1993-08-14-Half Moon Bay, Part 3

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Topic: Part 3

Group: Half Moon Bay TeaM


Teacher: Olfana, Tarkas

TR: Susan Kimsey




Olfana: Allow this connection to begin. Remembering the lessons you learned regarding Jesus's advice to the apostles. "Follow me" was his direction. He asked for their faith. They also did not understand, at times, what was being asked of them, and yet they trusted. Can you, indeed, take this experience one step at a time?

S: I don't know. I guess. I just feel I need some kind of perspective.

Olfana: TR Process encouragement to TR Allowing yourself time to process what you have learned can help. We realize the dichotomy between Urantia Book and reincarnation The Urantia Book teachings and reincarnational philosophies. This gap can, and will, be resolved over time. Let yourself relax and realize the pace at which we lead you is designed for your own well-being. Too much information coming at once does not enlighten. It merely provokes shock and confusion. This attitude of open-mindedness is healthy. Do indeed listen to many perspectives. Allow yourself opportunities to ask questions of others. But realize that truth is all-encompassing of the many divergent philosophies you hear and read. This energy you feel is truly of God. It can help you and others to heal. Relinquish your control...and relax, as we demonstrate again this ability God has given you. Hold your attention in your body. Energy Transmission Feel the vibrational impulse. Raise your hands...Pulsations pass through them...

S: Olfana? Can you explain any more?

Olfana: We seek your cooperation in assisting the planet's healing.

S: But why me? What is it about me?

Olfana: You show a sincerity and an inquisitive mind. We love you, S.

S: (crying) I just want people to understand. Please, Bless me...It all feels so intense...All the studying that I've done. All the beautiful things that have happened. It all just feels so intense. My relationship with you and Tarkas...everything. It's not that I'm not grateful. I just feel so...I don't know what...sometimes unworthy, sometimes confused. I know what I've experienced. I don't even know really why I'm crying right now. Can you help me to understand? (crying)

Olfana: Be at peace, my Child. You are comprehending many things very quickly. This outpouring of emotion is understandable. So much is coming to you. Perhaps you need to rest content. Trust in God's plan for you. Trust the Master with his flock. [S breathes deeply]

S: Okay Olfana.


Olfana: Allow this transmission to end now, S. Rest in God's love and protection.

S: Goodbye, Olfana.




Olfana: Allow this connection to begin. TR Process encouragement to TR Realizing your confusion, we wish to take time to discuss these issues with you, S. Much remains unclear for you because your perspective by definition, as a living mortal, is limited. This condition is inevitable, and we ask you to show cheerful patience with much of your confusion. A time will come when many questions you now have will be satisfied. That time is not yet. Regarding your concern with your health Healthy Living evaluation of TR, we ask you to reconsider the advice we have given you regarding your diet, also regarding exercise. Can you see that perhaps much can be alleviated by following our suggestions on these matters? The karmic Karma component of your health still remains a present issue of this life. Treating your body with greater love can only lead to greater satisfaction for you. Do you feel satisfied with these answers?

S: I guess I do. I know what you're saying about my body is right. What about the whole issue of about feeling so overwhelmed? You know, I have so many different things pulling at me, that I need to do. It's like...why have I been recruited for this, given all the other things that were there in my life?

Olfana: We chose you based on your stated intention to be of service to God, coupled with attributes of your personality, and learning, and life experience. We will be patient with the many other responsibilities you have in your life. We encourage your active participation with us, yet bear you no animosity if your choice is to deal with other issues or obligations you hold dear. We regard many of the conditions of your life as truly helpful in this work. You have the potential to utilize your life's conditions in such a way as to benefit the Mission greatly. Do you wish to ask questions, T?

T: I can't think of anything specific right now. But...I don't know if you're aware or not of the circumstances of my life, and the things I've been trying to deal with over the last couple of weeks. But, if there's anything you can say which would help guide me with these circumstances, I would appreciate any words of encouragement or advice. I wish to turn over my willingness to fulfill God's Plan, but I'm not always sure that I'm doing the right thing. So if you could help, I would appreciate it.

Olfana: Are you speaking of the quandary or confusion regarding your relationship with D?

T: I'm referring to that, and my parents, primarily.

S: Okay, now this one is feeling weird to me because I know this has happened in other transcripts, and I hope this is not just my mind projection. I don't know. We'll see what happens with this. I feel like what they're asking or what they're about to ask is...let me just see for a minute here...

T: Get yourself out of the way, S.

Olfana: May we, with your permission, Mind Reading read your mind?

T: Yes. (long pause)


Olfana: These concerns you have are truly representative of your value system...We respect the degree to which you look for issues of brotherhood and service in delineating your obligations to others. Regarding D, he prospers currently [or "now"] partly because of the manner in which you handled your confrontation with him over the choices he made. You allowed D to feel respected by you in your discussions, and this greatly benefitted his ability to see himself as valued. So often this is such a problem for D. Continue to respond to him in this manner, and it will help his self-esteem, and sense of himself, to heal. Your concerns regarding Y and J, "the boys," are appropriate, given the love you have for them. They indeed need your guidance and support. Yet, you must realize they must also learn to make their own choices. This process of choice-making is such a challenge on your planet. So few definitive models for healthy choices exist in your cultures. This is why we so often bring you back to the Master as the best, and most perfect example, of how to choose a life of goodness, truth, and beauty. Do not hesitate to speak with the boys regarding your own clear appreciation for Jesus's life and the lessons it offers. Seek out moments for these discussions. Initiate them. Perhaps more phone calls from you would encourage better communication from them. Let them know how much they are loved by you. Speak of your love. Give them clear memories to carry into their own adult lives of your stated desire to be their guide and a refuge, a protector, for them against the difficulties that life presents. Your parents are proud of you. They are going through many changes, as you understand. Some of this they must do on their own. However, your clear stated attempts to help them are reassuring to them and allow them encouragement that your offered help is offered willingly.

This transmission is tiring S somewhat. We will be brief. Your parents need cheering. Continue to encourage them to remain in contact with their friends. There is more we realize you were concerned with, but feel it would be too difficult for S to transmit this information at this time. We hope to continue this discussion with you at a later time. Be cheered that your efforts to be of service to those you love are duly noted [S: or something like that] by those who watch your life's progression. We see you as a beloved Child of the Father and one who seeks God often.


We wish to close this transmission now. We bid you farewell.

T: Thank you.

Teacher: You are sincerely welcomed. This transmission comes from Olfana and Tarkas. Goodbye.




Olfana: Allow this connection to begin. You seek information regarding your evaluation of TR physical condition. We are indeed working with you in this matter. The flower essence purple thistlethat you made is indeed very helpful. We congratulate you in following your intuitive urges in this matter. Continue to take the essence by testing. We regard your efforts to cooperate with us in healing you as a magnificent show of trust and faith in our relationship with you. [S: Thank you, Olfana. Thank you, Life Carriers] Relax in this process. Many adventures await you on this path. Following our instructions will make our work easier. Continue to ask questions regarding the choices you must make. Your hand hurts. Now it passes. Wellness is so much more than balance. It is a flowing of energies uniformly throughout the body. Richard Gerber's book, Vibrational Medicine, is a helpful perceptive on much that we will teach you. Allow yourself time to complete the book. Regarding your concerns of past lifetimes, allow this information to exist along with Urantia Book and reincarnation. Reincarnation may not conflict with UB. Hold both possibilities in your mind. They are not as conflicting as first perceived. Rendering further explanations on this topic must wait for further conceptual understandings to be given to your planet. Rest easy with this conflict. It will be resolved. Assessing your physical health is the responsibility of the Life Carriers.. They will help you in your attempt to achieve healthfulness. Realize this process takes active participation on your part. Pay attention to all the information we have given you previously.


Rest now, S. You have done well today. Your teacher, Olfana.


[S had a bladder infection. Used purple thistle flower essence and pyridium] Richard Gerber, M.D.; Vibrational Medicine: New Choices for Healing Ourselves; Bear & Company; 1988.




  • Bladder infection increased. S finally took the antibiotic

Olfana: Allow this connection to begin. You did not fail us, S. We appreciate the cooperation that you gave us. The flower essence purple thistle was in a weakened state because of the overcast day. It is healing but your infection had advanced too rapidly for it to alleviate your symptoms. You may continue to use it along with the antibiotic. It provides some healing potency. Never feel compromised in your ability to use your freewill choice regarding our methods or suggestions. There is no reason for concern on your part regarding your choice to use the antibiotic. Let us help you, now. Your hands sense energy. Place them near your groin. We appreciate your cooperation with us. Never feel your efforts are unsatisfactory. We ask you to cooperate, knowing this is all new and sometimes strange for you. Remember our admonition that practice in the stillness is central to your success in your work with us. We hope you will choose to speak with us on a much more regular basis in the near future. We patiently wait for this cooperation on your part. God's plan is the coming together of many great forces, all of which are beneficial to your lives. Remain hopeful in your work with us. You are all beloved children of the Father, deserving of his love, deserving of our assistance also. Take pleasure in your work with us, S.


Tomorrow brings more of Christ's healing. Each day the gift of his love grows greater, grows brighter, on your planet. We leave you now. I am Olfana. Goodbye.




Olfana: Allow this connection to begin. We received your requests for information, S. This book called The Teaching of Kryon is definitely appropriate for your work with us. Nevertheless, we do not advise your complete group's participation in discovering this material. F would be an appropriate choice, as would be Sl. They could be companions in your discussions of this material. T may also be interested in pursuing these discussions. Always remember, we work through the minds of mortals, which can compromise the integrity of the message. Let your defenses toward ambiguities drop away. There will be further clarity regarding what are perceived as disjunctions in our teachings as time progresses. Perceiving your path as one which incorporates materials from many sources is appropriate. The Gem Elixir book also contains much information. We encourage you to study and comprehend with greater clarity and attention. All the threads of information will be woven into a beautiful cloth bearing the Father's design as we proceed. Weaving takes time! The newest book you received information on today is also one we encourage you to order. These books come to you by design. We appreciate your receptivity and willingness to be our student in these matters. One day they will all bear fruits of comprehension for you. For now, read with an open mind. Allow their teachings to percolate through the fertile ground of understanding we have already prepared in the garden of your mind.

Teaching Mission

Let your group progress evolve slowly. Much will come from a slow, careful, bonding process among you. The commitment to our Teaching Mission must be made with thoughtful intention. Otherwise some may not fully comprehend the tasks set before them. We encourage much discussion among you to shape your policies or procedures. It is best that this be derived from your own discussions, rather than in any way suggested by us. Other than this important admonition...That you be patient with yourselves, and each other. Remember that, "Rome was not built in a day," as you say on Urantia. Neither will this Mission evolve overnight. It spreads at a rate we are quite comfortable with and have no concerns regarding the human, mortal input, which helps to shape the groups, and teaching process. This Mission is greatly concerned with teaching you better methods of negotiation and problem-solving skills. How can we teach such concepts unless we give you many opportunities to put these abilities to the test? Practice does indeed make a more perfect effort. So, we wish you well in your efforts to form yourselves into a group. Much information can come to you once this process of formation has occurred, but we are quite willing to be patient with your efforts to gather together and collect and record our teachings. One caution we will make is that certainly, each individual should have the right to to request anonymity, and any information given to them which they regard as personal, or private, should indeed be respected. You are experiencing strong rotational perceptions. This is accurate.

S: It's so weird, T. Energy Transmission rotational effect I can feel, I can feel my legs and my hands holding still. I can feel my hands on my knees, but its like the whole rest of my body is spinning around, and it's turning...I don't know, somehow, its like my eyeballs are stationary--so maybe I'm not turning, but I can feel this vortex of energy swirling around me, and it swirling...it's so strange...it's like...I don't know how to describe it. It's almost like it's swirling to the left--what would that be, counter-clockwise? and at the same time, I'm swirling to the right. You know, when you're in one of those revolving doors? Imagine the revolving door just spinning around...fast! I don't think one could push it, and make it go as fast as I feel I'm going right now. Oh!

T: What is the purpose of this?

S: At the same time...I just want to finish describing this first...I feel like somehow, gravitationally, I'm being pulled somewhat downward. I mean it's like my behind and my feet feel really sucked down into the floor. The gravity Perceptionsrotationalof this is really strong. I don't experience any nausea. I mean, if this was really happening with a revolving door, you'd feel at some point like you were going to get dizzy. It doesn't feel dizzy at all, it just feels intense! Whew!

Teacher: Breathe deeply, S. (breathes).

[Note: The personality of the guidance had changed. It did not feel like Olfana to the TR. Perhaps it was a Life Carrier.]

S: It's slowing down. It still feels like it, but its slowing down some. (breathes deeply) Breathing deeply seems to stop it, or slowing way down...it's starting up again. When I move around it kind of stops it. (Continues to breathe)

Teacher: This was an alignment experience for S. We regret that we did not inform her beforehand, but the timing of this event was necessary at that moment. Chakra alignment Chakraadjustmentoccurs with this process. Much work can be done, needs to be done, with S's energy pathways. Let your hands rise--palms upward. Pulsations are beginning in S's hands. Seeing this energy as light pulsing outward from your hands is an appropriate image to hold in your mind, S. Place your hands together. Please notice this position, T. This position encourages the conduction of the life force energy Energycircuit positionthrough points of intense perception awareness. S's hands pulsate and her feet perceive pulsations also. This position can indeed amplify and accelerate the life force energy within you. Now move your hands apart. Raise them. This position accentuates the connection of your own energy field with the universal source of this power. Imagine your body becoming a container that can be filled with this energy pouring down into you. Small sparkles of color that you note in your field of vision also represent this life force pouring in from the source. Slowly return your body to a position of rest. This is an exercise of benefit to others also. This is why we asked for your careful attention to S's movements, T. We require no precision in this. More important is your effort to hold these positions in good faith that benefit can come to you from them. Much like Yoga, these positions can come easily through practice. They would certainly benefit any who chose to practice them.

S: Please tell me who is speaking to me now.

Olfana: This is Olfana, my dear. You were receiving instructions from Life CarriersLife Carriersinstructions for healing. Now I come to answer questions. Do you wish to speak with me, T?

T: Lessonon body perceptionYes, I had a number of questions, but I'm not very alert right now, my mind is very tired. The first question I have is regarding my background in Christian Science. I'm having trouble understanding what I perceive to be a contradictory emphasis in books like Keys to the ScripturesScience and HealthKeys to the Scriptures and A Course in Miracles Course in Miraclesand body perceptionswith books like Urantia Bookemphasis on material worldThe Urantia Book. On the one hand, Christian Science and ACIM seem to emphasize to me a very high level of understanding of a spiritual world, and seem to denounce the reality of a materialistic world. Yet books like Kryon's book and the The Urantia Book seem to indulge in endless speculation about energy forces and material forces. The involvement that S. has with the healing energies, including her involvement with the flower essences and the gem elixirs, imply these are crucial to her background in spiritual evolution and her understanding of healing. Can you clarify some of this for me?

Olfana: You touch upon issues of great importance. We understand your confusion regarding these many questions. Let us digress for a moment. Can you allow the use of symbolism, symbolic images, to help you, perhaps, to comprehend?

T: If you think these symbolic images will help, yes.

Olfana: If you place a rock in water [in a glass cylinder] is it not true that your perception of the rock can change when you view it, looking downward into the water? And then shift, and perceive the rock from, let us say, the side of a container that holds this rock and waterPerceptionsrock in water. Also, if you placed your face into the water, would you again see the rock from a slightly changed perception? Do you understand the image we create here?

T: Yes, I've experienced those different perceptions a number of times.

Olfana: Then please hold this image in your mind as we proceed to discuss concepts of the body. The physical, bio-chemical mechanism, or instrument you are housed in, is now, indeed, like the rock, of material substance. Yet, your perception of this body you inhabit can change depending upon your perspective. Sometimes you feel you are the rock in the water. Yet this is only one perspective. When you look from outside the cylinder, through the water, does not the rock appear magnified, greater than its original image?

T: Yes.

Olfana: Your consciousness is not only connected to this physical being. Much of your perceptions of your consciousness as limited to this body is illusory, just as the rock appearing magnified is an illusion of light waves affected by the water. Lessons learned from the perspective of being in the body are a necessary part of your experience in this lifetime. However, you are, indeed, so much more than what the body appears to limit you to, that teachings such as the Course, or the doctrines of Christian Science, encourage you to expand your perceptions past these body limitations. True essence of the rock is not modified by these perceptual changes caused by different viewpoints of it. Just so, your being is not limited by body perceptions. Higher truths surrounding the complete make-up of your being are not fully understood or widely taught on your planet. I might say, you have seen the rock from many different angles in this cylinder of water. But, thus far, you have not reached in, and pulled out the rock, in order to gaze upon it, alone. The water surrounding this rock is representative of the many illusions or beliefs that exist in your philosophical doctrines.

A Course in Miracles encourages you, as does the work of Mary Baker Eddy, to see that these illusions can be penetrated, and, through inspiration, a clearer perspective--perception--of the true entity that you are, can be discovered. However, doctrinaire interpretations that the body has no existence on the physical plane are also incorrectly stated-perceived. You cannot deny that one is seeing an aspect of the rock, even when viewed through water. Just so, seeing the body as a physical entity has some accuracy. Adjustments to the vibrational manifestation of your entity can indeed take place. And physical imbalances do occur.

These teachings of such matters as flower essences, energy transmissions, and adjustments are appropriate to one level of perception of your being. You are not removed from the water yet! Therefore, within the boundaries of this perception, the body needs to be dealt with. Indeed, the time comes when you are truly released from any limiting perceptions of your being as connected to a physical manifestation. But, it is the ideal which is striven for in A Course in Miracles or the Christian Science teachings. Those who can release themselves from illusions of body boundaries can indeed create new perceptions of themselves--healed perceptions of themselves. But most mortals need to begin their comprehension of themselves at a level much more connected to the physical world.

In the Course, Jesus says, "If taking a pill allows you to feel less anxious, then, by all means, take this pill." There is much truth in this teaching. It encourages you to see that leaving behind your illusions of the body is a process that builds toward a final moment of clarity--just as one realizes by shifting positions and observing the rock, that these changing perceptions of the rock in the water are more the result of the water, than the rock. That moment of clarity liberates you to reach in and remove the rock from the water, to see it free of the substance which clouded your true perception of it. Just so, your release from illusions surrounding the body will come at the point you choose to remove your perceptions of your being from the body which seems to contain it. Much of this instruction was difficult for S to hear easily. We hope our attempt to elucidate your concerns regarding these issues has been helpful. We thank you for your patient attention as S struggled to comprehend our instruction.

T: I think once I get a chance to listen back to the tape, and hear it at a more natural pace, I'll get a lot more out of it than I did, but I think it did help. It's getting very late, and I realize we probably should quit for tonight, but I would like to make a request for tomorrow because I'd like to have another session. Is this Olfana that I'm speaking to, or is this Tarkas?

Olfana: This is Olfana.

T: Okay. Well, there's two things that I would like to talk about tomorrow and maybe it would give you time, Olfana, or perhaps even Tarkas, if he is available, some time to prepare. Number one, a number of days ago, I was doing some Stillness Practicecontact duringmeditation over at my apartment, and at that time I felt as if I was getting some sort of a connection. And I wanted to know if you, Olfana, or Tarkas may have been privy to that connection or whether you were involved in it. The other thing is, I would like to have some specific guidance with how I may carry out the Father's will, and maybe embrace the Teaching Mission in my teaching of high school students. I would like some specific ideas, some specific instruction, of ways I could reach young people without crossing the dangerous line of getting religious concerns into a public school system that doesn't tolerate religious teachings. That's a couple of things I'd like to discuss tomorrow, but I realize I'm tired and S is tired so perhaps we shouldn't talk too much tonight.

Olfana: We note your requests. This is quite acceptable to us to speak again with you tomorrow. Your contact was with a teacher who hopes to establish a personal relationship with you. He wishes you to practice the stillness resolutely. Then much can be conveyed to you. Your perception of his words is still clouded by interference, but your practice with the stillness can eradicate this. Then this communication with your teacher can occur with ease. We hope you feel encouraged by this news and wish you luck in your endeavors.

T: (joking) I don't think luck has anything to do with it. It's going to take effort!


Olfana: Yes, indeed. But, luck is a factor also! We note the hour and also wish you God's peace through the night. We are releasing S now. Goodbye.


Gurudas; Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing, Vol.II; Cassandra Press; 1986.




Tarkas: Allow this connection to begin. We greet you again this evening with expectations of a discussion regarding the topics you mentioned yesterday. Tarkas is here and can speak with you regarding your concerns with your instruction of the students. Is this agreeable to you, T?

T: Yes, it is.

Tarkas: Please begin by stating your concerns.

T: My concern is that Educationadvice onI feel lacking at times in an ability to approach students in a manner which will be substantive in fostering any meaningful growth in them. I feel that most of what I accomplish in terms of the curriculum is mediocre at best. I am expected by my employer to teach certain kinds of information which I feel are often questionable. However, in order to maintain my position, I have to continue to teach those things, to a large degree. But I would like specific help in being more creative about teaching my students things that are more meaningful to their spiritual growth, and their character development. Any specific suggestions, not just generalities, would be most appreciated.

Tarkas: Bravo, T, for your high intentions in this matter! Surely, this is a difficult challenge, given the many obstacles you face with this task. You know better than I, the limitations you find in your classroom environment, and the emotional, mental, and spiritual limitations of your students, given their background and the family environments from which they come. Yet, striving for high ideals with them is honorable work and honors the Father. For you choose to see your students with the potential glory they carry as children of God. Now, let us turn to the specifics of possible solutions to these challenges. What comes out in the students when you express to them your own intentions? Do they respond to this challenge with you?

T: Are you...what sort of intentions are you referring to?

Tarkas: When you express your intention to teach them from high principles, what response do you receive?

T: Normally, I don't make a self-conscious reference to that intention. I discuss ethicsEducationethics and high ideals directly without previously stating the intention to do so.

Tarkas: Let us look at the possibility of involving the students in this initial challenge to be taught from high ideals. Would it not be provocative to them to ask that they premise their experience of learning from high ethics of honor, sincerity, intention, and commitment? Would this not cause them to examine their own motivations within your class? Certainly, not much can be gained from only one half of the relationship acting from this premise. What you propose to provide to them, you can ask to be reciprocal. Certainly, not all may respond. But, is it not an important component of the teaching relationship that the students consider their own quality of participation in this process? Perhaps, an opening discussion of just such concepts could help to set the tone for your classes. Do you wish to comment?

T: I believe that what you're suggesting might very well enhance my ability to approach these topics with more ease, with the students. You seem to consider my own ability to discern the environment and my students as being well-defined. I'm not so confident in my abilities, sometimes. But I do observe that I get an inconsistent response from students as I touch on these sorts of topics. I guess I was looking for, maybe, some insight on your part, that would extend beyond my ability to discern their state of being (state of mind?)

Tarkas: If you wish me to comment on the students' perception of you as a Teacherswatch usteacher, I can do this.

T: I don't understand how that is possible.

Tarkas: Then please clarify what you requested of me?

T: What I mean is, I don't understand how you could know what my students perceptions are, at this point in time.

Tarkas: [Smiling] We understand many things, T. However, your comment was that you wished something of feedback beyond your own perceptions.

T: That's true.

Tarkas: There is confusion here, then. What do you seek of me?

T: I would like to understand better how I might approach the students. The only problem here in this communication, is that I just don't understand how you could have known what the perception of the students is, because you intimated earlier that, "I knew better than you." That's the only problem here. But I guess you have a way of knowing these things, if you want to know them. And that's wonderful; I'm glad that you do.

Tarkas: I referred initially to your knowledge of the challenges you faced with the limitations you perceive in your work. I did not mean that I was not aware of your classroom environment. I meant that your immediate experience with these challenges was, clearly, something you did not need explained to you by me. Have I clarified sufficiently that confusion?

T: I believe so. So please proceed, and give me what feedback you think would benefit me, in my understanding of my students. If that includes a better understanding of their perception of the classroom, the environment of the classroom, and myself...all the better.

Tarkas: Agreed. Your students perceive at times, a hesitancy in your demeanor, which causes them some anxiety. This is...this confusion is commensurate with your degree of preparation, or stress caused by the many pressures that occur from conducting your classes. This is an area of...this is an arena for your development of your own ability to remain calm under pressures. Perhaps you can see yourself in those moments when anxiety is apparent in your demeanor. Do you care to comment on this?

T: On your last statement about wanting to see, or can I see myself in those moments that you just mentioned of anxiety...clarify that last part for me.

Tarkas: Do you feel you are aware of moments when this dynamic occurs within yourself, and affects the students' reactions to you?

T: Yes, I think sometimes I'm aware of it, and other times, it isn't as obvious to me.

Tarkas: Moments God-consciousnesssuch as these can be dealt with first by attention to your own mental and emotional state. If you perceive yourself as anxious, or confused, please try to rest a moment. Regain your composure. This is an excellent model to the students themselves. For certainly, they all face anxious moments themselves. Seeing you take command of your own composure will encourage them and convince them that just as you intend to remain in charge of your own mental and emotional state, you intend to remain in charge of the classroom environment. Can you see the dynamic that we are encouraging you to attempt?

T: Yes.

Tarkas: May we suggest ways in which to regain your own composure?

T: Proceed.

Tarkas: First, the awareness is paramount. Secondly...Second, a particular mental habit can induce such composure. For instance, a brief prayer to the Father for assistance, such as, "Father, let me be at peace." can be very powerful in these moments. Third, for your physical body's sake, a long, even, slow breath can do much for your overall composure. Those three components: consciousness, God-consciousness...Let us start again. S is trying hard here...Self-consciousness, God-consciousness, and body-consciousness can do much to give you a balanced and successful demeanor in your work. Would you care to broach other topics with us?

T: Okay...(sighs...) I can't think of anything specific right now, outside of more specific lessons, or topics that might be good as ways of approaching students about these high ideals we've already mentioned.

Tarkas: Another approach which we would suggest is to always see your students as a source of...a source of...a source of...input for your class. Always the quandary for a teacher becomes, "Am I a teacher of this material, or am I a teacher of these students?Teachersrole of" What power comes from making the connection between the material at hand and the inner...and the inner needs of the students themselves. Making the material credible to the students means providing them with understanding of how this material can be relevant to their own understanding of life. This does not mean a pandering to the students' egocentric desires or attitudes...or interests, but instead always seeking on your part to find the relevance in the material for the students by remembering to provide room for this discussion within the topic itself. Even negative reactions from the students regarding the material can begin an honest discussion of why their perception is this way.

T: May I ask a question?

Tarkas: Yes.

T: Are you able to analyze the discussion I had this last Friday [Thursday!] with my junior students in class and provide me with a critique in terms of the issues you're now discussing?

Tarkas: This is a great leap of faith, or test, of course, for S. She must relax...You discussed the progress(?) process of writing. Is this correct?

T: No.

S: I'm trying here, T. I just...If I'd stayed with the word "progress" would that have been more productive.

T: Yeah...Keep going.

Tarkas: You discussed the progress of mankind and their cynicism was apparent.

S: T, help me. Is this making sense?

T: Sweetheart, will you stop editing and just listen...

S: I'm trying, I'm trying. Both my hands are feeling like I'm practically holding these balls of energy.

T: Just have faith...

S: Also, I almost feel like this is a "test" question too. I mean.. I'm anxious because obviously, I don't know what this is about.

T: Well, just go on with what you hear. Don't worry about it.

Tarkas: You discussed the progress of mankind and Teacherswatch ustheir cynicism was apparent. Realize the value of starting where they are emotionally and philosophically if spiritual growth is to occur. They angered you with their comments, but you can rise above such anger with the help of your Thought Adjuster. Know...knowing you are not alone in your classroom, that the Master EducationCM teaches with youteaches with you, can help you to hold to high intentions, T. He sees you tending to his children and blesses you for your work with them...with his flock. Can we be of further assistance to you, at this point?

T: No. I think that's it for me. I don't know if S has any questions that she would like to ask about.

Tarkas: S is receiving strong energy in her hands, now. She feels thirst. Could you help her?

T: Yes, I'll get her something.


Tarkas: Thank you. (T gets water for S) Know that God is with you in this process. We encourage you to continue in your efforts with the transcripts. There is much work to be done to help with the salvation of your planet. All that you do is greatly appreciated and we see you as our companions in this noble effort. Let us say our "goodbyes" now. There is much for you both to be proud of in your work. We give you blessings from on high. Farewell.


T made reference to a discussion he had on Friday, when, in fact, the discussion he referred to occurred on Thursday. He did not realize his error until the transmission had ended. Tarkas was apparently reading his Mind Readingthoughts, and Tarkas's comments about the students' reactions were accurate. T's class discussion concerned women's rights, and some of the students were sarcastic. However, the confusion about the day the discussion occurred may have caused some difficulty for Tarkas at first. This may have been why it was so difficult suddenly for S to receive the transmission.]


God-consciousness is our greatest work


Olfana: We welcome you heartily to this opportunity. We rejoice when any freewill effort is made on your part to open yourselves to the guidance of our Teaching Mission. Many of you are seeking actively for greater opportunities to increase, expand, your Spiritual Growthspiritual growth. This is joyous--This brings us great joy. Never doubt the many paths to the Father that will be placed in your lives if you will only search for them. Actively seeking experiences with God-consciousnessGod-consciousness is your greatest work, your highest work in this life. Allowing yourselves latitude in your search for the Father is encouraged by us. Peaceful moments arise within you when you have found a path to the Father which is yours. [S: This is S. again, and I'm just saying, I know that I feel like I'm hearing this, but it isn't coming easily to me. I don't know whether that's partly because I didn't do any flower essences or partly just because, you know, I am feeling a certain amount of nervousness, but, ah, anyway. I just feel like saying that I'm getting it, but I know it must seem choppy and I'm sorry for that] Energy patterns [clock chimes] energizing patterns are occurring for Energy TransmissionS. This can help her concentration. Please be patience. Olfana is present. May she entertain your questions? Please speak if you choose.

F: Do you agree with our decision to keep our Urantia Book study group separate from out Teaching Mission meetings?

Olfana: Many times we have encouraged S to participate on a more regular basis with these sessions. She must make the commitment within her own life first. We are always ready to speak with you.

R: What is your mission as a teacher?

Olfana: My dearest desire is for your spiritual growth. This is the heart of our Teaching Missionspiritual growthMission. I am here to provide help and guidance.

D: I'm concerned about my health. Could you give me any feedback or guidance?

Olfana: I welcome the opportunity to speak with you again. [A burst of energy through S]

S: Oh! I felt it, D.

Olfana: You remember our caution to you that fluids and gentle exercise would help your heart.


D: Yes I remember.

Olfana: Do you wish further information?

D: Not at this time. I'll wait for a private session.

F: How can I facilitate my spiritual growth? (unclear question)


Olfana: There is energy information available if you chose to pursue this. Your practice of the stillnessStillness Practiceis most important is most important. Much depends on your ability and desire to participate in sessions. Remember, this is only one path of many open to you. However, the teacher only . .. a teacher awaits a relationship with you, if that is your choice. Again, we remind you, the stillness practice is primary to this process. All else follows from your commitment to this. Are there further questions?


Receiving a teacher


Olfana: B, we indeed are aware of the emotions which you experience. Their origin is deeply carved in your heart. Your experiences...your painful experiences are not without meaning. They serve to strengthen your resolve to live life knowing others...knowing of the painfulness others have experienced. Your sympathy toward others in pain redeems your...[S: I'm having a little problem with this...] redeems your experiences. Suffering is a component that marks your life strongly now, but this evolves into a compassion which is needed [ S: I think it's like "is the future," but I don't know.] Let your response to the painfulness be embellished by your faith.. [S: I'm not hearing the words TR Processambiguity inright this moment, but I'm getting an impression about JesusJesus on the cross and the whole idea of suffering was only at one level. That there was a comprehension, that he held, that moved him out of the immediacy of that suffering...I think those are my words...but...let me just see if I can see it any better than that...]

B: I wonder why you're having such a hard time.

S: I think part of it is...(laughs)...I got about two hours of sleep last night...

B: You know. We don't have to do this now.

S: Oh, no, no, no. I mean I'm not physically exhausted. I'm not fighting not going to sleep right now. I'm just trying to understand. That's been a component for me at other times when I'm trying to do a transmission, you know, when I'm physically at a low point, that, is, it doesn't come as easily. I think part of it is I'm also trying to be aware of where we are, and keeping my voice low, and my full attention isn't just riveted on it, the way it can be when I'm at my house, and I don't have to worry about all that kind of stuff. I mean, I'm perfectly willing to stop if you want, but if you want to keep going, then that's fine too.

B: Well...I'd like to go...I'd like to...I'd like to know more...or to understand more...or to ask...I don't know what...if you want to.

S: Okay. Well, let me just sit with this for a minute, and see if I can get into it more deeply. Can you tell if the green light on the tape recorder is still okay?

B: Yes.

Olfana: Allowing your compassion to kindle your heart [Door of cabin opens. J comes in] increases your capacity to withstand the onslaught of emotions coursing through you. CompassionCompassion comes with trust that you are indeed valued.

S: Is he trying to set up something for the baby? Oh, he's just going to the bathroom. Okay...Sorry. I'm going to try to say that again. It was . .. What was it? (laughs) Compassion...compassion...

B: . ..should be kindled, so that I can learn to trust that I'm valued.

S: Let's see.

Olfana: Compassion comes with knowing you are a beloved child of God, valued and . ..(Door to bathroom opens...)

S: This is not easy! (laughs)

B: Yeah, I know.

S: It's okay. It's okay. (laughs) What I get is that there is some sort of definition of compassion that she's trying to get at here. You know, that somehow she's wanting us to look at--what do we mean "compassion," when we're telling you "utilize compassion?" So let's see.

B: (joking) I wrote a song once, "compassion never goes out of fashion."

Olfana: Your tendency to deny your Human Relationshipsself-imagevalue is coupled with your denial of God's Love:denial of;God's love. Holding in your heart the image of his arms enfolding you can, perhaps, kindle this sense of his protective love toward you. Also, we remind you that Jesus is supportive of your creative talents and abilities. He relishes your desire to create novelty with words. These things...these things must not be forgotten in your evaluation of your life...your quandaries. Let your desire to express love to others ennoble your own perception of yourself. This desire you hold, or cherish, is admirable. Can you begin to feel the cloud of negativity, sadness, turmoil, lift with our words of encouragement?'Wisdomcomes from acceptance comes from efforts to learn acceptance. Scarcity and lack are indeed concepts you struggle with. These spring from your ego defenses against the perception of God's love, and your own place as cherished. And your own [S: I got that wrong somehow] and your own place as a cherished child. Let your defenses drop away by relaxing your urge to judge your condition. How often you seek to evaluate your condition as compared to others. This mental habit can be conquered, overcome, by intentional efforts to choose other thought patterns, and ask for God's help in changing them. This is a possible approach you can take to alleviating these destructive thought patterns in your mind. Are you aware of what we speak of?

B: Well, it is lifted somewhat. It is lifted. I guess I'm still...I battle things and we...I guess, you know, it's lifted somewhat. I do this to myself...I do it a lot but we...

Olfana: Perhaps your desire to be loved can be...channeled into a more positive and creative area of your life by recognizing the isolation you seek does not improve your mental condition.

B: I know that's true.

Olfana: Do you wish to inquire about this further?

B: Well, yes. I guess I do. Can I ask something?

Olfana: Certainly.

B: I feel like there's this gaping wound in my life that will never heal, no matter what I do. And I feel that I get closer to the healing of it, I feel like I keep getting closer, and then...something like this will happen, that for some reason, tears at me, tears at my heart strings when I see a lot of families and think that I will never...that I'm still not in that position, or that I don't know what I need to do to heal. Maybe I do know...but it just seems that I do whatever I possibly can, and, I still am not there. So I just don't know if there's something that I am not doing, or if I just have to keep being patient, or, what? or if I just have to accept myself the way I am, and not expect and just accept that about myself. Maybe that's the answer right there. But I'm asking, and what comes to my mind is something how D R says to "honor aloneness," or something. I guess I feel sometimes so angry...that I'm tired of the "aloneness" and so much is told, that it's good to be with other people. But I just want...I guess I want so badly to have one person to share my life with, and that's a really hard thing not to have. I know God knows this, and God has not, I see that God has not answered that prayer, so there must be another, a better, reason. Deep down, I think I know the better reason. Deep down, I think I know the better reason, but it's still very hard for me to continue...sometimes. So I don't know what I'm asking, except, I don't know if there's anything I can do to heal myself that I'm not doing, or to get on with my life, and forget my ideas and my dreams, or to go with them, or what. I just feel like I'm trying my best, and sometimes it's good enough, and sometimes it isn't, but...I don't know.

Olfana: Acceptance of the struggles in life is never easy for mortals. This is as it should be. Wisdom

B: I think so...I think so.

Olfana: Tendencies toward thoughts of your inadequacies--perceived inadequacies--can be overcome by requests for God's love to warm your heart at those moments you most easily feel the chill of separation, or isolation. All this can, not only develop your own ability to remain balanced, it can also allow you to serve as a model to others with high sensitivity, that they too can remain in balance. Your sensitivity is much like a fragile, but beautiful flower, whose petals can be easily bruised if they are touched. You fear bruising by those you let near you...near your inner being...and this dynamic increases your desire for isolation, which then causes you such sensations of loneliness. Recognize...recognizing this dynamic can also help you move out of its debilitating pattern. We sense you have thoughts you would like to share...is this correct?

B: Well I have two things on my mind. I hear, I do appreciate that advice. I mean, I guess I have ideas about these images that I feel are part of my destiny that I follow...and I don't know if its right to ask about those, or just to keep following them because it seems like its the most important part of my life...it seems like its part of my faith to trust that, or to trust God. Well, of course to trust God but...these ideas feel like they're part of my soul. So that's one thing that is nearest and dearest to my heart. And then I'm also wondering about our study Teacherscontact through stillness practicegroup, and a teacher for our study group. We've prayed for a group teacher, and we've put that in God's hands. And Dwayne said he would try to help. And I'm kind of thinking to just wait upon God, and see what happens. I don't know if there is anything else that can be said or done at this point, but I just want to bring that up. That it's still on my mind. If there is some way you want to use me to facilitate this experience, or to bring people together. I'm bringing this up because I wanted to learn more about either of the two things I just mentioned.

Olfana: Let us address your first point. Your expectations, hopes, desires are certainly (S adjusts her position) Your expectations, hopes, and desires are certainly within the realm of your own discretion. Yet let us caution you that those things we cling to are not...are not being held out as offerings to the Father. So much depends upon our ability to say, "Not my will, but yours, Father." Your desire to sing, your hopes with your music, must be held gently. Then the Father can...then the Father's Plan can operate upon them. Let your expectations drop away, remembering that promptings from your Thought Adjustercommunication withThought Adjuster will come more easily this way. As to your concern regarding a teacher, this can be helped by diligent willingness to practice the Stillness Practiceand Teachersstillness, whether on your part, or those of your group who seek this guidance, or relationship. It may appear repetitive, but, indeed, it is the basis from which this process develops. Your request for a teacher has been noted. Let your faith operate in this matter. Timing of this must remain in the hands of Machiventa. He will arrange this for the good of all. Your prayers have been heard. We encourage you to remain confident that this process is developing appropriately.

S: I feel like it's this process of teacher assignment.

B: Yes. I do appreciate that and I guess I do understand that and trust that.

Olfana: What other issues concern you about which we may be of help?

B: I don't know if I have any other questions. I might think of something and be sorry later. I don't know if there is anything you want to add, or what to say, even.

Olfana: B, your sincerity is so appealing. We note your own efforts to rebalance your emotions. Let your resolve be that your life will be distinguished by willingness to receive God's inspiration. This willingness will directly affect your concern not to be bruised. God has a God's Purpose:for each life;purpose for each life. Know that you draw near to discovery of this plan for your life. Much can be done to bring this about by your faithful efforts to pray and meditate or sit quietly with the intention of this reception of God's guidance in your mind. There are energy pulsations in S's hands. May we conduct a transmission of this energy.i.Energy Transmission; to you?'Stillness Practicemeans of worshipis a means of worship that we heartily encourage in you. Release yourselves from [???] against time made available for this effort. We transmit energy Energy Transmissionthrough S's hands to all of you. This process is an experimental aspect of our Mission which we desire to utilize within your group. [S: I feel pulses in my hands] Let yourselves realize your participation as a group slowly Teaching Missiongroup progressand with much latitude regarding individual participation. Telling others of your work with this Mission is discouraged for the time being because we desire your impression of this effort on your part to grow unobstructed by possibilities of doubt from others. Relating your experiences in a diary is quite appropriate. A journal can give added perspective to your own development. You are indeed pioneers in this process. We study your own growth and acceptance to this Mission as a means for amplifying our own attempts to reach further populations, other populations than Urantia readers. This effort on your part cheers us. Your enthusiasm is cherished. Rest easy in your own efforts to spread our teachings to the planet. Let your hands rest S. May we entertain your questions now?

B: Well, Yes. Of course. Certainly. What do I do?

Olfana: Now warmth increases in S's hands. Raise your hands, B. Imagine the strengthening Energy of God flows into you from above your head. As it descends through your body, imagine this energy focalized in your solar plexus area. Let this energy swirl. Now rest your hands on S's. Feel a containment of this energy within you. Your hands create a shield or barrier, which allows this energy to remain within your body. Now gently remove your hands, and imagine this energy emerging from you, outward. Do you perceive this?

B: Well, it feels like there's energy, kind of in my vision.

Olfana: This is also a manifestation of this process. But now focus on this region of your body (solar plexus) Once again, are you able to perceive movement outward?

B: I'm not so sure that I do. Sometimes I feel like when you touched my heart, or my stomach, it feels like it's not even there anymore, or that you touched inside my heart, or that its weightless, or like that part of the body doesn't exist, almost, like I can hardly feel that part of my body.

Olfana: Much of this energy manipulation does exceed the boundaries of normal perception of body boundaries. Clasp your hands together, like this. Now...

B: Now I feel the energy!

Olfana: Excellent!

B: It feels excellent! It's pulsating!

Olfana: Let us again attempt a movement. Do you perceive an opening, an expression of energy outward from your body?

B: I feel the energy pulsating through my fingers in the center.

Olfana: Remain content with any level of perception of this process. Do not attempt to evaluate your own ability to perceive. We suggest that if you again are confronted with the urge to isolate yourself, that you attempt an energy transmission to remove this urge from your consciousness. Remember to raise your hands upward, to open and receive this energy from Energycircuit positionGod. Then allow it to pass through your body and center in this zone (solar plexus) This will indeed help with any sense you have of your own excessive vulnerability. Let us now balance your body.

S: Um! I'm feeling a lot of tingles! (Moves her hands up and down the midline of B's body, about three inches above her body.) This is just me...There were times with my children when they were little, and I'd go in and they were lying in their beds. And if I kept my eyes closed, I had no real sense of what I was doing, other than I thought it had something to do with, like, mother-bonding, or something. But I could move my hands, with my eyes closed, just kind of over the general vicinity where their body was, and I could tell where the edge of their body started. It was like an outline of the energy. and I, somehow, I always just explained it to myself as being something to do with the mother bond, mother-instinct, like because my cells were their cells, in a sense because I'd grown them, that was why I sensed this. But, I'm beginning to be able to feel it with, not anybody, but when I'm involved in something like this, I'm beginning to feel it with different people. Is this that same solar plexus area?...or am I near it, your gut?

B: Yeah, right there.

S: Um, Yeah, somehow...that's sensitive. Okay, let me see if there's anything else.


Olfana: Refresh yourselves with sleep. We congratulate you both in making this opportunity for us to work with you, possible. B, we do wish you well and see such possibilities for good in you. Remember to reach out for strength from God and Jesus. We wish you well.

B: Thank you. Thank you very much.

Olfana: This has been Olfana who has spoken with you. S is being released now.


Healing with music


Tarkas: We are heartened by your interest. We want to serve the Father in his outreaching toward your planet. Remember to speak frequently to the Father in your own communion with Him. Worship allows expanded opportunities for your own ability to hear the words of the teachers. Stillness practice

F: Who's speaking?

Tarkas: Tarkas.

F: Can the use of gems Gemsfacilitate the communication process?

Tarkas: This is a matter that requires a certain level of experimentation on your part. Black obsidianObsidianstabilizes healing energies can Healingobsidianprovide a frequency stabilization for the healing energies which flow through S and yourself.

F: How did you know that I had obsidian?

Tarkas: [Smiling]Allow us some latitude in our approach as teachers! We recognize the great potential of the active querying minds within this group. You are gifted with abilities that can blossom with our guidance if you so choose. Rejoice in the opportunity and humbly receive the blessings of enlightenment from the Father. This is our plan because it remains God's plan. We are not limited in our own creative potential to work with you. Much comes from the coupling of your free will with ours.

D. How can I serve?

Tarkas: You serve so beautifully already. Never diminish the many ways in which your love flows outward to others, especially the children. You serve as a spokesperson to the multitudes. Your role will evolve as time passes and more knowledge comes to your group. Be at peace with the many ways in which you offer yourself to God. There is no need to feel that your gifts are insufficient. We intend to give you all many choices to work with us.

D. I feel limited because of Healthy Livingevaluationpain, especially not being able to walk. I would like some guidance.

Tarkas: We encourage you to drink much water. We wish to work with you in healing by allowing yourself to accept the energy healings as you have done so openly thus far. Your heart is compromised now by your body weight, yet this cannot be resolved by diet alone. Tenderness in your spine can be resolved through patient effort on your part to nurture your body. Alignment is an issue in your spine. We request that you sleep with support from pillows. This remains essential. Let yourself relax from worry. We can indeed help you if this is your choice. Does this placate your fears or do you wish further information? Rest comfortably each night with the thought that angels watch over you through the night.

F: Tarkas, Can we discusses this with the Teaching Missioncommunication among groupsTallahassee group?

Tarkas: We encourage communication within the Teaching Mission, but not outside it. We commend you R. in your efforts to become so quickly of service to us. The enthusiasm on your part is pleasant for us to behold. Do you all desire to end this session now?

R: I am interested in music. Can music help in healing?

Tarkas: Music is the vibrations of the FatherMusicrole in healing. It does Healingmusicindeed play an important part in the healing which we wish to teach you. Already you realize on this planet the potent ways in which music alters emotion. When more is understood of the mind/body connection, you will see clearly how music is a healing balm. Let us add that chanting is also a little-understood aspect of balancing energies within the body. We can conclude now or entertain a further question.

T: Humor is a healing aspect for humans. Can you share some cosmic humorHumorcosmic?

Tarkas: This is for the teacher Andrew, but bear with us and we shall try. A cloud passed over a field of wheat. What does this signify?

T: I don't know. What?

Tarkas: That growing in the shadows is grain that will burst forth when the Father's light is discovered beyond the cloud.

D: I am trying to buy property to share with the local Urantia groups, but I'm running into problems.

Tarkas: Missionary zeal marks the intention of your proposal. Let us only caution you that such zeal can create so many expectations. Your desire to provide a gathering point for those who study The Urantia Book teachings is highly commendable, but perhaps too much of this responsibility is being carried by too few. Let this desire for such a gathering point develop among a broader group. Then these plans can manifest from the combined energies of your collective desires. Until then, this is a noble plan which rests on too fragile a pedestal.

R: I'm working on a computer software project I hope to sell. Should I continue with this and live frugally or should I take a job and join the rat race?

Tarkas: Consider your intentions within the boundaries of your physical and financial capabilities. What goals do you wish to achieve?

R: Financial independence.

Tarkas: Then there is great risk in your plans for your software project. We encourage you to pray about this. Sacrifices are indeed called for and you must clearly evaluate your intentions regarding this project. We only counsel you in this matter because so often those who seek special successes become so vulnerable to ego projection regarding their accomplishments. This is not to discourage you from your goal but only to give you a context to evaluate choices. We only ask you to consider the competition which exists in this field. Evaluate you intentions.


We desire to end this session with a few words of encouragement to all of you. You studied tonight the concepts of the evolving Supreme. Rest assured that the work you do with us is very much a part of the aspect of deity we see beyond your Teaching Missionpurpose oflives on the planet. We ourselves have tread the path you now follow. Great honor comes from efforts to further the knowledge of God among your fellow beings. This opportunity to promote our teaching on the planet is cherished work by mortals who perceive the goodness of this plan of the Father. You who choose this will indeed reflect upon it many times as you progress in your eternal career. Every effort you make to provide hopefulness and faith-evolving opportunities for your compatriots is recorded and valued by those who keep note of your mortal careers. We bless you in this beginning. The Master blesses you. Rest assured he goes with you in all your efforts to bring his peace to this planet. We thank you for your time and careful attention to our words. Go with God's love and protection.

F: Thank you for this inspiring lesson. We all grow in this inspiration.


Fruits of stillness practice


S: Allow this connection to begin

Olfana: Speaking together of your concerns of the work of the Mission generates clearer perceptions and allows your focus to develop regarding pertinent areas of interest to which you are drawn. Realizing the efforts we ask of you, we wait patiently for your desire to build, so that the efforts you make come from your heartfelt intentions. Episodes of doubtTeaching Missiondoubt in or judgment are to be expected. We are not shaken in our resolve to work with you by witnessing your own process of belief develop. Let your desire to serve God emerge from your heartfelt understanding of his plan for you.

Olfana: This is Olfana who speaks now. A lesson has been prepared on hopefulness. May we proceed with this lesson?

R: Certainly.

Olfana: HopefulnessLessonon hopefulness is a condition of the heart and mind combined in trust that God's love inhabits the plans of your life. Hopeful actions are those done in trust that God's will envelops the outcome of your efforts. Hopefulness is a state of mind which can be conveyed to others by encouraging their increased perception of the benevolent, tender supervision of our lives by those who serve Deity. Such trust springs from the innocent and sure faith we have in God's love for us. Being deserving of this love, we develop expectations of its evidence in our lives. Demolished hopes are those which have fallen prey to the belief in our unworthiness for such love from the Father. Efforts on your part to encourage this sense of innocent trust in God's love help create the environment for such innocence to thrive or grow, unobstructed by cynicism, doubt, and harsh perceptions of life's struggles. "Hope Reigns Supreme" is a statement which conveys much truth. For, indeed, hope is the crowning gem worn by the Supreme Being in the evolving display of mortal efforts to know and understand God. Let your thoughts turn hopeful with intention. Allow all possibilities for God's benevolence and beneficence to flow throughout the experiences of your life. Trust that there is a protective design to the natural outworking of events. Strive to perceive the good that occurs, and remain hopeful of all which has not yet been experienced. Allow for the possibility that angels work with you as you strive to do what you consider to be rightful actions. Trust that your decisions, your choices, can be made with the loving input of the Thought Adjuster. These perceptions create a frame of mind which we identify as hopeful. It identifies you as one who perceives yourself as a valued child of God. This is sufficient effort on your part to then allow the workings of other beings in your life. We thank you for your attention to this lesson. Are you desirous of information from us now?

R: Information on any particular subject?

Olfana: We sense many questions in you, R. This is an appropriate time to address any questions you choose.

R: I don't know which ones are more important. This seems like a good thing for S and me to do. Just trying to get our little group started. Just having a few practice sessions like this. What do you think?

Olfana: We cherish all efforts made on your part to further the growth of this Mission on your planet. Never feel small efforts are somehow not valuable. Each and every effort you make helps the pattern form by which this planet can change and heal. Please proceed.

R: I've been meditating every morning. I was wondering if I was going in the right direction?

Olfana: Do you feel growing contact in your own mind with meaningful thoughts?

R: Well I've been concentrating on trying to relax more. I've heard in Stillness Practicethinking duringstillness I shouldn't be thinking. Or should I try to still my thoughts?

Olfana: Do these sessions lead to a clarity and understanding in your own mind of your sense of yourself as a faithful son of the Father? Do you experience a sense of peace or even exhilaration at times?

R: Oh yes.

Olfana: Then indeed you are reaping fruits from these sessions.

R: I'm going to go to the men's retreat next week. I was wondering if you had any thoughts about it, an agenda we could pursue, or any activities that might be helpful to us?

Olfana: Much energy is evolving around this plan. We see growing expectations and even excitement in people as they contemplate the possibilities of this joining together. Let us encourage you to cultivate a softness among yourselves. So often men gathering together do not see the softness that each is capable of.

R: Do you have any recommendations on music recordings that are spiritually uplifting that help in stillness and the presence of the love of the Father?

Olfana: Do you wish this information for the retreat or for yourself?

R: Both would be nice.

Olfana: Flute music can be peace-inducing. Other times, violins. S is working hard to hear now. Let us proceed with your question.

R: S and I were talking about the Teaching Mission and the appropriateness of raising funds for it, and establishing an organization. I thought that we were a little too young for that, and I didn't think we needed as much formal structure. Is this something we have to work out among ourselves? Do you have a thought on that for us?

Olfana: The resources available for this work are immenseTeaching Missionimmense resources available. We cannot be thwarted by restricted budgets or lack of funds. The means by which you will be given assistance are many. Certainly the voluntary efforts and desires to be helpful are needed. Do you see how such a concept as hopefulness can reduce or diminish some of the concerns that arise regarding who will carry on the many tasks of this Mission?

R: Oh yes.

Olfana: We see growth and development in many areas for all of you. Let these patterns grow naturally. The desire to support those working now with us, such as Aileen with the newsletter, with those who support the growing computer network, will be resolved.

S: I think the word is "resolved." I can't even remember where the sentence started! This is one of those points where I say it is a leap of faith that I think I hear what I hear, and I just say it.

R: That sounds about right.

S: Okay...Let me just try this some more. This doesn't feel real easy. There's some times when as I hear it, my hands literally throb with the words. It is an indication that I'm definitely hearing it, just right, and then other times, I'm just turning my head, hoping that I can somehow hear it better. This is just, for me, evidence of how I need to practice more.

Olfana: S's hands are receiving pulsations of energyEnergy Transmission. Do you wish us to work with you, R?

R: Oh, please!

Olfana: May S place her hands on your neck and shoulders?

R: Yes.

S: It feels like it is coming right through my thumbs.

Olfana: Elevate your arms (R elevates arms)...Breathe deeply...Now place your hands together in front of your chest (prayer position). Calcium should still be increased in your diet...Can you place your own hands on your neck now?...Sweeping movements of your neck are encouraged.

S: Big slow circles. Try to turn your neck right now.

Olfana: There is a tightness from scar tissue in your neck. Slow, even, sweeping movements can loosen this contracted tissue. Over time this will help it to repair itself.

S: Hmm! I'm feeling a lot of energy all of a sudden.

Olfana: Do you sense any tingling where S's fingers touch your neck?

R: No, I can't.

Olfana: Do you perceive any sensation now?

R: I do feel kind of an envelope around me.

Olfana: Do you feel any warmth?

R: Yes.

Olfana: Where?

R: In the back of my neck and my head.

S: Where I'm feeling it, is just like my hands are just really tingling a lot right now. Can you tell where my hands are? [S. moves her hands to area above R's right shoulder.]

R: Are your thumbs in the back of my neck?

S: Un uh.

R: Okay. Then I don't know where your hands are. . ..(pause)...

Olfana: You can release your hands now, S.

S: I'm just going to sit here for a minute and see if anything else happens.

Olfana: Our instructions were to encourage the use of warmth. This should be followed diligently.

R: Does this mean while I'm sleeping, around my neck?

Olfana: If this is an expedient time, yes.

R: Is this where the warmth should be? Around my neck?

Olfana: Cluster the heat within this zone and outward to the shoulder. Perhaps a heating pad moved occasionally will suffice.

R: Should I do any movement while the heat is applied?

Olfana: The slow gentle sweeping motions we encouraged. Capillaries need to be developed in this tissue for healthy movement to return.

R: Thank you.

S: (Doorbell rings) I don't know what that is.


Olfana: Your effort to connect with us today is appreciated. We encourage you S. to spend more time connecting with the Father. StillnessStillness Practice practice gives many moments to work with you.

S: (phone rings) I think I'm choosing at this point to just stop. Beepers and everything else. It still just blows me away when I don't do this for a while and then I try it and I get all those energy sensations in my hands. That to me is the most belief-promoting.


Encouragement to TR


Olfana: Allow this connection to begin. Realizing your doubts TR Processencouragement to TRand worries, we wish to speak upon this topic. Never feel doubt regarding our commitment to work with you, S. We respect the many challenges you face. We know your heart. This should suffice to allow you the freedom to choose your priorities for the day. Let us encourage you, though, to sit in quiet meditation on a regular basis for healingsHealing. These are important. Let your compassion for others remain a strong force influencing your choices. We regard your commitment to this Mission as sincere and well-intentioned. Do not doubt our ability to work with you appropriately. Let us now do a healing. Your hands feel energyEnergy Transmission. Hold them up. Place them on your heart. Your concerns will pass away as you come to see more of the integrity of this Mission. Your role with us is beneficial to many, if you choose this path. Release your hands, and touch your face. Remember the small child in the incubator. This capacity you have with healing can indeed balance energies of others, just as you witnessed the nurse doing. Calling her is recommended. Release your hands. We rejoice in these opportunities to work with you and demonstrate the ability you have with energy transmissions. This skill can indeed be taught to others. Please adjust your expectations to include further assistance from us. We do not wish to see you struggle with feelings of being overwhelmed or innundated by life's responsibilities.


You tire now. Let us rest. We will speak again soon. This is Olfana, your teacher. God Bless You, and Goodnight.


Olfana on Prayer


Olfana: Allow this connection to begin. We greet you today, heartened by your enthusiasm to work with us. Sessions such as this allow so many varied opportunities to work with you. Energy transmissions are indeed an area for experimentation with this group. Restlessness will abate as you become practiced in this process. Yielding your willingness in cooperative efforts with us will allow us opportunities to demonstrate the efficacy of these energy processes. Life Carriers stand ready to work with you in new ways. Receptivity to these processes consists of faith, freewill choice, and cooperation with their instructions. I am Olfana. I greet you today with much interest in your participation as a group. First, I have chosen a lesson on prayer. May I proceed?

Group: Please do. Yes.

Olfana: Lessonon prayerPrayer Prayerlesson ontouches...Prayer touches the Father's heart. Praying uplifts the soul, allowing moments of ecstasy, connection and serenity. Prayer binds you to the Father, allowing your petitions...(break)...Prayer binds you to the Father in a relationship of trust. Your petitions are heard. Never doubt this. They are received and recorded faithfully. Much prayer from mortals reflects your imperfect state, yet we see the innocent trust of your prayers as edifying. Prayers to the Father are a component of the music of the spheres. Prayers to the Father reverberate throughout the universe as music of the spheres. Praying allows you moments of contemplation of the many ways in which God moves through your life. It marks the events of your life as directed by guidance from the Thought Adjusterand prayerThought Adjuster. Praying for God's guidance in your life opens opportunities for much intervention. Pray with intention. Pray with trust. Allow for the possibility of answers to your prayers coming from many sources. Reach out to the Father with courage. Pray for strengthened desire to do his will. Pray for patience. Pray that your motives in life can evolve with love and support from the Thought Adjuster...(TR was having difficulty hearing the transmission)...

We realize the difficulty for you S. Relax. Reasons for the problems you experience are many. Redirect your attention. Allow this connection....Rededicate yourself in prayer to follow the Father's will. Pray for the support of angels in your efforts to do this. Realize your prayers create a music in the heavens. Faith-filled exhortations to the Father are indeed a chorus of trust, and love, and praise. Render your desires and hopes to the oversight and supervision of God's counselors. Pray that your life can demonstrate to others a model of inspiration. Pray that you demonstrate yourself to be a faith-filled child of God. Then allow time for reflection that your petitions to God are indeed being delegated to beings whose desire is to help you fulfill your stated requests. Realize how prayer can be a steadying influence on your emotional nature--that the guidance you seek is from a higher source than your own emotional nature. Prayers of thanksgiving are beautiful gifts to God. Imagine your words of praise and thanksgiving flowing to the Father. He hears these expressions of your faith as joyful notes of your soul's music. Pray for God's support of those you see in need. Realize your requests, indeed, create opportunities for God's intervention in their lives. Pray for peace. This is a balm to soothe your weary planet. Your requests for peacefulness for yourself and others indeed encourages this atmosphere...Prayers for peace encourages such an atmosphere to be created among you. Recognize the many ways in which you, indeed, are empowered to ask of God for blessings in your lives. This is how it should be. You are his children, deserving of his protection and his bounty. Always pray with a trusting heart, yet realize that answered prayers may not demonstrate themselves to you immediately. Time and patience are a part of this process. Pray first for the knowledge to know God's will. Pray second for courage and faith to carry out this guidance. Rest your trust in the knowledge that your petitions are valued and deserving of attention. Remain hopeful that all sincere prayers rise heavenward, with your hopes...(TR was again having difficulty)..We recognize your condition, S. We will take your questions if your wish. . ..(pause)... Please proceed with your questions now.

T: May I ask a question?

Olfana: Certainly, T.

T: I'm very gratified by much of what was said today about prayer, and I feel like I try very hard in prayer to be sincere, and to try to do it whenever I have the opportunity. One area I was wondering if there was any lesson, or set of lessons, that could help is the area of listening. I've tried to practice the stillness a number of times and I have a hard time remaining focused. I need some practical, concrete, sort of advice or instruction in how to do that more effectively. Does [Machiventa] Melchizedek have any lessons on that, or do you have any lessons on that sort of thing, that would really be practical and helpful to us?

Olfana: Do you wish this advice to be given on your prayer practice and stillness practice?

T: Well, I usually pray for 10-15 minutes before I go into the stillness. I primarily want help with any stillness practice (tape changes).

Olfana: Stillness Practiceadvice onReceptivity is the important point of stillness practice. Quieting your body and mind and fostering an attitude of devotion increases your consciousness toward God. Do not have worries that you may not be following the process of stillness practice correctly. There is not so much an emphasis upon correctness as instead there is an emphasis on intention. You must allow more peacefulness in your nature. We sense you approach this stillness practice with anxieties that run deep in you regarding learning new things. Savor these moments. Feel joy in these opportunities to commune with God. Let there be a lightness in you as you open yourself to quiet contemplation. There is no test to be taken; no grade to be received--only your sincere attempts. Cumulatively, you will find a growing receptiveness. We remind you that attention to your breathing and repetition of those prayerful phrases (given in a previous session 3/23/93 4:30AM) are a good starting point for you, but realize that the stillness itself can be marked by many different manifestations of communion. Some may feel body sensations; others may lose a sense of themselves as a body. Some may hear music. Images can cross the mind's eye with great variety. Even a quiet restfulness is an appropriate reaction. Just as conversations among you have immense diversity and potential, realize communion with the Father can display incredible variety, diversity, and beauty also. Perhaps you have been too stringent in your expectations of this experience. Let yourself relax. Imagine, perhaps, floating gently in warm water, where you move slowly with the current's movement. This particular image may be one that allows you further relaxation in your body as you attempt the stillness practice. Is this sufficient encouragement for you at this time?

T: Yes, but could I just ask one other question related to this?

Olfana: Of course.

T: Is there possible any sort of healing adjustment whereby energy could be directed to my mind that would help in making that receptivity even greater? I understand that this has been done to help people quit smoking, and that sort of thing. Is there any possibility that a healing can be effective in helping receptivity? I feel like my mind sometimes wanders a lot in prayers. It's difficult for me to focus, and stay focused.

Olfana: These adjustments to your bio-chemical mechanism, that is, your body, are already occurring as a part of this process. You will begin to notice these changes as an increased ability to become quiet in mind and body as you continue to practice this process. Many things occur during the stillness practice. We only ask you to trust more in yourself, in your own ability to master this process. You doubt so easily your own achievements. Let there be less anxiety regarding your own restlessness. This part of your nature...This is part of your natural pattern. You are not one to easily quiet yourself, so do not set rigid expectations on yourself regarding this. It will all come in time, T. Less anxiety surrounding this issue will allow your attention to turn to other areas--to other aspects [of your communion] (...break...) and you will realize more success with your efforts. Too often your anxiety comes from a sense that your fidgeting gives God displeasure, for so often this was an area of irritation to your family and others--but God is more patient with you than they are. Let the fidgeting, the desire to move be honored. Do not make it such an obstacle to contemplation. Move, and contemplate, at the same time. You will find that this will draw your attention to the contemplation, and the movement will gradually cease. Are you clear with this information?

T: Yes, that's very encouraging. Thank you.

Olfana: Other questions are acceptable. Do you wish to ask further information of me?

R: I have a question.

Olfana: Yes, R.

R: I've been kind of confused with this question of soft and hard, or distant and close [communications]. It comes up in a lot of my Human Relationshipscommunicationrelationships with work and family. I feel much more effective when I'm "hard," but I don't really feel it's hard, but people tell me it's hard. I feel like I'm getting things done, and other people get things done. And I get in a situation where if I don't kind of put something out there, nothing happens, and then I get this feeling that it's, maybe, hard, but something will happen. And, I was just wondering is there good and bad on these things, and if there are certain situations where one thing is required more than another. It that confusing enough for you?

Olfana: Respect your own individuality in this issue. You must, first and foremost, remain yourself in your interactions with others. Opening your heart creates a defenselessness which is healthy. Sensing others as closed off should not deter you from offering an openness in yourself towards them. Realize...(S. sneezes)

S: I'm getting an image of a warrior, or gladiator, where he has armor, but where he is not... it's like he's a gladiator but his weapons are down.

D: Not aggressive?

S: No. [not aggressive]

Olfana: The peaceful warriorWarriorfights for the good fights for the good, not to conquer others. Too often men are encouraged to see themselves as conquering, or winning an advantage in a Human Relationshipsdiscussionsdiscussion. This is not healthy for themselves, or those who engage in discussions with them. Being dedicated to certain goals within a discussion does not imply forcing issues. Learning to state your goals forthrightly will allow you to feel much more accomplishment in your discussions than focusing on issues of tone, if, indeed, this is what you refer to as a "hard" or "soft" discussion. May we continue?

R: Oh please.

Olfana: Always realize that the most benefit will come to all involved if stated goals are shared. Remember to encourage this in those you speak with, speak to. Ask for their input. Relinquish your desire to lead the discussion. Instead, cultivate a sense of mutuality that non-adversarial discussions will allow all to be winners. There is no model better to look to than Jesusno better modelJesus, in his open-mindedness to hear with clarity the thoughts of others... to hear with clarity the thoughts of those to whom he spoke. He requested that all speak to him openly, from their hearts. He was a beautiful model of this himself. If you have trouble speaking easily to someone, imagine Jesus standing next to this person. Try to tell your...try to speak your words to Jesus. This will always encourage your best efforts in communication, and will relieve you of concerns regarding strategies. Does this help, R?

R: Yes, it does. Thank you.

D: Just a quick time check. It's six minutes till four.

Olfana: Would you like this discussion to continue?

D: Do you have a question? I don't have a question.

Olfana: Let me say that for a beginning effort in group communication, we are most pleased with Teaching Mission group progress your efforts. You show patience toward S. This is very helpful to her. She needs to practice her own stillness more diligently. We regard your efforts with the energy transmission to be delightfully appropriate. (Note: The group did an energy transmission before this session.) You are all willing learners and able students. There are so many ways in which you all have assisted us. Be at peace with your efforts. Recognize we have great patience with you. Allow yourselves time to grow. We have great faith in all of you, individually, and as a group. Nothing can deter us from our goals to help your planet. We encourage you to participate with us in this effort. God's work is always joyful and yet, also challenging. Joy and challenge are indeed fruits for you in this effort. Do you wish to speak, T?

T: Yes, I'd just like a quick assessment of the men's retreat that took place last weekend. Were there any teachers observing the activities? (Note: Northern Calif. Men's retreat in Santa Cruz, CA)

Olfana: Most certainly, there were. We develop many plans and strategies while Teachers watch us watching you in your own attempts to grow and commune. Fellowship is lacking so often among people on this planet. We watched with great respect your attempts to sincerely commune together. Much good came to P from the support you offered him. L was inspired by the opportunity to lead you. Humor was clearly a hallmark of this effort. Laughter causes us much pleasure. Your laughter causes us much pleasure. Recognize how every effort you make to develop your friendships gives you also a friendship with yourself. We thank you for this opportunity. Remain patient with yourselves as you develop a pattern to your efforts to communicate with us. This process does indeed take time.


I leave you with my blessings. (S's hands are held up toward the others. She feels pulsation's of energy Energy Transmission in them.) I am Olfana, your teacher and your friend. Please go in peace.