1993-06-13-Getting To Know The Teacher

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Topic: Getting to Know the Teacher

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: Aflana

TR: Douglas



The love of our Father enfolds each of us. Wherever we are in this world He is with us always. Greetings to you who are gathered together today. I am AFLANA . I am your teacher.


Teaching Mission

It is good that you have come together to learn in peace and love. Many more will come and share this wonderful experience with you. These words become more easier for Douglas. He is adjusting quite well. He perceives it not. You do well to reassure him as each of you must depend on one another. Every person desire to know their self worth, and each of you are valued much. Each of you are loved much. The Father loves all and give all to each of you. Receive His blessings; know His love; seek the stillness and your communion with Him. We are happy to be here with you to deliver our messages; to fulfill Michael's will in this Teaching Mission. We, too, pray for the success of the Teaching Mission, and for your individual development and growth. It is our responsibility to nurture you; to take you from this point to another where you will stand shoulder to shoulder with your fellow creatures in glory and praise of our Father. Take heed to our words hold them to your bosom. This is the desire of your Creator Son Michael of Nebadon that each of you will learn from this Teaching Mission, and earn your place in eternity. I will now entertain your questions.


Teacher Contact

Lucille: This is Lucille. I would like to know if you are our teacher? What is your name?

AFLANA : Greetings, Lucille. I am AFLANA . I am your teacher of assignment. It is I that will guide you at this point in your lessons.

Hal: AFLANA , can we call upon you at our quiet sessions? Can you be with us at those time individually?

AFLANA : Yes. It is my responsibility to you as a group and individually to guide your growth. When you seek the Father during these special times, I will make every effort to follow His will and be with you, also. This way we are able to tailor our lesson plans to your individual needs, and your group experiences. Does that suffice?

Hal: Yes. Thank you. Do I understand that we are--each of us--eventually to have our own Teacher that we should be able to make contact with one?

AFLANA : This is in the Father's plans. That each of you realize your full potential, and this only can be done through you seeking the Father's will and taking that time to commune with your indwelling Adjuster who so patiently awaits your contact. Do not neglect this time, children. Set these few moments aside from your hurried existence. Avail yourselves of the opportunity for growth. This is important to you, and to us as your teachers that we commune daily. Are there other questions?

Free will, Correction

Violet: AFLANA , do our future decisions as individuals--do they have a lot to do with--decisions concerning our material life--do they have a lot to do with our purpose individually or as a group? Or should we just continue to make the daily decisions that we make as we have been? I can't quite explain what I mean. How important are our daily decisions to the group as a whole and how it will grow?

AFLANA : Your daily decisions are number one important to you, and to your daily spiritual growth, and how you perceive your existence and your place. It is through the Urantia book that we have shown you a different place. That we have shown you your place in the Father's plan. You should see yourself from the universal point of view; you should see your group. Now, from the universal perspective that you individually and collectively have an honored place in the plan. I hope that I am understanding your question. Is this correct?

Violet: I think so. Will our decisions be easier to make now?

AFLANA : No decisions are easy. You can only make the best decision that your knowledge permits. You can only hope that you have made the correct decisions that matter. It is the desire of the Father to bring you along in your development step by step; decision by decision; mistake by mistake; correction by correction. Only through this process of making mistakes, decision, correction will you grow; will your morontia soul take on new meaning and take on life. That is the beginning of your meaning; you are wise to read the words of the Melchizedek; there is wisdom there. Take heed.

Hal: AFLANA , you bring up the question of decisions which brings up something that I have been wondering about. Are these conscious, willful decisions like between black and white? Or are they merely--is it considered decision when you go with the flow shall we say of doing what seems to be the right thing to do at the time? Or do we have to sit down and consciously make a decision as to what we do? Do I make myself understood?

AFLANA : This is a good question? Seek the Father in all things. Seek His guidance through your Father fragment. This will help, but this will not take the place of the decisions that you must make individually. We cannot make your decisions for you. We cannot live your experiential lives. We love you and desire that you have ease, but sometimes strife must prevail. And through the strife you come to a clear understanding. This clear understanding is your growth. This growth helps your future decision making.

Hal: For then do I understand that if we are seeking the Father--to do the Father's will at all times, we are then making a decision--the right decision--and that our daily lives; our spiritual growth will respond as we are seeking the Father's will at all times.

AFLANA : This is correct. Your conscious decisions to seek the Father's will is always the correct decision. You must, however, take those steps; make those steps; make those decisions in faith; resting assured that the Father will guide you always to the perfect place.

Hal: Then we're to make the conscious decision to do the Father's will; then we will go with the flow (so to speak--shall we say) as in our daily lives, and in the other decisions and the things we do. Because we don't often run into the things that are black and white decisions to make.

AFLANA : Go with what you know. Go with your feelings. Trust your intuitions. This is an act of faith. Do you not perceive that the Father is the Father of all? Do you not yet understand His love and His desire for your success? Question not his love; accept it; share it with one another in the world by your conscious acts to do the right things. Is this plain to you?

Hal: Yes, very clear. Then this is what we learned in kindergarten that God is love. Love is everything.

AFLANA : We are always in beginnings. We begin daily on our path.


Betty: AFLANA , this Betty. I certainly know what you mean about making mistakes. Because once I have made the decision to be more Godlike, I constantly see how un-Godlike I am. And it's from my own personal experience it's always that I make the mistake and then I say: Well, that wasn't right; that wasn't the thing to do; I'll never do that again! And you mentioned correction. Is it real growth provoking to then turn right around and seek to make it right, or does it suffice to say: Well, I won't do that again. I'll be more conscious of that in the future. That's my number one question. And my number two question is could you talk to us about the Father's love. Because we have faith that the Father loves us. I don't always experience the Father's love in a direct physical way. I perceive the Father's love in the workings of my life, praying for a better communion with the people I work with and my daughter and having it go that way. And I attribute that to the Father working within me, and could you address that.

AFLANA : Thank you, Betty, for your questions. I will try to answer to your satisfaction as much as I am permitted. You come from lowly animal origins, but this is the plan from the beginning that these greater spiritual beings would ascend from lowly animal origins. For your mistakes are understood; they are tolerated, and they are the way that we bring you to a higher realm; to higher conscious; to higher growth; to the development of your morontia souls. We do not expect you to see through morontia eyes at this point in your development. We do expect you to make an attempt to grow more; to get on the path of growth through conscious efforts through seeking the stillness in the presence of the Father. Through coming together in love and unity and seeking the correctness of your brothers and sisters. This is a time of correctness. This is a time when all mistakes can be manifest and learning can be achieved through reflection. Reflecting on your past lives; reflecting on your group experiences; sharing these growth factors. It is the plan that you bring others to this understanding that you have arrived at, with the help of all spiritual beings that gather to observe your growth. Is this clear?

Betty: Yes. Thank you, AFLANA .

Dixie: Hello, AFLANA . I want to make the best decision that will not only affect me, but also to be part of this group That if I make the wrong decision, that I will be too far away from this group.

AFLANA : Your decisions will come whether right or wrong you will grow from them. When you are away from your source of heat you will remain warm for awhile until you become connected with another source. You come back and warm yourselves with the heat of this group. There are many groups who are receiving these messages so fear not that you will be left unguided in your endeavors to adjust your personal lives. Does this help you.

Dixie: Yes, thank you. Your answer was better than my question.

AFLANA : This is wonderful.

Hal: Good

Violet: It answered mine better.

Hal: This question of decisions seems to be a pertinent one right now. And do I understand in the growth and development of people that when at the age of 5 or 6 they make their first moral decision then they receive their Thought Adjuster. And then do I to understand that at the adolescent age of 13, 14, and 15 again is that a new growth period in decision making. You may know that we have our granddaughter with us now who is 15. And we find her decisions are sometimes questionable. She's neither child nor adult, and this is a standard growth pattern of decision making at 15 looking to the future.

AFLANA : This is standard on your sphere. This one that you speak of is struggling. Struggling to know themselves, and struggling to know the world that they are a part of. So you and your spouse must allow the growth; must allow her growth, but be ever watchful for error and correct with love as Michael corrects us gently and lovingly.


There is fatigue coming so we will take our leave from you at this time, but we ask that you take quiet times and seek Him.

That you share the love that you are experiencing with another, and others who we see coming into your group. Make a place for the children; make a place for them.

Lucille: Should we ask our study group which meets on Monday night, and tell them about this Teacher Commission. They are reading the Urantia book on Monday night. Should they start in with us to learn the love, too.

AFLANA : This would be good. Share the experience, but do not force them. Hold out your hand, and if they take, so be it. If not, you have offered. Thank you.

From the group: Good-bye, AFLANA . Thank you.

Lucille: We thank you for your lesson.

Hal: Yes. We have more questions. We would like to continue on for hours, but there is a limit I am sure. We certainly appreciate your coming with us today. It has been wonderful, beautiful information.

AFLANA : It has been joyous for us also. Farewell!