2010-01-19-Monjoronson Audio Session 84

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Topic: Monjoronson Audio Session 84

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: [Mary] We want to pause for a moment and circle up with our human partners for this endeavor. So let's gather around the campfire and warm our hands together and let go of the cares of the day and move into a different reality of connection, of reaching out to our spiritual helpers, to Monjoronson. We gather here Monjoronson, with the intention to fan the flames of truth so that we can see better by the light. Join us this evening.

Monjoronson: I gladly accept your invitation to come and join you around the warm glow of spirit. Truly it is a joy to make an effort to step forward out of the darkness and shadows and come into the presence of the light by an act of our will and our desire to do so together. I welcome the opportunity you provide to engage with you in this service project we have come to know as the Monjoronson.com question session. I arrive eager to participate and I sense you do as well so let us begin.



As we progress spiritually, it seems as though we run into intersections that forces us to re-examine and question the authenticity of our beliefs.

Question #1: Can two opposite realities be correct for instance, one based on the Urantia Book declarations and the other on what seems like superstitions and primitive belief systems?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question and I would state the answer first quite simply. There are as many different realities as there are observers of these realities. That is, each and every observer makes real what was a potential reality and brings it to life, gives it life and infuses it with life by choosing it and acting in accordance with this choice. Such an act takes potential and creates actual and therefore you observe from your perspective the "vast different realities being so dissimilar" but I remind you that in the greater picture, has not the Father created all potentials which then may be chosen to be actual realities?

You will observe in your consideration of the practice of medicine that very much is dependent upon the relationship with the healer and this healer may be one you are familiar with as a doctor but it may be others who you are not familiar with such as traditional healers or spiritual healers. Nevertheless, those who believe and encounter these alternate realities would testify that they are quite real and quite effective to the degree that they immerse themselves in the experience to be had. You have a saying on your world: "If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one about to observe it, did it really make a sound?" While no physical act such as a tree falling could be silent, this refers to the value of the observer in the equation. Without being observed or heard, if there is no living presence in the equation to interpret such a sound then it may be considered to have been missed because only those things which have been observed can be counted as reality.

Therefore it is quite true that innumerable different realities exist side by side. You have luxury and wealth existing side by side with poverty and starvation. You have different climates happening simultaneously all over your world. You could consider those opposite realities yet they exist side by side and as real to the observers as is possible. I hope this serves to address your line of questioning. Thank you.

Question #2: After death, does each individual continue to create his own reality like a bubble in which he lives and experiences and grows until he reaches the portals of Paradise?

Monjoronson: Again, thank you for this question and the short answer is yes. I have referred to this condition a number of times as being a condition termed your 'mini-verse' of experience. This bubble, as you refer to it, is the reality that you choose to actualize around you and the beauty and grace of this divine plan is that each of you will choose a different combination to claim as your reality thereby making distinct and different 'mini-verses' which you do indeed carry with you as the result of the choices you've made and your experiences in your ascension career. This is one of the great acts of grace which allow so many different experiences, in fact every different experience to be encountered and be made real out of what was potential. This unique combination of your individual 'mini-verse' also represents your gift to the Supreme, your contribution to the overall and if every experience has been chosen and experienced and then every accumulation of these experiences has been brought home to the First Source and Center, then this contribution to the Supreme allows the expression of all that could have been into all that is. Thank you.

Intelligence, Reflectivity

(Watchers: [Intelligence Gathering])

This question is in reference to the means by which celestials may gather information about the conditions on Urantia. Many different aspects of development may be of interest such as Urantia's political, sociological and scientific evolution.

Question #3: Are celestials aware of the flow of this kind of data on the internet?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this line of questioning. I discern the perhaps deeper question that is being sought is do spiritual personalities ever invade the privacy of human personality to discern any given direction? I would state for you at the outset that you have complete sovereignty over your individual self. That being said, what you share either through your words or your deeds or even your prayerful thoughts are offered out there to the world at large to be observed by all manner of beings including celestial personalities. This certainly includes your posting on the internet, your conversations with friends and your actions in regard to what you have formulated as position and opinion.

As I mentioned before, everything is observed by those who are observant and celestial personalities need only observe what you are watching, what you are writing, what you are saying, what you are doing and all of these are clear to a universe at large. They are not difficult of discernment, particularly to spiritual beings. They are easily discerned even by mortals of the realm who would willingly judge and determine your position based upon your writings and sayings and actions. The spiritual dimension of prayer and worship does however offer a unique mechanism for insight into the soul because by engaging in prayer, worship and similar ministry, you in a very real sense plug into the collective and thereby offer yourself for upgrade or download and this act does provide greater latitude to your spiritual component.

So between these aspects, it is not at all difficult to observe pattern and trends and easily to see shifts in consciousness, behavior and awareness that transpire as a result. In the great universe, all is known save your individual citadel of self which you may choose to maintain as private if you so desire. Thank you for this question.

Question #4: Do the celestials gather data from our Thought Adjusters and the Planetary Supreme? Do indicators "light up" when 'we' reach certain "milestones"? [I don't know if the questioner means 'we' as an individual or 'we' as a planet or global citizenry.]

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. As I stated in the greater context, all things which are actions and deeds are known in the universal scope. When a politician makes a statement or a speech and puts that out there, it then may become known by all and reality has been created, observed by many and solidified by all those who follow and believe. Therefore all of those forms of monitoring are easily done.

Your question refers to certain benchmarks or standards that may be reached by individuals or groups or even planets and I would affirm for you that there certainly exists, much as there exists in your society, certain benchmarks which indicate individual growth, group growth, even planetary growth. When one goes through grade school there comes a day when they graduate from grade school and are transferred over to middle school and then transferred again to high school. These are benchmarks which are culturally accepted as points of acknowledgement, celebration and achievement.

Likewise in your individual spiritual ascension there are such benchmarks which you pursue, achieve, arrive at and celebrate the achievement then knuckle down and work some more, achieve some more and eventually arrive at another benchmark of growth. In keeping in context with my declaration that, in a friendly universe all things are known, such accomplishments are not hidden or disguised. They are clearly discernible and just as a birthday party or a graduation, they are celebrated, they are recognized as a point of achievement. As individuals, you all attain these benchmarks and when enough individuals attain certain benchmarks then it is also clear and obvious to those who are observing that a race or a culture or a tribe or a group of individuals have thus made such accomplishments and there is celebration. When enough individuals on a planet or a world have grown through their own efforts and as well their collective efforts, there certainly arrives planetary times of significance.

You all who are here to observe these words will also be here to observe one of these rather rare episodes where not only have individuals risen to a plateau worthy of acknowledgement but you will see what happens when enough individuals tip the balance and indeed "light up" as observed by all those who are in attention. We will be graced to witness these events and they will be part of our experiential bubble that we will make real and take with us throughout our travels in spirit. I hope this has served to illuminate some of your questions.

Preamble: In a transcript from 2004, one who observed Urantia from outside the planet said this: "We have watched from the outside for a very long time until it is appropriate for us to appear." His remark was prefaced with..."Know that we too serve Michael and His mission on this planet. This is the beginning of the recognition of our presence among you and it will become more overt, more of the world will recognize this reality and we will be part of the conversions, part of the Correcting Time. At times we would like you to know that Michael rides with us!"

Question #5: Does this indicate that other inhabited planets gather intelligence on newer inhabited planets like ours and are these activities co-ordinated with some spiritual agencies?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. This extrapolates out this idea of being observed not only as individuals but also as a world, as a developing sphere and as you surmise, this pattern holds true, repeated over and over. This question illustrates that you are growing exponentially in your seat of observation for you are now concerned with your planet being observed and intelligence gathered about your world. Once again I say, it is a closed system. All is known to those who know it within the system, therefore it is easy to establish that there are greater and greater ones who observe the process and as to whether this is all co-ordinated by some central source, of course that speaks to the center of all that is and yes, all that is, is co-ordinated by this center.

This is a significant point to establish because all these associated dots that your questions imply are all pointing to this idea of connection to all, that is by virtue of being a fragment of all that is potential. And so this statement offered could easily refer to another developed world, to your off-world brothers and sisters who most certainly monitor this planet and the actions that take place upon it and who desire to perform service and ministry as they see fit. There are also legions of spiritual superiors who are observing constantly the goings on in the classroom and on the playgrounds. Indeed, the whole program is quite in order and quite orchestrated by divine ministry and all those who you may relate to or even associate with in the spiritual realm are all quite co-ordinated under the divine mandates and parameters that are established.

I encourage you to expand the scope of your consideration to the largest you can grasp because your experiences here on this planet are so miniscule when compared to the universe and the universe of universes and Paradise, that this opening up of your awareness to accept that you are part of this gigantic enterprise brings you close to what is infinite. It brings the material and mortal close to the Divine and though your mind may not fully comprehend these magnitudes of order that does not mean they do not exist and your individual realities will embrace them in due time. Thank you for this line of questioning.


[Of the Roughest Kind]

Preamble: A secondary midwayer chief was discussing the history of the upbringing of the midwayers on Urantia saying how poor their initial education was as young midwayers. In part ABC22 observed that during the Lucifer Rebellion it was, "Politics my dear brother, a war of words, ideas, lures, controversy and ideals...A great number of us lost the ability to discern right from wrong - God's will from any selfish proposal that suited at that very moment. And gradually, the larger number of us went out of control."

Question #6: May the same be said about Urantia's human population and for some of the same causes? And may that population look forward to the same kind of discipline and attention the midwayers received at the conclusion of the Lucifer Rebellion as part of the Correcting Time?

Free will

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. That preamble that was offered, I grant you, sounds hauntingly familiar does it not? Truly this world is fraught with examples of individual races, groups, and orders, who have lost their way, who have been overcome by the darkness of materialism and personal self interests. But referring back to the original question tonight, this world provides all realities side by side to be chosen and that is what makes fertile ground for building character, making the individual choices that determine your individual reality and your sphere of self that you take with you.

Truly these choices represent a gift of grace from on high for you are not ordered which way to choose, you are not directed how to spend your choice. Rather you are given latitude to make your choices and observe the consequences of your actions and then to determine whether the choice was appropriate or not. And here is the good part; you are constantly offered a chance to re-choose. You are not locked into any initial choice or previous choice. Rather, each day, each hour of each day there is an opportunity for you to re-choose. Would you do the same things, say the same things, act the same way, having had the opportunity to experience the results of this choice or would you refine your choice now knowing more about it than you did before?

Indeed every day that you are present to make choices you are a new and different person resulting from all the choices you made in the previous day and all the considerations about such choices that have changed your perspective and altered your character. I understand and I agree that there appear many sad episodes of individuals and groups, and nations, making poor choices and following paths which have turned out to be fruitless or even harmful but this is how one learns. They may be told that such a choice will cause such a negative adverse effect, but until they encounter this for themselves this is not a lesson, this is merely advice. When an individual knows first hand because they have actuated the potentials and created the reality based upon their choice, then it is real to them. Then it may be harvested as a genuine experience. [The effects of choice are ] not some hearsay or some advice offered but rather as a genuine matter of personal experience and there is no substitute in all the universe for such a value that is received from such a personal experience.

Therefore must the situation of a world such as this be filled with potential of all kinds and while you have witnessed many poor choices or choices that have led people away from divinity, from God, from connection, from spirit, likewise there are the opposite potentials present as well that may be chosen, that will be chosen when all those who have tried another way will forsake it and try a new way. They will re-choose in the day of their choice, in the hour of their choice they will re-choose and they will choose the spiritual way and it will be because they came to it themselves. They were not ordered from on high or directed by rule of law but rather because they themselves desired it and chose it. While the road may appear difficult to arrive at this place, arriving at this place is what the road was built for. I hope this makes sense in context with your question. Thank you.


Mary: Absolutely, thank you Monjoronson very much. We appreciate you gathering with us here and guiding our thoughts and questions into paths that lead us to our destination and desire, community and oneness and God-ness Thank you.