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Topic: Passivity

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. I am happy and pleased to observe you working on my lesson. Yes, as you discussed, the lesson of resistance is hard, at times confusing. This subject will be of further discussion this evening.

Last week I spoke of the mortal resistance to the divine path, the inner struggle that goes on in the human mind. Last week we learned to take our struggles a bit more slowly with more awareness and more focus on the Father’s will.


Tonight I also wish to discuss the flip side of resistance and that is passivity. To be passive is a relative of resistance. To be passive is to go overboard, opposite of resistance.

Yes, the Master, gentle though He was. He was never passive. He never allowed something He knew to be wrong forced upon His mind, His beliefs. To be passive is to lay down and just let life happen to you. This is an incomplete picture. Yes, you are willing to be subject to Father’s will, but also I say to you, you must also be willing to act.

Jesus was not passive when it concerned the passions of His heart. He was not passive when it called for action. Jesus did not allow His troubles to overtake Him. Struggle, yes He did. He also acted when action was appropriate and called for. Jesus was always in line with Father’s will. Resistance to Father’s will was not, did not enter His thought patterns. Yes, at times resistance to His fellow co-workers, apostles, was called for. But Jesus viewed resistance towards His fellow human beings as logical, but resistance toward Father was never entertained in His mind.

Action is different from resistance. To act within the Father’s will is for some not very discernible. They have to go on instinct, on gut feeling, if you will. Yes, the Master always first sought the Father through the stillness, through His meditation, therefore, acquiring a better idea of Father’s divine plan and then Jesus put that plan into action. No, He did not believe Father to do His work for Him. (TR: I said that wrong. You know what I mean. Note: He did not leave His work for Father to do.) Many people who are passive may be confused with the gentle nature of the Master and fear to stand up for their passions. But I tell you, Jesus was a superb example of strength and intelligence. He could always find a way to put these attributes into a plan of action.

Therefore I say, do not lay down before life and expect life to come to you. Seek first the Father’s will. You are fully capable of setting the divine plan into action. No, this is not hard work. Without much resistance you may find this work completely joyful and fulfilling.

These subjects I speak of are confusing. You may wish to take it upon yourself to define these words on your own: Resistance, passive, struggle, and action. Yes, words on paper can help unscramble your thoughts. A dictionary or much research is not necessary. Just your own understanding is the best definition.

This week I ask you to be aware of your passivity towards others and towards taking action in your life. A few questions?


Fear, Authority

C: I have a harder time seeing it in myself what you are saying, but I see it easier in my people around me. A couple of days ago a guy at work had a very hard time with an issue and a problem he had with the boss. He would tell me all the stuff he wanted to say, but he didn’t have the guts just to go up and confront the boss about it. I felt and did tell him, "why are you telling me? It’s something you need to tell him. You need to let him know how you feel about it. Just go confront him." I think that might be what you’re hinting at in that example of him?

ABRAHAM: Yes, very sound advice. Many are filled with fears when confronting authority. And it may be easier for your friend to bounce his words off of you before the authority. But I say your advice to him was appropriate. Yes, I say fear plays a major role in being passive, the fear of disapproval of others. Everybody wants to be accepted. Some care more about this feeling of being accepted than do others and their passivity makes no waves in others feelings about them. But I say this, passivity internalizes and possibly re-emerges as ill health. More questions?


RO: I have a question Abraham. Lately I’ve been feeling frustrated and having anxiety about just feeling overwhelmed. When that happens instead of taking action and doing things it tends to...I freeze up and I end up feeling more anxious and my mind just kind of races. I don’t seem to be able to know how to get out of that mode. Can you give me any suggestions?

ABRAHAM: Yes. Have you in these moments of frustration thought about that you may be in some way resisting a lesson? (Possibly.) Yes, this feeling of spinning your wheels, going no where, adds to this anxiety. Many others know this feeling. Yes. One example I might give is to talk with others about this feeling. More than likely they will know what you speak of. Another step you might possibly like to take is a quiet moment with the Father or something that brings you close to Him, whether it is music, perhaps art, perhaps laundry.

RO.: That’s funny. I have been doing a lot of laundry lately.


ABRAHAM.: Whatever that is that brings you close to Him can certainly adjust your mind and still the waves of anxiety and confusion. A third step you may take, writing. To write is very freeing to the mind. To put your problem on paper, set there before your eyes, would perhaps give you a larger view and make the problem look more surmountable. Yes, writing. It matters not if you speak with a teacher. This method would be helpful in purging your mind of confusing thoughts. Does this help?

RO: Yes it does. I get that obviously there is lessons that I am resisting and by writing them down will help me to see it more clearly. (Yes.) Thank you.

ABRAHAM: Your welcome. More questions?


RA: I have a different one Father Abraham. Some time ago we were told that Caligastia was responsible for the Aids virus. Is He also responsible for this Ebola virus?

ABRAHAM: No. I have it in my information this virus is partly cause by man and nature. I have it on good authority that Caligastia is not able to wreak havoc on this world. (Thank goodness for that.) Yes. We will see much medical breakthroughs in this decade, but many man-made with nature will create many more viruses. I am told these viruses or these Earthly upheavals and medical breakthroughs are all a part of evolution. More questions?

RA: On the medical breakthroughs, are these persons being guided by the Life Carriers or some other spiritual beings?

ABRAHAM: Yes. Life Carriers, teachers and Thought Adjusters, all assist, only if human minds are open and willing to receive for the good of the whole. More questions?


E: A lot of people believe that when Jesus was here on Earth that He knew exactly what the Father’s will was and what people were thinking, and so on. And yet He would actually ask the Father that if this is consistent with Father’s will then let it occur. I kind of get from the lesson tonight that we need to do a similar thing. In that when we are confused how to handle something that we ask for guidance and then respond to that. Then we are working within the will of the Father. If Christ Michael would ask for guidance, I think it would even be more appropriate if we would ask for guidance too. Is this right?

ABRAHAM: Yes, correct. In Jesus’ earlier days, this knowing, this automatic understanding of Father’s will was not present. As His trust and knowledge grew, this knowing became automatic, therefore, putting the Father’s will at His fingertips. He could easily put Father’s will into action. I tell you this knowing, this automatic response to Father’s will is also at your fingertips. As time passes your trust, faith will undoubtedly become stronger and shall be more easily recognized. Yes, your perception on this is correct. More questions?


C: A side thing that keeps on happening over and over and over again at work...is it just me hearing this or is there something on a higher level to it. I seem to see things happening in patterns of three all the time, and I make light of them at work. It seems to be a subject of a enlightenment at work when three things go by or three people of the same hair-do come in or whatever it is. Now they all say, "look Len, look at this," ya know. Am I just seeing what always was or is something actually happening here? It happens all the time now. Today two Tongan guys came in and I said, "look, there will be a third one." We haven’t seen them for week and a third one comes in. Stuff like that.

RA: Along with that, all throughout the years we were always told that things do happen in threes. That if one person dies there will be two more die. It seems like the third person would die.

C: You mean in your life you were told that, nothing to do with these teachings?

RA: Yes.

ABRAHAM: Yes, it is a little of both. You are more aware and possibly looking for this phenomenon, but I say I am not at liberty to divulge any secrets the angels might have.

RA: Father Abraham, anytime you put anything that way, then I take it that answer is yes.

C: It’s too overwhelming to know they don’t have something going on. I don’t know what it is. One day there was a T-bird pulled up, "look there is a T-bird," one of them said. I said, "well, there will be two more," and two more parked in the same spot within two hours. I had three Rick’s in a row come in Monday.

ABRAHAM: If you are aware of this, this is in your thoughts. Possibly you may deliver these thoughts and make this occur. This game of yours helps bring attention from your co-workers to the supernatural. And I say the supernatural is a wonderful door to Father. More questions?


J: To those of us who work, Abraham, sometimes it seems that there isn’t very much room for the operation of the Father’s will in a unusual or a interesting way. Such a big portion of my days are spent at work just sitting at the bench using my hands to create something. And then I come home and there are usually a few routine things to do, eating, cleaning up after my wife, things like that. But there doesn’t seem to be much opportunity in my life for sort of a creative expression of the Father’s will. So much seems routine and just humdrum interactions with various acquaintances in my life. Do I just have to wait until I’m retired or on the Mansion Worlds or something to really have that kind of leisure time to let the Spirit lead me where it will?

ABRAHAM: No. Your observation on this day to day ordinary existence is recognized by others who also find this life at times ordinary. There are also those who are retired that dwell in their house and wish for employment, wish for contact with other people. I say this phase will pass. This phase will come again and pass. Much of it is how you perceive it. The little time you have for leisure time, plan something you find exciting. Make the most of this short time.

Sometimes we just have to let some of the ordinary things of life go. Maybe one day you don’t do housework and instead you do something that you find relaxation and enjoyment in. These plans of enjoyment always re-energizes you and makes those so-called humdrum phases shorter, more easily tolerable.

Yes, it does seem to be the average to work while you are young. It also seems to be the average to dwell alone when you are old. I would say make the most of what you have right now. Enjoy good health and family, friends and even employment. Many, even not the elderly, but also those of ill health, do not enjoy even ordinary days. Yes, many are always seeking adventure, a change.

You God-conscious children are extremely blessed for your fulfillment comes from Father. You know this! Others not knowing of this Father who cares for them, they fill their time with mind altering drugs, perhaps dangerous sports, all in the name of living life to the fullest.

Yes, life can be plain for you who believe in Father, but I say, you also know of the adventure that awaits you. As it says in the Book, "bridle your passions and harness your energies." Worry not, for a great adventure awaits. I would also add - patience! Nothing passes you by. One more question.


A.: Last week was very good advice about not resisting and it led me to read in the Urantia Book about trying to gain the Kingdom with action, which is what you are speaking about tonight. Instead of regretting the past and whining about the present and aimlessly hoping for the future, but to take action. But the apostles and the evangelists that He was speaking to had a bitter cup of disappointment to go through. And hopefully you’re telling us tonight that we will find joy instead. So I am hoping you can encourage us along those lines. We will find joy. For my particular situation as well I thought I was taking good action. You told me to be honest and open, but only by phone was I allowed to talk to her, not in person. I wondered if I interrupted your answer and now it feels as though there is really not much action for me to take. She wants me to let her take the time for when she is ready. So I guess I am looking for some encouragement as to the joy ahead by actively taking action. I’m not sure what action to take.

ABRAHAM: How does her attitude affect you?

A: She is distant and needs space. So I feel I should give it to her, but that is not taking action.

ABRAHAM: This causes you pain? (Yes.) I am in understanding of your pain. To take action would possibly show disrespect for her wishes and get you nowhere. I believe you must perhaps get in touch with your own pain and break your illusion concerning your friend. Times like this no words may be of comfort or encouraging and only time will tell. I would say write her a letter, all your pain, feelings, hopes. Do not mail it right away. Take time to understand your own pain and understand what it is that is really hurting you. Perhaps your focus need not be so much on your friend as it should be on your own understanding of your place in the Kingdom and your understanding of the will of our Father. Does this help?

A: Yes it does. Thank you.


ABRAHAM: Understood. I hope each of you find fulfillment in what you seek. May Father’s blessings be upon you. Until next week, shalom.