2010-01-06-Monjoronson Q/A Session 82

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Topic: Monjoronson Q & A Session 82

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Jonathan


  • Moderator - Mary Rogers


Monjoronson (Jonathan TR): I salute all of you who look to Michael for the guidance that you may receive and give to your world. I accept your dedication and your pledge to promote truth. Let us continue these ongoing sessions wherein my fellows provide their questions that will assist them in their own spiritual unfoldment. I am happy to be of assistance and will do what I can to make these responses relevant to the questioner as well as to others who may observe these exchanges. Let us now begin.



Mary: The personalized Adjuster of Jesus, Sananda, once said this, “Child, you are the lesson, we all are the lesson. Do we not learn from each other? Are we not all in this together? Love, dear child, is the only lesson. So be assured that you will learn this lesson of love.”

Question #1: Our knowledge of love is quite limited. Could you help us interpret this statement that love is the only lesson? How is love a lesson?

Monjoronson: You have stated that our knowledge of love is quite limited, and this speaks directly to the point of the question of how we can know, how we can learn what this love is. Love isn't knowledge, it isn't a string of understandings. It doesn't reside in the mind; it is an experience of the soul. The way to learn love is to be love and give love. This is how the experience occurs, and in this way you may “know” love. You will not find it through understanding. That is why each one of us is a lesson in love, for we do not stand before another like an open textbook that can be read wherein the other could comprehend love. But in our lovingness the other experiences the exchange of love and thereby awakens to it if not experienced previously. God is love, and in time and space the movement of the Supreme is love, and this movement of the Supreme is each personality. You are love, you are the lesson. Thank you for this question.


Mary: The next series of questions are all on the subject of education.

Question#2: Besides the Magisterial Mission and Melchizedek classrooms, are there other or higher educational organizations [such as pure research facilities] that you may wish to introduce to Urantia during your tenure here?

Monjoronson: At this point it is sufficient that you know of this Magisterial Mission and likewise of the schools of the Melchizedeks. As yet you have seen but little before your own eyes which would place upon you much to be reckoned with. If I were to also reveal other agencies that are at work, both on this planet and across this system, that are engaged in the Correcting Time and the restoration of the fallen planets, you would merely have intellectual nomenclature, merely names that you would not be able to interface with. Nor would you be able to derive benefit or assist with your energies. At this time except for a few individuals most of you will have enough with which to apply yourselves in fostering my mission to this world and what you can come to comprehend by way of the teachings of the Melchizedeks. Again, I thank you for this question.

Mary: This question assumes you had said there would be other schools or organizations for education that you would introduce here because the question is:

Question #3: Could these be specialty schools that would help us get degrees in civics, diplomacy, social cooperation, or perhaps in improving technologies for things such as the treatment of biological waste? This brings up the suggestion that we could use more education, places to get educated, along those lines.

Monjoronson: I will address the question, for it well illustrates that progress toward Light and Life occurs on all fronts in human development and the development of civilization. We have discussed the lesson of love and many who aspire to the golden age of Light and Life on this world and wish to develop that and establish that on this world view love as the peak experience. But for love to be lasting and to impact all of mankind there must be refinements in these other social and civic avenues as you have indicated. These endeavors of the human race have been and will be fine tuned across the centuries, for such experiences as harmony and cooperation do not exist without the development of the skills that make for a truly civil society. Peace and harmony are more than feelings; they are functions, and these functions occur smoothly when mind is intelligent and conscious and skilled in the interworkings of a social order and of the political engagements.

You have been informed of the seraphim and have been told about their various categories of focus and function. These illustrate what your celestial brothers and sisters are offering to mankind. There are many across your world, human beings, who are directly associated with these ministers. While I have not spoken of other departments of revelatory application, your question does illustrate the various avenues whereby these high ministers approach the needs of the peoples of Urantia. Your next question?

Trinity Teacher Sons

Question #4: Does the Trinity Teacher Son, Margul, in our case, I guess, work in other areas of education which aren¹t addressed by the Melchizedeks or the Magisterial Mission? For example, subliminal education to mortal minds.

Monjoronson: The primary focus of any Teacher Son of the Trinity is to usher in the ages of Light and Life, of which there are several stages. What they do in any age prior to Light and Life is counsel with those like myself and the Melchizedeks, even the Life Carriers to assist each one of us in our projects that we may clearly understand what they perceive to be the necessary prerequisites for bringing this particular world or any other specific planet into Light and Life. They are of the perspective of Trinity and therefore can perceive with greater detail what is necessary.

Their effect upon the human mind in the manner you refer to by way of subliminal teaching is not by way of direct contact. These Teacher Sons have the ability to make direct contact with the Father's Presence in each one of you. It is in this interface that they receive the authority from the Divine Presence and the clearance by this Divine Presence to present in your superconscious things which you may benefit from as you unfold in your awareness. These presentations are done by the Divine Spirit. It is through the spirit that the Trinity Teacher Son indirectly makes this contact. Again I thank you for this question.

Reserve Corps of Destiny, Master Seraphim

Question #5: Could you indicate if the reserve corps of destiny are not so much schooled as they are . . what? This question assumes that education is a school but that the destiny organizations are facilitators. Are we wrong in that thinking? What exactly are the reserve corps of destiny if not schools? Perhaps facilitators?

Monjoronson: Those individuals who are enlisted in the reserve corps are willing human beings, and that is perhaps the most important element to their qualifications. This willingness allows spirit personalities to rehearse in the deep levels of the mind actions, reactions, propositions, and responses that may emerge should events present themselves in one’s daily life that would benefit from these individuals bringing forth those deep trainings.

No human being is granted knowledge that is not gained by way of experience -- nor wisdom, for that matter. These are not bestowed without you having earned them. But adjustments can be made within you as a reservist, if you are willing, whereby you will be capable of taking action, of responding to situations wherein the master seraphim may infuse the human conditions with a higher spiritual counterpart and stimulate evolutionary growth with their infusion. Often a destiny reservist will be shocked or humbled as they perceive their behavior, for they often do not realize that they have been so trained and are capable of such function and that the passage of revelation is even new to their own minds. Any individual so enlisted in the reserve corps is one who is allowing, willing. They become an open conduit for the passage of revelation, of luminosity, and upliftment. While this corps is a specialized group, it is increasing in numbers, and those who are enlisted are pulled from the ranks of those who declare that they are willing.

Again I thank you.


Question #6: Are the recently personalized morontia liaison individuals who are to work with mortals in the Magisterial Mission and the Supreme really working to bring education to us in a way that we can assimilate it better? That is, we are not just absorbing facts, but making the education personal and motivational.

Monjoronson: Education as you largely know of it entails the gathering of facts and the organization of these facts into meaningful concepts and the association of these concepts into higher understanding. Through this understanding you become capable of applying yourself, of using your education to better your way in the world, and to better those about you in this world. This is education on the level of mind. In the application you gain wisdom, and wisdom is the adjustment of your knowledge and your understanding to the conditions of the world on which you are living at the given time. If perchance you were in another time on your world the same knowledge, the same facts, the same understanding would be associated in a different form of wisdom. When the planetary staff was upon your world their wisdom was presented in living experience in a modified manner which held back much of their knowledge, for the cultures about them were not capable of assimilating that degree of factual understanding.

Morontia realities, while they do entail the acquirement of facts and the association of concepts, they also -- and more highly so -- are engaged in relational association. Morontia is the transition to spirit, and spirit is relationship, which again brings us back to our first question, that of the lesson of love. These morontia beings assist the soul of the individual in deepening contact, of enlarging embrace.

I may summarize my statements by bringing forward a line in the Urantia Papers which says it is not he who has heard the words of Jesus who has heard the Father, but he who has seen him has seen the Father. This illustrates the difference between education in the mind and education in the soul. I hope this assists you.

Mary: I understand that education is not just about what we can know with our minds. Spirit beings on our road to Light and Life are helping us, which has less to do with educating our minds as awakening our souls to spirit within, so things we know with our minds can be applied in ways that will lead us to Light and Life because we are inspired through our spirit education.

Monjoronson: Indeed.


Question #7: What is the opinion of those on high of what America’s greatest failure is in regards to subject matters that are taught? I might restate the question: Is there any one subject you would encourage us to teach which we are neglecting at this time?

Monjoronson: In order to foster the well-being of this planet and to allow it to move peacefully and expediently toward Light and Life the greatest teaching that can be offered is cooperation, a willing assistance toward one another. You ask this in the context of the United States, and this nation you speak of internally has established political structures which allow cooperation even among differences, and there is peace within to some degree. But before the world there is still too much of the competitiveness that would make for those who dominate and those who are downtrodden.

For another nation to trust a model nation it must feel that it is in brotherhood, that there is a loving hand to help, free of any underlying disposition to extract advantage . ... Yes, cooperation is the biggest lesson for Urantia to learn in this era.

Curriculum, Pedagogy

Question #8: The educational system here is not very good but we have little idea of what an educational system ought to do and how to do it. Have you or your staff planned to introduce a good education curriculum?

Monjoronson: We do have plans on improving the techniques whereby people on Urantia are educated, but we must follow closely to the mandate of evolution which must allow for the discovery within the human races of the best techniques. We are ever on the watch for those forward-looking souls who are developing better techniques. We are doing everything within our power to create favorable conditions in which their techniques may take root and grow and spread. We cannot overlay upon you a planned program, for that would strip you of the liberty of personal discovery, but we do have an outline, and we note when any one of you is contributing to filling in that outline from top to bottom over the course of time. That is when we act.

When you arrive on the worlds of mansonia you will be provided with a ready-made curriculum, for that educational system is of an architectural order. While you evolve through that system, it did not in itself evolve. But on Urantia the system itself must grow. So we will assist you as you discern higher methods.

Question #9: Is there a reason why on Urantia we educate formally to the age of eighteen? Is it because it takes that long to do it? Or is it better to not place someone out in the world until he or she reaches a physical age of maturity that produces a more stable citizen? Can you speak to the age at which we finish our formal education?

Monjoronson: The age of the completion of formal education upon Urantia has risen over the century. In early times a young individual was, as you might say, “out in the world” with little education, for the demands of life required their immediate engagement for survival. As your civilization has developed it has allowed for greater freedom from survival among your younger people. Also as your civilizations have developed the accumulation of knowledge, the development of your various academics, has grown to the point that more time is yielded to education. Your societies have discovered that the better prepared its youth, the better the function of the society in the years to come.

You speak of eighteen as the end of formal education, but it has become more common in your recent years for that formal education to extend two, four, and even six or eight years longer. This is that expansion that comes when the knowledge of civilization is greater and the opportunities for youth to acquire that knowledge are present.

I will add however, that your youth would benefit greatly from being able to apply the formal education far sooner than a post-graduate phase of life, for therein would be witnessed the value of acquiring the education, the immediate rewards; the feedback of one's application will further stimulate the desire to know more. Once upon a time for the youth of a tribe, its primary education was how not to be killed and how to acquire food. That became immediately applied and the rewards were felt. So today with your refinement in academics, you likewise would reward your young folk with immediate applications of their training. I hope this addresses your question.

Thought Adjusters

Question #10: The final question is about Thought Adjusters. How do they educate us? Or do they primarily act as integrators of what we learn elsewhere?

Monjoronson: My short response is that you are correct; they are integrators. Therefore it behooves the human being to go about collecting, that is, educating oneself in, all manners on the level of soul and the level of mind that you may provide the material that the Thought Adjuster may use to enlarge your morontia presence, to configure your morontia self. This divine entity is primarily focused on who you will be in your resurrected form. Your primary focus is who you are now and what you are becoming.


Thank you for all these questions. I discern in them a thirst for greater understanding. I provide what I can, but I must also allow you the opportunity to evolve into a higher state of enlightenment. I am not here to give that enlightenment, but I am here to assist. Thank you.