1993-07-18-More About The Father

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Topic: More About the Father

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Will

TR: Unknown



WILL: The love of the Father enfolds us. The love of the Father uplifts us. Wherever we gather, He is.

Good evening. I am Will, your teacher, who loves you.

It is good to be with you all again on this evening after our absence from each other. There have been many activities and undertakings about both among members of the group and those of us on the mansion worlds. The time is coming when soon there will be much rejoicing among all involved. There is much occurring in your world that we feel encouraged by and we think you see it also. The world is changing bit by bit through the transformations of mortals such as yourselves. This is the good news. We are encouraged by these changes, the glory is to God, that He is becoming glorified once again on Urantia.


Faith, Love

I would like to welcome our visitors tonight. We are always pleased to see new faces amongst the group. The word is spreading out, people are being touched and feeling the hunger for spiritual knowledge of a God, a being with whom they find a purpose to their lives. Many are being touched now and we commend your efforts with the many ways you are able to reach out to others. So many are seeking and you can help them find... (family disturbance occurs in other room) . .. the disturbances of daily life should not disturb your peace for this is life on this planet full of chaos and confusion, many starts and stops, rarely easy. But you will rise to the challenge with your Father by your side to strengthen you, uphold you, love you and assist you. We are there lovingly urging you onward upward on your path. The path may cause you to stumble and fall for it is filled with many rocks and sharp edges but you are best sustained when you recall your faith in God. He will never let you fall too far, but is always there to reach out, strengthen you and uphold you, set you back on the path.

These are my words to you tonight that you rely on faith in all matters, for it is only through faith in the Father that the path is traversed with the least amount of trouble and the most amount of growth. You sometimes will presented with choices, two or more tasks to choose from. Sometimes it's frightening, sometimes paralyzing, yet if you step off in faith on the path you feel inside is the right one, you cannot go wrong. The trick is stepping out in faith. Fear can be your worst enemy, stopping you from taking any action at all. Faith in God requires you to believe that He will not let you fall, but if you are acting to the best of your knowledge and abilities, that only good can come of it.

These words I share with you tonight. If you doubt it for a moment, it is still true. The Father loves each and every one of you. You may forget about Him, periods of time may pass that you do not give Him a second thought, yet you are always uppermost in His mind. There is no greater truth than the Father's love. It is there, it is real. It belongs to each of you for the asking, to feel it. He is always present. Those who have not experienced much love on the material plane naturally find it harder to believe that such love exists for them. Therefore, make it your life's work to any and all you come in contact with. Truly, we never know who needs it the most.

This is my message for you tonight. Love one another, share the love you have found in the Father. Its supplies are abundant. By the process of giving it away, you can receive even more, more than enough, more than is necessary to give it away. Again I say, it is good to be among you again. I have missed our sharing time together. I send you my love and assurances that I am still with you throughout the week observing and visiting each of you. Continue with the Father's work, your efforts are pleasing to Him and us.


Until next week, I bid you all Shalom.

Session 2

July 25, 1993


WILL: The love of the Father enfolds us. The love of the Father upholds us. Wherever we are gathered, He is.

Good evening, I am Will, your teacher, who loves you.



It has been said that man has the ability to believe in only what he can see with both eyes/hold in both hands. The capacity for doubt is great. We do not find it unusual that you should experience such doubt as a part of your normal mortal existence. The fact that you freely share your doubts with your fellow believers is a sign of your capacity for growth. The doubt itself should be of little bother to you. It can ebb and flow like your tides. When you find yourself being pulled by the ebb-flow of your doubt, we ask that you remember that even the tides are in the hands of the Father. He is always there watching you observing with love and compassion your struggles with the life you lead on Urantia. Do not fear that your faith will evaporate with your doubts, you are stronger than that. The Father has well provided you the tools necessary to complete your journey. He is well aware of your struggles, of the trials you face and He sends His strength and love to you at all times. There has never been a generation who was not filled with doubts when they thought of their creator. The tangible life you lead can be a stumbling block if you allow it to be. Faith transcends the material world bringing you to a place of security in the knowledge of the Father's plan.

There is much still to be experienced on your spiritual journey throughout time in the realms of space. You will in time accomplish all that the Father has in mind for you. Be patient, growth is sometimes cumbersome and time-consuming.

Michael wishes you all to know that each of you is his blessed child, that you are thought very highly of, that He sees great promise in all of your endeavors. He knows you intimately. He loves you intimately. There is no greater love than this.

There is a question tonight that needs addressed. Nadine has indicated her willingness to try in this capacity. I now open the floor to questions.



JUDI: Our conversations earlier were about many of us feeling like we had reached a plateau and, perhaps, like unmotivated students of yours. We are not worried or complaining because we all know that we have made tremendousspiritual growth over the last year and a half. But, we wanted to know if you have any strategies or ways of helping us to catapult ourselves up to the next level and become re-engerized spiritually.

WILL: The days and nights flow into one another so quickly yet the time can seem long, the days passing slowly as you enter a phase wherein you are not capable of detecting growth. This does not mean growth does not occur. It is a subtle thing. Just as you are not always aware of the passage of time, so also are you not aware of the growth process. It is natural to seek validation of one's own growth much as you mark a wall to see your child's growth. This is tangible proof to a mortal mind that such growth has occurred. To believe that growth is occurring when one is not aware of it -- many suggestions have been spoken aloud tonight among the various group members regarding ways in which to feel a certain connectedness and the joy that comes with that connectedness with the Father. There are many ways to revitalize your energies in carrying out the task of following the Father's will. Which you choose should be an individual choice as not all share the same methods of reaching the Father just as He has many methods of reaching His individual children. Does this answer suffice?

Music, Ritual

JUDI: Yes, that is very helpful. One other question. We also have been discussing, jokingly, singing together or doing something different at our weekly meetings. We have settled into a kind of routine. Would you suggest, or should we think about, varying our adopted routine or do you think the way we have settled in conducting our group meetings is conducive to spiritual growth?

WILL: This is a two-fold question. I would address the first part regarding various practices which can be introduced as new group activities. The playing, hearing, and participation in music is a common method of attaining a joyous state of being in which many mortals find their way closer to God. Music has the ability to truly inspire the soul to great heights of joy and ecstasy that are possible to feel in your current life on Urantia. Group prayer can also be very beneficial as the energies released are multiplied in such a way as to enhance the experience beyond what one feels alone. All of these suggestions, and perhaps others, are acceptable ways of raising your threshold for joy, the capacity to feel the love of the Father.

In response to the second part of your question, I would say that the choice is yours. There are many cups to drink from. You are free to choose from as many as you wish. It is not I who should suggest one particular method over another, but you who should discuss and decide what particular methods may be helpful. Trust in your own judgment in these matters, they are of importance to you and they will bring you to a place above the plateau you feel you are on. Any one of the methods will work, there is none greater than another, just what you find inspiring. Is this satisfactory to you?

JUDI: Yes, thank-you.

WILL: There is a willingness to continue if there are further questions.


TOM: On the matter of spiritual names. Is that something we should continue to get more names or something we should just let go? Is it of any use to us?

WILL: The spiritual names thus far given are no indication of one individual's superior spiritual nature over another. There is some interference here, Nadine was recently given her spiritual name and she is interested in the answer. In the work of Father, spiritual nature is all that matters. The material bodies you inhabit along with your material names will be shed as you enter the realm of the morontial worlds. The spiritual names that have been revealed to you are to be how you are known throughout eternity. In this way, they are very real. However, they are not of much use to you on your planet. Again, I say, they are not a marker of spiritual growth, simply the name you will be known by. There is no harm that can come of knowing these names while you are still on the material world. We do not hold that it be necessary for all to know their spiritual name. It can (be) disadvantageous if it causes worry or doubt. It is my belief that names will continue to be revealed in the future as you become more aware spiritually. This is not a requirement, only a readiness on the mortal's part to accept. Is this answer satisfactory?

TOM: Yes, it is.


WILL: The evening grows long. I will ask that we hold further questions for another time. There is a tiredness approaching in Nadine that indicates a need for me to close. I leave you with my encouragement and my love. I bid you will all have a good week as you continue your duties in the Father's work.


Session 3

August 1, 1993


Free will, Growth

???: There is a place within which one must come to in order to reach the awareness of the spiritual world. When on the outside looking in, it may seem difficult, even impossible, to find that place within. Yet, with time and some effort on the mortal's part it can and will be found.

Good evening and greetings to you all. I am one who comes to speak to you tonight in the absence of your regular teacher, Will. The transmission seems to be more difficult for Nadine who is experiencing some trouble in picking up my words. Those of you assembled here have shown your ability to disseminate information and discern the truth found therein. I have listened to your discussions tonight regarding many varied aspects of life on your planet. Your abilities to discern these truths is certainly one of God's greatest gifts to mankind. Without the Spirit of Truth enveloping your world, it would indeed be a darkened and fear-ridden planet. You would do well to utilize this ability at all times, in all circumstances. It will save you from much fear, much wasted time.

The many choices facing your planet today have varying degrees of impact on the spiritual level. How mankind chooses will ultimately affect him not only on a physical plane but also on his spiritual journey. It is not the choosing of whether your planet will survive or not. This is beyond your means to choose. However, decisions must be made that will affect mortals world-wide. I desire to tell you that it is worthwhile to contemplate these things. Perhaps in doing so, a better solution will be found. It is beneficial to you even if no solution is found. Changes can only occur on a personal level one by one by one. The individual who will spend time even contemplating these problems will grow from the experience and become more loving of his fellow man through this process. I do not believe this will be difficult for you as you are all seeking a higher path by your own freewill choice. Because you are seeking, you will find many answers that others may not be aware of yet.

It is through this seeking that you attain spiritual growth though not always discernible to the mortal who is experiencing it. Rest assured it is occurring, however. I would leave you with this wish. That you continue to seek and grow for it is in the Master's plan that many workers in the kingdom will be necessary. You are his workers. Remember this as you go forth each to his own world of personal circumstances in the days to come. Thank for your attentiveness and for your dedication to the Father's work. I bid you all farewell.

Session 4

August 8, 1993


WILL: The love of the Father upholds us. The love of the Father enfolds us. Wherever we are gathered, He is.

Good evening, I am Will, your teacher, who loves you.



Many of you gathered in the room tonight have greatly improved your understanding of the processes by which understanding of your fellow man is best accomplished. The word, "tolerance" should be at the head of any list when one is gathering together ways of action to be used in the dealings with your fellow men. The world is comprised of a hodgepodge of many individuals with varying degrees of intelligence, manners of speech, actions and beliefs. To successfully integrate with others your ideas and beliefs requires a careful study of the mannerisms with which Jesus walked around through his earthly ministry. His example still stands apart as the best set of guidelines for you to emulate. When one is confronted with an unusual situation or person there is no better base to operate from than that of thinking to yourself, "How would Jesus have handled this?". If only in this exercise you could achieve some regular success, then you will have been much furthered along on the spiritual path.

The many types of people encountered throughout your lifetime, and particularly at such gatherings as were being held last week (IC93), present you with an endless variety of opportunities for growth. The manner in which you receive and interact with each individual you encounter enables you to expand your knowledge and, perhaps, have a direct uplifting effect on that individual as well. Your progress in these areas has been noted and we are indeed pleased with your persistent efforts. The group meetings recently sponsored by the Urantia Fellowship group were looked upon with great interest and we feel that it was productive and meaningful for those who were able to attend. I was pleased to have several representatives from our group to be able to attend and to be able to return and share with the others some of the goings on. I also was pleased to be able to attend myself as a first hand observer. There were many [in attendance] from among the various teaching groups which proved beneficial to all concerned. Many a chord was struck although not always apparent.

This comes at a good time, for soon our work will be upstepped again. We will be asking you to pay more attention to your dealings with others whereby more may be touched with the Father's love through you, our workers in the mission. This is not new. You have been asked to do this before. It is, for most, an ongoing struggle to remain in the constant flow of the Father's love, sharing it with those around you. There are many distractions. We would only ask that you attempt to spend more time in conscious thought and deed as you continue in your work trying to do the Father's will in all that you do. You will accomplish much. It is a work filled with joy. When you have love to give, you also are filled with the love - the loving feeling that must surely fill you to overflowing if you are to have love to pass on. I think you will like the feeling. The Father pours His blessing out over all of you, each and every one. Not only at the given moment, but throughout the day. It only takes a moment to recognize it. Take in all that you can and pass on to others what is left. There will never be a shortage; it is always an abundance. It is the most pleasant work I can imagine. You will be lifted up, filled with the Father's love and joy and also, importantly, you will be filling another, touching another with that love. This is what is required of you in your work. We think that you will like it.


It is good to be back among you, among my friends. You are all very dear to me. I have missed our time together. I send you all my love tonight. That is all I have to say.


Session 5

August 15, 1993


WILL: The love of the Father enfolds us. The love of the Father uplifts us. Wherever we are gathered, He is there.

Good evening. I am your teacher, Will, who loves you.



The Father sends forth His love into the world to be shared freely with all. Although many may never hear Him, there are those such as yourselves who not only know of Him but go forth into the world with their feet firmly planted on the path of service. It will take many more to accomplish His work. As we know it to be truth, it is sometimes easy to share in your experience with Him. The wonders and joys can be gained by a life lived following His will. As each of you sets out of His path of service you should remember most of all that He is there with you, over every hill, through every forest, to the very end. You are all seeking ways in which to serve Him. All are needed, as it will take many individuals to effect the changes that are necessary. We see the work you have done already and we are pleased, however, this is not a time for rest. Much effort is still needed, not only on this level, one on one contact, as the work progresses. I foresee a time when things will be much better for all mortals living on Urantia. This will only occur after much work and effort has been expended. We are here to help as much as we are able, but it will not be us who accomplish these changes.

The time will come when each of you has moved along on your individual path to a point where you will be of great assistance in the ongoing mission to bring Urantia to the time of Light and Life. No small deed goes unnoticed. All work for the Father aids in the accomplishment of this goal. Therefore, I propose that as you go forth this week, to be more mindful of the small deeds of good that you are able to do. Each of you is capable of working within the environment in which you're placed to effectuate good during many moments of your day. This is what I would ask of you as you continue to climb upward, struggling, perhaps, against the mainstream of thought, sure of your purpose. Do not neglect your own spiritual feeding. You can more easily share from your plate when you are full.


That is all I have to say. I wish for you all to feel the joy that comes from knowing the Father, living in His light, striving to do His will. His love for you is so great and it knows no barrier. Until we meet again, I send you my love as well. You should know that I look in on all of you throughout the week and I care about what happens to you. God's peace be with you.