1993-06-23-Dallas TX Collection Part 2

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Topic: Love Teachers

Group: Dallas TeaM


Teachers: Anastacia, Ordon, Machiventa

TR: Jeannie George


  • Dallas Collection Part 2
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  • June 23 1993

Lesson 19


Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and be led to glorify your Father who is in heaven. (140:3.13)

Let us begin again to see the good in others. As you watch the sunset do you immediately begin to rearrange the coloring and clouds.You are not of this mind set. Sunsets are to be enjoyed not changed. They are all different but each is appreciated for its beauty. This is an example of how the artist looks at people with appreciation for the beauty that he sees. The artist paints on his own canvas too. His goodness shines through his interpretation of the truth into his beauty of colors, music, harmonies. Be of like mind. Let goodness shine forth onto others. Let yourself shine in this light. The window of the soul is the eyes.

You are the seemingly dedicated workers who are letting their lights shine so they light the way to God. You light the way the path to the Father. You are the doorway for others to see will see the pathway because of your God-light that shines. It is this way! This is the spiritual way. You light others light with the torch of God. You can't hide this spiritual light. It won't be hidden. If you hide it it gradually dims weakens. The real light of truth shines bright. God's love so accept it and touch another soul with extended hand. God gives to you freely; freely you give to others. Not only do you give freely but you can be overjoyed to share what you have learned. It is this way the spiritual path to God. So joyous so rewarding! If you hold back if you hold love close to yourself if you do not feel the need to share then look inside and look to the Father to guide you forward. It is this way that learning from the Father takes you forward.

Love pulls you close to other personalities. Take up the torch light the heart of others by sharing so they will welcome the open doorway to the Father. Take the time to pause and share with your fellow men. Ask God as you pause to help you see with eyes of the artist when you meet someone. If you are undecided of how to share with this person just remember to pause; you will receive help. It will happen. Put your faith into action pause with the Father share with love from your heart. This is the way. Dear students allow us to assist you and we will teach you the methods of getting in touch with your inner guidance. It is your job to stay in close contact with the power from the Father in his love. All is possible if you are willing to do the Father's will. All is provided efficiently with plan and purpose. All is as it should be. It is properly provided for you to learn from us the teachers while you experience enlightenment. You see our concern of letting you bypass the experiences and so will you bypass the enlightened learning that produces character. Your joy is awaiting in your positive-decision-action in this way of making all worth while a reality. We call you forth from your books to take action. We call you forth in your daily duties to take action. We call you forth into active participation in the mission.

If you don't try how will you know of the joy it will bring? How will you know of the power within that will be yours. How will you know of the freedom within you from experiencing a work of art. Giving is expressing as an artist does in colorful array of beautiful words, feelings into vivid images from your illumination for another interested being to listen to with the insightful eye of the mind. Of course we see you as the talented artist who is able to express intelligently and lovingly on many topics. No you aren't shy or backward. You are artist with excellent skills.

You are most likely more accomplished in conversation skills than most other humans. And yes you see in addition with the eyes of love for beauty in expression as an artist. We see hesitation and the question arise: How can I participate in this mission? This is when you seek your inner guidance. Seek what you love to do that you see as beautiful. Pursue what gives you pleasure in the harmony of goodness. Do something. May we suggest this action. Reach out to each other by keeping in touch during the summer months. Keep all informed of your activities as well as other groups. Do this in love for the welfare of others as well as exposing them to the skilled craftsmen you have become. Discuss the ideas of how to do this. The summertime brings more freedom to practice being the artist when you reach out to others outside of your group. It presents opportunities to practice what you have learned. This will promote real learning and acceptance of the lessons.

You take up the banner of trust in truth and give it out to people you chance to meet to people you purposely make the time to meet to your loved ones that you live with to your friends to your business coworkers. We could continue but why should we have all the fun making this list for you. Take it your pen, stretch your mind, and make your list. We will always be by your side participating. Yes we are here as your teachers to assist you in learning the sure path to the Father. We teach you how to achieve this. We instruct you. You than take up the challenge and invest your energy to channel love into your choice of possibilities that you are comfortable and capable of doing.

You are given a task of getting closer to your inner guidance. We in turn instruct you in the many possible routes of seeking and taking this rewarding path. In your diligence will be your giving. In accordance with the work you put forth to seek God this will be the same degree of perseverance that you reach out to help others. For in loving the Father you are loving your fellowmen as yourself. Your goals reflect this reproduction in your actions. You are not necessarily underachievers but it is the rule of accepting the role of student/teacher: learning that you give back to others what you have received. This is beautiful. It is beauty of the purist form. You give what you receive. If you have truly received you will want to share the wonderful news about your abundance from the Father. He has made this all possible. We in turn are here to do the work that the Father sees is in need of being accomplished.

We volunteered to be with you through your life here on Urantia. In the schools of higher learning one is assigned a task and than a teacher is assigned to show you how to perform this task in the highest way. With the changing of energy and the uplifting of this planet Urantia we are here to do of what we speak. You are our students we are your teachers. No more do you grovel in the darkness. No more are your lives without enlightened instruction as is generally provided on a more normal planet. You are not depraved. This is our teamwork with you.

In love we proceed forward in our quest for the Father. With your consent we seek to touch your hearts then impress upon your minds how to effectively reach your spiritual arena where the Father dwells. We believe that this will bring about change inside you; but your consent and realization is most helpful. Our goals then are the same personal goals with which you have struggled long and diligently within yourself. Is this not so? Please then accept us as your comrades who serve God by giving reaching out to you in service and therefore to your fellow men. We reach out to you in hopes of helping you display or try your wings in your spiritual expression. In our work with you we derive much satisfaction with this arrangement of companionship as we hope and know that the feelings are mutual. Our task is made lighter as you brighten to heed our promptings in your daily lives. We love you dear ones so we stretch our wings artistically with you as you reach to others in the harmony of love.

In service to others is the only place that you can artistically show the light in your canvas. In this arena you can practice and experience what you are learning to its fullness. It is the only way. Now let us make use of our lessons of reaching to others by sharing. Let us put into practice seeing our work on canvas of what we have learned. In love we extend our merciful understanding in joy we give thanks that we have this excellent assignment of being with you. We too have had the opportunities to spread our wings in expression. We want you to see the beauty of the Father's love. We want to share with you the understanding of his harmonizing truth. We would so like to share with you so you could envision the goodness of our Father. How he cares for you in his ever present reminder of you in the satisfaction he receives from you as you paint your expressional spiritual experiences as you busily work as an artist. Life is this way. An artist at work or the boredom of living. Â A picture of health or haphazard living mortal. A blooming beautiful life or a tired worrisome being. We could extrapolate further but you get the vivid pictures. A choice for your choosing. A picture for you to create.The brightness of earning your way gradually with the pictures that you paint in your mind.

Thoughts are real. Actions are real. So far as you do to others you give to yourself. By passages of thought your expression eventuates into musical harmonious noteworthy deeds by being in the Father's love. Hear the harmonies of love and if a flat chord is struck reach again to the perfect love of listening. Listen to harmony listen to truth listen my children and you will hear the voice of love ringing with joy. It has no clutter of noise but it will touch the heartfelt pulse of clarity with rhythm. Let us remind you that as an artist you only paint on your own canvas of life but other life portrayals are to be enjoyed as the work of another artist. In speaking with another artist you may so influence them that they take paint brush and color their ideas of life with more beauty in their growth. What are the artist tools? They may be brush, pen, voice, creating laughing humor, a kind word, a speech, blessings, thanksgivings. As you grow in wisdom your tools increase in quality and quantity.

The Love teachers Anastacia & Ordon


Anastacia & Ordon Machiventa Melchizedek July 4 1993

Lesson 20

Please remember to pray, to praise God for your blessings to commune/worship with God.

Take the time to be with the Father. He is the Universal Father of all children. He dwells in your heart in the Thought Adjuster. No one can ever take this away from you. This is your inner work with the Adjuster. Work to be closer to be more knowing in the Father's love.

What will all this work this diligent work do for you? Remember it is the Father who subjects his will to yours as you learn how to find his will. Think of the patience the waiting and the time that has been so freely given to you. It is the beautiful story of the Father and the child. The creator and the creature. You reach for the Father's hand, he reaches down to take your hand as you reach out for your brothers hand. God gives patience a beauty loving a goodness and freedom of insight a truth . When you graciously give to your brothers and sisters as God does for you than you see the truth in this beautiful story of the Father's goodness. Goodness starts with the Father. He is the greatest teacher of goodness. Therefore depend more on the Father's guidance to beauty.

All else that you take up in life will not be as thrilling as being in the Father's love except giving this love to others. Such happiness will come to you in your heart. It will be the way to go toward your goal of finding the Father's will for you. It is this way. It is the only way that you can experience the triumphant love and that is to give the love to others.

Now in the past you have been faithful to the Father. You have trusted him to guide you. But now we are asking you to trust him in a much more confident way. We are asking you to deliver yourself into God's hands completely. You are to have the faith of a child by accepting what your Father asks you to do.

It is the way to go. It is the best way to go. It is the only way to go. Have faith that the Father knows best for your life. He has guided your lessons so you would learn. He has placed you in certain places so that you were able to learn certain lessons that would increase your love and appreciation for Him by your growth. We ask you now to accept the Father's love and guidance in a much more dedicated way.

Have no fear. You won't be asked to do anything that you can't do nothing more than what you are doing in your outreach with the Father right now. Only we are asking you to be more dedicated to this cause than you have ever been before. Have faith in this way as being the right way. You CAN be sure of this. THE FATHER WANTS YOU TO REACH OUT TO OTHERS. Yes you can be positive in this work this way of sharing. You are on the right track.

So then when ripples of discord occur: what should you do? Why trust in the Father of course. Yes! Just remember to say:

Father I love you. What lesson of enlightenment will you have me improve on now? I am your creature child you made me so naturally I trust in your Fatherly guidance. I love you Father for you have always taken so very good care of me. You have shown me this in many ways throughout my life. Your help has been available to me whenever I asked and even when I didn't ask.

You have devoted yourself to me. So now that I see this and I am sure of this I want to devote my life to you. Father please allow me to work by your side. In harmony I will adjust to your will. In love I will find your way to serve others. In joy I will find happiness in the path you have prepared for me to follow.

Father you are my best friend. You have complete understanding of me. You are completely devoted to understanding what lessons I need to learn and the best way to learn them. You honor me by being interested in my life and in my best behalf. How can I not serve and love such a good friend as you Father?

In your love for me you have proved that your love is sure strong stable and steady. So how can I not love someone as loving and caring as you are? Our friendship will grow closer and I will be a devoted and a dedicated companion to you Father. I have faith you will be there for me everyday in every way. I need not worry anymore but just do my part for we are partners in this work together. In a friendship one party does not do all the work. We do the work together. You Father have always been faithful to do your part now I am willing to be more active in doing my part.

Father I am willing to walk in the garden of roses with you. May I so appreciate your handiwork of beautifying my path with you that I willingly include others in our walks together. Your beauty is of such magnitude that I want to show others this way. `Come along with me I will say to my brother. Let me show you the beautiful garden that our Father has prepared for us to walk together. '

This is the rose garden of love. As I walk in this path I will surely be overcome with understanding for my fellow men. I will doubt no more because the Father is with me every step of the way. This promise of the Father's is for me to remember as I walk through the days of my life. No one is so far away that they cannot be reached or taken by the hand and guided into this wonderful beautiful life of dynamic living in the Father's care.

Now as you go forth take the power of remembrance with you. Remember my sons and daughters that I love you too. Who am I who speaks to you but your friend and companion Machiventa. It is with great pleasure and joy that I say these words of thankfulness for the many good friends that I have in this group. You are my brothers and sisters in the Father's joyful work. You are my faithful and loving children who delight me so. You are with me in my heart as I go about working on Urantia. All of you have made my heart sing because I have known you better.

And as the work progresses I will hug each one of you. We will rejoice that this will be so because you and I have come a long way together in mind and in spirit. Our work together will continue throughout eternity. We are destined to be together. So let us acknowledge right now that I consider you my dear friends. I love you so dearly. Our hearts are united in the Father's love. We are one.

Nothing can harm us as we go forth about the Father's business. Our joy will sing in harmony of the work we have accomplished on Urantia. Yes many sing about each one of you as you daily work. We are cheerful creatures as you are. We enjoy ourselves as we work. Work is not drudgery. It is our very essence our core of caring to honor our Father. The essence of our joy is our work in the Father's name.

Don't be hesitant nor afraid. All is in accord with the Father's honor and with his love we do our best. Let these words have in your heart a place of esteem. Let these words become a token of your love invested in the Father's path for you. Let us take up this challenge together with satisfaction in the peace of our faith-insight with the Father whom we diligently worship.

Now let us be quiet in the stillness for it is the stillness with the Father that will truly heal your heart from all fear. Allow the Creator to heal you of any dysfunctional erroneous ideas. In God all things are possible. I remain with your group and with devotion to you. Allow me my friends to worship with you.


Machiventa Anastacia & Ordon7-10-93 July 10 1993

Lesson 21

Let us be faithful to our Father. He loves us so much.

Dear Ones be brave about asserting yourself in your faith acts. Be brave about believing and doing the Father's will. As always you seem diverted into these channels going forward slowly surely and steadily. Of this you can be positive.

The positive attitude is very powerful and uplifting. The thinking processes assess that which is appearing around about you. Accept the view of an optimist. Visualize how wonderful you will feel by believing in a lightened looser and joyful countenance.

Your ideas will increasingly flow in this direction. Yes at first you need to take the reins to your mind by holding or discarding what is not serving you. Investigate the positive thoughts so they can turn into positive actions. You will become the positive one who can believe wholeheartedly a faither whose faith cannot be shaken nor pushed into doubting.

The doubts creep into your thinking as you struggle and hassle with the everyday existence. Take this confusion and look for a better way to proceed. Look to your faith. When you learn to stop or change this confusion into faith with the assurance of Michael's plan you are learning to step higher to reach higher in your growth. Having an unshakable faith will take time but you will increase your faith level each time you place your doubts or confusion aside and look with trust to Michael's love for you.

We are not asking you to give up your doubts without a thought but we are asking you to give spiritual growth a chance by being a patient worker who can have more faith in our processes in valuing the power of love. You see only part of our plan for you; we see the whole picture so you do have to put your faith in our guidance as being the correct way to go. This we ask of you because we love you. We value you. We care about your life being lived to its fullest. We dearly love you.

So much of what we say to you has been tried and tested by many of you while others take it lightly. We are here as your teachers who do care about your welfare. Our desire is to love and care for you in our wisdom in our highest knowledge. You too must bring your wisdom and match it with ours. We ask you to think about what we are saying here for never do we want you to just blindly take our words without thought on your part.

If you have questions ask them for this showsus you are thinking and interested. Let the confusion bring you to clarity. Clear up your confusions by seeking answers. This is how you learn as student as well as being the teacher when you share with someone else. How can you get your confusions into reasonableness? How can you take confusion and turn it into knowledge? When will you be willing enough to be open and honest in your confusions so you can glean from our lessons and abundance of reassurance and faith? Yes indeed we beseech you to test our lessons.

Give them the test of time. Try them test them; then you will know what additional information you may need for clarification. Our lessons will stand the test of time for they are the truth but it is for you to see for you to do the work. When you are questioning our lessons then you are interested. You have studied them. You are learning. But while you are learning be willing enough to keep an open mind so you can see the results the truth. Be willing to examine your feelings you experience so you can learn. How can you learn a lesson? . . . when have you really taken one of our lessons and so experienced it that you had heartfelt responses. You wanted another better way to go.

When you experience the need for knowing more that would mean our words have aroused a keen interest in the subject matter. But to take something into your heart and know it you have to have done your homework; you have to have been industrious. Isn't this right? My dears please have patience with yourselves. Be patient enough to see that you are reaping the rewards that come from our processes that we use to instruct. These processes help put your mind to work on the concepts of the lessons. You apply what you are learning. Some will have confusion and if you really sincerely apply your knowledge you will have a period of confusion as you traverse this new way of thinking of doing of acting. Is this not so?

Then yes you need to ask your questions on how to proceed forward again. Yes ask these questions for they indicate that you are growing in your fruits of the spirits and you need your experienced wisdom fine tuned. Talk about this. You can be sure then that you are growing and learning. You know. Satisfaction in your newly acquired knowledge will only be complete as you seek to see to understand what and why you have experienced in these lessons as you the unique person will learn.

Each of you process your experiences with your OWN unique way of thinking of looking. You each hold the key to your OWN learning processes AND YOU CAN LEARN FROM EACH OTHER. You each may glean something different from the others. Do not give up what you have learned as wrong. Place this before the group so they too can see you as the unique personality that you see not quite like someone else. Respect these attitudes respect enough to listen so ALL will begin to see their beautiful difference but each is growing and valuing the same value.

You each have your own interpretation. If you can see the value as each person sees you are beginning to glimpse a tiny glimmer of how God's universe of universes operates. This is real growth and very rewarding when you listen intently to another's opinions and belief and hold it in high esteem. The higher you climb up the spiritual ladder the more you value others the more you respect their differences. You accept how they are growing and what they are learning.

So we ask of you to be so interested in each other that you constantly inquire in sincerity: What did you learn from this or that lesson? And truly be interested in their answer. All of you are steadily learning at your own level of progression. You are opening your doors to growth as you insist on steadily and safely helping yourself by investigating and seeking the truth beauty and goodness out of the spiritual fruits from the Father.

Yes my dears you truly are becoming more spiritually and ably interested in each other. You care because you love each other now in a greater way. You are realizing each brother and each sister is akin with Michael too.

Our host of heaven side teachers are eagerly awaiting to assist you to help you in your growth if you will only ask for our assistance. We help when you ask and even when you don't. But my dears our help is being accepted and appreciated when you take the time to ask for it and then apply it. Check this out. Who among you has asked for help has received help according to your enlightenment and your willingness to take our words and use them as the way to go? If you do this you will learn to gradually trust us more as we proceed together. Many of your hearts even now are being touched and uplifted in our association together. Is this not true? You are our beloved children friends students and companions. BELIEVE US WHEN WE SAY WE ARE HERE BY YOUR SIDES AND WE HELP YOU EACH ACCORDING TO YOUR OWN NEEDS AND WISHES. AND YOUR OWN EFFORTS.

We do not waste our time. If it appears that your interest has waned we respect you. We wait. We don't push ourselves if we aren't welcome and too you can understand that any other arrangement would be futile. We can say with a certainty that most of you have tried to fix others but as you worked and worked on the other person's problem you too could see the futility of your behavior when the other person paid no attention nor did they value your ready advice when not invited.

But the diligent worker did learn a lesson: you cannot force another person to change or to take up your work plan as you think they should. So you too understand this situation. If not we will state our position of enlightenment on this subject. We are not here to do all the work nor even your work. We are team workers. We understand fully that our work would be useless and wasted energy on our part to pursue such a situation if you weren't interested. But we do not go away. No we wait patiently for your interest to peak again when life tumbles you into troubles.

This is similar to the truth you learned while raising your children. Your love was available while you allowed your children to do their part of the work so they could learn and understand the growth process. Your children advanced because they had the opportunity to learn the values from the circumstances and effects of their own actions. Consider our group effort together as the same as when you raised children. The rules have not changed. You learn by experiencing your mistakes. You learn from your choices!

Can anyone see a better way to proceed that is more fair or more useful? Truth is truth. God's truth is constant. You put forth the effort; then you are sure to experience learning from your efforts. We want to make this very plain. You learn from your efforts. You learn when you are ready. If you don't want to progress then the lesson you are reaping is about being in a stalemate of idleness or a resting period of thinking etc. I am positive you all could extrapolate on many more reasons of why you let another grow at their own speed like you want to be treated.

Our lesson on faith is necessary for you to see that God's rules are not only for others but for you too. God knows best. Has the Father's way ever been wrong for you in any way? and we will say here that when you understand His way you praise it you love it. Our Father has a beautiful plan in which you can grow and learn about His love. His truth when loved becomes a part of your soul. You respect the Father's truth so that goodness spreads forth from your heart to others. You cannot contain this good news it explodes from your very toes from your very cells. It is that important to you. Truth when really understood will possess your very being. It becomes a real part of you. No one can say what is true of your experience but yourself for you will have thoroughly learned it enough that you live it for others to see.

We give you our love that flows freely and gently from the Father. All is understood in His love in His goodness and with His truth. We give you lessons about how to love others. We give you lessons on how to appreciate yourself more so you can love others more. God gives us all love.

Who am I who speaks to you today? Yes your faithful friend and devoted brother Machiventa.


Anastacia & Ordon7-18-93 July 18 1993

Lesson 22

Possess your soul in patience. Live in God's love.

Saturate cover up and delight in the Father's peace and serenity. Living the spiritual life is not something to avoid with distaste. Living in the burdensome lifestyles as you do now it is good riddance for this is a heavy load to carry around and a low energy in which to do your work. This is not what you want and this really will be shown to you if you take up the lighter brighter loving lifestyle. Let go of needless thinking. Let go of burdensome problems. Let all the trash drop out of your life into the dumpster. Kick scream yell and rebel as you do it BUT DO IT. Now you will have ROOM for all the delightful thoughts of creativity.

You will have the TIME to do what YOU REALLY WANT TO CARRY FORTH OUT INTO THE UNIVERSE. TAKE THE extra TIME YOU HAVE NOW TO PONDER and commune WITH THE LOVING FATHER. Sit in his presence and rejoice as you think of the spiritual road ahead. The Father loves you. He will take your hand and be with you every step of the way. But we see a hesitation! We know of your concerns! Question: Are these concerns helping you get closer to God? Are they bringing God closer to you? Think along with us. Gather up your wisdom which has accumulated over the years. Look at this wisdom and see the happiness it has given to each one.

I see you smiling WITH HAPPINESS about all of your accumulated wisdom /truth. My dears you love the spiritual values YOU HAVE GAINED OVER THE YEARS. YOU WORKED HARD FOR THEM. YOU EARNED THEM. YES REMEMBER THE WORK YOU PUT INTO CHANGING YOUR ATTITUDES when you first read The Urantia Book. Yes remember this smile when you hang on to useless thoughts useless burdensome problems needless duties. Life can be much more simply lived by you if you remember the good that has come from applying your spiritual knowledge. We will not go into the nitty-gritty details of your grievances of why you wish to hang on to heavy dark clouds that weigh you down. You are very familiar with your own stuff. We wish to stress the good. We wish to allow you to glimpse the peace of mind you can have on the spiritual road with the Father by your side. When concerns appear in your thoughts you can easily discern if the problem is yours to review. Let others take into review their own problems. You concern yourself with so much that is not your business. BE EFFECTIVE. BE EFFECTIVE IN YOUR FAITH. Drop your worries. Most of the time your concerned worries do not come true. Take only yourself in hand with a critical eye. TURN THE SPOTLIGHT ON YOURSELF. LET THE GOD RAYS SHOW YOU THE WAY TO CHANGE TO GO FORWARD. Let the working you so laboriously DO be for your OWN awakening in enlightenment. Keep allowing your thoughts to arise in your mind but discard the ones that are not yours to take up. Life will be much simpler. You work on yourself. Love yourself.

And when you learn to love yourself and fix yourself this love will pour out to others. This love is the only thing that you can truly in the truest sense give to others love thoughts without judgments. Love thoughts see potentials. Love thinkers are genuinely interested in hearing what others have to say hearing others with the ears of God's love and being merciful. Beautiful thoughts will emerge from your work in this manner. You will see love in others their goodness by doing so. You can help each other become the spiritual children that you are meant to be. Concern yourself not with how others will do their work for each person will take up the tasks that they enjoy doing. They will see the VALUE FOR THEMSELVES in this work where they choose to put their energy. You will notice the excitement in their voices. Yes you will see the delightful joy in their eyes for they have discovered what they want and need to share with their friends families and other beings that cross their path each day. Each person will discover the supreme values that they want to teach.

Don't be hesitant about finding your love work. Do something. Act so you will have a task to delight the Father and yourself. These works will be evident if you allow your natural tendencies to surface if you allow your natural abilities to be given in service to others. Yes this is not a mystery just merely undiscovered by most of you in this group. Many talents are blossoming as you grow spiritually. Many talents are added to your natural abilities. Each one of you is very capable and willing. Grow spiritually my children and you will see the enhancement of yourself in the higher path to service.

YOU WILL BE EMBELLISHED IN THE FATHER'S WORK WITH MANY MANY EXTRA BLESSINGS THAT YOU CAN USE FOR OTHERS TO SEE YOU AS THE EXAMPLE AND YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS PERFECTLY CONTENT TO ACCEPT THE BLESSINGS TO USE THEM. These very important statements here are a clue to the new awakening that awaits each one of you. The spiritual life is fun cheerful lively joyful delightful and so rewarding.

Yes we can see the laughter AS YOU BEGIN TO follow our suggestions here. You will laugh and laugh at your own hesitation to TAKE UP this pathway of living. You will compose many jokes about your own hesitation. You will have fun in the path of rejoicing and really living fuller. Your lack of understanding is what is delaying your progress. When you assist yourself by being with the Father each day you will see CLEARLY. You will understand. Your confidence in yourself will soar upward and we will have to caution you to keep that big toe on the ground. For your tendencies to go overboard once you have found the truth is then another side of the growth problem you will experience. Don't worry about this; keep your balance in your growth in the spiritual lights of love. Let yourself soar so you can see all that there is to see.

Experience it all. Let your heart sing with the Father in his universe songs of love. Oh yes we dearly wish each one would allow this to happen. We would rather you soar than sink in the darkness of the heavy burdens that you carry and take anew each day. We are happy for your growth and as we once stated we celebrate with each one as you grow. Yes this is our work we do with you. And we see this happening much growth. We send the Father's love when you are experiencing growth. In the GROWTH process you DO have to change to take action or grow heavier with burdens. As you see what we are talking about here we won't elaborate but YOU know yourself well. Most of you do.

Some keep secrets from themselves but most of you are faced with your problems every day. It the problem stares at you. You stare at the problem and do nothing. It becomes a staring contest! And we root for you to win the contest! Some of you do something about the problems; others let the problems sit IN their minds. You face it everyday as it stares back at you. WHY is this problem staring nudging you? BECAUSE IT needs attention EITHER IT IS A DISCHARGEABLE PROBLEM OR it is a problem that will TAKE some action SOME STEP FORWARD TO ALLEVIATE IT. THIS IS HOW TO BEGIN THE PROCESS OF INTELLIGENTLY DOING YOUR PART TO HELP YOURSELF. These mortals who just slide by in life have kept the same problems from years ago. They invariably pick up another problem here and there each day.

See how problems and concerns pile up and you have your own dumpster full of problems if you don't act to remove the rubble each day. Don't you find this amusing that you choose to live this way? Don't you find this way of living exhausting? Don't you see the futility of living such a life? Do your spiritual work each day and you will be lighter brighter and so much happier. Do your spiritual work each day and you will become accustomed to the debris that comes your way but you gladly step aside; WISELY dodge it and return love. Don't take the problem inside. But DO LOOK at the problem staring you in the face. This is your problem to solve to act on. Take up your own problems and as you become more skilled in your sorting ABILITY it will be an automatic process. ACT OR DISCARD!

You take charge and act with God by your side insomuch as this refining action will occur each day of your life. When you have problems say to yourself: This IS life. This is THE life! And! This is MY life! I choose to be a good sorter and worker who knows how to move forward slowly and steadily. I know the way to go now. Nothing can keep me from God. Not silly worries not another's problems not my own problems for I will take some action today. Now I feel better just thinking in this positive way. Yes I feel better just knowing that I am capable of keeping my mind free of unnecessary thoughts useless thoughts that are not serving me. God and I together will work blending my thoughts so that I know how to keep what I need or discard. You are my guide in this process God. You know best what I need. With your help all WILL WORK OUT FOR THE GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED.

I take up my problems each day with cheerfulness and I will allow others to do the same. They are very capable and have your help too. When I begin to see that each person is in charge of their own problems and I freely allow them to work on them I am showing others respect. This respect will encompass the thoughts that will show me the way to spiritual living as the way that I want to live. When another person has a problem I will see them in a new light of being able and capable of solving their confusions as well or better than I can. I see them as very capable too. This new freedom will add to them my thoughts and energy that they are okay in the sight of God. I will affirm their power that they are spiritual beings too who can do their work in a wise generous and enlightened way. I can enjoy others now for I will not be thinking in my mind of my plans for them of my way for them to be. No I will just enjoy them love them and encourage them with their work and be supportive of their plans. I will see the potential that is budding within. I will rejoice that this is so. I will not fall back into my old habits of making plans for others.

NO no no! Instead I will be happy with them;I will sing praises about them;I will entrust their lives to God. Yes this is the way for me to be. It is the way I want to be. It is a new way to live in God's love. I will sing this song of praise to all who will listen. Yes it is the way I want to be. "

You see the benefits of singing instead of frowning. You see the benefits that you will reap in happiness alone. Now dear children have we not been faithful in our trust to you? Do you not see: all that is given to you will be for you to give to others? This is the universe workings. It is! That is why we now encourage you to teach to others inside or outside of the group what you are learning. You teach! You learn anew! You plant the seeds; then you will see the tiny sprouts emerge into new thoughts. The seeds arise in this student's mind for her/him to see in a new way. Now a new task is set before you again: How to plant seeds? When you willingly teach you will experience you will see the right and the wrong way to plant little gems of wisdom onto another's path for the seed to germinate or for the seed to drop along the path. Place your minds in our capable hands to teach you the right way to plant wisdom for others to take up as their own.

1. Place into your heart the love of teaching by experience. When you experience the joy of sharing your will to learn will provide the momentum to move you forward into the learning processes. Do you understand how much a part experience plays in your life? Do you understand how experience will move you into the mode of searching for information that is applicable to any situation that you experience?

2. You will be inspired. You will possess enough energy to fortify yourself inasmuch as you want to learn to teach. It is your idea. You willingly put forth the efforts that are required to participate in the sharing of your new-found knowledge. The teaching process is like this.

3. You need to share God's love because it wells up in your heart to be given in just such situations as sharing with whomever you meet. Don't be so concerned with WHOM to share as with the willingness on your part to be the one who WILL stop and share. You are the one who will listen to others and share. You are the one who will see the opportunities where you CAN share. Positive actions result in positive feedback.

4. Why do you have to share? Your heart is running over with love. You share your experience of God. You give to others your experience from your heart and this will prove to be an inspiring example for others. They will want this same enthusiasm that you have. They will be touched by your words as your words have substance a force behind them. You are willing to extend yourself to them so they may be questioning this kindness. But that other person may figure it out themselves: You are sharing because God's love is welling up inside you and you have to share it with someone.

5. Make a list of possible topics or better yet bring these statements that people say where you are ABLE to talk about your personal experience your personal religion. We will discuss the important points to stress or answer. This point is about being ready being prepared. Of course you could ask the Father to help and YOU CAN BE SURE HE WILL. But it is fun to practice these exercises in that the enlightenment is sent out into the universe when you mail these lessons to other groups.

This is the economics of the spiritual life. We teachers share our lessons among us. We each have our specialties. We are each encouraged to interpret the process from our own experience but the subject matter often is the same. Or we each partake of our specialties by giving the lessons and then they are shared out into your world by you. Do you understand how saving of our time we are here? Much is planned and often there is much more that you could see if you have the eye of the spiritually hearted and truth gleaner. All our undertakings are worked out this way. So we are asking you to participate in the learning process in a greater way. We value your participation we value your input we value your questions and we love to participate with you in these sessions where you actually do most of the talking the working. In this arrangement you grow more in your knowledge of learning. Allow us then to put these lessons into our Wednesday night meetings.

Thus you will have something to learn and talk about and we will make enlightened comments or ask you questions. How does this sound to you? Is it a deal? We would so like to be the proud teachers of such a willing group. Now it is much that we have imparted to you about your work here in these lessons. The lessons are your work if you would really like to grow in wisdom and in love.

You see us as great talkers and you let us talk on and on. But we know you can talk a lot too for we hear you daily expound on many subjects except rarely about our lessons. Does this touch a nerve? Look again at yourself. You think back. It was by your own request that lessons were given. Okay let us look and look and understand here. We will continue to allow you to be as you are if that is what you want. We will be more general in our answers in our wisdom. But truly is this what you want? Think again of the progress you have made but think also of how much more progress you will make if you are engaged in taking the lessons more seriously. We are stating the facts here. If we are wrong about you and the lessons we definitely will apologize. Definitely let us approach this matter in our sessions with you. Okay?

Let us have an open discussion together about this topic. Let us bring this topic out in the open. We will explain our side and you please comment with your opinions. Let us hear from each of you on this our question. Always remember we love you above all else. We are here with you in love. It is our love that will take you forward when you grasp how much the Father loves you.

It is our love and respect for each of you and your love and respect for us that will bring us closer to harmony by understanding. Please take up this love as your own your own choice to give. It is yours to give out to all people. Your world is so needy. We see the need and we are saddened. We long for it the spiritual awakening to begin to lighten up your world with love in a greater way. And it has. Yes the awakening has begun. In our sadness we speak as we do. We want to help your world. But we initially influence only you directly and immediately as our students. We want you to take up the flame of love and hand it out to all that you meet. So our children our students give and give the Father's love. It can never be given too much nor too soon.

Consider this: If each of you is directly influenced by us and each person that you meet is directly influenced by you this influence can be phenomenal. Can each of you do a little more? Can each of you do something extra? Can each of you think more seriously about what you can do? Can each of you be a positive influence on the others in the groups by taking SOME ACTION in reaching out to your fellowmen? Will someone be the leader and act? Now we will close by asking you to go in peace with the Father by your side. Ask him to be the one to place peacefulness in your mind and heart. In your peaceful ways give out to others your love. Be calm but be active. Be peaceful but be active. Be all the things that you desire but be active. Find someone to teach. For when you are learning if you fail to teach you are not really learning/experiencing. When teaching you experience what you do not know what you do not understand what other questions you need to ask to receive more information on the subject. Learning is the way to experience by proof if you truly are understanding and getting the information. But in most cases of learning you are in need of additional data. You come back to the teacher and say: I was not quite knowledgeable about this subject. Could you enlarge on it more especially about this.. . or that. . . ? Do you see how to tell if you are truly learning something? Teaching provides a space for you to really know of what you speak. It provides you a larger arena for learning. Now dear ones when you learn you are also proving that the lesson is true. It is real. It does work. Love in service is beautiful. It is exciting. It is so enthralling and all encompassing. You will love it. We need to share more about your successes in the group for it will compel others to seek out the universal way of learning/teaching. Transmission from Anastacia to Jeannie.


Anastacia & Ordon7-22-93 July 22 1993

Lesson 23

Be patient be brave.

Step forward into action.

Risk all in God's love.

You are all ready to step up to action. We urge you to see the benefits that this action will bring into your life. It is this action in the Father's service that is your life. It is life. Yes it is your life. Now let your personal service begin. Do your personal work with the Father by your side. We say this because you will enjoy the work of personal service your personal giving to others on your planet. Place your hand in the Father's and allow him to guide you forward. Be the one who will take a step some extra step forward. This is what we would have you do now. Take an extra step forward. Be the one who prays about how when and where you will take these steps forward. Give these steps more serious thought.

1 Be more interested in your personal work with others. Be alive and alert so you can see the opportunities to service.

2 Be willing to take the time to share.

3 Be the willing one to be aware of how you can serve. Yes my dears be alert be aware be willing.

The three Be's will allow love through.

We want your lessons to be fun. Have you ever had fun while you learn? Have you ever had so much fun you didn't know you were learning? This is another lesson that we will speak of later when we see your understanding peaking; but we speak of learning now by being alert being aware and being willing. How have you learned from someone else? Where you were so willing to look at the truth and so proud of this truth that you wanted to experience it so much you took this truth and tried it in your life. Do you remember a time as this? This is one way to learn from your experience. Have you shared with someone who took the truth and very carefully told you Thank you ? They not only took the truth into their mind to process but they used it with heartfelt thanks. Be alert to the method you used. This is another way to learn from your experiences. How many times we have seen you share with others? And we see you learning to share by teaching. You plant the seeds of truth in your everyday life. Be aware that each one of you influence people each day by your actions your example your words even of what you don't say.

You influence even when you aren't intending to teach. It is our pleasure to teach you. It is our pleasure to influence you with our words. Yes have you thought about the limitations that are placed on us because WORDS are our method of communication with you. Our words represent us personally. You are beginning to recognize us by our words and the tone of our voices. Words are our means of communication. Our words are used to teach you but more importantly our words reach your heart. We set the example of being a good teacher by our messages questions and answers. We use techniques of teaching. We touch your hearts with our words and sharings. Our concepts touch you and our urgings help you move into action. If you recognize our handicap in expressing and reaching your minds you are realizing one of our challenges in this mission.

Is it our difficulty or another obstacle to jump over in order to build a relationship with you? What is your opinion here? Words have power. Our thoughts build in substance and reach your heart when you allow the spirit to breathe life into our messages. Hear the spirit whispering in your ear building trust and faith as you reconcile for yourself the truth. How else can you explain the mystery of this situation when you only hear and/or see our words on paper? You listen!

And we thank you in gratitude in the spirit. Your responses to us have been amazing. Your willingness to gather to hear our words brings joy as bright as day. Truly we thank the Father that this is so. The Father will bless you too in the willingness to be the student and the teacher. As we have said before each one is a student in life and each is a teacher. This is a fact of existence. If you influence then you are teaching. Someone is looking noticing and learning from you each day. Each action you take has repercussions. Each action has an impact. Your active influence will either uplift you and the influenced; or it will set you and possibly the two three or indiscriminate spectators back. Ponder this statement. You fill up your days with your actions your learning and your teaching. Have you ever really been aware or considered how important your actions are to others?

Do you see now how each one is a teacher in their life role in your example? But you my dears are stepping up to take an even higher step than before. Your dedication is to share more fully more meaningfully more efficiently more willingly. You are extending your personal work of sharing a step higher with more dedication and devotion. God then takes steps to see that you have help in this endeavor of seriously working in his behalf with the Supreme. Yes this is noted on the records of time. You are receiving our help as teachers who will show and encourage you to be this teacher that you are increasingly sensing that you want to be. Now let us refresh your memories. We asked of you if you wanted to keep the meetings in a more general sense or if you wanted to have more direct training. Your answer was yes. We as your teachers will take our direction from you. When you are willing to work we willingly work with you. Otherwise we slow down our pace and go back to the general information and general questions. Is this agreeable with everyone that we move forward? We will wait for this answer from you again.

For now let us say more about the learning/teaching process. As your teachers we learn too. We experience joy in your efforts and earnest attempts the same joyful expression when your two-year-old picks up your ideas and uses them. We experience so much more than we knew we would in our roles as your teachers and friends. Your influence falls on us too. We watch and are inspired by your efforts. We love you dear ones; truly we do. We never grow tired of telling you this. Our records show that you are progressing forward at a high level of learning. Most of you were already aware of the principles of getting along with each other. You needed encouragement to exercise your mind muscles and to reinforce these ideas. You saw the need in your life for these higher ideals to hold more importance in your spiritual enhancement of progressive living.

Inasmuch as we see you getting frustrated when situational encounters puzzle and perplex you we see the information in the depths of your minds. You want to experience harmony and love instead of confusion but out of confusions comes clarity from experience. Your soul knows the way of love. Your soul will lead you into practice until you are not taken off guard. Knowing and experiencing holds the facts to reality. You handle encounters in your best judgment.

Often you react without forethought in your tendencies of letting the feelings flare up and upon whomever is in your path. We do not say that you are pleased with these reactions. We know you are not. So you seek verification of how to change yourself so these repeated unwanted episodes end. Undesired and untamed reactions are the lures that help you move forward to seek your spiritual connection with the Father in sincerity. The need to improve your behavior brings you forward to God. You are well aware of your love expressions when you stay in communication with God. WE ASK YOU TO TEST THIS THEORY AND PUT THE EXPERIENCE IN YOUR REALITY.

Act without spiritual guidance OR just notice your quarrelsome attitudes when you neglect your spiritual work. You have many manyexperiences of these undesirable reactions but we ASK YOU NOW TO UNDERSTAND WHY YOU HAVE THEM to really understand why you lose yourself in unwanted reactions when you aren't attentive to your spirit work. This habit of being with the Father gives you the operative energy to stay secure in his love. Throughout the day reaffirm that you VERY MUCH WANT to enable God to assist you in giving his love freely and willingly. You are each excelling in your behavior of correcting; adjusting in your awareness of how to proceed.

We are pleased and assured that you are consecrated to the Father's will in all that you do when you are keenly attuned. We praise the Father that this is so. We celebrate with you. We sing praises to our Father that his love will heal your whole planet and that individual by individual you will grow stronger each day. We pray for peace to permeate your soul as you step forward in the joy of service to your fellow men. We sing often of the harmony in your work together with each other. We visualize you smiling in happiness each day.

Indeed we picture you in our minds as happy creatures whodelight in doing anything that the Father has planned for you. In willingness you will take up your work in joyfulness you do the work and in thanksgiving you thank the Father for these blessings. In our lessons we speak so to influence you directly. We make words stand out in your mind by painting vivid pictures in hopes of giving you information that you take immediately and use. You by seeing our example will take up these words and use them. Our words will stand the examination and the test of time. Our love grows stronger as we work together. Our love evolves into trust and acceptance. Our work together will be rewarding and enriching for each person who partakes of our lessons. Those who will listen and learn will enjoy this enrichment each day of their life. Those that are too busy to listen will still learn the lessons at a later time. No one will be exempt from learning and teaching love. Each person will learn the power of love in the Father's workshop of life. The Father is the love that each one seeks. The Father gives the love by filling your heart to overflowing. He floods your heart adequately. No one need ever be digging in the dumpster for help nor digging frantically in the dry sands for water when you have the fluid love eternal flowing generously into your heart. Picture a fountain of water reaching upward. See the rainbow of colors shining through the bubbling water. Each drop of the water is a precious powerful bead of love. You feel the refreshing cool spray fall on your face and these beads of love melt your cares and worries away. Nothing but this experience is in your mind now. Feel the presence of love emanating from the light rays that shine through the water of color. With renewed gentleness you gather strength from the Father's love. The love of the Father is like the fountain of continual cool water of love that cleanses. It is renewing life renewing itself again and again each day. It flows freely through the air currents in droplets out to the person sitting close to you out to others in the room. If you listen you will hear the melodies of love as it touches all people on your planet.

The light glimmers through the living water of love and reflects the colors. The rainbow changes colors as it touches each person. The colors vibrate brighter as the melodies are sounded forth back to God. Each person has a color that is more predominate than the other colors. Allow your color to be seen by everyone. It is beautiful so beautiful. The light of the colors covers you and whispers its melodies. Hear the melodious music of love. It sings; it is beautiful to hear to see. Love brings lightness brightness and more strength. You are feeling so much lighter so energized in love. Picture this reflection of color. Each person is reflecting back to others the light that shines from them. This is how love gives reflection back to you and then continues on being given by others. It is the process of give and take the beautiful networking of love moving from one person to another and out into the world. It is colorful to see and very melodious. Listen to the sounds of love as they touch your heart as others send their love to you. Is it not beautiful and clear?

So clear and pure is the love of the Father. Let this music dance across your ears and your face. Allow yourself to enjoy this music. Listen for this music every day as you travel about your duties. Hear your own heart sing in joy that it is so. See the colored rainbows of love beads around the people you meet. Enjoy this display and seek this picture whenever you need reinforcement that God's light does shine on each person. His light rays make the colors and the music. It is the Father's love that creates such beauty among you. It is his love that allows you to see and hear this sound and color presentation everywhere that you go. In love we each teach and learn learnand teach. Everyone learns and teaches. Please give to others the precious fluid love of the spirit to touch the truth into a colorful rainbow that glimmers and shines. Speak out for the Father and see your words arrayed in colors. Speak of your experience with the Father. You can share of your daily routine with the Father. Speak by letting the spirit speak through you always in love. By the love teachers Anastacia & Ordon


Anastacia & Ordon7-? ? -93

Lesson 24

Forget not that you are all brothers and sisters under the Father.

He has created you and brought you into this world as his children. Your awareness of the Father as the creator and you as his creature will promote within you much thought about what you can give to your Father. Your happiness comes from pleasing your Heavenly Father. You will look and see the Father as the one who indeed tends to your needs. Yes this is truly what happens everyday of your life. The Father's watch care is ever in play around you and every child of the universe. The Father sees only your good. He keeps the good thoughts and your efforts and actions of courage in his heart; it's his gift from you. His satisfaction comes from seeing you happy and working in the joy of certainty that he is lovingly watching over you. Oh dear ones be aware of this way to reciprocate to the Father. In giving back you receive much more than you ever can give. The Father gives and gives to each of you. His love creates for you new openings of growth new experiences in his love of how to show it to others. Live in the Father's love. You are not alone. You have this excellent watch care loving care and guiding care in which to grow and prosper. What is there to be hesitant about when asked to take up your work in your realm of duties?

When each person watches and sees the duties that they can do then we will have more peace and love on your planet. Each person will reach out to others in love and lend a helping hand then we will have peace and love on your planet. Your choice of reaching out to others in love is what you can do. Reach out with love in joint effort. Only BE the person to reach out. Reach out by sending out your transcripts. This is a beginning a starting place. Your own needs are beginning to seem trivial as to some of the problems of your neighbors and friends and others on your planet. You watch and wait. You are waiting for someone to invite you to be the leader of the group. You are each leaders. You each show the other ones the way to go. Begin to see your role as a teacher/learner/leader.

No you say I will stay in my house and never come out except to buy groceries. But you are still being a leader of sorts. You are directly influencing others around you to act the same way. You are being a leader in quietly suggesting by your behavior that doing your duty is to be quiet live quiet and direct your own business by yourself. This is your teaching to others. How do you lead each other into action? By quietly taking your life and acting on your desires to love others. You are directly influencing others around you. You are too the leader of the group by your actions. We will say that all of you have leadership qualities. Each of you has the ability to speak out and share what you are doing to change yourself.

Only you have the knowledge of what is going on in your life; how you see the change slowly happening in your mind first then you see these ideas being acted upon and used by you. These lessons are slowly changing each one for the better. You are each using these lessons in your daily life. We praise you and celebrate with you when you take up our words to use and aptly apply to living a freer happier more liberated life from your previous confusion. But if your confusion had not happened you would still be in the previous state of not really knowing how to step forward into the enlightened level arena. You continually grow as you live bravely in the Father's care. Yes you are reaching forward to learn more fully the awakened state of mind. You each desire this and we see that you were very weary of the old method of being right about everybody and everything. Now you are able to allow another to speak and listen.

You let them be in the growth stage that they are currently living for it is how you step to the next level. Why not grow in love together? Why not be in the flowing mist of love that melts away all turmoil from the mind by keeping refreshed daily? Yes refresh daily by communing with the Father heeding his call from the routine of existence and taking shelter in the abode where the Father lives within you. Rest in this sheltering place of care with love and wise counsel. You are each so beautiful. You try so hard and you do succeed by your efforts. We see your efforts. We see your longings for improvement. We know of your wishes to be more satisfied with your walks through your daily routine. How can you bring this into fruition? How can you grow each day as you walk with your family friendsgroup members and coworkers?

The only way to go to be truly satisfied with your daily fruits is to take the Father's hand. Don't go anywhere without the Father by your side. Take his love in your heart; picture him by your side always. This is something we insist that you do. Yes this is the way to go. This is the way to be. You insist each day that the Father or your dear brother Michael walk with you. This will bring glorious experiences. You will indeed be so impressed and awed by the work that can be done when you insist that this is the way for you. Your insistence that you no longer want to walk alone will completely change your life from confusion to one of joy in service. You surely hold the key to greater awareness when you try this experiment with the Father. You need only say: Father take my hand as I go about my daily routine. Walk by my side. With you all will go well and with you I will learn how to better show the love that I want to show to each person that I meet. Nothing can keep me from God. Not anger not confusion not other's reactions. Nothing will ever be so important again to keep me away from Michael my dear brother and loving friend. I have all the help I need when I am enjoying the company of my Father and my brother Michael. Nothing can delay my work. It will begin today. The Father knows of his plans for me and I will step forward to invest my time with him in my daily chores. He will show me what needs to be done. I will be very aware of this way for me in all things.

Everyday I grow surer and stronger in my direction. As I step forward in God's behalf I will be quite sure and able to oblige him of doing a good job. My personal work will shine in the love that I have gained from truth to use for others to see. Nothing can stop me from my task. Nothing can delay me now but myself my own hesitation. Importantly Michael will be there pointing to the way to go in all that I undertake in his name. Nothing can stall me with his power and right direction; I know the way. I see the way to travel with Michael by my side. In all earnestness I will deliver my work to God as the best work that I can do the best fruits that I can produce as I walk through my life. I have nothing to fear; therefore I will cheerfully take up my work in joy of service and thanksgiving. " Children of mine the Father will say let us walk together in the garden of time. Let us think as one and soon we will be of like mind. I will lead you dear child through the dark waters; and the light of truth will be in your heart as we travel and work and enjoy our daily journeys together. We will invite others to join us as many are waiting just to be asked. They will follow us as we walk together talk together and love all who come into our path. It will be satisfying and deeply rewarding for many hungry souls are waiting for the truth. They are looking for my love and it will be shown to them by many like you who are earnestly willing to speak in my behalf. If you take my hand I will ever be the example of love in a much greater illumination.

Have faith in my power as your willing guide who will lead you safely to the shores of eternity. You will delight in our cheerful demeanors together for the spiritual work is light and joyful. So much of your concerns are not necessary when you invite me to fight with you as I can suggest another attitude of faith in my plan in my way for you to trod. Happiness is our energy of harmony in love to fill the hearts of all we meet. Because another soul has walked and talked with us together their life will be lighter and brighter too. Love spreads from one person to another like the wind that blows the leaves. You see the leaves sway in your yard but think again of the movement in other yards. Think of the wind as my love. Think then of my love refreshing as the breezes on a very hot day. The wind is everywhere but it can't be seen but you know the wind moves the leaves. Love is more powerfully contagious than the wind; and it touches the hearts of as many people comparatively more than the leaves that you can see. Love will be our unity of purpose. Children of mine be love personified by living in my love.

Together as friends we walk and talk; and everything is as it should be. Stay by my side and we will closely be one in mind. Ask me your questions. In my love you shall know all that is possible to know. Trust my words that I place in your heart. Dear child of mine be with me in the silence so you can hear me speak of love eternal to you. Be with me in your heart and mind. Be with me in all that you do. I love you with a Fatherly love; there is none more lovely correcting and encouraging as a Father and child relationship. Our love will be forever. You see the beauty of these messages. You feel them pull at your heart strings. You are blessed in hearing them. Now let us begin to see beauty in all areas of our lives together. Let us begin to have trust in each other. Let us confer together as partners who are diligently working for the same goal. We are as one. No longer do you have to work alone. No longer will you not know the way to go. You are enlightened and equipped with the spiritual radar. It will help you perceive all that is necessary for you to do to start forward. Trust in this urgent message. Take it to heart. Step out with the Father by your side and the willing crew members of the mission are waiting to assist you also. Never will you travel alone again for we are here also. Allow ALL THIS HELP to be utilized each day.

Allow our powerful crew members to begin to assist you in any way that we can. Listen to our messages and let your heart sing with proud assurance that you have chosen this way to go in your life. Please let us be with you more often now that the summer months are halfway over. It is our intention to be around you as we plan together in our lessons and how to be effective outreach workers. Now silently let us praise the Father for all his beloved care. Let us give homage to our friend Betty. She lived bravely and passed on to a higher way of living. Yes her life was lived as she wished it to be.

Worry not now about the reasons for her transference at this time. When you meet again on another shore you will see and chat with her about the good old days on Urantia. This will be an enjoyable meeting for you will see the Betty who is transformed from her material body to one awakened in the light of everlasting love. Forget not her acts of kindnesses but do let us have peace in our minds about her departure for the Mansion Worlds. She will be with friends and family too. Let us wish her well and allow her to be free to proceed in her life as the scholar and seeker of truth that she was here. In understanding another's life (seeing it from the viewpoint of its origin history and destiny) you will never again hesitate to give to another your truth nor your beautiful beliefs of God's love. It will linger in your mind as the only way to be here. It is true in all your endeavors to be true to yourself and share what you see of the beauty that surrounds you now. Look now and see this beauty. Allow it to be the focal point of your day. In doing this you will understand from the Deity viewpoint of living. Never delay your living to your fullest for tomorrow may be on another world. Understand this idea and you will see that tomorrow is now and yesterday is history.

You will see today. You will see tomorrow anew but today is for your enjoyment in living. Treat each day as precious. You won't have it tomorrow. What will happen today that can be special and so rewarding that you won't ever forget it in all eternity? Make this day as perfect as possible. Let us have a time together soon to discuss our everyday life which specifically includes having joyfulness explode while we work. Could joyfulness so become part of you that IT is the normal way of acting? Can you be happy no matter what you have to do? Let us gauge our happiness by how joyful we are each morning to be part of the day that is before us. You are aware in your life that you have the morning to arise and shine. Do you approach each day as a gift from the Father for his association with you?

Nothing will be quite as important and as joyful as keeping this appointment every morning as you rise to meet your family. When you smile your eyes twinkle. Just by being happy you will cause others to ask themselves some questions. Why is she/he so happy? Happiness comes from inside you. It can't be produced unless you consciously give your smiles and your humor. Practicing will help it become habitual. Happiness is more than smiling. But happiness can happen if you allow a lighter spirit to permeate your attitudes. Think of the happiness you have missed because you dwelt on the negatives instead of the positives! All is possible with the Father. Happiness comes from letting Michael shoulder part of the load each day. Lighten the burdens by seeing yourself in capable hands to produce the best way to deal with your days. Each day is another opportunity to be who you want to be. It is as we say. See how important it is FOR YOU to be in the state of mind of joyfulness. It is your choice. Your freedom is of the inner work. This is in your control. Who among you thinks of yourself as being part of the mission will indeed have much to smile about. You are the workers who will be blessed and happy. We are in the mission work so we are experts about the happiness that comes from honest hard work. You come to this conclusion as you are more adept at changing attitudes from one of worry about what you will do to one of love peace and understanding. Everything happens in its own time. And you can be happy while all about you others are losing their heads with worry.

No one compels you to worry. You allow it to happen. All is well with those who steadily daily commune with the Father. All will be as it should be. Let God take up his part as you do your part. This is all that is asked of you. Be at peace. We speak of you each day as we pray. Include us in your prayers for in joining together our work becomes more fruitful. We love each one of you dearly. Our prayers are for each one daily. Be happy dear children and love each other more fully and sincerely. Happiness will be yours as you vividly picture yourself this way. Thoughts have energy. Naturally we suggest positive happy thoughts. Think happy! Think joy! We are your teachers. Anastacia and Ordon


Anastacia & Ordon8-10-93 August 10 1993

Lesson 25

The Truth Will Set You Free

Face the truth. Let your faith in the Father bring you into the enlightenment of truth. Let us suggest prayer. It will bring you a multitude of joyful solutions. There is joy when you know what to do how to do it and why you want to do it. You will know and the truth will set you free.

When you pray pray for your faith to have the insight of a devoted heart as the son or daughter of God.When you put your faith in prayer to God you will begin to see for sure that the Father hears your requests. He can help you find workable solutions from your requests. You are the one to test and prove that the Father is near and listening if this is your concern. Blessed are the ones who direct their requests to the Father within. Have your chats out loud with God and see what happens.

Experience this firsthand by doing as we ask of you. We want each one to experience the help you will immediately receive from the Father. You are dearly loved and cared for each separately and as a whole. Each request you make to the Father is heard and then a workable loving idea will filter down to your consciousness. The Father desires to be nearer to you. This is what he has diligently worked for all these years with you. He is delighted to assist you in the best way that he sees will benefit you and help you help others while you learn at the same time. Yes the spiritual economics is efficiently utilized in all ways on our level. There are many sides to the answers that you receive so be grateful and be willing to accept the multidimensional help that you receive.

To experience something you must act. Nothing can happen until you act if you are truly to see that the Father will answer your prayers. You must do your part in this prayer circle. First you talk to God about whatever is bothering you. Then you listen for the answers. If you give the needed time to hear the Father will let his ideas filter down to you. You will receive some help in your confusion problem or just addressing the way to go in each daily routine. We asked you before to seek the Father's help each morning to know the way to go or to do for that day. Will you help us by doing this? We will assist too. Never do we promise you that things will happen if we are not positive that it will. We promise that you will somehow receive answers. Maybe they will come to you from the lessons or from someone's sharing with you but you will receive an answer. If you ask the Father he will see that an answer is given to you somehow someway. Will you test the waters of prayer and be alert to watch for the answers to come to you? In joyfulness and thanksgiving the answers to your problems will come to mind for with God all is possible.

The Father loves you and he is interested in your spiritual education. He has the plans laid out in order as the best way for you to proceed. The Father cares about you and he tends to your needs and your lessons that will bring you into the realization of truth. Facts are facts but you must find the truth of the problem. You must be an awakened student who is willing to ask for assistance and to watch for the answers to come to your mind. You will realize then that the Father is very near you and that he listens to your requests. When you have this realization and you understand that answers are waiting just by your chats with God you will not hesitate any longer nor delay. You will continually talk with God and enjoy his presence on a firsthand basis. Your friendship will increase. Your confidence in the Father will increase a thousandfold. Nothing will keep you from God when you see the valuable answers that await you in the company of your companion and friend the Father. You will begin to see the truth by your faith-insight.

Of course knowledge-reason comes into play too. But now my dears you are sure of getting help because these answers will be directly related to your requests. You will know with a certainty that God has helped you. There will be no doubt. Let us try and see! We ask you to do this because we are certain that you will SEE and you will KNOW that our words are true. Don't put this off. We want you to see the joy that will be yours when you take the time to ask and then to await the answer. Nothing can ever take the place of the loving Father helping his children in this intimate process. The Father always knows best. You will definitely be awed and so overjoyed that you are ready to receive firsthand your reward for all the work you have diligently accomplished through ridding yourself of fears hates and all the poisons that keep you from closeness with the Father. You are beginning to trust us more for you take up the work that we request of you in our lessons. You are beginning to see the truth for yourselves now. Yes at first you just halfway did the work but now we see that you truly long and thirst for the better ways to be and to react in your daily living. We are with you. We know for a fact that this is so. Yes dear students we are so proud of you and your newly acquired spirituality that we will indeed be the one to point the way for your new growth to excel.

You are becoming our apt students. Thank you for your cooperation and concern for others in the group. Thank you for your love you so rightly have extended to each other by way of sharing. In general your trust level has increased. Your enjoyment has been raised. Most definitely you respect and listen more intently to each other's ideas and opinions to a greater degree. Sincerely you have been able to improve your listening skills and to value another's words. How proud we are of you all. We are your teachers and you are our students. We work side by side. Our constant attention to your needs and our help in your wishes have indeed advanced you to a newer height than before. Who among you can deny this? How fortunate we are to have students who are sincere and joyful. These two conditions work hand in hand to raise your level of consciousness. We speak of God-consciousness here. When your level of consciousness is raised you are beginning to see in a directly new lightness. You are directly more willing to be with the Father and devote yourself to him more willingly each day. After all when you reciprocate and thank the Father he is acutely aware that you are getting his feedback. He then is joyfully touched; and he proceeds in a more direct method for he knows that you are acknowledging his help.

You are gladly accepting more of God's way as your way too. You are developing the state of mind to be more willing in an open-minded direction. Please keep in mind that this process will continue on each day. This process will increase as you ask for the help. God does not turn a deaf ear to your pleas nor does he work needlessly when your ears are deaf to him. He waits until you are ready to listen. My dears the Father knows you and understands you. He is your most dearly beloved friend in all you do even more so when seeking his assistance. How gladly and willingly he comes to you and waits. God is love personified. Love is what he gives; and in his patience he loves you. In his mercy he loves you. In his joy he loves you. That is how the Father provides for you. His plan is perfect and so beautiful. The Father has covered all your needs in his care.

You need nothing more at this stage of growth but to trust in his love. When you understand this free love that comes to you each day of your life you will accept this love; and in awesome respect give to all others you meet. This love cannot be held in your hand but it can be given by the work your hands produce. In the promise to you God is all that you ever need to seek. In this knowledge of truth you see all that love can teach you. You will know what needs to be seen in the eyes of others for them to see love in action. This love will open your heart and open the rays of beauty into joyful giving. You are dedicated to opening the rays of love that shine out onto another's heart. You share. You will guide another person to see this ray in someone else's heart. This beautiful circle of love rings the harmony bells of truth. It is so that righteousness will reach the Father's ears and ring the harmony chords. Be so sure of this process that nothing can keep you nor deter you from praying again. Many of you now pray mini prayers to the Father all day long. Yes you are seeing the rewards of praise and thankfulness and inward chatting with the Father as you go about your daily work. Be positive about this prayer process because you will come to the realization in various ways that nothing but good will materialize when you participate with the Father by your side.

And this is what happens. The Father becomes by your request your constant companion. He no more is just someone who is with you but you are in touch with him through your prayers. You know that you want his input as it serves you so conveniently and so accurately. Chatting with the Father enriches your life in many ways as channeling new energy into yourself in various healing directions. Being with the Father beholds more for you than is seen now. Answering your prayers is a beginning. Ask the Father or Michael to be the guide in all your concerns. Take your problems to him with knowing assurance that he will help you in someway that is best by all concerned. Be joyful that all works out for the good of all when the Father is your advisor.

When the Father leads you in your daily work you are doing your best. When you diligently seek the Father throughout the day you are continually renewing your line of communication. Nothing can come between you and this communication. We too stay in our communication with God and with you. It is a strong bond that need never be broken nor does it ever have to be hesitantly taken back up again. Just tell the Father that you have missed him and you will more fully direct your attention in his direction. The Father knows you well. He sees what you are going through and his love and care is available for your needs. Never be shy about talking with the Father. Take the time. Be there talking and asking the Father for his solutions to your problems. Be free to do this by preparing your time schedule to allow ample time for this important appointment that is never broken by you. Be brave children of the Most High. Dance in your joyfulness that you are the children who accept challenges for they only help you grow in spiritual awareness. They are not hindrances but learning lessons that you know the Father would like you to learn. You are becoming more joyful about your listening skills your growth and your acknowledgment that truly you are on the right path. Accept these lessons in the most cheerful manner so you can see that each day will be either worked through in cheerfulness or in negativity of begrudging the lessons. You choose your attitudes. You set the tone of the day. It is your choice. No one can tell you how to live your life and make you do it. You are free to choose the cheerful path of discipleship as your path to be treading homeward to Paradise .

By your actions come examples of action and reactions for many others to follow. You are enjoying your growth and you are on the very lowest level; but by the same token you can foretaste the joy that will be yours in the near and far future. Your joy now is just the beginnings of joy. You are beginners in learning about cheerfulness and joyfulness. But we see you gaining these desirable attributes. Great storehouses of joy are waiting for each one. Think of these and continue being glad you are happy. Happiness comes from acting out the truth in your life. Living in the pathway of spirituality brings greater returns for your efforts than anything you could invest in ever and for always. Of course it is evident to you too that this is truth. No longer do you have to just believe have faith that it is true. Yes it is becoming more real everyday that you persist in the mission workshops under our tutelage. Your faith is bringing your fruits into the truth of reality. We see each one in the group each day. We chat if the occasions call for it; otherwise we journey on to the next member. See if you can detect our presence. We will make a game of it and have some fun with you. Address your concerns to the Father and all will be as it should or can best be lived by you. Each of you areresponsible for your daily action and reactions. Take each action and allow our loving Father and Michael to be by your side. What greater power will you need then? You will see the impact of this awareness for yourself and others when you walk with this powerful love each hour of the day.

It is our privilege to assist you as your teachers and we want to state here that our love grows with you as we work side by side in Michael's mission work. Our brother Michael provides for us all to have peace of mind by walking the pathway with him. We smile in this devoted journey we are taking together. You smile with us. We are happy and so are you. Together we see our blessings because we have taken up this work. You volunteered as we did. In your familiarity with The Urantia Book you very often encountered the record of celestials volunteering for the available positions opened and classified as 'help wanted. ' This is the way of love. Opportunities are opened and interested beings are encouraged to volunteer. Do you see why this method is the best way to proceed? If not now you will see by experience. So we ask here for volunteers to begin the outreach work. Who wants to volunteer? Who can see the work as something that they want to delve into in a greater way? We will say more about this later. For now dear ones be gentle with yourselves and with others. Allow the love of the Father to flow through you out to others. The Father's love heals and cures aliments of the mind heart and the physical body. Whoever said It is more blessed to give than to receive is the same person who said Love one another as the Father loves you.

Of course it is Michael who knows about love and the devotion that comes from applying it to others. The Father is love and all love comes from him the Primal Source of all Love. All blessings are because of the Father's love. The Father is the Cause of the Universe. The Father is the First Love of the Heavens. Michael has shown us what the Father would be like were he here in physical form. Here we are on the planet where Michael lived this life for all to see and to know. You are very privileged to live here and have this knowledge. You are able to see the repercussions of his work. Think of the powerfulness of love that he gave to us. Ponder this idea and count your blessings every time you get discouraged or out of sorts with your fellow men.

Count your blessings. Count your blessings and adjust your mind with Michael's. Be awed by your own worthiness of having your life experience on this planet of Urantia. You are so blessed. All appreciativeness when awakened on your planet will account for your mercifulness. Michael is dominated by mercy. Mercy is applied love. Mercy makes you more appreciative. In all our messages to you we speak of what is to be learned and reviewed. In addition we urge you forward in your work. Ofttimes we speak of new ideas for you to ponder so you will not only be thinking of now but be looking forward to the future times. You are able then to see the bigger picture. You can envision your potentials as well as keeping your feet firmly planted in the everyday work here.

Dear blessed students that which we want most for you isto feel the Father's love. Let it be real for you by using it in your everyday dealings with others. Let this love flow freely to others. You are experiencing this action more and more. We are seeing you touching others by your actions.

Yes we hear your comments of how someone helped you by sharing. Love helps you accept more about another person. It helps you be receptive to their needs. You are only being as you want and desire to act. You are desirous of being present and awake in this new energy that is being placed in your care. Now we will close our lesson of truth and freedom. Truth heals your mind. It increases your awareness to beauty and goodness. Love beautifies your actions. Your heart thrills in the expanded giving of yourself to the work you are able to do easily and with cheerfulness. Be close to each other by supporting your ideas in the work for God. Be with us in your heart. We love you and see your progress increasing. You are devoted children of the Father. Let us be thankful that this is so. The love teachers Anastacia and Ordon


Anastacia & Ordon8-19-93 August 19 1993

Lesson 26

Be friendly be wise but reach out to others in the world.

So it is on your world that discretion is the key to your safety when you reach out to others. We above all want you to be safe and happy. Our group here nears the completion of our work of your wishes. Twist not our words. We are not leaving you nor disbanding our group. No, we are here to teach you as you go about teaching others. Let our words be stated clearly in your mind that we are here for you in this capacity.

We need now to take up a task to work on. Lessons are enlightenment and are to be put into practice as you are willingly able to give them to others.

We see the time arriving that you will not be content to contain these lessons/enlightenment inside. You are seeing the need to start sharing to other groups or maybe in your immediate neighborhoods in a more concentrated movement. You are busy with your duties. We see this is true of each one. How then can you share to a greater degree than before? How can you reach more people than before?

It is often that we see you delving into different topics to study and we often wish that you would consider seriously studying the life of Jesus especially in his life that was spent as a teacher. You are able to see then how an effective teacher goes about his work each day of life as you go about your life. You will encounter many situational circumstances that will allow you to blend your knowledge with the Master's way of teaching. Yes, it encompasses much that could be put into practice immediately.

Also it is ready enlightenment that you have already in your possession. Do you see what we speak of here? Please allow us to speak with you in your Monday night meeting if you are agreeable. Of course this is our request. We see you are becoming acquainted with us and as spoken of before we are grateful for this. You are not so awestruck but are beginning to treat us in a more normal casual way. This means that we are completing what we have come here to teach.

We are your friends and cohorts in this work. You do respect our words and use them. Yes we feel that you are comfortable around us and are placing more important and useful questions before us. This is as was planned and you haven't asked but few questions that we term only to satisfy the curiosity. Now for the present time we have much more enlightenment that you do not possess in the UBook. There is much we can teach you. There is much left out of the UBook about the daily routine the daily living.

We have heard you comment on this awareness yourselves. Is this not so? And yet much is suggested for the astute reader to glean from Urantia Papers. We are here to place emphasis on these ever gentle suggestions that many may pass over. You are our students and you know we place great emphasis on giving and willingly passing love to others. We ask you each to consciously put this idea into the very core of your being into your heart into your mind and let it saturate your soul.

Love can bring you happiness when applied and gently handed to each soul that you meet. Words are not always needed but the feelings can pass between two people and they are aware that they received something of value. Do you agree? Time is not always allotted to you in which to speak of higher values to others. So in all your dealings with others place the love factor above all else and let love flow from your heart.

Let the diamond sparkle with light into their God within. Let the Father help you turn someone into a loving person by extending to them the passing forth of loving thoughts. Do you see what we are speaking about here? Be gentle with yourselves and with others by mentally asking the Father's or Michael's presence to walk along with you as you go forth in his honor. As we have said before stop and wait if things develop that aren'tloving. You will accomplish more if you learn this practical habit of backing off with some words that tell the other person that with a moment of quiet we will then proceed forward with love that will benefit us both. You can speak to your loved ones with these words as they indeed know you are in a group that is intended to teach spiritual procedures. Your loved ones will benefit too if you speak of the process of letting love dominate your every action.

You are this love dominated person now and you are willing to act and speak of the benefits and blessings that are derived from living such a life. So many of your fellow men are searching for the very love that you have experienced and know for a certainty that you won't be without it.Love has been topic in the songs you sing and has been the subject of many of your how-to books. Love comes to the person who gives it to others. That is believing in the mercy principle. Mercy is applied love. Your guests family your neighbors your fellow men are seeking to have love applied to them.

They are weary from worry and needless maddening experiences that they live through now. Put love in the path of all that you can and your life will be enriched a thousand-fold. You are the blessed ones who know and you are the ones to give the Father's love to each person one by one. How can you be the gentle person that you are and yet manage to get along with most of your fellows? Is this a question that needs to be addressed in the group? How can you be the gentle person who shows love when others do not appear to respond? How do you act then? Do you allow others to be rude to you continually? Do you allow others to treat you with hateful spite? What can you do in circumstances as these? What is this person saying about themselves when they act so unpleasantly? Do they need help? Are they asking for help?

Love is the answer. But can you stand up for yourself assertively and be loving too? Ask us these questions. Take advantage of our time together and ask your questions that truly concern you about real life circumstances that you face each day. Life is life. Problems arise that are not pleasant to handle. Things happen to nice people but can they be handled with love and with self assurance that will enable others to take responsibility for their own actions? Who will take up this topic? Do the research necessary from your known resources and present it to the group. This is a topic that will reappear again and again in your groups until you have addressed it thoroughly and so that each person is schooled with the correct way to act. In assurance of knowledge-reason you will receive faith-insight answers. Each question will have an answer. Each action will lead you to another question but you will know for a certainty what to do. This will prove valuable in setting up your groups and allowing order to be the tone of your meetings. Each one of you can see that you are responsible for your own actions. Each one of you can see that you each one can be more responsible for the greatest order of good to come from your meetings. We ask you to look again at the time available to us to speak in your meeting and we ask again to help you in your lessons. To speak with you while you discuss the lessons after you have read them and you are concluding what is valuable for you. May we suggest then that you read the lessons on Sunday and have a exercise with them so you can place these words into your consciousness? Words can be learned and retained in the mind but experience will be the test to put the information into practice. Knowing and experiencing something are two entirely different opposites.

Give yourself time to really learn what we talk about in the lessons. Many of you are indeed trying and seriously taking our words to heart but time will become your friend in really experiencing what we are talking about. Yes you do have to experience something to really possess it in your soul. Can you help us help you more fully? We see you each going about your life and enjoying the growth that has come from our work together. You have grown spiritually from our being together. So we are speaking of being willing to take more responsibility for the group by being more open to sharing more of your talents.

As also we see that each one could indeed be a spokesperson for conducting the meetings. Only a few have taken up this responsibility. If you indeed take a turn at conducting the meetings you will understand what the moderator goes through to lead the group in an orderly fashion. Also if you take your turn leading you will understand the fairness in allowing time for each person to have their time to speak. Let us help you adjust more quickly to change. Let us be with you when you ask these questions. We are certainly amiable to these questions that will greatly benefit you and many others. Your lessons when mailed out to other groups will be received with wonder and love. So let us ask again for your mailings to begin for your questions to begin on questions that will change your life toward a more gentlermanner and toward love as the flame of life to be expressed in all that you do. We are positive that you want these similar blessings that we value as well.

You need not worry that you are not asking the right questions but you can be sure if you are asking the questions that greatly change your life. Now we will ask you again to begin to feast on life in the brightness and liveliness of really living. Take the risks in the Father's love. Step forward learn as you share and you will have questions galore for us that are from your own experience. You live each day and you learn that your life needs to be adjusted to the Father's will. These adjustments will formulate into new patterns; and when new patterns begin to shape your very actions you see the need for more help. Of course the Father waits for these questions too. He is ever near you and of you. When you share you learning experiences with the group they see too. They benefit from your sharing. We ask of you to be the person who will share out what you have learned and what you need to proceed forward now. Many of you are shy about talking about your growth.

Many of you are not aware of what you are learning but so many of you do insist that learning be like the wind that blows each day. You take up the task of teaching because you want to assist others in the best way for you and in doing this you see much. Sharing teaches you so much. Sharing teaches you about loving deeds. Sharing teaches you that you want to act no other way but in love.

Duties call you each day but love remains something that is your choice to share. Be with us more and you will see the beauty of living. Beauty in living comes from sharing the best within you. You will have all that you can handle if you allow us to assist you grow each day. In order for growth to occur you must be the willing learner. You must be the one to ask for the necessary help. Your life becomes more beautiful as you believe that help is available and you have faith that the Father waits for this request from you. If you direct God to always help you grow each day in his love then yes it will be so.

Now for the closing statements:

Our love is near you always too. Each day your personal teachers walk the walk that you take in your life. They are with you no matter what happens. Yes they are there by your side. This help continues as long as you want it to. You are not sure sometimes if your personal teachers are about you. Test situations by silently asking them to assist you and you will then have more power added to your work. Do you see why it can be said that your work will produce more for you have so much more help than before.

You see the benefits but do you see this manpower as precious? It is something to be used. Use your time to benefit your teachers also. Think about this too. Dear students we love you with all our might. Your work in the Father's name has been noted. You are making a difference. Be proud and be humble that this is so.

Have faith and let us emphasize the word faith. Faith takes you forward at a safe speed but you can be assured that you will be going forward. Trusting the Father's will as your will because he knows best is to have the faith that he does know all and he does know the best way to proceed. You are only as great as the faith you have in the Father.

It is here that we see the group needs an urging to include your faith in the thinking you do each day. Remind yourself that faith can help solve problems by knowing and trusting that when you do your part the Father will do his part. It is this mutual trust in this arrangement that your group needs the gentle reminder. Adjust your mind to the Father's by accepting his daily help. And how do you do this?

When you set your mind's will to this adjustment in your thinking. Trust the Father will help trust the Father's knowledge trust in his ability to be ever present to see the need. Be sure when you set your faith in the Father as something that is there available you will live on still another higher plane. The best road to tread is living in the Father's love and you have the faith to know that this is true. This is a concept that you have to experience day in and day out. You will see the beauty in having this faith. Now let us close and the Father's blessing be with you as you direct your will to his. Your teachers Anastaciaand Ordon.


Anastacia & Ordon9-13-93 September 13 1993

Lesson 27

The call to God.

Let us begin to trust the Father in a greater way than before. Let us rejoice that you are able to allow the Father to be with you in all that transpires in your life. You have all that is needed to open the door for him to address you in a more intimate way. Ask the Father for ideas so that you can get closer to him. Your wish to be closer to the Father is always something that the Father wishes too. How can you get closer to God? We ask each one of you to make a list and bring it to the meeting. Keep your lessons together and available for these meetings. Bring them with you. You never know when you will need them. We suggest that you have a notebook to write in also. Keep your recorded thoughts about the lessons in this notebook so that you can look and actually see your thoughts and your questions so that you can bring them to us for answering. They will be recorded and ready for use in our evenings with you. We shall refer to this notebook as your workbook about the lessons. Record your work on each lesson and do something extra.

One suggestion would be to research some one of the concepts for your own benefit. Enlarge your knowledge on a topic you are interested in. You will then see your growth mount higher and your relationship with the Father become closer. When you keep in mind that the main idea of this mission and your lessons is to get closer to the Father you will again maintain this focus as the main topic of your thoughts. Not only will you become more familiar with the Father but you will automatically reach to others to share and to question your fellows about their ideas that they may have researched. This will begin to show your interest in a greater way than before. Each person has personal topics about certain subjects that will accommodate and be of interest to all other members. Your work is just now beginning.

You are seeing that you enjoy the work and it now appears to us that it isn't work anymore but something that you desire above all else. It could now be labeled as your wishes. Can it be called a hobby? What will you call investing your time in searching for the Father's answers?

It is more than a hobby and it isn't work but can it be called something that you will to happen? Oh dear children it is our wish that you come up with a good name for this search that you are pursuing as the very core of your being. It is more than survival. It is for your very existence in the temporal world. And once you have started on your way it will be; there is no stopping it from happening. Could it be named your call to God ?Each of you is calling to the Father for his help and for his love.

You each seek to know the Father better and you ask for his guidance in your everyday life. The Father hears your calls and he answers. Yes the Father truly does answer you in some way. Each one receives an answer.

Look to be aware of the answers. How will you be aware of answers if you aren't aware of getting/receiving them. Watch and you will see that this is very true. Each one has the ability to receive from the Father. His answers come to you the answers filter down to your mind. Take up these answers and use them.

The Father awaits with anticipation while you take these answers out to experience them in your life. Nothing is real until you have thoroughly experienced it. It is yours when this happens. Your truth is encased in your very soul. The call to God goes out and you receive. Then you place this information before your fellows. You show others how to see this truth in their life. By the way you live by your words by your feelings these are expressions of what you know of what you are. Proof is in the way you are. Come to the Father quietly and with joyful song. In this love you will see that the Father stays near and answers your calls in some manner. You can believe and trust the Father's answers. Diligently you respond to the Father's words by dealing with the issues that confuse you and so now you have expanded your spiritual growth. Your growth leads you along. Each time you receive an answer and you put the answer into action you will have verification that this cycle of calling on the Father to talk about your needs can be trusted.

Call forth the best in you from the Father when you take the answer out to others and use it in your life. Be alert to hear the answers. Stay in the flow of love with God. Trust his words and live on this level by flowing into the deeds of love the Father himself wishes you to take up. Wisdom accumulates as you listen to the Father and YOU ANSWER HIS CALLS. You are putting into action a system of intercommunication. Briefly let us caution you to allow common sense and reason to authenticate the answers from God. In reasonableness you will be assured that God has given to you something of value. We don't expect you to accept something that you would recognize as not for you or not being true. We trust your discretion in this matter. Calling to the Father for your answers will set up a two-way communication as your recognition of the Father's voice becomes clearer. His voice will no longer be distant that distant echo it will be clearer.

Have faith in the Father's wishes that touch your mind by continually listening to his ideas as they filter down to you. In the Father's love you will know what to do. In the Father's love you live a more directly guided existence. In the Father's love your heart will be of gladness. In the Father's love you will flow into the right action or you will ask of yourself: How could I have better executed that transaction? Stay in the fluid love of eternal thanksgiving. Stay centered in the Father's love. Stay wisely in the Father's love which will lead ever upward. In all your rightfulness of Supreme potential choose what you would know of as Michael's way. Your heart may be right but your thoughts/reason may not be accurate.

We realize mostly that your hearts are beginning to find love to share and we also notice that your interpersonal skills are increasing. These two combinations are very powerful as you hone in on love as the highest way to act. Love knows the way. It always acts graciously and with fairness for all concerned. Yes this includes acting for the highest good in behalf of your own welfare as well. We are not speaking of selfishness but fairness for all. How you would treat another is very often how you would treat yourself. Or do you allow others to walk over you but you give them mercy and love? Can the Father help remedy this situation? Let the Spirit of Truth breathe life into the correct way to proceed. How did Michael handle situations as these? Bring to the forefront of your mind all ideas on this topic and ask us your questions all ideas that your mind brings forward.

Dear children blessed be the ones who walk forward with Jesus by their side. Then questions will come forth. These are the questions that we desire to answer for you. You will encounter many people of different cultures and values throughout your life so therefore you will become more tolerant of others' ways. So in learning to deal with so many different people of unusual thinking you need to be equipped with many interpersonal skills which will serve you well. You will realize that this training of which we speak here will enhance your verbal skills as well as building your self-confidence. To walk with your brothers and sisters with self-assurance and with love entails studying and experiencing these concepts first hand. Who will motivate you to take these steps forward? In your higher developmental knowledge you will gladly be the one to step into these habits of taking time to develop more skills to share with your fellowmen. Your motivational energies will produce all the yearnings of will power that you will need to acquire to accomplish these sharings.

In other words your desires are enough to carry you inward as you seek to actualize the truth outwardly. Being sincere as a student as continually you teach what you acquire corrects needless behavior. The good pushes out the unsuccessful techniques that bring forth unnecessary reactions in others. What are we talking about here? We are referring to only adding to what someone knows but never trying to take concepts away. Barriers never develop between two people if you apply all the workable truth that you know. Much of your knowledge is kept in reserve for a rainy day or it'sjust truth that you know. We ask you to bring out all that you hold in your mind as workable ideas to be used.

Face the truth accept our words. For in realizing that you have much truth to use your mind will bring up these ideas for consideration. Some knowledge you keep in the back of your mind because you aren't sure how to apply it in real life situations. Let us help you look outward to your actions. This is a proof of your inward life. Your intentions are sincere and worthy. We praise these qualities.

We the teachers will assist you to see yourself as you really are. Allow us to be with you personally more often and address these questions to your personal teachers. They are here primarily to help you individually to grow and progress under their loving tutelage. These personal teachers will show you the way in adding to your knowledge and by doing this they will be taking you directly into the spiritual life of an active participant who can willingly produce the fruits of the spirit. As Jesus said Bytheir fruits you shall know them. And this is the key to outward signs of spiritual growth. Besides these signs there will be a noticeable difference in the person's outlook. Specifically speaking extended tolerance to others is one of the most noticeable delightful changes that occur by living in the Father's love. Duty then becomes more a willful expression of love as you can act no other way. You delight to be the Father's partner in his suggestions of the best way to go.

The First Source and Center can only act in love. His way will show you the goodness that can be expressed in beauty. All love is of the Eternal Father. His satisfaction comes into full power as you too have satisfaction in discovering that your will is best matched to the brother of all Michael's will. In peace of heart and mind you see that Michael's wishes are for all to live in love. This will happen sooner than you think it will. Keep hope in your sight as you listen each day to the media on your planet. Keep your sights and keep your minds stayed on him who made you. God truly loves and cares about each one of his children. He desires that you all shall be safe and sure in his arms of comfort and assurance that all is well in the universe. That his words are true.

Peace shall come to your world and shall be a beautiful sight to behold. We all are here to make these hopes and desires come forth in fruitful loving acts of all who desire to participate actively in Michael's mission for peace. Shall we begin with you our group of students? Yes you have distinctively witnessed this happening in only a short allotted time span. Yes you have been an eye witness. Does this not prove that it is possible? Does this not serve you well as you share with the many persons with whom you come into contact? Think about what we say and take these ideas out into the world.

Spread these ideas instead of accepting fear that comes from hearing of many acts of violence. Yes we completely trust you will not take up the fear but many of your fellow men do not have a personal relationship with the fearless inner guide your Father. This idea alone will help change the world. Yes! If one group can come to terms in peaceful pursuits then all can happen in like manner. Think in terms of potentials becoming realities.

Dear daughters and sons of Michael believe that ALL is possible with God. Think in potentials. See potentials of another as being closer and nearer to eventuating in the near future instead of so far away. Think practical but also in potentials. This can be tricky but nevertheless truthful. Stop seeing potentials as far away. Some potentials are in the budding stage and are just not quite realized in this moment. We don't look to the distance because we believe that now potentials are waiting to be used to be expressed. This revised picture of others will encourage and lure you the observer to see in the three dimensional. That is seeing the good intentions of the person seeing the abilities of the person and seeing how these two combined can reach into rightful action potential for growth.

When someone expects the best from you what happens? In their eyes you will look at yourself differently. And too you see the best in yourself. When someone looks for the best in you what happens? You live up to their expectations! So you might say to another then: You may be having a confusion attack now but I can see you as a person who is willing to work through to clarity.

Thus you have great enthusiasm to grow. You might see the person who is selfish as a person with the potential for showing great kindnesses to others as they are acutely aware of how to treat themselves. Turn your sight around taking the undesirable as tomorrow's potential good. You will be seeing the budding potential that is about to emerge to appear. If someone is there to encourage this new seed to flourish and take root it more likely will happen. What would you have for yourself?

Then do this to others. Surprise your fellows; see the best that you can see as you observe them going about their everyday living. Let the lessons begin to slow down and let us have a review of all transcripts. Read our words to you. Read our words to you and let's talk about them. In love of the Father and in Michael's love we all are blessed in this goodness. Anastacia your teacher of love.


Completed October 9 1993