2000-12-11-Times Are Changing

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Topic: Times Are Changing

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. How I love these small intimate groups. The energy is less scrambled and it is easier to put across my message.

I am filled with gratitude every day, for Father takes me on one adventure after another. I have had to learn to be adaptable and made useable for this work. I have had to learn patience and keep my emotions at bay, while allowing logic to rise to the forefront in my thinking. I have had assignments that were not at all what they appeared to be at the start. If I was not patient and open I would not receive the real meaning in the assignments.



In this Correcting Time it is important that you be observant. Many things will happen that Father will need you to work on. Should you become filled with emotion, and rush into the difficulty with your own knowledge, then you might miss the real purpose for the assignment. As planetary changes occur you are also changing. You are going to be more and more capable of receiving divine information. If you should come from a place of emotionalism or egotism, then of course, your assignment must be given to another.

We work for the glory of our Heavenly Caretakers. We move destiny for them. Through natural evolution they provide opportunities for us to further the Kingdom work. Circumstances with your fellows may not be what you can see with the material eye, but more perhaps felt on a soul-energy-mind level. To make rash judgments regarding your fellows is closing off the continuous flow of divine information. To relax in compassion with an eye single to the glory of God is to serve in a most effective manner.

Many of you who have long lived this mortal life perhaps think you have seen most everything or experienced all you can, but I say these times are quickly changing and it will require you to be always with fresh eyes. Should your fellows come to you with a seemingly petty problem there could very well be something deeper that you are meant to help on. You may not have the slightest clue for the reason certain events, daily events come to pass, but if you can be observant you perhaps can find opportunity to serve--that is adaptable, that is useable.

With each life you touch you are creating a living circuit that will continue to grow and reach many others. The best promotion we have for this new time is through your personal ministries. You can touch many lives and from that new roots take place and new growth appears. In everyday life circumstances must we always question Father? Can we be patient and observant to see what He may have in store for us? Can we focus on our emotions to decrease and logic to rise so we can be of practical service?

This week number the amount of times you may falsely judge your fellows. Instead be aware of just remaining watchful and open to divine information that may be useful in serving your fellows. Know that even though you may touch anothers life, even in the smallest of ways, you are helping to create a living link. Know that you are not only serving but gaining valuable experience and learning. I am aware we have questions. One moment.



GEORGE, my friend, I am somewhat uncertain of your question, but I will do my best to answer. You are with great enthusiasm, no doubt, but know that transmitted messages can be influenced by this enthusiasm. Be watchful and careful. Desire not to desire. Allow the messages to come through without any wishful thinking attached. You are doing well, my friend, and I do speak to you in a way that I know you are accustomed to. Your message for the most part was correct, however we will have further practice.

For John--MARLIN, my son, you know very well how to handle these judgmental people. They are quite closed off due to their own inner fear. They fear what they do not know. You can help by bringing further understanding and dispelling the darkness from their thinking. Be gentle in your dealings. A gentle manner is far more attractive than one who would stand and fight for his position. You do well, my son.


CHARLIE: I do understand your pain. Many individuals have attachments to animals that are beyond the animal level. You have had one such attachment, but there are perhaps deeper meanings then this loss that is puzzling to you. There are attached regrets and this loss brings those regrets to the forefront of your mind. This pet symbolized a parent/child relationship and the loss that you experience brings your regrets to the front of your mind. I can say, my son, as soon as you confront these regrets the pain will lessen and you will find the value in this experience. I must say you have been a wonderful father to your children. You have not missed out on any experience. The experience as a pet owner is valuable in that it teaches you to care for living things. It shows that you can be connected with all life. You can love and be loved, but when the pet ceases to live the experience stays alive in the owner, while the life energy is returned from whence it came. This is not wasted, no. All life serves a purpose. Be at ease to grieve, my son. Work through this process and know that there is value in it, there is meaning. When the grieving subsides you will have your fond memories, your new insights to your past regrets, and your enlightened prospects for future experience. Be at ease, my son. Allow Father to comfort you. Do not ever think He is too busy for what you may see as just a human thing. Be at peace. Other questions?


CALVIN: Abraham, for the conference sometimes it is tough to decipher if it is what I want or what I think Father is implanting through me or giving me ideas. Your lesson is helpful there--if you have anything to add there I would really enjoy that boost in the pants or whatever. We were discussing the idea of maybe having three scheduled speakers that you might recommend, as yourself did last year and Ham on the schedule the year before and maybe open for some open TRing as well. Is that three that you may name okay with you or you would you rather go with one or two or none? Do you have any input there?

ABRAHAM: I would first comment on your first question. It is always wise to seek the opinions of your fellows to stay focused and balanced. Do not worry. As for speakers in the conference--no--I cannot say. I am sure opportunities will present themselves, especially if all can keep an eye single to the glory of God. Keep the conference simple and at a peaceful pace. Do not force or rush. Allow the Spirit to inspire and move you. Is this helping? (Yes. It is a clarification on speakers. I was not referring to speakers on our side, but teachers on your side you may want us to schedule. Did you understand my question?) Yes, I did. Is this helping? (Yes.) I am not able to arrange or direct on this mortal endeavor. I can however assure you of your inner guidance is alive with great possibilities. Have not worry. Another question?


SANDY: Abraham, I have a question about how I am doing right now more toward working on a physical level. I seem to be getting directed by my Adjuster to increase physical exercise which I have been pressured for a while. I am wondering about diet as well to increase communication with my Adjuster and opening to the circuits and any other comments you would like to add.

ABRAHAM: Certainly. Always exercise and a balanced diet aids in the communication process. Your scientists have already a wonderful program to follow: Low fats, salts, high fiber, small amounts of meat and dairy. You are doing well in your transmitting. I would only suggest that you take your time and feel not pressure or a need to hurry. All things are happening slowly, but steady. Be sure to take in great amounts of fluids and find time to be quiet every day. Is this helping? (Yes, I was more concerned if there is anything that I am doing that was harmful.) I would only suggests that you use caution when taking in what you think is all natural herbal supplements. Some have not been tested enough and you don't really know the long term effects. All things in good balance, my child. Another question?


LANCE: Abraham, I am considering a business situation that is new, diverse and something that I have never done before in addition to what I do now, but additionally it has a spiritual side to it. It has potential to provide a lot of spiritual service to our brothers and sisters. Any comments or insights?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. Be sure the business philosophy is grounded in practicality as well as spirituality. People will not use what they do not see as practical in everyday living. If things are too difficult interest will be lost. This should be looked at as a service to others more than a profit motive. I doubt not that your intentions are good, my son. Is this helping. (Yes. What about those I would be involve with?) That is difficult for me to say, but I can assure you that with your intelligence and insight you can easily assess this situation. Have confidence in your inner leadings, Lance. You do well.


I am slipping in my connection. I would bid you goodnight. I am with always more love for you each, each time we can meet. Until next week, shalom.