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Topic: Additional Teachers

Group: At Large


Teacher: Monmacion

TR: Tiahuan



Good evening friends! This is Monmacion. There is some dissonance in the mind of this one, artificial sounds reeling through the mind, but I have assured him that our connection is strong. It is built from this heart space that you, my friends have created.



I wish to reiterate the importance of this space, its sanctity and its soulful purpose. It is space that you as human beings have constructed by way of sharing your life, sharing your heartfelt experience in your own aspirations to manifest the love of our Father who is the Source of this warmth that is in you and amongst you.

Those of my order, and others as well, enter such space with reverence for its Source. And so it is that I gladly join you in your own recognition of the Source of all value living in you in a uniquely human way, a way that is far from complete but all the more precious because of this tenuous nature of divinity dwelling in humanity and the fragile nature of human endeavors built upon human expectations all too often representing the short sightedness of the human vision. In spite of this, and frankly, because of this need, we are here, joining you in this endeavor of doing the will of God on Urantia as it is done in other worlds throughout a universe of universes.

Our practice together has just begun, and yes, you are right to inquire who are these others who would join us, why would they join us, and what can you do to facilitate the extension of this space characterized by sharing at the depth of your heart’s desire.

There are, as you know, your seraphic guardians who are always in attendance, Midwayers are essential to this kind of communication, but those that look forward to joining more fully the labor of teaching love upon this world, enjoining themselves to you doing likewise are teachers such as myself. There are angelic beings, Evening Stars they are known to be, who look forward to becoming more active in the affairs of human beings on Urantia. Already they are quite active in their own right, but interfacing with humans is something that requires human cultivation, a growth and a circuitry sufficient to sustain their energetic signature transmitting oftentimes the light of the teachers representing the Paradise Trinity.

Teaching Mission

You know from your studies that the full complement of celestial ministry typically unfolds in stages beginning with the arrival of a Planetary Prince followed by an Adamic pair, by Avonal Sons serving in a Magisterial capacity as well as a Bestowal capacity. Of course your world is characteristically in need of a unique form of teaching ministry. It is in this context that the Teaching Mission was conceived, and it has been unfolding with great success actually.

Symbols, Correcting Time, Magisterial Mission, Teacher Sons, Evening Stars

I know of course that humans tend to want to have something to hold, something material to point to as a measure of success, and this is not to be denigrated by any means, however such material emblems flow from the abundance of spirituality. It is the presence of the soul that affords the potential for a greater range of material expression. However, in this context of Correcting Time, there are many personalities. Our Magisterial Son has alluded to the fact that he will be working with a full spectrum of celestial beings as an intrinsic part of this rather unique Magisterial Mission upon Urantia.The order of Teacher Sons that has been alluded to await their opportunities for service. The Evening Stars who are growing in their presence upon your planet are necessary for transmitting the light of these Trinity Teachers. Those of my order, many there are who have been present on Urantia and will continue in their labor, but organized under the umbrella of the current Magisterial Mission. I, as you know, function as one of the Melchizedeks who will be joining you in person eventually.


Those that can join us in spirit are many more numerous. You in your discussions this evening alluded to Finaliters, and you wonder, are there Finaliters here? Yes, indeed there are! And do any of these have any particular interest in this space in which we share together? Yes they do. What do they bring as a complement to this light that we are together? They represent the fulfillment of human destiny in the current universe age and act as a spiritual complement to your own ministry, teaching ministry upon Urantia working in concert with the Teacher Corps of Nebadon which include Trinity Teacher Sons as well as Melchizedeks. Together, we compose a potent force for genuine spiritual education. We measure our relative degree of success by the soul itself emerging more fully, and though you cannot see this, we do, and we see as well the light signature of your planet whose collective growth represents and reflects the efficacy of our shared labor.


I would like to underscore the importance of remaining focused upon the soul. This is the product, if you will, of spiritualization. The cultural repercussions of this soul growth are many and varied, but no one controls the soul but the will of God living in you, in myself, and in every order of every being throughout the Grand Universe. The will of God, represented in you by your Thought Adjuster, is a light we behold, and as I have said previously, we stand in awe of the beauty of this light.


Difficulty ensues on the human level when there is an assumption of relationship, direct relationship between soul growth and material presence, material products, material wealth, and or material conditions. It should be apparent that because each personality is growing as a unique soul that the curriculum (if you will allow such to be understood as applied to individuals as well as groups) the plan for fostering souls, individuals and groups, is born from this recognition of the unique attributes of the personality.


You can never manage personalities as a product. Personalities are the signature of the Father, the gift of the Father, and if beings of the highest order are unable to compute and calculate the measure of gravity operating upon the personality circuit, then how much less can you as mortals of the realm? This is the dimension that is so precious to us. It is discretely personal though it has inevitable social, political, and even economic consequences.

At the moment, your world economy is collapsing, and we have witnessed this occur many times. This is a measure of the inadequate focus of the human mind on the emblems of material favor as a reflection of our Father’s love. Our Father’s love is poured out upon each and every child, and it is limitless in its nature. The question for us is when do you recognize this limitless value invested in you in each and every personality you encounter, whether those personalities exhibit certain forms of speech, of dress, of mannerisms that you may or may not find attractive? This is the challenge of Urantia.

You inhabit a world so profoundly fragmented where individuals are at a loss to have a common culture. However, it is growing, but it is emerging from just such space as we have created this evening. It has been called a heartspace, a space where hearts commune one with the other. You can see it in smiles upon the faces of those you may encounter even casually. If you would, allow yourselves to be receptive to the gift of the heart of another. This is the treasure, and this space that issues from the heart is to become the common culture of Urantia. There is no other way. There is no language we can arbitrarily give to you. It grows from within.


So my friends, I would simply say thank you for sharing as you do and sharing your questions. Let us probe more deeply, and know that there are others who await opportunities to speak as I do now.

Good night my friends.

Students: Good night!