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Topic: Fear

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Betty, Douglas



Betty: This is JarEl. Today we are gathered in His name. Today we are asked to be healed of our fears. To set them before the Father in order to be healed. This is all.

Doug: Thank you, JarEl. Thank you for being with us. We ask that you remain and other Teachers also address us and guide us. We are open for your lessons.

[There is a long pause and then Douglas starts to Transmit.]

JarEl: Praise be to the Father The First Source and Center, who holds all existence in His Hands. Glory to be God on Highest. We give praise and thanks for all creation; for His Majesty and our Sovereign Savior Michael of Nebadon. We are pleased to be here address this group in unity and your love. In the name of the Father I give you greetings.

Joe: Greetings to you, JarEl.

Betty: Greetings, JarEl


JarEl: Thank you. Your presence is testament to the work that is going on,as you move throughout this life. For others like you have set aside time to receive our messages. To receive our guidance and instruction for the overall development of the group and the individual development of each intricate part thereof. There is growth here. There is growth that you may not or will not see until it's total manifestation. Until there is total realization that the events have gone full circle; have come to pass. It will appear miraculous and all of sudden you will be past this moment and at another juncture. From that point you will look back in wonderment and say to yourselves "how have we trespassed this great valley?"

Fear, Faith

How did we circumvent this great abyss? It will not matter at this point as to how, only that you have succeeded. You have put aside your fears, and you have faced the valley. You have traversed it. Like other fears, the greatest of fears is for that event that never takes place. This is where your faith lies. This is where you step out into faith. Through His love and mercy you may never have to face some of these fears.

Why do we speak so much of fear? It is because this has been the single weapon that Caligastia and those who followed him have used against all of Urantia. Now that these evil ones are no more, only the residue of their works still linger in the minds of the people. We have all given life to this residue. And I say to you in the name of Michael, that you should cease this practice.

You should deny this residue a place to harbor and to live and feed in your minds. With our help you shall be victorious in pushing the last remnant of this residue from your beings. We look forward to the day. It shall come soon when each of you shall rejoice in the full measure of the Father's love, and freedom from undue influences.

Look to the Light that has been revealed to you in the Urantia book and in this process. Read the text; read the transcripts; share one with another this vital information. Confirmation and love of the Father we have through the Father's mercy revealed to you. What better lesson could we give then that of allowing the Father to fight your battles with you. Look to your right and look to your left, these unseen friends are shoulder to shoulder with you to wage war against all who would seek your demise. It is the will and the desire of our Creator Son that you have all the help that we can muster, to uplift you and set you firmly and successfully on the path to Paradise.

Rejoice with us in the efforts that you have taken, and the accomplishments that you have made. You each do well. This reception will come to you more and more as each day progresses. It is a pleasure; it is a joy for us to observe your quiet times; those moments when you seek the aid and guidance of the Father, and us Teachers who have been blessed to assist you. I thank you all for seeking our counsel; for inviting us into your lives to share the experience and the growth that the Father desires for you. Sometimes I am like this one, Douglas, he calls it long-winded. It is because we have much to say.


Joe: And we welcome every bit of it, Jar-El

Betty: Every word.


JarEl: Thank you. Our task is made light by your willingness to be service. If we can develop the same willingness amongst the core group, then our job is so much for the better. You here should pay attention to the growth that you are experiencing. It is small in your eyesight, but it is grand from our side. We observe these great steps of faith that you have. We are astonished in how little it takes for your belief to increase. We are so thankful to the Father for the faith that He has given you. My word to you is to trust in this process, and trust in yourself. You are chosen. Perhaps I should expound on this more. I sense your question, Betty?

Betty: Yes, I would like to hear more about being chosen.

JarEl: During the last few minutes in space and time. We did not come on this Teaching through haphazard, blind luck or the casual events of evolution. Each of you were sought out and brought to this Teaching Mission by your experiences in the flesh. Each of you are worthy to be a part of this Mission. Each of you have a contribution to give and a task to fulfill. Your contribution, and your task will be made known to you.

Relax, let go, and let the Father work through you and with you. It will come to pass. We will all serve His purposes. You each desire more understanding; more enlightenment. It comes even now. It marches toward you. You must continue in your efforts to reach the Stillness and the presence of the Father. We will reach out to you and guide your steps. We are open to your voices.

What are the questions?

Betty: JarEl, I have some questions. As you know I have been very harried this week. My questions are what--since you told me that I really didn't have to be in the darkness that I could ask and that's really what I am going to do. What steps should I find out to take...what steps should I take to find who I am? Which is my basic stumbling block. And number two can you clarify for me what you meant by freeing myself up. Another question I have is that you said that I have friends that will help me. I'd like you to clarify that if you can. And if you could please give me some counsel about my daughter, Tracey, as to how to approach her to resolve this conflict that we have with each other. And how can I identify this creativity of which you speak? What form does it take, and how do I get in touch with that in a way that would serve the Father? I know these are a lot of questions, but I've just been....

JarEl: Troubled.

Betty: Yes.

JarEl: Let us start from the ending. You must always approach this one with love. You must try and see their actions not as detrimental; not as dislike of you, but only as refusal of guidance. They do not know their place. There is a degree of respect; there is love, but it is hidden through these false feelings. Behind the anger; behind the distrust there is genuine caring. This is what you can build on. Look behind all the faces and all the pretense to the real person who has hurt. How often do you embrace?

Betty: Not very often. She always so removed from me.

JarEl: This is a pretense. This is a wall to protect herself. Your love is chipping away at it. There are cracks in this wall,it cannot withstand. A crisis approaches. Your love and caring will prevail. I see this one holding you; expressing how sorry they are and seeking your pardon. You must be gracious in forgiving and build on love that truly exists between you.

How do you know yourself? Who are the friends? What is this creativity?


Betty: How do I free myself up?

JarEl: You possess the creativity manifested in your art; whatever form that art chooses to come. As you seek expression to give these yearnings form, thoughts are put into motion. You solve conflicts through this process. Here is the outworking that will assist in your growth.

Betty: So it doesn't matter what form it takes. It's the doing of it. It's the process in which the therapy happens and ideas take expression.

JarEl: This is correct. And the friendship that you share within your group and without, is the friendship that will help you. In addition we celestials and unseen cherubim are here in cooperation, love and friendship. So child you may rest assured that you are chosen and you are loved. It is simple. Just accept it. Acceptance is your dragon.

Betty: Thank you, JarEl. Is that what you meant by freeing yourself up?

JarEl: Yes. You must take action. In the doing lies the freedom. When you free yourself by doing, this is expression. This is expression that you can see and others can see. It should relieve your heart. It should ease your tensions. Thus, relieving tensions and pressures with others. Why? Because you have found in this expression a balance of yourself. This is the balance that all must have between body and spirit. Does this help you?

Betty: Yes, JarEl. The way I understand it, is that the medium doesn't really matter. It's the space that I go into when I go into the process of creativity that gives me the balance.

JarEl: Yes. Yes. You understand well.

Betty: And this will free me up? This will help me to find myself and lessen my tensions with others?

JarEl: Yes, this is correct.

Betty: Thank you, JarEl.

JarEl: Praises be to Him, that you have arrived at this clarity. We are pleased.

Betty: Thank you for your wisdom and your teaching and your patience with me.

JarEl: We have learned that patience is truly a virtue. In our past life we have been impatient.

So we rejoice now at the ability; the lesson we have learned through patience.

Joe: JarEl, I yearn for the moment in time when we will be able to visualize you with our eyes and all the other celestial helpers and teachers. At this point I would like to ask if you could tell us more about yourself.

JarEl: I am developing. I am progressing. I am on the path to higher wisdom; to greater learning. When I volunteered for this mission, I had in mind those areas of growth that I knew I needed. So it is with thanks and praise that I am here, learning those lessons in the mortal areas that I need. Yet at the same time being of service to Michael and helping you ascending mortals through our experience. You are being guided by Machiventa Melchizedek. So we are all equally on the same path. Daily we are instructed. Daily we learn how best to present to you these areas of truth that enable all to grow. This mission is one that involves all of humanity. For it's completion will usher in the era of Light and Life. This is the desire of the Father that Urantia be brought into this era of Light and Life as quickly as possible.

Joe: Thank you. With your indulgence I would like to know if it's appropriate to ask if I may know my spiritual name.

JarEl: Spiritual names will be permitted; given at a later time. Presently, it will serve no purpose. Later it will serve great purpose. Trust us in this regard.


Betty: JarEl, I have a question. Tonight when I began speaking, it was totally on faith. I did feel some sensations in my body which made me sort of discouraged about going ahead to speak. I wonder if you had any comments on this. I guess I would like some affirmation.

JarEl: We spoke earlier about these great steps in faith. This is our meaning. You feel our presence. You hear our voice, but you withhold that you know. I say to you, speak the words. Say what we say. You will not always be correct, but this is not your burden. This is not your charge. It is I, the Teacher, and others who are charged with correctness.

Betty: So will you not let me continue if I am in error? I mean, will there be a halt to it? I sort of like to believe that, so that I would feel that I wouldn't be.... Well, you understand.

JarEl: Please Hold.

(Note-There is a pause for 2-3 minuets, and the Teacher begins again. This time teacher JarEl is speaking through T/R Betty)

JarEl: This I say unto you. Say these words. I will be with you. I will help you. I will give you the words, and you will speak them. It is for me to be concerned with the value and meaning of what you will say. Trust me. Trust me. I will not let you continue in error. You have nothing to fear. Light is around you and you are guided. Say the words you hear and all will be well. I leave you now. Peace be with you. I love you. The Father loves you. You are well cared for. Light shines upon you, and the power of God protects you. The fragrance of your being is sweet. Farewell.

JarEl: Now, dear one, you have your confirmation.

Betty: Thank you, JarEl.


JarEl: My love and peace that comes of the Father and Son I leave with you. Remain for awhile in the Stillness. Forget not to invite us into your Stillness. Farewell.

Joe: Farewell and thank you Teacher.

Betty: Thank you, JarEl.