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Topic: Starseed & Rebellion

Group: At Large


Teacher: Monmacion

TR: Tiahuan



Greetings my friends! This is Monmacion, happy to be with you in these weekly meetings, reinforcing this circuit of our friendship, sharing our love of Father, communing with our Source and each other.

The question posed this evening is indeed one of a fair amount of sensitivity, delicacy, because it entails the personal soul growth of many; the tender extensions of mercy that adjoin you in ways that are far beyond your imagination.

For the record, I will state - the question pertains to the presence of former rebel personalities upon this planet as part of their own healing process extended by Michael in mercy, allowing then these souls to join him in this difficult task of healing Urantia and other such worlds adversely affected by rebellion. We will limit our dialogue in reference to human personalities living now upon Urantia that were, in some manner, in various roles, previously involved in the Lucifer Rebellion, for you already know of the restoration of former rebel Midwayers who have adjoined the loyal Midwayers united now in function for service upon Urantia.


Before I proceed, I would ask you, given the tenderness of this matter, to envision yourselves and your children in the context of a family dispute that cost the home a great deal in terms of its peace and stability. You, as parents know well the limitless reservoir of love that parents have for their children, and there is nothing of course that the Father, Michael, and all of us would endeavor to see more than the restoration of all personalities in the wake of a disagreement, sometimes referred to as a "war in heaven". With your own roles as parents in mind, you will be better equipped to understand the provision of mercy extended to those who sought such mercy, sincerely and wholeheartedly, recognizing the error of their way; misled in this circumstance by a brilliant and universally loved administrator that you know of course is the former System Sovereign of Satania, Lucifer, who is no more.

A large number of his family in the Lanonandek family, and as you know of course from your reading, a large number of seraphic personalities, Midwayers and others in various roles, some that are as yet unrevealed, were misled by his brilliant personality. This brilliance had its source in the First Source that he denied, and so that brilliance diminished as he persisted in his solitary resolve to resist reality. However, those who did come to a decision to turn around, to seek renewal and the healing that is always present in our Father’s love so lavishly revealed in mercy, there were offered many routes, many options for pursuing such renewal, and as you can imagine, the projection of the Correcting Time in the wake of the adjudication, the well understood plans laid by Michael for the restoration of the worlds injured by this rebellion, offered a unique avenue that our Magisterial Son has intimated in referencing Michael’s uniquely creative offering of opportunities for service in Nebadon.

So some of these, many you might say, chose to become mortal, being born into a world that was understood to be preparing to re-enter the full fellowship of communion that is enjoyed in the greater universe of Nebadon. Most of these personalities are unaware of this former identity, and you have had some references by those who have discerned this avenue of mercy regard these personalities as Starseed. For indeed, they are seeded as it were into the planetary culture with the intent of activating an additional level of God consciousness transcending that present in the mortal population otherwise, and without even being humanly conscious of this previous experience, there is the inevitable depth of the soul’s experience which reverberates in any planet’s culture where these may serve. Those who have become aware of this status initially feel confused and perhaps a bit uncomfortable, feeling a greater depth of the profundity of the loss sustained in Nebadon, the injury to the chords of affection. But of course, when such persons become conscious, they are reassured that such experience is itself an opportunity to deepen devotion to this purpose of extending our Father's love.

And so, I hope you will give yourselves opportunity to realize that there exists much more in your planet’s culture than you may think is present. In other words, as confusing as things are in this moment of turbulence, there is a great deal more depth of healing that is being manifest, and you are all part of this process.

The question as to whether such personalities are perhaps represented more broadly in the Urantia Movement, the Teaching Mission, the Magisterial Mission, or any number of forward looking initiatives in your world looking toward a higher degree of unification and integration, the answer is of course, yes, because there is this inherent depth of soul in such personalities that find growing as young persons upon this planet a rather dry and forbidding environment for genuine spiritual culture, and it is part of the plan of mercy that these seedlings, planted carefully in your midst, would by virtue of their own soul’s requirement, the need for nourishment, seek out the truth in advancing degrees of exposure, leading then the larger culture to enjoy the benefits of such forward motion by souls in search of union. To some extent this has been a very helpful element in our drawing near to you in preparation for eventual materialization, formalizing the reunion of this world with its sister spheres in the system, constellation, and the universe at large.

My friends, all of you have a depth of soul dimension that is far greater than you can possibly know in this mortal experience. As you ascend through the various Mansion Worlds and on beyond, you will grow in appreciation for the omni-dimensional nature of the soul, and if you allow yourselves to consider such depth in any soul, you will perhaps more easily accept that rather unusual dimension of soul that exists in those who have been referred to as Starseed.

In any event my friends, much is at work. At great deal is unfolding, and as you witness in your world, very much is in the process of change. However difficult it may be during this wrenching reversal, you could say of reorientation moving away from isolation and toward integration as opposed to the embrace of isolation and its accommodation so vividly present in your dominant cultures. These shells of the repercussion of sin are crumbling, and beneath such shells are these very beautiful, if tender souls, coming forth with some apprehension as to how to proceed without the customary defenses built in a world so deeply isolated as Urantia.


Be patient friends with yourselves as we are with you and your fellows. Yes, the way is sometimes difficult, and indeed this generation is in place for a purpose, to surmount this obstacle, to succeed in fostering your unique generational gift to the evolving culture on Urantia.

I thank you for composing your question and appreciate your persistence in the face of so many technical difficulties occasioned by recent storms passing through your area of habitation.

Good night my friends.

Students - Good night! Thank you!