for them, between what they do and its effects on others. This is what everyone needs most of all so there is not a disconnect between attitudes, behavior, and desires, and what these do to others. For if there is this disconnect, especially with the young ones, they have no way of telling where to go, how to behave.

So share your life as fully as possible with them so they don’t get a distorted and only partial view of what is happening. Otherwise, events can suddenly overtake everyone with an enormous shock - because the foresight, even the apprehension, is not being shared. It is difficult sometimes to share your fears and confusion and simple human inability to penetrate the future. But in the sharing itself there is a great spiritual value of: no matter what happens, we’re in this together. Even if the future should rightfully bring about separation, at least let us be together now.

All this experience will become a part of each of your souls, and the more you can share and give to each other at each moment, the stronger you all grow. I will not judge the specific behavior or recommend any to you. I don’t think you need it. I think you are correct in your feelings about the part you play in this situation, and so if you feel the need to be a brake upon otherwise overly hasty, arbitrary decisions, then express this - and welcome a true and honest response from them. Your being open is the greatest leadership you can offer.

Student: And being honest about my feelings and being open to what they have to say. C knows how unhappy I’ve been recently about things, and that’s not how God created me to be. That is not His intention for me.

Nebadonia: Well, My son, continue on! As long as you feel within yourself you are not merely procrastinating or putting things off, then take the time. Ask the others in the situation what is being asked of you. I’ve tried to convey this evening the notion of shared responsibility, shared burden, shared honesty so that each person knows what they are asking of others. This then becomes the foundation by which you will each know one another, and this is what you will base your decisions upon. Consider these things, read them over in the transcripts, and share them if you feel it is appropriate. And be in My love.

(Very long pause)

Nebadonia: Well, My children, you are a quiet group tonight. I know I have given you much to think about. I do so partly because you do have the ability to record this and read it over as many times as you desire.

There is a great peace here in Michael’s presence. He is always with us as much as we wish.

Student: Thank you, Mother, for our teacher and friend Welmek, and for allowing me to chose the adventure of life as opposed to the burden of life.

Nebadonia: You are very welcome, My son. Your ability to choose between these - you see what a great gift this is? These choices are not always easy in so far as they are not always transparent. A real part of your human life is in the appreciation of the courage it takes to choose when you cannot see all the ramifications of that choice. But to stay open - then, and to continue to learn - to accept these ramifications of your choosing: this is truly a triumph of spirit. And be in My love.

Student: Thank you, Mother.

(Another long pause)


Nebadonia: What a marvelous stillness…then the next moment comes…and the next. We part and yet we take a little of each of us with us. Good evening, My dear ones. Be in My love.